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Hotel Information

Optics Valley Kingdom Plaza, Wuhan
Optics Valley Kingdom Plaza, Wuhan centrally located in the heart of Optics Valley, Wuhan,China, with the beautiful East lake Scenic Spot and Desheng Mountain. Situated on landscape road of East Lake, it will become another landmark at the bank of East Lake. Close proximity to Wuhan Science&Technology Convention and Exhibition Center.
Only 10 minutes drive away from East Lake Scenic Spot, Wuchang central commercial trade circle and the center of Optics Valley, about 50 minutes drive away from Wuhan Tianhe International Airport.
Address : No.1 Wujiawan, Hongshan, Wuhan, Hubei, P.R.China
Homepage : http://www.kingdomhotel.net/5stars/index.htm
Telephone: +86 27 87887788
Facsimile: +86 27 87881188
E-mail: kingdomplaza@whkingdom.com

Traffic Information:
How to get to the hotel
8km to Railway Station, 45km to Tian He Airport.
From the Tian He Airport:
Take a taxi to No.1 Wujiawan, Hongshan, Wuhan (Time: about 90 minutes)
From the Railway Station:
Take a taxi to No.1 Wujiawan, Hongshan, Wuhan (Time: about 30 minutes)
(The above traffic information is for your reference only)
Download the InfoCard(下载地理位置信息)
Print this card and keep it with you when travelling in Wuhan. The card contains a map of the hotel location, the hotel address in both English and Chinese characters, as well as airport and in-town transportation information.

Room Booking Information:
Rate: Standard Room RMB 538/ night (about USD 82/ night).
Rate: Single Room RMB 568/ night (about USD 86/ night).
The above price is available only for the conference attendees. If you want the organizing committee to help you reserve the room, please send an E-mail with the title "Room Booking" to submit@icbbe.org and tell us your booking information including:
1. Your Paper ID (5 digits)
2. Room Booker
3. Telephone
4. The room style (Standard Room or Single Room)
5. The date of check-in
6. The date of check-out
Please Note:
1. Keep your E-mail Contact unobstructed.
2. If you want to cancel your booking, please send E-mail to submit@icbbe.org too.
3. Make sure that you have finished all the registration steps.
4. Please send your booking information before April 28th, 2011. Our confirmation reply is necessary to your reservation. Your reservation is not available if you do not receive our reply.

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