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Algorithms, Models, Software, and Tools in Bioinformatics
Simulation and Analysis of the Network Model of the Quorum Sensing Process during Biofilm Creation
Ruixuan Zhao and Mingzhi Mao
A Cellular Automaton Model for the Transmission Dynamics of Schistosomiasis
Yun Liu, Kai Chu, Xiaoli Xu, Haiwei Wu and Cheng Wan
Three-Dimensional Numerical Modeling for Wind-Driven Circulation and Pollutant Transport in a Large-Scale Lake
Zhuo Zhang and Zhi-yao Song
Multi-Tissue Tetrahedral Mesh Generation from Medical Images
Ping Hu, Hui Chen, Wen Wu and Pheng-Ann Heng
Nucleotide Fluctuation Analysis of Dim-Light Vision Rhodopsin Gene and mRNA Sequences in Vertebrates
Todd Holden, Ni. Gadura, E. Cheung, J. Rada, P. Schneider, G. Tremberger Jr., D. Sunil, D. Lieberman and T. Cheung
Extracting Biomarker Information Applying Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning
Md. Tawhidul Islam, Mostafa Shaikh, Abhaya Nayak and Shoba Ranganathan
Constraining and Summarizing Optimal Risk and Preventive Patterns in Medical Data
Junpeng Zhang, Jianfeng He, Jiuyong Li and Lei Ma
The Morphology Prediction of Lysozyme Crystals Deduced from the BFDH Law and Attachment Energy Model Based on the Intermolecular Interaction
Zhanzhong Wang, Pingping Jiang and Leping Dang
USVM: Selection of SNPs in Diseases Association Study Using UMDA and SVM
Bin Wei, Qinke Peng, Jing Li, Xuejiao Kang and Chenyao Li
Bias of Phenotype Similarity Scores between Diseases
Jing Wang, Xianxiao Zhou, Jing Zhu and Zheng Guo
Prognostic Model for the Patients with Severe Liver Disease
Wenfang Wu, Jing Zhang, Binrong Ma, Jinqiu He, Lunli Zhang, Chunyi Zou, Shaojie Xin and Changyan Lin
A Low-Load Architecture of Picture Automatic Archiving and Communication System
Yue Zhao, Zhiqiong Wang, Ying Han, Shijia Guo and Jianzhao Cao
Relationships between Inhibition Constants, Types of Inhibition and IC50: Calculation and Comparison on IC50 of Two Model Tyrosinase Inhibitors
Hairong Mao, Jiangang Xie, Qimeng Zhang, Xinyu Lü and Shubai Li
Inferring Protein Annotation from Topological Structural Analysis on Protein Interaction Network
Dengdi Sun, Jin Fan, Haifeng Zhao and Bin Luo
VAMA: A Versatile Web-Based Tool for Variability Analysis in Multiply-Aligned Amino Acid Sequences: VAMA: Variability Analysis of Multiple Alignments
Aditi Gupta, Aridaman Pandit and Somdatta Sinha
An Online System for Functional Relationship Analysis of Genome-Wide Gene Products
Qiang Hu and Zheng-Guo Zhang
Qualitative Analysis of a Delayed and Stage-Structured Predator-Prey System
Lingshu Wang and Guanghui Feng
Monte Carlo Simulations of Spatial Patterns of the Degree of Polarisation for Backscattering Lights in Turbid Media with Birefringence
Yinqi Feng, Yaoqin Liu and Zheng Chang
CADViST: Visualization Tool for BLAST Alignment of Dengue Virus Sequences
Boonyarat Viriyasaksathian, Yodchanan Wongsawat and Prapat Suriyaphol
Searching Single Nucleotide Polymorphism Markers to Complex Diseases Using Genetic Algorithm Framework and a BoostMode Support Vector Machine
Khantharat Anekboon, Suphakant Phimoltares, Chidchanok Lursinsap, Sissades Tongsima and Suthat Fucharoen
Nipah Virus Classification via Fractal Dimension & Shannon Entropy
Todd Holden, N. Gadura, E. Cheung, P. Schneider, G. Tremberger Jr., N. Elham, D. Sunil,
Broiler Growth Performance Analysis: From Correlation Analysis, Multiple Linear Regression, to Neural Network
Meiyan Xiao, Peijie Huang, Piyuan Lin and Shangwei Yan
Steeper Action Potential Duration Restitution Slope Increases Risk of Ventricular Fibrillation: A Simulation Study
Yi Zheng, Daming Wei and Zuxiang Fang
Multi-Objective Optimization Research for Effective Constituents of QiliQiangxin Capsule of Chinese Formula
Hongtao Wang, Jiming Jia, Siwen Tang, Dengfeng Xu, Yajie Zheng, Huixin Zhang, Yiling Wu and Renquan Liu
A Co-Clustering Technique for Gene Expression Data Using Bi-Partite Graph Approach
Suvendu Kanungo, Gadadhar Sahoo and Manoj Madhava Gore
Complexity Analysis of Sleep EEG Signal
Ling Li and Ruiping Wang
Novel Approaches to Bioinformatics Problems
Biosorption Characteristics of Extracellular Polymeric Substance (EPS) Produced by Rhizobium radiobacter for Removal of Cu (II) and Mn (II) Ions Form Aqueous Solutions
Li-Li Wang, Fang Ma, Shan-Shan Feng, De-Zhi Sun, Bing Yu and Jie Xing
Using Spectral Components for Predicting Treatment Effects on Time Series Microarray Gene Expression Profiles
Qian Xu, Hong Xue and Qiang Yang
Modeling of Mutant Cystathionine β-Synthase with Severity of Its Deficiency
Shaomin Yan and Guang Wu
Analysis of the Chlorophyll a Fluorescence Transient of Spirodela polyrhiza by JIP-Test
Hongtao Li, Yu Zhao, Ke Zhu, Jinju Wang, Qingdai Liu and Hongjie An
Construction of a Sequence- and Backbone-Dependent Rotamer Library by Hidden-Markov Model
Wei Wen, Qiang Lü, Peng Yang, Lingyun Yang, Jinzhen Wu and Xu Huang
A New Method for Identification Potential SNP Relating to Trait on Highly Polymorphic Gene Sequence Combination NCBI Database and Multi-Sequence Alignment Software
Hongbin Lee and Bo Wang
A New Parameter Set for Clubfoot Classification
Cong Liu, Lei Wang, Teng Zhang and Tiexiang Wen
A Network-Based Approach for Protein Functions Prediction Using Locally Linear Embedding
Haifeng Zhao, Dengdi Sun, Rifeng Wang and Bin Luo
An Effective Electroporation Protocol for Bacillus alcalophilus TCCC11004
Kun Cheng, Fuping Lu and Xiaomei Liang
Hydrodynamic Effects on Microbial Growth: A Case Study on Microcystis aeruginosa from Meiliang Lake
Wei Li and Aili Yang
Research Topic Evolution in "Bioinformatics"
Hao Wu, Meijiao Wang, Jiaming Feng and Yijian Pei
Statistical Properties of the Correlation Method for Mapping QTL in Double Haploid Population
Hong Li
MicroRNA Locus Expression Analysis with Phylogenetic Relationship Based on MicroRNA Control from High Throughput Sequencing Data
Li Guo and Zuhong Lu
On-Line Monitoring of Fed-Batch Penicillin Cultivation Using Time-Varying and Multivariate Statistical Analysis
Yongsheng Qi, Pu Wang, Xuejin Gao and Xiuzhe Chen
Comparison Study of Peptide Retention Time Prediction Model Based on Five Kinds of Amino Acid Descriptors in HPLC by Support Vector Machine
Jiajian Yin
Application of Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer in Multiplex PCR for Detection of Foodborne Pathogens
Bo-fei Wang, Yan-hong Bai, Pei-pei Zhao, Yun-long Wang and Jian-zhou Jing
RAPD Analyse to Detect Genetic Diversity of Beauveria bassiana from the Silkworm, Bombyx mori in China
Jie Jin and Liangen Shi
Controlled Release of Glucide from Alginate/Chitosan Microcapsules
Jianming Wang, Yanping Guo, Bingye Li, Hongjiu Li, Ting Huang and Ruibo Cao
Cancer Genes and Treatment
Surface-Modification Superparamagnetic Nanoparticles for Highly-Efficient Intracellular Hyperthermia
Xiaowen Wang, Sixing Kan, Lingyun Zhao, Jintian Tang and Benke Chen
Analysis of the Solution to a Labelled Cell Populations System
Yunlan Chen and Genqi Xu
Diffusion Tensor Imaging of the Rat Brain Development
Wei-Yin Liu and Woei-Chyn Chu
Genome-Wide Association Studies of Copy Number Variation in Glioblastoma
Momiao Xiong, Hua Dong, Hoicheong Siu, Gang Peng, Yi Wang and Li Jin
The Role of Multislice Helical CT in Diagnosing Small Renal Mass
Xiao-jun Zhao and Jin-xian Pu
Combined-Modality Treatment for High Risk TCC of the Bladder
Jin-Xian Pu, Duan-Gai Wen, Ji-Gen Ping and He-Xing Yuan
Preliminary Study on Apoptotic Effect Induced by N-Butanol Extract in Capparis spinosa L. on SGC-7901
Lei Yu, Le-qiong Xie and Yu-bin Ji
The Progress in Relationship between CCAAT/Enhancer Binding Proteins (C/EBPs) Family and Leukemia
Enyu Su, Houqiao Bai and Guosheng Jiang
MDM2 Gene Promoter Polymorphism and Risk of Cervical Cancer in Chinese Population
Pei Jiang, Jianxin Liu, Xiaoxi Zeng, Wen Li and Jianxin Tang
Computational Evolutionary Biology
Predicting Thermal Biological Responses of Firefighters Considering Finite Thermal Wave Propagation within Human Tissue
Fanglong Zhu and Kejing Li
Genetic Diversity of Eggplant Revealed by SSR Markers
Qiu-jin Wang, Fu-kuan Zhao, Qing-Peng Sun and Ai-zhen Yang
Origins of the Chinese Yak: Evidence from Maternal and Paternal Inheritance
Yuliang Xie, Yinxia Li, Xingbo Zhao, Xiang Zhang, Ning Li, Zhuang Xie, Honglin Liu and Qifa Li
Phylogenomics Inference from Integrated Information
Shu-Bo Zhang and Jian-Huang Lai
Identification, Classification and Phylogenetic Analysis of SET Domain Gene in Barley
Tao Zhang and Zujun Yang
Origin, Evolution and Functional Diversity of bHLH Gene Family: Insights from Comparative Genomics and Interactomics
Mingwei Min, Junli Xu, Bisong Xue, Yizheng Zhang and Xiao Li
Study on CI I, Co II and Cytb Genes in the Identification of Hepialus Species
Shaosong Li, Hai Chen, Xin Zhong, Wei Lei and Xin Liu
Clustering Analysis and Identification of Genetic Diversities in Eggplant(Solanum melongena L.) Varieties with REMAP
Yan-xiu Niu and Fu-kuan Zhao
On the Chemostat Model with Impulsive Input and Time Delay
Luping Li, Jianwen Jia and Hui Cao
Host Specific Codon Usage Pattern of H1N1 Influenza A Viruses
Ming-Wei Su, P. C. Chen, Woei C. Chu and Hanns S. Yuan
An Experimental Evaluation of Corrected Inversion and DCJ Distance Metric through Simulations
Jian Shi and Jijun Tang
Computational Proteomics
An Average-Degree Based Method for Protein Complexes Identification
Liang Yu, Lin Gao and Kui Li
Evolutionary Implications of Protein Domain Network in Eukaryotes
Chen Cao, Xueying Xie and Zuhong Lu
Feature Extraction and Classification of Proteomics Data Using Stationary Wavelet Transform and Naive Bayes Classifier
Dan Liu, Yuan-yuan Huang and Chen-xiang Ma
SVD Based Monte Carlo Approach to Feature Selection for Early Ovarian Cancer Detection
Shufei Chen, Bin Han, Lihua Li, Lei Zhu, Haifeng Lai and Qi Dai
Recursive Null Space LDA Based Feature Selection for Protein Mass Spectrometry
Yaojia Wang, Lei Zhu, Bin Han, Lihua Li, Shenhua Xu, Hanzhou Mou and Zhiguo Zheng
Statistical Analysis of Mascot Peptide Identification with Active Logistic Regression
Jinhong Shi, Wenjun Lin and Fang-Xiang Wu
Data Acquisition, Normalization, Analysis and Visualization
Research on the Eco-City Index System Based on the City Classification
Shengsheng Li, Yan Zhang, Yating Li and Naijin Yang
Study on Environmental Risk of Dam Failure
Xiaoling Wang and Zhengyin Zhou
Extracting Relationship Both Gene2Disease and Gene2Gene from Biomedical Literatures
Le-Jun Gong and Xiao Sun
Environmental Monitoring System Based on GIS and Wireless Communications
Ming Huang and Yinbin Wu
A Solution to Integrate the Phylogenetic Tree's Generation Based on Web
Xiaoguang Lin, Zhen Meng, Xing He, Qi Liu, Yong Liu, Jianhui Li and Yuanchun Zhou
Characteristic Pattern Study of Coronary Heart Disease with Blood Stasis Syndrome Based on Decision Tree
Huihui Zhao, Shuwen Guo, Jianxin Chen, Qi Shi, Juan Wang, Chenglong Zheng, Peng Tan, Lingyan Zhao, Chan Chen, Qing Yao, Wei Wang and Na Hou
Assessing the Genotyping Quality of Different SNP-Chips and Imputed Data Using Family-Data
Dandi Qiao, Wai-Ki Yip, Christoph Lange, Scott Weiss and Rudy Tanzi
On China's Endosomatic and Exosomatic Metabolism: An Application of Analysis of Societal Metabolism
Yating Li, Yan Zhang, Sheng-sheng Li and Naijin Yang
Survey: The Application of GMOD in Bioinformatics Research
Weidong Mao and Shaun McEnhimer
Study on the Biotic Influence on Internal Phosphorus Release in the Sediment of Lake Xuanwu
Shiwei Cao, Zhaoqian Jing and Zheng Wang
The Comprehensive Effects of Different Electric Field Intensity on Wheat Seed
Siqingaowa Bao and Zhanxin Ma
A Study on the Formation Mechanism of Biologically Immobilized Ceramic Particles and the Distribution Rule of Microorganisms
Shan Qiu, Fang Ma, Lili Feng and Shanwen Xu
Approach to Protein Structure Data Extraction Huiping Luo and Xiaolong Zhang
Human Body Detection Using Multi-Scale Shape Contexts
Fenglei Yang, Yue Lu and Baomin Li
DNA and RNA Structure, Function and Sequence Analysis
Bioinformatic Analysis of UL27 Gene of Duck Plague Virus CHv Strain
Long Jiang, Dan Lin, Anchun Cheng, Mingshu Wang, Dekang Zhu, Xiaoyue Chen, Anchun Cheng, Mingshu Wang, Dekang Zhu, Renyong Jia, Qihui Luo, Hengmin Cui, Yi Zhou, Yin Wang, Zhiwen Xu, Zhengli Chen, Xiaoyue Chen, Xiaoyu Wang, Anchun Cheng and Xiaoyue Chen
Characterization of Codon Usage Bias in the Us4 Gene of Duck Plague Virus
Xiaoyuan Yang, Anchun Cheng, Mingshu Wang, Dekang Zhu, Xiaoyue Chen, Renyong Jia, Qihui Luo, Hengmin Cui, Yi Zhou, Yin Wang, Zhiwen Xu, Zhengli Chen and Xiaoyu Wang
A New Graphical Representation and Its Application in Similarity/Dissimilarity Analysis of DNA Sequences
Jiawei Luo, Jiachen Guo and Yang Li
Influence of Trehalose Accumulation on Response to Freeze Stress in Baker's Yeast
Cui-ying Zhang, Dong-guang Xiao and Ye Lv
Recognition of Alternative Splice Sites Based on Discrete Cosine Transform Learned by SVM with the Mixed Pseudo-Image Coding Method
Jie Wang and Ying-Fei Sun
Sequence Comparison using Multi-Order Markov Chains
Xiang Fang, Guoqing Lu and Shunpu Zhang
An Analysis of Genetic Diversity in Cyclina sinensis (Mollusca Bivalvia) of Four Geographical Populations Using AFLP Technique
Baoping Pan, Liyan Zhang, Xin Song, Weiwei Gao and Yuan Yuan
Molecular Cloning, Characterization and Expression Analysis of β-Ketoacyl-ACP Synthetase II Gene from Peanut
Shanlin Yu, Mingna Chen, Lijuan Pan, Qingli Yang, Xiaoyuan Chi, Zhen Yang
Gene Sequences Analysis Using a New Graphical Representation of DNA Sequence
Jia-feng Yu and Xiao Sun
Intron Identification Approaches Based on Weighted Features and Fuzzy Decision Trees
Yin-Fu Huang, Ching Ping Liang and Sing-Wu Liou
Cloning and Expression of 34KDa Protein Gene of Mycobacterium paratuberculosis in Escherichia coli
Xiu-Yun Jiang, Chun-Fang Wang, Fan-Li Zeng, Yu-Qing Hu, Xin-Yu Liu, Hao-Ran Ning and Zhao-Yang He
Computational Identification Noncoding RNAs in Salvia Miltiorrhiza Bunge, Including 46 Conserved and Non-Conserved miRNAs
Guanglin Li, Yafei Dong, Zhe-Zhi Wang and Xiu-Jie Wang
Identification of a Novel S-RNase Gene and S-Genotypes of Four Pear (Pyrus pyrifolia) Cultivars
Lin Zhang, Jiao Hu, Xiaofeng Tan, Hongxu Long, Deyi Yuan and Xiugen Li
Analysis on Key Structural Features of Avirulence Genes of Magnaporthe oryzae
Xunchao Xiang, Yanli Zhang and Yanping Yao
Chicken Polymorphism at Pre-MicroRNAs Inferred from SNP Data
Chuan-sheng Zhang, Li-ying Geng, Jin Zhang, Wen-jin Zhu and Li-xin Du
A Novel ncRNA Gene Prediction Approach Based on Fuzzy Neural Networks with Structure Learning
Dandan Song and Zhidong Deng
Cloning and Sequence Analysis of a cDNA of P450 17aHydroxylase/17,20-Lyase(CYP17) from Strongylocentrotus nudus
Xiaoli Guo, Yang Liu, Xuemei Qiu and Xiuli Wang
Cloning, Expression Analysis, and Sequence Characters of a MADs-Box Gene Associated with Floral Development in Pineapple Guava (Feijoa sellowiana Berg.)
Shenglin Chen, Riqing Zhang, Gongxiu He and Deyi Yuan
SusMiRPred: Ab Initio SVM Classification for Porcine MicroRNA Precursor Prediction
Peng-Fang Zhou, Fei Zhang, Yang Zhang, Zhen-Hua Zhao, De-Li Zhang and Wen-Qian Zhang
Molecular Cloning and Nucleotide Sequence Analysis of the Newly Identified UL53 Gene of Duck Enteritis Virus
Shunchuan Zhang, Anchun Cheng, Mingshu Wang, Jun Xiang, Anchun Cheng and Mingshu Wang
Characterization of Codon Usage Bias in the Newly Identified DEV UL53 Gene
Shunchuan Zhang, Anchun Cheng, Mingshu Wang, Anchun Cheng and Mingshu Wang
A New Measurement to Quantity DNA Sequence and Its Application
Xiaoli Xie, Shide Song, Zhifa Yuan and John Song
ITS DNA Sequence Analysis of Colletotrichum gloeosporioides and Its Biological Control
Jun-ang Liu, Jian-hong Zhou and Guo-ying Zhou
Study on the Feeding Habit of Hepialus pui Larvae
Hai Chen, Shaosong Li, Xin Zhong, Wei Lei and Xin Liu
Molecular Cloning and Sequence Analysis of psbA Gene Fragment from Cladosiphon okamuranus
Qing-Hua Zhu
Analysis of Synonymous Codon Usage in the Capsid Gene UL38 of Duck Enteritis Virus
Jun Xiang, Anchun Cheng, Mingshu Wang, Shunchuan Zhang, Hua Chang, Anchun Cheng, Mingshu Wang, Dekang Zhu, Renyong Jia, Qihui Luo, Hengmin Cui, Yi Zhou, Yin Wang, Zhiwen Xu, Zhengli Chen, Xiaoyue Chen, Xiaoyu Wang, Anchun Cheng and Xiaoyue Chen
Molecular Characterization of Multi-Functional Acetyl Coenzyme A Carboxylase, Biotin Carboxylase and β-Carboxyltransferase from Arachis hypogaea L.
Xiaoyuan Chi, Qingli Yang, Mingnan Chen, Yandu Lu, Feng Zhu and Shanlin Yu
Genome-Wide Identification of Orthologs of miR-1302 Genes in Placental Mammals
Zhidong Yuan and Xiao Sun
Improvement of Subtilisin-Like Serine Alkaline Protease by Directed Evolution for Cold-Adaptation
Kun Cheng, Fuping Lu, Ming Li and Xiaomei Liang
Factors Affecting Synonymous Codon Usage Bias in the gC Gene of Duck Plague Virus
Fu-xiao Shen, An-chun Cheng, Ming-shu Wang, Hai-Bin Huang, Chuan-feng Li, De-kang Zhu, An-chun Cheng, Ming-shu Wang, De-kang Zhu, Ren-yong Jia, An-chun Cheng and Xiao-yue Chen
Comparison of Eleven Single-Round and Multiple PCR Assays Targeting IS6110, IS1081, RecA Intein and Pps1 Intein Gene for Detection of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis
Chun-Fang Wang, Xiu-Yun Jiang, Yun-Hang Gao, Gong-Mei Li, Hai-Yong Guo, Hao-Wang and Ai-dong Qian
Cloning, Characterization of Landes Goose C/EBPβ Gene and Its mRNA Expression Response to Dietary Betaine Supplementation in Fatty Liver
Xiang Zhang, Qifa Li, Shengyan Su, Shali Yu, Yang Zhou and Zhuang Xie
Strand Symmetry: Characteristics and Origins
Shang-Hong Zhang and Ya-Zhi Huang
cDNA, Genomic Sequence Cloning and Sequence Analysis of Heat Shock Protein Beta-1 Gene (HSPB1) from the Giant Panda (Ailuropoda melanoleuca)
Yan Song, Yi-ling Hou, Wan-ru Hou, Guang-fu Wu and Tian Zhang
Effect of Water-Accommodated Fractions of No.0 Diesel Oil on HOX1 Gene of Hemicentrotus pulcherrimus Sea Urchin
M. Gang, D. Q. Xiong and F. R. Lv
Screening and 16S rRNA Analysis of the Bacteria of Producing Chitin Deacetylase
Guo-ying Zhou, Yuan-hao He and Huai-yun Zhang
Cloning of Upstream Region of cyp51 Gene from Ustilago maydis and Analysis by Bioinformatics
Chen Li, Shuxiang Li, Liling Yuan, Yi Liu, Xueting Yang, Yongze Yuan, Deli Liu, Jiangke Yang and Yunjun Yan
Construction of a New Universal Plant Overexpression Vector for cDNA Transformation
Dang-Quan Zhang, Zhen-Jun Gu, Shun-Yang Deng, Shao-Gang Fan and Quan-Dong Zhu
A Novel Giant DNA Transpson in Nematostella vectensis
Peili Chu, Xingyun Wang, Jing Hu, Qin Luo and Qingchun Zhou
Determination of the Origin and Evolution of Morus (Moraceae) by Analyzing the Internal Transcribed Spacer (ITS) Sequences
Ren-Fang Chen, Li Xu, Mao-De Yu, Xiu-Qun Liu and Long-Qing Chen
Detection DNA Point Mutation with Rolling-Circle Amplification Chip
Lingwei Wu, Yun Ling, Anshu Yang and Shuixing Wang
The Cloning and Analysis of a Partial Lipase Gene Sequence of Staphylococcus hominis GIMT1.079: Partial Lipase Gene Sequencing of S. hominis
Na-na Qiao, Qiang Gao, Qin Zhao, De-pei Wang, Yi-peng Chen, Wen-yi Zhao and Changyan Yu
Gene Regulation, Expression, Identification and Network
Quantitative Modeling Effects of Nucleosome on Transcription Factor-DNA Interactions
Qian Xiang and XianHua Dai
An Efficient Model for Investigating Specific Site Binding of Transcription Factors
David J. Barnes and D. Chu
Stochasticity and Robustness in Bi-Stable Systems
Nicolae Radu Zabet and Dominique F. Chu
Fluctuation Resonance of Different Genetic Feed Forward Loops
Zhiwei Wang
Identification of Salient Patterns for Classification of Gene Expression Data
Gouchol Pok, Guangri Quan and Keun Ho Ryu
Water Bioinformatics: An Association between Estrogen Degradation and 16S rRNA Motifs
Lida Zhu and Jinyan Li
Gene Expression Profile of Colon Cancer Cell Lines Treated with SN38
Ying Wang, Jiajia Chen, Bairong Shen, Åsa Wallin and Xiao-feng Sun
Molecular Association between Diabetes-Specific Local Gene Network and Nutrient Metabolism Modules
Ting Zhang, Changlu Guo, Qingdai Liu, Zhizhou Zhang, Qian Wang, Changlu Wang and Yadong Wang
Empirical Data Indicates a Primarily Additive Genetic Model for Expressional QTLs
Ke Hao and Andrew Kasarskis
Prediction of B Cell Epitopes and Overexpression of Truncated VP19c of Duck Enteritis Virus in Escherichia Coli
Jun Xiang, Anchun Cheng, Mingshu Wang, Hua Chang, Shunchuan Zhang, Anchun Cheng, Mingshu Wang, Dekang Zhu, Renyong Jia, Qihui Luo, Hengmin Cui, Yi Zhou, Yin Wang, Zhiwen Xu, Zhengli Chen, Xiaoyue Chen, Xiaoyu Wang, Anchun Cheng and Xiaoyue Chen
Disruption of PDC1 Gene to Enhance Pyruvic Acid Accumulation of Saccharomyces cerevisiae
De-pei Wang, Xin Ding, Xu-heng Deng, Qin Zhao, Qiang Gao and Nian-fa Gao
Molecular Diagnosis of Gray Mould Pathogen on Fruits and Vegetables
Yun-Feng Hu, Jing Cui, Yan-Ping Wang, Hong-Lian Guo, Ying Zuo, Ke Zhang and Wei-Wei Liu
Application of Unscented Particle Filtering for Estimating Parameters and Hidden Variables in Gene Regulatory Network
Qiang Bo and Zheng-Zhi Wang
Effects of High Temperature Stress on Transgene Expression and DNA Methylation Pattern
Fan-suo Zeng, Ying Xin, Ya-guang Zhan, Chuan-ping Yang and Kun Liu
Cloning and Expression of a Thermostable Pullulanase Gene from Thermotoga maritima MSB8 in Bacillus subtilis WB600
Zhe Su, Fu-Ping Lu, Qiang Gao, Xiao-Guang Liu, Bin-Zhe Wang and Tao Niu
Molecular Cloning, Expression and Enzymatic Characterization of Inosine Monophosphate Dehydrogenase from Bacillus amyloliquefaciens
Fei Wu, Xixian Xie, Jianming Shi, Qingyang Xu and Ning Chen
Apop-1 Induces Caspase-Dependent Apoptosis
Xin Sun, Gang Lv, Ling Gao, Fanli Kong, Xiaotao Zhu, Dan Tian, Haibin Tong, Xiaodan Chu and Yu Xie
Gene Expression Data Displaying Up-Regulation and Down-Regulation of Amino Acid Nutritional Metabolic Modules
Jing Li
Cloning of Lumbrokinase from Earthworm and Its Expression in Pichia pastoris GS115
Ming Li, Tao Niu, Mingming Zhao, Junhuan Zhang and Dongjun Kong
Polyphasic and Biosynthetic Genes Investigation of Five Carotenoid-Producing Bacteria Strains Isolated from East China Sea
Qiao Yang and Xiaoling Zhang
Causal Relationship of Histone Modifications and Gene Expression Indicated by Variable Bayeasian Network Methods
Xueye Duan, Hongde Liu and Xiao Sun
Synthesis of GDP-Mannose in Recombinant Escherichia coli
Yu Li, Dong-jun Kong, Fu-ping Lu, Tao Niu, Hong-hong Jia and Ke He
Heterologous Expression of ksdD Gene Encoding 3Ketosteroid-Δ1-Dehydrogenase from Arthrobacter simplex in Escherichia coli
Yu Li, Dong-jun Kong, Fu-ping Lu, Hong-hong Jia, Jiang Li and Yue-ting Cao
Listeria monocytogenes Sigma B Contributes to the Tolerance of Bile Stress in the Gastrointestinal Tract
Yingying Feng, Qiang Zhang, Li Wang, Feifei Feng and Qin Luo
Identification and Expression of Genes Involved in Race-Specific Blast Resistance in Rice
Hai-Yan Hu, Kang-Le Zheng, Jie-Yun Zhuang, Rong-Yao Chai and Yu-Chuan Li
New Strategy for Enhancement Curdlan Biosynthesis in Alcaligenes faecalis by Activating Gene Expression
Hongtao Zhang, Xiaobei Zhan, Zhiyong Zheng, Jianrong Wu and Dingqiang Chen
Analysis of Module of Co-Regulated Genes by Integrating Information from Sequence and Microarray
Bo Qiang and Zheng-Zhi Wang
Robustness and Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis for Trp Operon and Optimization of Tryptophan Production: An Integrated Model Considering Gene Regulation, Genes Interaction and Product Excretion
Yaqin Sun, Xiaojia Mu, Zheng Li, Hu Teng and ZhiLong Xiu
Network System with Signal Integration of ANDN Gate
Ke Ren and Yun Tang
The Expression Characteristic of MTP Gene and the Effect of Overfeeding on the Expression of MTP in the Various Tissues and Different Developmental Stages in Landes Geese
Jian-qiang Ye and Ji-wen Wang
Carbon Nanopowder Binds with DNA and May Induce DNA Aggregation
Changlu Guo, Qingdai Liu, Qiaoli Ji, Hongjie An, Zhizhou Zhang and Yadong Wang
Yeast Transcriptional Module Identification Based on Line Manifold
Gangguo Li and Zhengzhi Wang
Effect of Oxygen Level on Efficiencies of Metabolic Fluxes in Klebsiella pneumoniae
Qingrui Zhang, Weiwen Wang, Hua Xiao and Zhilong Xiu
The Exploration of Mammalian Mitochondrial Genes through Integrating Multiple Lines of Genome-Wide Biological Evidence
Jiabao Xu, Sunpeng Wang, Zhongrui Yi, Yizheng Zhang, Xiao Li, Quansheng Feng and Xinjian Fan
Tumor Clustering Based on Penalized Matrix Decomposition
Chun-Hou Zheng, Juan Wang, To-Yee Ng and Chi Keung Shiu
Unraveling Regulatory Interactions by the Integration of Genome-Wide Location Data and Mutant Data
Qi Liu, Lihua Jiang and Yong Deng
High Electroporation Efficiency of Corynebacterium glutamicum with Xenogeneic Plasmid DNA
Ming Li, Tao Niu, Jun-huan Zhang, Zhe Su and Dong-jun Kong
Induction of Cytochrome CYP4F3 in Hydroquinone-Treated HL-60 Cells
Yuhong Li, Hong Wang, Jing Hu, Zhongling Zhu, Zhiwei Zhao and Yongyi Bi
The Effect of Mono- and Di-Methylation of H3K4 on Transcription Might Be Associated with Gene Length
Yangyang Deng and Xianhua Dai
On the Complexity and Completeness of Robust Biclustering Algorithm (ROBA)
Muhammad Ibrahim, Nasimul Noman and Hitoshi Iba
Expression of Hypoxia-Inducible Factor in the Cerebral Ischemia/Reperfusion Injury
Hong Li, Shi-ying Zheng, Zhi-wei Zhang and Dong Jiang
Towards Constructing Disease Relationship Networks Using Genome-Wide Association Studies
Wenhui Huang and Liqing Zhang
Survivin of Antisense Oligodeoxynucleotides Reverse Apoptotic Resistance Induced by Cisplatin in Lung Cells
Zhi-wei Zhang, Dong Jiang, Jin-feng Ge and Shi-ying Zheng
Iterative Linear Least Squares Method of Parameter Estimation for Linear-Fractional Models of Molecular Biological Systems
Li-Ping Tian, Lei Mu and Fang-Xiang Wu
Anticancer Effect of Gambogic Acid in Gastric Cancer Line SGC-7901
Ning Zhong, Dong Jiang and Shi-Ying Zheng
T Cell Apoptosis Was Inhibited by Fas of Antisense Oligonucleotide
Shi-ying Zheng, Dong Jiang, Jin-feng Ge and Zhen-ya Shen
Differentially Expressed cDNAs in Cold-Stressed SSH Library of Ceratoides lanata
Yan-Ling Zeng, Dang-Quan Zhang, Fu-Huan Ming, Zhi-Dan Song, Xin Han and Ping Jiang
Inhibition of Gene Expression of Trehalase Enhances Drought Resistance in Transgenic Tobacco
Bei Guo, Yanzhai Song, Xuwen Guo, Wenping Wang and Ning Ding
Clinicopathological Significance of E-Cadherin and PCNA Expression in Human Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
Yi-fei Zhu, Shi-Ying Zheng, Dong Jiang and Jun Zhao
Gene Expression Profiling of Idiopathic Orbital Inflammatory Pseudotumors
Rui Jin, Xue-mei Ma, Peng-xiang Zhao, Juan Feng, Li-ning Guo, Ru-gang Zhong, Yi Zeng, Jian-min Ma, Ji-tong Shi and Xin Ge
The Construction of Metagenome of Metal-Contaminated River Sediments and Screening Heavy-Metal Resistant Gene
Lei Wang, Pei shi Qi and Ming Xin
A Novel Clustering Approach Based on the Manifold Structure of Gene Expression Data
Jinlong Shi and Zhigang Luo
Alternating Constraint Least Squares Parameter Estimation for S-System Models of Biological Networks
Li-Ping Tian, Lei Mu and Fang-Xiang Wu
Protein Interactions, Docking and Function
Finding Finer Functions of Cancer Proteins and Rebuilding Cancer-Associated Functional Sub-Networks
Yanhui Li, Wencai Ma, Zheng Guo, Chunfang Peng, Jing Wang, Xue Gong, Da Yang, Qing Liu, Yunyan Gu, Min Zhang, Jing Zhu and Chenguang Wang
Prediction of Protein Functions from Protein-Protein Interaction Data Based on a New Measure of Network Betweenness
Naifang Su, Lin Wang, Yufu Wang, Minping Qian and Minghua Deng
Application of Protease to Accelerate Sufu Ripening
Jianming Wang, Shoupeng Wan and Jinying Gu
PlaPID: A Database of Protein-Protein Interactions in Plants
Mingwei Min, Haoyang Cai, Wen Zheng, Zhirui Yang, Xiao Li, Xinjian Fan and Quansheng Feng
Study on the Aggregation of Transglutaminase on Soybean Protein Hydrolysates
Chunhua Yang, Yanguo Shi, Ying Liu, Tingting Fan, Yifang Zhang and Chunlin Hu
Study on Methods of Protein Immobilization for AFM
Jianhua Wang and Congzhou Wang
An Intelligent Multi-Agents Method for Study on Membrane Protein Interaction Network
Yi-Zhen Shen and Yong-Sheng Ding
Molecular Docking Study of Chlorogenic Acid as a Hyaluronidase Inhibitor
Huajun Luo, Junzhi Wang, Yuan Zhou and Kun Zou
A Parallel Molecular Docking Approach Based on Graphic Processing Unit
Zhi-wei Feng, Xu-hong Tian and Shan Chang
The Study on the Expression of Neurolobin in Rats during the Process of Brain Edema Induced by Endotoxin
Chao Liu and Su Min
Protein Structure, Function and Sequence Analysis
Predicting Protein Folding Rates Using Pseudo Amino Acid Composition
Jianxiu Guo, Nini Rao, Shanglei Xu and Yunhe Wang
A Segment Matching Method for Remote Homology Detection
Nanjiang Shu, Tuping Zhou and Sven Hovmölle
Improved LogitBoost Classifier Based Prediction of GPCR-G-Protein Coupling with Self-Adaptive Immune Algorithm
Quan Gu and Yong-Sheng Ding
Protein Backbone Dihedral Angle Prediction Based on Probabilistic Models
Xin Geng, Jihong Guan, Qiwen Dong and Shuigeng Zhou
A Molecular Model for Representing Protein Structures and Its Application to Protein Folding
Fernanda Hembecker and Heitor Silvério Lopes
Preference of Amino Acids in Different Protein Structural Classes: A Database Analysis
Wazim Mohammed Ismail and Shibasish Chowdhury
Incorporating Homology Using Multi-Instance Kernel for Protein Subcelluar Localization
Suyu Mei and Wang Fei
The Research on Proteomic Changes in Two Bioflocculant Producing Bacteria When Grown in Minimal Media Versus Bioflocculant Media
Bing Yu, Fang Ma, Peishi Qi, Ang Li and Lili Wang
Molecular Cloning and Bioinformatics Analysis of Duck MRFs Gene Family Coding Domain Sequences
He-he Liu, Ji-wen Wang, Kai-liang Huang, Jian-min Si, Jing Jia, Liang Li and Feng Xu
Prediction of HLA-A*0201 Restricted Cytotoxic T Lymphocyte Epitopes in Influenza A H1N1 Virus and the Similarity Analysis of These Epitopes with Those Existing in Other Influenza Viruses
Fei-peng Wang and Xian-hui He
Purification and Identification of Acidic Proteins in Bovine Colostrum
Bing Han, Ming Du, Weili Xu and Haibo Gao
Bioinformatics Analysis and Characteristics of Glycoprotein K Encoded by the Newly Identified UL53 Gene of Duck Enteritis Virus
Shunchuan Zhang, Anchun Cheng, Mingshu Wang, Jun Xiang, Dekang Zhu, Renyong Jia, Qihui Luo, Hengmin Cui, Yi Zhou, Yin Wang, Zhiwen Xu, Zhengli Chen, Xiaoyue Chen, Xiaoyu Wang, Auchun Cheng and Xiaoyue Chen
Analysing the Similarity of Proteins Based on a New Approach to Empirical Mode Decomposition
Shao-Ming Zhu, Zu-Guo Yu, Vo Anh and Sheng-Yuan Yang
Effects Evaluation of UHF RFID Systems on the Molecular Structure of Biological Drugs
Raffaele Acierno, Elisabetta Carata, Michele Maffia, Luca Mainetti and Luigi Patrono
Application of Function Domain and Pseudo Amino Acid Composition to Predict Hetero-Oligomer Protein Structural Types
Xuan Xiao and Pu Wang
Molecular Cloning and Sequence Analysis of the UL45 Gene from Duck Enteritis Virus
Aimei Shen, Anchun Cheng, Mingshu Wang, Anchun Cheng and Mingshu Wang
Effect of Aqueous Ethanol Treatment on the Electrospun SF Nanofiber Mats
Feng Zhang, Jian N. Wang and Bao Q. Zuo
Using AdaboostSVM to Predict the GPCR Functional Classes
Wang-Ren Qiu, Xuan Xiao and Zhen-Yu Zhang
Purification and Some Properties of Alkaline Phosphatase from the Liver of Bos taurus
Liang-ting Tang, Wei-li Fu, Song Wang, Hong Zhu and Yun-ming Tang
Molecular Characterization Analysis of Newly Identified Duck Enteritis Virus UL55 Gene
Ying Wu, Anchun Cheng, Mingshu Wang, Anchun Cheng, Mingshu Wang, Dekang Zhu, Renyong Jia, Hengmin Cui, Qihui Luo, Yi Wang, Zhiwen Xu, Zhengli Chen and Xiaoyue Chen
Molecular Cloning and Sequence Analysis of the Duck Plague Virus gI Gene
Lijuan Li, Anchun Cheng, Mingshu Wang, Dekang Zhu, Renyong Jia, Qihui Luo, Hengmin Cui, Yi Zhou, Yin Wang, Zhiwen Xu, Zhengli Chen, Xiaoyue Chen and Xiaoyu Wang
Identification and Sequence Analysis of the Duck Plague Virus UL46 Gene
Liting Lu, Anchun Cheng, Mingshu Wang, Dekang Zhu, Xiaoyue Chen, Renyong Jia, Qihui Luo, Yi Wang, Zhiwen Xu and Zhengli Chen
Bioinformatics Analysis of Nitrite Reducate from Pseudomonas aeruginosa HGP9 and the Structure Prediction with Homology Modeling
Yongliang Zheng, Zhonghua Wu, Jianping Gan, Jianping Fang, Shiwang Liu, Deli Liu and Yuling Zhong
Purification and Characterization of Hydrogenase from Ethanoligenens harbinense YUAN-3
Ming Du, Nan-Qi Ren and Lu Zhang
The Study on the Relationship of Invertase Activity and Leavening Ability in Sweet Dough
Cui-ying Zhang, Dong-guang Xiao and Man Xu
Validating the Network-Based Objective Measure for Helical Membrane Protein Structures
Jun Gao and Zhijun Li
JProNet: Systematic Network Analysis of Topological Properties of Protein 3D Structures
Jun Gao and Zhijun Li
Diosmetin Substituent in Galium verum L. Acting on Venous Thrombosis
Lianrong Du, Ge Wang, Weihong Lu and Haitian Zhao
Natural Preservatives-Research Progress in Class II a Bacteriocins
Shanna Liu and Zhijiang Zhou
Microwave on Emulsibility of Alcohol Leaching Soy Protein Concentrate
Bingyu Sun and Yanguo Shi
Efficient Algorithms for 3D Protein Substructure Identification
Fei Guo, Lusheng Wang, Yong Yang and Guohui Lin
An Independent Homology Analysis Method in Compound Pyramid Model
Zhige Xin and Bingru Yang
Analyzing Conformation of Fusion Protein on Bivalent Single-Chain Antibody with (Gly4Ser)n
Jianhua Zhang, Zhigang Shang, J. J. Liang, Ling Wang and Jun Yun
Purification and Characterization of Cathepsins from the Gut of Apostichopus japonicus
Bing Han, Xue Han and Beiwei Zhu
Electrophoretic Properties, Functionality of Barley Protein Isolates
Cheng Wang, Zhigang Tian, Jing Zhao, Lingyun Chen, Yanxin Wang and Hui Liu
Structural, Functional and Comparative Genomics
QTL Mapping for Controlling Days to Pollen Shed under Different Nitrogen Regimes in Maize
Xiaohong Liu, Yongsi Zhang, Zuping Zheng, Zhong Li, Chuan He, Daihui Liu, Guoqing
Computationally Comparative Analysis of CpG Islands in Human Bidirectional and Unidirectional Promoters
Bingchuan Liu, Jiajia Chen and Bairong Shen
The Microbial Community Structures in Two Membrane Bioreactors Detected by Microarray
Liang Duan, Yonghui Song, Siqing Xia, Jixiang Li and Slawomir W. Hermanowicz
Establishment and Identification of Cold-Stressed Normalized Full-Length cDNA Library of Ceratoides lanata
Dang-Quan Zhang, Fu-Huan Ming, Quan-Dong Zhu, Zhi-Dan Song, Xin Han and Ping Jiang
Models in Biosciences and Medicine
Multivariate Local Linear Regression in the Prediction of ARFIMA Processes
Yongdao Zhou, Shilong Gao and Wangyong Lv
The Asymptotic Analysis of an Epidemic Model with Quarantine and Infection-age-Dependence
Su-xia Zhang and Xin-qiang Qin
The Rationale behind a Reticular Meridain Model for Chinese Acupuncture
Shyang Chang
Calculations and Simulation Studies of the Shinnar-Le Roux Pulses in Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Y. Liu
Investigation of Prediction and Establishment of SIR Model for H1N1 Epidemic Disease
Yulian Liu
Different Mechanism of Transmission Efficiency in Unmyelinated Nerve Fiber Primary Afferent Synapses
Junran Zhang, JianNan Wang and SanJue Hu
Modeling of Breast Cancer Cell Through Atomic Force Microscope
Sarunyoo Leelertyuth and Teeranoot Chantasopeephan
Computer Simulations of Hemodynamic Effects of EECP During AEI-CPR
Junqing Luo, Xiaoming Wu, Huangcun Zeng, Huangcun Zeng and Hengxin Yuan
Biochemical, Cellular, Molecular and Tissue Engineering
Effects of Chloroform Extracts from Kochia scoparia on Protect Enzyme activity of Tetranychus viennensis
You-Nian Wang, Jun Cheng, Yong-Sheng Jin, Jian-jun Ren, Hui-li Guo, Lei Zhao, Juan Du, Yu-Bo Liu, Li-Lin Zhao, Chun-Ya Bu and Guang-Lu Shi
Isolation, Characterization and Expression Analysis of Stearoyl-ACP Desaturase Gene from Kosteletzkya virginica
Mingna Chen, Zengkai Ren, Xiaoyuan Chi, Lijuan Pan, Shanlin Yu and Qingli Yang
Characteristics of Denitrifying Phosphorous Removal in Anaerobic\Anoxic SBR System
Xin-xin Jiang, Fang Ma, Xiao-xin Zhang, Jun Yin and Li-li Wang
The Anti-Fatigue Effect of Eucommia ulmoides Leaves in Mice
Wenbin Dong, Di Liu and Jin Yang
Study on Inducing Angiogenesis of Regenerated Silk Fibroin Film Modified by the Ad-Ang-1 Transgenic Fibroblasts
Tielian Liu, Weihua Sheng, Youming Chen, Yufeng Xie, Jingcheng Miao, Huicui Yang and Jicheng Yang
Effect of Structural Properties of Both Proteins and Stationary Phases to Adsorption Behavior of Proteins in Hydrophobic Interaction Chromatography
Jun Ren, Zhiqian Pi, Xue Lin, Li Xu, Jian Xie and Lingyun Jia
Acetone Extracts of Sea Urchin Anthocidaris crassispina Stimulate Osteogenesis and Adipogenesis in Mouse Mesenchymal Stem Cells
Hai-fang Li, Guo-ping Cai, Hai-fang Li and Meng-su Yang
Lipase-Catalysed Synthesis of Ferulyl Oleins and Evaluation of Their Radical Scavenging Activity
Lin-lin Chen and Jia-ying Xin
Research and Development on Cheese Powder Directly Made from Liquid Milk Hydrolysis
Jianming Wang, Zhe Yin, Bingye Li, Hongjiu Li and Ting Huang
Application of RAPD Assays in Analyzing Streptomyces Gilvosporeus Strains from Genome Shuffling
Jianmei Luo, Jianshu Li, Dan Liu, Yu Zheng, Yang Liu and Min Wang
Isolation of One S. cerevisiae BY-14 Mutant BL-23 with High-Yield Production of Glutathione by Ion Implantation
Xuewu Guo, Liping Shi, Hongjiang Yang and Dongguang Xiao
Prevent Reconstruction of Ischemic Myocardium with Autologous Stem Cells Transfected by AKT Gene
Yunsheng Yu, Zhenya Shen, Wenxue Ye, Yihuan Chen, Weijie Lao and Li Tao
Study on Analysis and Assessment of Agrimonia pilosa Ledeb from China and Korea with FT-IR
Bao-qing Wang and Zhe-xiong Jin
Enhanced Capillary Formation by Transplanted AdVEGF165 Transgenic Epithelial Cells on Silk Fibroin Films
Xiaofeng Zhang, Tielian Liu, Weihua Sheng, Yufeng Xie, Jingcheng Miao and Jicheng Yang
Screening a Novel High Effective Phenol Degradation Strain and Its Characters
Jifeng Guo
Identification of Some Compounds from Ether Extract of Catharsius molossus (The Traditional Chinese Medicine, 'Dung Beetle') by Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry
Gao-Qiang Liu, Wen-Jun Han, Huai-Yun Zhang and Kuan Peng
Screening of Oleaginous Microorganisms from Filamentous Fungi for Microbial Lipids Production
Xiao-Ling Wang, Wen-Jun Han, Kuan Peng and Huai-Yun Zhang
Study on Antimicrobial and Antioxidant Activity of Exacts from Agrimonia pilosa Ledeb
Bao-qing Wang and Zhe-xiong Jin
Biotransformation of Sodium L-Glutamate to γ-Aminobutyric Acid by L. Brevis TCCC13007 with Two Glutamate Decarboxylase Genes
Ying Zhang, Nian-fa Gao, Yu Feng, Lei Song and Qiang Gao
Repair of Deep Burn Skin Defects with Cultured Epidermal Stem Cells and Acellular Amniotic Membranes
Dewu Liu, Honglan Xiong, Yuangui Mao, Peixin Huang, Jianping Chen and Wei Lan
Concanavalin Agglutinin Induced Adhesion of Sexual Protoplasts of Tobacco
Kefeng Fang, Ping Lu and Tongquan Yu
Degradation of Hemicelluloses of Cottonseed Coat by Xylanase
Ying-qing Hu, Hua-Li Nie, Li-Min Zhu and Christopher J. Branford-White
Optimization of Recombinant Bacteriophage Lysin of Streptococcus Expression in Escherichia coli
Pu Wang, Xiaofeng Wang and Weiqing Chen
Extraction of Mycelial Polysaccharides from Submerged-Cultured Agaricus blazei
Xiao-Ling Wang, Gao-Qiang Liu, Huai-Yun Zhang and Guo-Ying Zhou
Study on the Dyeing Wastewater by the Photo Catalytic Oxidation Membrane Bioreactor (pMBR)
Jifeng Guo and Yanjun Lu
An Efficient In Vitro Propagation Culture Protocol for Purple Coneflower (Echinacea purpurea L.)
Dahanayake Nilanthi, Fu-Cheng Zhao, Xiao-Lu Chen, Yue-Sheng Yang and Hong Wu
Intragastric Administration of Lactobacillus casei Expressing Bovine Rotavirus VP7 Protein Induced Specific Antibody Production
Songmei Liu, Guanqun Zhang, Didi Liu and Yijing Li
Lamellipodium Locomition of the Daughter Cells Facilitates the Cytokinesis of NRK Cells without Myosin II
Xiaona Li, Meiwen An, Li Wang and Chengxing Liu
Simulation for Wastewater Treatment Plant WWTP
Aamr Alalewi and Cuiling Jiang
Overview of Some Colour Removal Technologies in the Textile Wastewater
Aamr Alalewi and Cuiling Jiang
The Biological Toxicity of Ferrite NanoNi-Zn Materials on Blood and Cells
Xiao-feng Pang and Ting Qi
Grading System of the Meat Freshness Based on Plaque Characteristics
Peiyuan Guo, Hongbing Xiao and Fang Yuan
Kinetics of Tetra-(p-Carboxyphenyl) Cobalt Porphyrin Chloride Reactions with Peroxynitrite
Congxiao Zhang, Yunjing Luo, Xufeng Song, Yuanbin She and Zhiguo Han
Purification of Nonmitogenic Recombinant Human Acidic Fibroblast Growth Factor in Escherichia coli
Hui Yuan and Xiao Kun Li
Study on Toxicity Action of Nonylphenol on Human Embryo Liver L-02 Cells
YanQun Liu
Synthesis of Functional Feruloylated Lipids through Enzymatic Irreversible Transesterification Protocols
Yang Yu, Yan Zheng, Jing Quan, Ya-Juan Wang, Li-Min Zhu and Christopher J. Branford-White
Comparative Study on Expression of Relevant Proteins of Proliferation and Differentiation of Human Epidermal Stem Cells between Diabetic Skin and Normal Skin
Qingling Zhong, Fanrong Liu, Dewu Liu, Yan Peng and Feibin Zhu
Biotransformation of DL-2-Amino-Δ²-Thiazoline-4Carbonic Acid to L-Cysteine Using a Newly Isolated Pseudomonas sp. Zjwp-14
Pu Wang, Guoying Lv, Junyao He and Weiqing Chen
The Contribution of Polar Cortical Actin and Microtubule to Cytokinesis at Early Anaphase
Li Wang, Meiwen An and Xiaona Li
Methods Comparison of Purifying Anti-Rat TRβΔ Antibodies from the Antiserum
Ying Liu, Bei Sun, Yan Ma, Liling Hu, Xueqin Zhao, Dongchun Liang, Aijun Zuo, Gang Guo and Jingyu Zhang
The Purification of Alkaline and Thermostable Lipase from a Newly Isolated Strain Acinetobacter calcoaceticus 1-7
HaiKuan Wang, HuiJung Ma, ShaoJiong Zhong, YuJie Wei and Wei Qi
Biosorption of Humic Acid by Aspergillus fumigatus Mycelial Pellets Cultured under Different Conditions
Baoe Wang and Yongyou Hu
Medicinal Insect Catharsius molossus Enhances Production of Intracellular Polysaccharides in Ganoderma lucidum SCIM 0819
Gao-Qiang Liu, Wen-Jun Han and Huai-Yun Zhang
Proliferation and Differentiation of MC3T3-E1 Cells Cultured on Apatite-Coated Honeycomb Collagen
Qin Song, Xiao-jun Gou, Jun Yan, Xiao-bing Yu and Xiao-qiang Guo
Acellular Tissue Engineering Scaffolds for Vocal Fold Regeneration
Roger W. Chan
Chondrogenic Differentiation of MSCs Induced via Cbfa1 Driven by SOX9 Promoter
Shiwu Dong, Bo Yang, Dajun Ying and Zhao Xie
Multipotential Capacity of Human Adipose-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells
Bao-Feng Guo, Ling Zhang, Wei-Tian Yin, Kun Ji and Zhuang Wei
Research on Specroscopy of Cu(II) on Peroxynitrite Nitrifying Fibrinogen
Yunjing Luo, Qi Zhu, Shuang Cui, Dawei Zheng and Jiangnan Suo
Complex Biofilm Removal from Stainless Steel Surfaces
Zi Wang, Ran Xu, Yuxiang Sun and Fanguo Kong
Properties of Activation Energy of Solute Migration in Gas-Solid Chromatography
Dali Zhang, Jiajun Ke and Lizhu Lu
Kinetics and Mechanisms of Copper Sorption by Loosely Bound Extracellular Polymeric Substances (LB-EPS) from Activated Sludge under Simulating Bio-Calcification Conditions
Juan Li, Jian Long and Fuxing Kang
Construction of a Eukaryotic Expression Vector of Human Cementum Protein 1 and Its Stably Expression in NIH3T3 Cell
Yu Liu and Weibin Sun
Expression of AQP1 in Vascular Endothelia Cells during Angiogenesis Is Associated with MRTF-A
Yong Jiang, Zhe Sun, Meng-meng Qiang, Rui Su, Yu-ting Guo, Xue-gang Luo, Nan Wang and Tong-cun Zhang
Effect of Microwave Radiation on the Antioxidant Responses of Nannochloropsis oculata
Bilian Chen, Ying Yu and Jian Huang
Bioelectrical and Neural Engineering
Sample Entropy of EEG Based on Acupuncturing
Xiaoxia Li, Guizhi Xu, Shuo Yang, Xiukui Shang and Xuejun Run
Dynamic Concerted Activities among Retinal Ganglion Cells
Lei Xiao, Ying-Ying Zhang and Pei-Ji Liang
Dielectrophoresis and Electrorotation of Spheroidal Cells after nsPEF Induced Electroporation
Qin Hu, Olaoluwa Fadiran, Wenjun Li and Ravindra P. Joshi
Event-Related Potentials Responses of Acupuncturing Shenmen and Neiguan
Xiaoxia Li, Guizhi Xu, Shuo Yang, Xiukui Shang and Xuejun Run
Extremely Low Frequency Electric Field Induced Mutations in Escherichia Coli K12 Strains
Zhiqing Song and Yunzhang Liang
Voltage between Electrodes as a Key Parameter in Oscillating Field Stimulation of Spinal Cord in Rat
Suying Pan, Guanghao Zhang, Xiaolin Huo and Tao Song
Research on Design of Medical and Electromagnetic Test-Analyzer
M. M. Zhang, W. K. Liu, X. L. Kang and D. X. Liu
Electrospun Silk Fibroin Nanofiber Tubes for Peripheral Nerve Regeneration
Feng Zhang, Rong Liu, Bao Q. Zuo and Jian Z. Qin
Burst Suppression EEG during Hypothermia and Rapid Rewarming in Isoflurane-Anesthetized Rats
Dandan Zhang, Haiyan Ding, Datian Ye, Xiaofeng Jia and Nitish Thakor
Characterization of Electrically Evoked Compound Action Potential Amplitude Growth Function in Cochlear Implant Users
Ziyan Zhu, Qing Tang, Fan-Gang Zeng, Tian Guan and Datian Ye
3D Internal Muscle Activities Imaging Based on Multi-Channel Surface EMG Recordings: Surface EMG-Based Muscles Activities Imaging Technique
Yingchun Zhang and Gerald W. Timm
Noise-Induced Double Coherence Resonance in Leaky Integrate-and-Fire Neuron Array
Guohua Hui
Evaluating High-Frequency Nerve Conduction Block for Tinnitus Treatment Using SEF Model
Nima Hajebi and Hamed Sadjedi
Biomaterials and Biomedical Optics
Hydroxyapatite Deposited on Flat and Porous Ti
J. Jakubowicz and G. Adamek
Facile Gold-Coated Maghemite Nanoparticles Fabrication
Quanguo He, Jingke Huang, Rong Hu and Lei Zeng
Property Improvment of Electrospun Drug-Loaded Nanofibers Using Composite PAN/PVP as Filament-Forming Matrix
Hong-Mei Chen, Ming Yang, Benmei Wei, Zhandong Ren and Deng-Guang Yu
A Study of Coordination Mechanism of L-Hydroxyproline with Zinc(II)
Luyan Sang, Ruiya Zuo and Xiaohua Zhou
Multispectral Fluorescence Imaging Method Applied to Species Identification of Cortex Phellodendri Chinensis
Jing Zhao, Qichang Pang, Ji Ma, Chuanming Liu and Qingxia Meng
A Note on the Influence of Pretreatment on the Photodiscoloration by UV Light as a Function of Energy of Wood
Minghui Guo and Xin Guan
Kinetic Study of Calcium Phosphate Cement Containing Chitosan in Its Liquid Phase
Hua Liu and Ying Tan
Comparing Three Methods for the Synthesis of Pure β-Dicalcium Silicate
Yanni Tan, Yong Liu, Zhibing Zhang, Mike Hofmann and Liam Grover
A New Method for Determining the Emissivity of the Human Skin in Vivo
Francisco J. Sanchez-Marin
Anti-Aging Effects of Betacyanins from Portulaca oleracea L.
Xiang-Zhong Gong and Huan-Fang Chai
Dispersibility of SZP Antimicrobial Agents in Silicone Denture Soft Lining Materials and Their Effect on Operational Performance
Lei Sui, Qian Liu and Changyi Li
Fast Dissolution Nanofiber Membrane of Ferulic Acid Prepared Using Electrospinning
Deng-Guang Yu, Wei Nie, Li-Min Zhu and Christopher Branford-White
Preparation and Characterization of Chitosan Microspheres Encapsulating Superparamagnetic Fe3O4 Nanoparticles
Benjamin Teong, Shwu Jen Chang, Ioannis Manousakas, Shyh-Ming Kuo and Li Chun Lin
Optimization of Culture Conditions for Production of Astaxanthin by Phaffia rhodozyma
Xuewu Guo, Xianyu Li and Dongguang Xiao
Effect of Cultivating Conditions on g-Aminobutyric Acid Production by Lactobacillus brevis
Weiqing Chen and Xiaofeng Wang
Research on the Flocculation Mechanism of Microbial Flocculants
Wei Wei, Rongli Yu, Yashu Yuan, Gang Wang and Rongli Yu
The Effect of Microwave Treatment on Extraction Content of Wood
Xianjun Li, Qunying Mou, Yuan Liu, Yonglin Yan, Xia Yang and Zhiyong Cai
Preparation of Glucan Sulfates with Different Degree of Substitution and Their Immunoprophylaxis Potentials in Escherichia coli Induced Mice Peritonitis
Liping Du, Hongyan Niu, Xuekuang Zhang and Dongguang Xiao
The Moisture Absorption and Retention Abilities of Carboxymethyl Inulin and Quaternized Inulin
Jingli Liu, Fang Dong, Qinzhao Xue, Zhanyong Guo and Huili Sun
Preliminary Study on Repeatability of Molecular Recognition Capability of a Silica-Based Molecularly Imprinted Polymer
Shuang Yu, David A. Puleo and Ai-qin Luo
Preparation and Characterization of Electrospun Polyacrylic Acid Resin IV Nanofibers
X. X. Shen, D. G. Yu, L. M. Zhu and C. Branford-White
Dispersion Correction of Bio-Tissue Imaging by Optical Coherence Tomography
Lin Lin and Zhang Mei
Application of Ultrasonic Extrusion in the Preparation of Liposomes
Ioannis Manousakas, Guan-Huei Lin, Shwu-Jen Chang, Shyh-Ming Kuo and Yu-Chiuan Wu
Synthesis of Water-Soluble Quaternized Chitosans and Their Antitumor Activity
Fang Dong, Qinzhao Xue, Jingli Liu, Jianming Ren and Zhanyong Guo
Adhesive and In Vitro Release Properties of the Konjac Glucomannan and Xanthan Gum Mixture Gel Film
Ying-qing Zhang, Wei-de Xiong, Zhi-yuan Mi, Zhuo Ma and Xiao-li Li
New Nanocomposite Materials Dispersed with Poly(Ethylene Glycol): The Effects of Degradation and Mechanical Characteristics
Ping Qu, Lu Bai, Liping Zhang, Jing Li and Da Wang
Preparation and Characterization of Amino-Coated Maghemite Nanoparticles
Lei Zeng, Rong Hu, Zhaohui Wu and Quanguo He
Experimental Study on the Interaction of QDs with BSA
Kun Liu, Qinghua Liu, Hua Xiao and Jianwen Xiong
The Difference of Destruction Efficiency between Quantum Dots CdSe-PDT and CdSeS-PDT on HL60 Cells in Vitro
Fei Jiang, QingHua Liu, ChenXing Wan, Hua Xiao and Jianwen Xiong
Experimental Research on the Cytotoxicity of CdSe Nanocrystals with the Irradiation of Violet Light
Li Chen, Jing Zuo, Hua Xiao and Jianwen Xiong
Effect of the Female Silkworm Moth Powder on Immuno Function in Mice
Meier Gu, Yanfang Wang, Guijie Liu, Baojin Wu, Xiaodong Kang, Liping Yu and Liangen Shi
Photodynamic Effects of Quantum Dots on Inactivation of Leukemic HL60 Cells in vitro
Huzhong Wang, Haiping Zhang, Hua Xiao and Jianwen Xiong
Preparation, Characterization and Drug Release in Vitro of Galactosylated Chitosan-Graft-PEG Nanoparticles
Xueqiong Zhang, Hua Zheng, Bo Lu and Fuliang Xiong
Non-Symmetric Constitutive Equation Theory of Co-Rotational Type for Liquid Crystalline Polymer of Biomedical Materials
Shifang Han
A Novel Skin-Care Product Based on Silk Fibroin Fabricated by Electrospinning
Lin-Peng Fan, Kui-Hua Zhang, Xiao-Yue Sheng, Chuang-Long He, Jun Li, Xiu-Mei Mo and Hong-Sheng Wang
Biomedical Devices, Sensors, and Artificial Organs
Development of Anodic Alumina Membranes for Hemodialysis
Junfeng Lu and Wen-qiang Lu
Incorporation of Novel MEMS Tactile Sensors into Tissue Engineered Skin
H. B. Muhammad, N. C. Hunt, R. M. Shelton, L. M. Grover, M. C. L. Ward, C. M. Oddo, C.
Foot Transverse Arch Instability Following Sequential Ligament Sectioning between the First Cuneiform and the Second Metatarsal
Feng Xu, Zuquan Ding, Bing Li and Guangrong Yu
Detection of Biomolecular Binding by Fourier-Transform SPR
Layne D. Williams, Renny E. Fernandez, Farouk Azizi, Tridib Ghosh and Carlos H Effect of Surface Modification for Protein Microarray on Immobilizing Probe
Tao Wang, Rui Zhang, Ke-li Xing, Zi-yu Guo, Li-li Nie and Yun-fang Jia
An α-Amylase Biosensor with 1,1-Dimethyl-3-(2-Amino1-Hydroxyethyl) Ferrocene as an Electron Transfer Mediator
Jun Zheng, Guoming Xie and Changtao Chen
A Dual-Frequency Loading Device for Tissue Engineering Cartilage
Qiang Xu, Chunqiu Zhang, Yubo Fan, Han Wu and Shuqing Zhang
Transmission SPR of Gold Nanoslit Array and Ultrasensitive Detection of a Retinol Binding Protein
Jianjun Wei, Sameer Singhal, Matthew Kofke and David H. Waldeck
A Low-Power Low-Distortion Amplifier for Fly Neural Recordings
Xicai Yue, K. Peterson, H. G. Krapp and E. M. Drakakis
The Application of Computational Simulation Technology in Bioartificial Liver System
Xiaolin Huo, Yue Cao, Changzhe Wu and Ming Li
Geometric Calibration Method Based Micro-CT System for Small-Animal Imaging
Zhanli Hu, Jing Zou, Jianbao Gui, Junyan Rong, Yanming Li and Hairong Zheng
A Finite-Difference Method for the Design of Biplanar Transverse Gradient Coil in MRI
Minhua Zhu, Guofa Shou, Ling Xia, Xia Li, Feng Liu and Stuart Crozier
Fatigue Detection Based on Infrared Video Pupillography
Lifang Deng, Xingliang Xiong, Jin Zhou, Ping Gan and Shixiong Deng
Mass Production of Monodisperse Ultrasound Contrast Microbubbles in Integrated Microfluidic Devices
Chunxiang Jiang, Xiang Li, Qiaofeng Jin, Tan Chen, Zhanhui Wang and Hairong Zheng
Construction of an Artificial Liver Support System Based on a Reciprocating Rotating Bioreactor
Changzhe Wu, Xiaolin Huo, Ming Li and Xiaoqing Xiu
3D Localization of a Thin Steel Rod Using Magnetic Field Sensors: Feasibility and Preliminary Results
Maximilian Heinig, Ralf Bruder, Alexander Schlaefer and Achim Schweikard
Determination of Ammonia Nitrogen in Wastewater Using Electronic Nose
Xiangsheng Fang, Xin Guo, Hanchang Shi and Qiang Cai
An Adsorbent for Extracorporeal Elimination of Pathogenic Autoantibodies
Jun Ren, Zhiqian Pi, Xue Lin, Li Xu, Jian Xie, Lingyun Jia, Yue Ma and Yumei Wang
The Search for the Method of In Vivo Real-Time Measurement of Hemorheology Parameters on the Light Scattering
Weiyuan Lu, Li Li, Huiping Ma, Kuke Ding, Rui Wu, Yanling Li and Jianggui Guo
Development of an Acetic Acid Microbial Biosensor for Environmental Monitoring
Chunhui Zhang, Xuwen He and Xiaochan Wang
FEM Analysis of Electromagnetic Drive of Bladder Power Pump
Xiao Li, Weijia Huang and Ting Guan
New Method for Screening Drug Addicts Based on Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy Technology
Dian Qu, Yan Wang, Anyu Chen, Wenxin Zheng, Jinghua Liu, Yi Jiao and Chunwei Liu
Development of Permanent Magnet Probe for Intravascular Magnetic Resonance Imaging Device
Rongsheng Lu, Weiping Wu and Zhonghua Ni
The Design of Four-Arm Spiral Antenna for Microwave Hyperthermia
Yong-Xing Du, Xiao-Li Xi and Ling Qin
Measuring Temperature Rise in Phantom to Determine High Power High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound Sound Field
Faqi Li, Jie Chen, Deping Zeng, Qi Wang and Tao Zeng
Microsystem for On-Line Process Monitoring in Bioartificial Liver Support System
Xiaoqing Xiu, Xiaolin Huo, Ming Li and Changzhe Wu
Simulation of an Optimal Sinusoidal Airflow and Ventilator Settings for Mechanical Ventilation
Shyan-Lung Lin and Shoou-Jeng Yeh
A Novel High Resolution and Low Noise CMOS Vision Sensor for Portable Optical Analytical Lab-on-a-Chip System
XiangLiang Jin, Liang Tang and Donghai Qiao
An Automatic Testing System for Implantable Pulse Generator (IPG)
Shaobo Chen, Yang Cao, Bozhi Ma, Chunhua Hu and Luming Li
An Electronic Nose System Based on an Array of Carbon Nanotubes Gas Sensors with Pattern Recognition Techniques
Zikai Zhao and Guohua Hui
Development of an Optical Elastomicroscopy for Imaging Tissue Elasticity in High Resolution
Minhua Lu, Qinghua Huang, Siping Chen and Yongping Zheng
A Feasibility Study on Noninvasive Blood Glucose Measurement Using Photoacoustic Method
Omkar C. Kulkarni, Pralay Mandal, Shib Shankar Das and Swapna Banerjee
Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotube-Based Gas Sensor for NH3 Detection at Room Temperature
Miao Guo, Kai-Hua Wu, Ying Xu, Ren-Hui Wang and Min Pan
Study on the Optimal Method for Photoplethysmograph Measurement at radial Artery
Yilin Song and Shumei Gao
Design of a Computer Assisted Instrument for Automatic Control of the Pressure in Cuff of Catheter
Site Mo, Xiaomei Ren, Hua Huang and Linli Luo
A Novel Application of Ferrofluid Actuation with PDMS Microchannel
Yaw-Jen Chang, Chih-Yu Hu and Chu-Hsuan Lin
Investigation of Plaque Effects on Cardiovascular Stent System
Heng-Chuan Kan
Screening of Antibiotic-Maggot Serum Combinations and Their Effects on Bacterial Physiology
Shuchi Arora, Chu Sing Lim and Carl Baptista
Temperature Control in Mini-Bioreactor and Its Impact to Immunoassay
Yaw-Jen Chang, Yui Whei Chen-Yang and Jun-Ying Chen
Applying Technique of Sacrificial Layer for the Fabrication of Microfilter
Yaw-Jen Chang, Tat Yan Chan and Jia-Hao Wang
Design of a Smart Transdermal Insulin Drug Delivery System
Zhenqing Hou, Chenghong Lin and Qiqing Zhang
A Simple Novel Wireless Integrated Power Management Unit (PMU) for Rechargeable Battery-Operated Implantable Biomedical Telemetry Systems
Peng Wang, Bo Liang, Xuesong Ye, Wen H. Ko and Peng Cong
Performance Evaluation of a Novel Cloth Electrode
Yi-Zhi Wu, Jia-Xin Sun, Long-Fei Li, Yong-Sheng Ding and Hong-An Xu
Biomedical Imaging, Image Processing & Visualization
A New Approach to Estimation of Muscle Pennation Angle in Ultrasound Image
Li-jin Huang and Jun Shi
Morphological Changes of Chondrocytes in Compressed Articular Cartilage Using Polarized Light Microscopy
Ekrem Cicek, Farid Badar, Jia Li, Xiaoyu Tian and Yang Xia
Rapid Multimodal Medical Image Registration and Fusion in 3D Conformal Radiotherapy Treatment Planning
Bin Li, Lianfang Tian and Shanxing Ou
Optimized GPU Framework for Speckle Reduction Using Histogram Matching and Region Growing
Dan Shi, Xiaoying Li and Dong C. Liu
Skull Mechanics Study of PI Procedure Plan for Craniosynostosis Correction Based on Finite Element Method
Xianfeng Jiang, Jia You, Ning Wang, Zhipeng Shen and Junyuan Li
Automatic Rib Positioning Method in CT Images
Hong Li, Jun Li, Shinong Pan, Qiyong Guo, Jiren Liu and Yan Kang
An Integrated Approach to Visualizing Vascular Trees
Jianhuang Wu, Qingmao Hu and Ben Niu
Blood Flow Velocity Measurement: CCF Based on I/Q signal
Jing Wang and Dong C. Liu
Respiration Gating Simulated by Voxelised Phantom in 3D PET Imaging
Jianfeng He
Approaches to the Reconstruction of Numerical Simulation Oriented Patient-Specific Model of Aortic Arch Aneurysm
Xianlong Meng, Wenyu Fu, Yun Zhang and Aike Qiao
Study on Digital Data Processing Techniques for 3D Medical Model
Yunfeng Liu, Xingtao Dong and Wei Peng
A Novel Coherence Diffusion Method for Vessel Enhancement
Tao Liu, Changjiang Liu, China Zhou, Tiesheng Cao and Zhengzhong Bian
Development and Evaluation of a High Performance Micro-CT System for Insect or Small Animal Imaging
Jianbao Gui, Jing Zou, Junyan Rong, Zhanli Hu, Yanming Li, Dongxing Xi and Hairong Zheng
Delineation of Intracerebral Hemorrhage from Clinical Non-Enhanced Computed Tomography Images
Qingmao Hu, Zhijun Chen, Jianhuang Wu, Fucang Jia and Leping Chen
Numerical Simulation of Functional Evaluation for Implant-Supported Complete Maxillary Denture with an Efficient CT Image Segmentation and Mesh Creation Technique
Lulu Gong, Xiaomei Li and Zuquan Ding
Research and Realization of Virtual Endoscopy
Yan-jun Peng, Wei-dong Zhao, Xin-ming Lu and Jiao-ying Shi
A Computer Simulated Biopsy Marking System for Gastroscopy
Deyu Sun, Wei Wu, Yi Lu, Jiquan Liu and Huilong Duan
Medical Image Segmentation Based on Watershed Transformation and Rough Sets
Ran Li
A Novel and Multi-Scale Unsupervised Algorithm for Image Segmentation
Minmin Luo, Guiping Jiang and Ya-zhong Lin
Lung Image Volume Registration Using the Affine Transformation and Demons Algorithm
Yingyue Zhou and Hongbin Zang
A Novel Classification Scheme for Breast Masses Based on Multi-View Information Fusion
Li Sun, Lihua Li, Weidong Xu, Wei Liu, Juan Zhang and Guoliang Shao
Noninvasive Characterization of Velocity Profiles and Shear Rates within Microcirculation System Using a Novel Micro-Ultrasound Imaging Technique
Ming Qian, Liang Yan, Lili Niu, Qiaofeng Jin, Wentao Yu and Hairong Zheng
Short-Time Fourier Transform and Wigner-Ville Transform for Ultrasound Image De-Noising through Dynamic Mask Thresholding
Jawad F. Al-Asad and Alireza Moghadamjoo
Marine Phytoplankton Recognition Using Hybrid Classification Methods
Lin Kang, Yuanhao Gong, Chenhui Yang, Jinfei Luo, Qiaoqi Luo and Yahui Gao
A Novel Method Using Morphological Gradient for Spot Extraction from cDNA Microarray Image
Zhiyao Li, Guirong Weng and Jian Su
Parallel Volume Rendering Based on LOD Method
Xiwei Gao and Hai Lin
Microbubbles Conjoining LyP-1 as a Tumor Probe for Ultrasound Molecular Imaging: Targeting Efficiency Evaluation on Microfluidic Platform
Xiang Li, Qiaofeng Jin, Chunxiang Jiang, Zhanhui Wang and Hairong Zheng
2-D FFT for Periodic Noise Removal on Strain Image
Jing Wang and Dong C. Liu
Automated Cardiac-Tissue Identification in Composite Strain-Encoded (C-SENC) Images Using Fuzzy K-Means and Bayesian Classifier
Abdallah G. Motaal, Neamat El-Gayar and Nael F. Osman
Computerized Detection of Lung Nodules in CT Images by Use of Multiscale Filters and Geometrical Constraint Region Growing
Xiaomin Pei, Hongyu Guo and Jianping Dai
Tag-Matrix Storage Mode Using in Non-Symmetry Anti-Packing Pattern Representation Model
Weijun Hu, Lin Wan and Junjie Peng
Microarray Images Processing Using the Offset Vector Field and Expectation Maximization Algorithm
Guirong Weng and Jian Su
4D Real-Time Cardiac MDCT Image Volume Rendering Method Research Based on GPU Texture Mapping
Chaolu Feng, Jinzhu Yang, Dazhe Zhao, Chaolu Feng and Jiren Liu
Multi-Direction Guidance Motion Tracking for Real-Time Ultrasound Strain Imaging
Shaoguo Cui, Caibi Peng and Dong C. Liu
Segmentation of Medical Image Based on Grey Relational Analysis
WeiFeng Zhu, Junli Li and Gang Chen
Chirp-Coded Pulse Excitation for Ultrasound Elasticity Imaging
Hui Peng and Dong C. Liu
Histogram-Based Influence Analysis of Image Characteristics Processing in Digital Chest Radiograph
Jing Du, Wen He and Haiyun Li
Amplitude Modulation Strain Noise Reduction by Displacement Field Correction
Shaoguo Cui, Caibi Peng and Dong C. Liu
Finger Vein Image Denoising Based on Compressive Sensing
Meimei Chen, Shuxu Guo, Yao Wang, Bin Wu, Siyao Yu, Xiangxin Shao and Lang Wang
Mouse Atlas Conversion for FEM in Fluorescence Tomography Reconstruction
Heng Yang, Yannick Glinec and Jiwu Zhang
Automatic Segmentation and 3D Reconstruction of Human Liver Based on CT Image
Haiming Ai, Chunlan Yang, Shuicai Wu, Yi Zeng and Song Bo
Spatial-Temporal Source Reconstruction of MEG via Variational EM Algorithm
Jing Kan and Richard Wilson
MR Image Segmentation Based on Modified Ant Colony Algorithm
W. M. Luo, W. W. Liu, Y. W. Chen, Z. W. Shen, R. H. Wu, J. X. Huang and Q. C. Qiu
Metal Artifacts Reduction in Computed Tomography: A Bilateral Reprojection Approach
Lin Cheng and Jinfeng Liu
A MEG Study Of Gamma Oscillations During Unilateral Movement
Xiaolin Huo and Jing Xiang
Improved Mean Shift Segmentation Scheme for Medical Ultrasound Images
Peirui Bai, Caihong Fu, Maoyong Cao and Yan Han
Computer-Aided Classification of Breast Tumors Using the Affinity Propagation Clustering
Yanni Su and Yuanyuan Wang
A Single Image Interpolation Scheme for Enhanced Super Resolution in Bio-Medical Imaging
Pervez Akhtar and Faisal Azhar
A New Method of Automatic Recognition of B-Mode Ultrasound Imaging of Common Carotid Artery in Longitude
Jun Wan, Qiuqi Ruan and Yingchun Li
Approximating Major Cerebrospinal Fluid Space in a Distance Transformation Based Bayesian Framework from Clinical Non-Enhanced Computed Tomography Images
Liang Zhang, Qingmao Hu and Yonghong Li
A Transient Elastography System for Soft-Tissue Stiffness Measurement and Wavelet De-Noising of Displacement Estimation in Elastogram
Chen Xu, Hui Yao, Tao Ling and Hairong Zheng
Content-Based Retrieval of Calcification Lesions in Mammography
Li-xin Song, Rui-feng Chang, Qian Wang and Li Wang
Investigation of Early Liver Radiation Injury Using Resovist-Enhanced MRI at 3T
Jo-Chi Jao, Hsin-Ying Lu, Hsiang-Chin Lu, Gin-Chung Liu, Shih-Hsie Chen, Shi-Long Lian, Sheau-Fang Yang and Po-Chou Chen
Match Filter Design for Improved Strain Estimation in Transient Elastography
Hui Yao, Tao Ling, Chen Xu and Hairong Zheng
Detecting Method of Quantitative Colloidal Gold Test Strip Concentration Based on the DSP Image Processing
Dezhi Zheng, Zongling Wu and Shuai Wang
Fast GPU-Based Automatic Time Gain Compensation for Ultrasound Imaging
Dan Shi, Zhengjuan Fan, Hao Yin and Dong C. Liu
Skull Simulation from 2 View X-Ray Projections Using 3D Warping Technique
Chanjira Sinthanayothin and Wisarut Bholsithi
An Image-Based Method for Real Time Ultrasonic Microbubble Concentration and Velocimetry Quality Evaluation in Echo PIV Technique
Wentao Yu, Ming Qian, Lili Niu and Hairong Zheng
SAD Based Sensor-Less Freehand 3D Ultrasound Reconstruction with Adaptive Curve Correction
Jie Ren, Tian Cao, Chaowei Tan and Dong C. Liu
A Feldkamp-Type Approach to Limited-Angle On-Board Three-Dimensional Imaging for External Beam Radiotherapy Target Localization
Ya-chong Feng, Ling-hong Zhou, Xin Zhen and Wen-ting Lu
Frequency Compounding of the Ultrasound Images Using Wavelet Packets Decomposition
Xiaoming Zhou and Dong C. Liu
X-Ray and Fluorescent Molecular Tomography Image Fusion
Melih Altun and Mehmet Celenk
Optimized GPU Framework for Pulsed Wave Doppler Ultrasound
Li Wang, Dan Shi and Dong C. Liu
Digital Demodulation in Data Acquisition System for Multi-Frequency Electrical Impedance Tomography
Xuetao Shi, Fusheng You, Zhenyu Ji, Feng Fu, Ruigang Liu and Xiuzhen Dong
Strain Image with Spatial Angular Compounding
Kun Zhang, Dong C. Liu and Paul Liu
Application Study of Using Ultrasonic Integral Backscatter to Monitor Microwave Coagulation Therapy
Lei Sheng, Chunlan Yang, Shuicai Wu, Yanping Bai and Yi Zeng
Design and Characterization of a Tissue-Mimicking Phantom for Ultrasonic Elastography
Tao Ling, Qiaofeng Jin, Hui Yao and Hairong Zheng
A Rapid Pre-Integrated Perspective Volume Rendering Algorithm
Bin Li, Shanxing Ou and Lianfang Tian
Segmentation of Nerve Fibers by Introducing Intensity Priority in Level Set
Ximei Zhao, Zhenkuan Pan and Shixiu Zheng
Optimized GPU Framework for Ultrasound B-Mode Imaging
Chunlan Xia, Anyuan Zhao and Dong C. Liu
The Circuit Design for a Transient Elastography System and Its Improvement Design
Yanming Li, Hui Yao, Shizhuang Liu, Hao Xiong, Chen Xu and Hairong Zheng
A Multi-Dimension Method for Brain Tissue Segmentation
Di Jia, Jin-Zhu Yang and Yi-Fei Zhang
A Preliminary Observation of Intra-Operative Ultrasound Backscatter Microscopy of Spinal Cord Injury
Haijun Niu, Zhiyong Wu, Xiang Zhang, Yubo Fan and Xiaoguang Li
Graphics Processing Unit-Based High Frame Rate Ultrasonic Tissue Motion Visualization
Anyuan Zhao and Dong C. Liu
Automatic Recognition of Microarray Images Using Projection Algorithm
Yan Liu, Yong-de Zhang and Xian-zheng Sha
Segmentation of White Matter Based on Region Growing and Threshold Theory
Min Li, Hongyan Luo, Renbin He, Wenwu Zhu, Liwen Tan and Yi Wu
Frequency Compounding for Ultrasound Freehand Elastography
Yangjie Cheng, Shaoguo Cui, Dong C. Liu and Paul Liu
Several Practical Problems in Clinical Head CT Image Registration
Yonghong Li, Fucang Jia and Qingmao Hu
Quantitative Assessment of Supraorbital Osseous Bar Stability and Symmetry after Frontal Orbital Advancement for Unilateral Coronal Craniosynostosis
Chia-Chi Teng, Aaron Hart, Richard Hopper, David Khechoyan and Jennifer Brown
An Addtive Operator Splitting Method for Microscopic Image Segmentation
Zhiming Han and Xianping Liu
Sublingual Veins Extraction Method Based on Hyperspectral Tongue Images
Qingli Li, Yiting Wang, Hongying Liu and Zhen Sun
Development of Image Processing Scheme for Bacterial Classification Based on Optimal Discriminant Feature
S. Prabakar, K. Porkumaran and J. Samson Isaac
Real-Time Face Detection Using FFS Boosting Method in Hierarchical Feature Spaces
Hao Ji, Fei Su, Feng Ye, Yuanbo Chen and Yujia Zhu
Dirichlet Markov Random Field Segmentation of Brain MR Images
Wentao Wang and Cong Chen
Sonography Images for Breast Cancer Texture Classification in Diagnosis of Malignant or Benign Tumors
P. Babaghorbani, S. Parvaneh, AR. Ghassemi and K. Manshai
An Improved Optical Lock-In Detection Method for Contrast-Enhanced Imaging in Living Cells
Gan Du, Gerard Marriott and Yuling Yan
The Discussion of the Location of Iris Recognition System
Yongmei Hu, Wenwen Xu, Li Ye, Tianyi Zhang, Chunxiao Zhang, Heng An and Yubing Guo
A Novel Algorithm Based on Contourlet Transform for Medical Image Segmentation
Qiao Li and Haiyun Li
Review of ICA Based Fixed-Point Algorithm for Blind Separation of Mixed Images
Chao Ma and Lian-min Wang
Boundary Roughness Analysis of Skin Lesions Using Local Fractals and Wavelet Transforms
Li Ma, Kejie Huang, Jianqiang Yan, Kaihua Wu and L. Zhu
Noninvasive Temperature Measurement Using MRI Based on T2 Relaxation Time
Yuhua Peng, Honghong Dong and Xiaoying Tang
A Multi-Scale Phase-Based Optical Flow Method for Motion Tracking of Left Ventricle
Xiaomei Yang and Kenya Murase
A High Quality Reflectance Model in Medical Image Visualization
Yunpeng Zou, Jun Zhang, Xiaoming Han and Yan Kang
The Algorithm of Rapid Medical Image Registration by Using Mutual Information
Yongjun Ma and Jieyu Tian
Heart Sounds in Identity Recognition
Xie-feng Cheng, Ye-wei Tao, Yong-hua Ma, Zhong Zhang and Reng-yi Yan
Texture Slab Projection and BSP Tree for GPU Accelerated Volume Rendering
Guojun Ma and Yousai Zhang
Study on Noninvasive Auto-Estimation of Pulmonary Vascular Resistance by Doppler Audio-Signal Processing System
Yuqi Zhang, Zhiqing Yu, Yuanyuan Wang, Weiqi Wang, Zhifang Zhang and Yu Ma
An Approach to Detection of Physiological Signals on Lumbar Vertebra Based on Infrared Sequence Images
Bin Jing and Haiyun Li
A New Signal Processing Method Based on Doppler Effect for Targeted Ultrasound Contrast Agent Imaging
Qian Wang and Hairong Zheng
A New Method for Iris' Location Based on Pointwise Detection
Tianyi Zhang, Yongmei Hu, Chunxiao Zhang, Heng An and Wenwen Xu
The Application of Wavelet in Face Image Pre-Processing
Chunxiao Zhang, Yongmei Hu, Tianyi Zhang, Heng An and Wenwen Xu
Study of Voltage Control Current Source in Electrical Impedance Tomography System
Zhangyong Li, Zhui Xu, Chaoshi Ren, Wei Wang, Dechun Zhao and Huiquan Zhang
Effect of Different Number of Diffusion Gradients on Dispersion Degree of FA Values and Its SNR
Na Zhang, Zhensheng Deng, Xiaojuan Yin, Xin Liu and Hairong Zheng
Morphometric Pattern Analysis of Basal Cell Nuclei for Oral Cancer Screening
Pratik Shah, Muthu Rama Krishnan M, Chandan Chakraborty and Ajoy Kumar Ray
Novel 3D Reconstruction Modeling Contributes to Development of Orthopaedic Surgical Interventions
Xing Ma, Xiaoming Wu, Jian Liu, Yaoping Wu and Long Sun
Rapid Image Registration for Extended-Field-of-View Ultrasound
Shuohe Zheng, Qinghua Huang, Minhua Lu, Lianwen Jin and Tianfu Wang
The Development Status and Prospects on the Face Recognition
Yongmei Hu, Heng An, Yubing Guo, Chunxiao Zhang, Tianyi Zhang and Li Ye
Specular Reflection Detection on Gastroscopic Images
Rui Yao, Yilun Wu, Wei Yang, Xiaolin Lin, Shidan Chen and Su Zhang
Tracking Conductivity Variations in the Absence of Accurate State Evolution Models in Electrical Impedance Tomography
Parham Hashemzadeh, Vijay Sahota, Martina F. Callaghan, Hussain El Dib, Andrew Tizzard, Lennart Svensson and Richard Bayford
A Method for Estimating the Coil Sensitivity Maps from the Surface Images in Parallel Imaging
XiaoFang Liu, YiBing Lao and Feng Liu
Robust Non-Rigid Registration of Multimodal Medical Image by Combining Local Phase Coherence with Residual Complexity Measure
Renbo Xia, Jibin Zhao, Weijun Liu and Jianhuang Wu
A Benign and Malignant Mass Classification Algorithm Based on an Improved Level Set Segmentation and Texture Feature Analysis
Xiaoming Liu, Jun Liu, Dongfeng Zhou and J. Tang
Automatic Identification of Corresponding CT Images Having the Same Lymph Node in Longitudinal Studies
Peicong Yu, Chueh Loo Poh and Kenneth Sheah
A Graph-Based Segmentation Method for Breast Tumors in Ultrasound Images
Suying Lee, Qinghua Huang, Lianwen Jin, Minhua Lu and Tianfu Wang
Numerical Simulation Method of Acoustic Field Positive Problem Based on Magnetoacoustic Tomography with Magnetic Induction
Hui Xia, Guoqiang Liu, Yanhong Li, Yang Zhang, Shiqiang Li and Laifu Zhang
Simulation Study of Electrode System Optimization in Electrical Impedance Tomography
Yan Wang, Chaoshi Ren, Shu Zhao, Lei Wang and Hong Sha
Diagnosis Technology Research of Mammographic Masses in Content-Based Image Retrieval
Li-xin Song, Qing-yan Wang and Li Wang
Glioma Tissue Modeling by Combing the Information of MRI and in vivo Multivoxel MRS
Weibei Dou, Aoyan Dong, Ping Chi, Shaowu Li and Jean-Marc Constans
Accurate Image Registration Using SIFT for Extended-Fieldof-View Sonography
Liya Kong, Qinghua Huang, Minhua Lu, Shuohe Zheng, Lianwen Jin and Siping Chen
Preparation of Microbubbles for High Frequency Ultrasound and Their Application in Rat and Rabbit
Qiaofeng Jin, Ming Qian, Lili Niu and Hairong Zheng
Accelerated Diffeomorphic Non-Rigid Image Registration with CUDA Based on Demons Algorithm
Yufeng Huang, Tong Tong, Wei Liu, Ya Fan, Huanqing Feng and Chuanfu Li
Extended Talairach Landmarks on Neuroimages for Atlas Registration
Guoyu Qian, Suhuai Luo, Jesse Jin and Wieslaw L. Nowinski
Multimodal Medical Image Fusion through a New DWT Based Technique
Yong Yang
Pharmaceutical & Medical Therapy Development
Application of an Improved RESS Process for Atractylodes Macrocephala Koidz Volatile Oil Liposomes Production
Zhen Wen, Xinkui You, Bo Liu, Zongkun Zheng, Yitao Pu and Qiong Li
The Effect of Sargassum fusiforme Polysaccharides on the Functioning of Erythrocyte Membrane of S180 Mice by Affecting Ca²+ Channels
Yubin Ji, Chenfeng Ji and Shiyong Gao
Analysis of SGC-7901 Apoptosis Induced by CSBE and Regulating Gene Expression with Laser Scanning Microscopy and Immunofluorescence Flow Cytometry Technique
Yubin Ji, Lei Yu, Shiyong Gao, Chenfeng Ji and Xiang Zou
Antitumor Effect and Mechanism of Acetylshikonin on Murine Sarcoma 180 Cells
Yun Zeng, Gang Liu and Li-Ming Zhou
Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress Signaling Pathways Is Involved in Trichosanthin-Induced Apoptosis in Human Cervical Cancer Cell Line Hela
Yiling Huang, Liming Huang, Chengcheng You and HuoJun Hu
Effects of Juglone on ROS Production and Mitochondrial Transmembrane Potential in SGC-7901 Cells
Yubin Ji, Zhongyuan Qu, Xiang Zou and Chenfeng Ji
Anti-Tumor Effect and Its Mechanism of Vaccaria segetalis on Mouse Inoculated H22 Solid Carcinoma
Yue-Ying Gao, Li-Ying Qiu, Xiao-Xing Kang, Hua Wang, Ling-Yan Liu, Lei Feng and Jian Jin
Anti-Tumor Effect of Newcastle Disease Virus Vaccine for Human Use Preparation Process
Xue-qin Wan, Hong-ming Li, Bing-tuan Zhang and Wan-kelan Li
Quantitative Analysis of DNA Interstrand Crosslink Induced by Chloroethylnitrosoureas with Real-Time Fluorometric Assay
Ting Ren, Li-Jiao Zhao, Wei Tang, Da-Wei Zheng and Ru-Gang Zhong
Curcumin Upregulate HO-1 Expression but Downregulate HO-2 Expression in SHSY5Y Cell
Xiaodong Shi and Yu Li
Synthesis of Novel Glycyrrhetinic Acid Analogues
Yan-Qiu Meng, Xiang-Lei Wang, Yan-Ling Song and Feng-Qing Li
Curcumin Upregulate Expression of HO-1 and Nrf-2 in SHSY5Y Cells
Wenke Yin and Yu Li
Applications of Biomathematics in Biology
Modified AOR Iterative Method for Preconditioned Linear Systems for L-Matrices
Guang Zeng, Jin Huang and Pan Cheng
The High Accuracy Algorithm for Cauchy Singular Integral and Cauchy Singular Integral Equation
Guang Zeng, Jin Huang and Hong-yan Jia
Exact Distributions of the Sum of Two Standard Bivariate Normal Dependent Random Variables
Yun-fei Guo and Zhe Yin
Rehabilitation Engineering and Clinical Engineering
Analysis of the Ankle Functional Instability Based on the Three-Dimensional Shape of Ankle Posture
Chengchun Han, Liqing Xiao, Yanhua Zhang and Xiaogen Shao
Fatigue-Induced Continuous Changes in Muscle Pennation Angle during Isometric Contraction
Jun Shi, Jing-yi Guo, Yong-jin Zhou and Yong-ping Zheng
Guided Bone Regeneration to Prevent Wisdom Tooth Extraction Complications in Clinical Research
Hong-ming Li, Xue-qin Wan, Qian Lan, Lu Han, Bo Kang, Wei Wei, Gong-yuan Lei and Jieying Huang
An Image-Guided Navigation System for Mandibular Angle Surgery
Yanping Lin, Xudong Wang, Xiaojun Chen and Chengtao Wang
The Influence of Different UHMWPE Components for Unicompartmental Knee Arthroplasty
Chien-Wei Liu, Chia-Chi Lo, Gwo-Chung Tsai, Ching-Sung Wang, Chao-Chung Ho and Chen-Tung Yu
Quantification of Spinal Cord Injury Level Using Somatosensory Evoked Potentials
Hasan S. Mir, Hasan Al-Nashash, Angelo H. All and Nitish V. Thakor
An Assistive Communication Brain–Computer Interface for Chinese Text Input
James W. Minett, Gang Peng, Lin Zhou, Hong-Ying Zheng and William S.-Y. Wang
Medical Diagnosis Support System for Disease Prevention and Its Interface
Minoru Mori, Tetsuo Tsukahara, Kazuhiko Shinozawa, Norihiro Hagita, Michiko Furutani, Yoshiyuki Furutani and Rumiko Matsuoka
The Simulation of Mechanical States of Repaired Articular Cartilage
Shuqing Zhang, Chunqiu Zhang, Lilan Gao, Minglin Sun and Qiang Xu
System Identification and Modeling Approach to Characterizing Rigidity in Parkinson's Disease: Neural and Non-Neural Contributions
Ruiping Xia, Matija Radovic, A. Joseph Threlkeld and Zhi-Hong Mao
Quantitative Evaluation of Muscle Spasticity Based on Independent Component Analysis
Xin Zhang and Ting Fang
Status and Prospects of Music Electrotherapy
Haijing Zhang and Huang Hua
Comparison of the Sensible Perspiration & the Change of Body Fat after Dynamic Exercise & Complex Static Exercise
Xiao-Jian Lai, Ping Wan and Feng-Ping Xu
Development of a Motorized Device for Quantitative Investigation of Articulated AFO Misalignment
Fan Gao, William Carlton and Susan Kapp
Adaptive Neural Network Control of FES Cycling
Peng-Feng Li, Zeng-Guang Hou, Feng Zhang, Yi-Xiong Chen, Xiao-Liang Xie, Min Tan and Hong-Bo Wang
Biomedical Imaging, Image Processing & Visualization
Anterior Cruciate Ligament Segmentation: Using Morphological Operations with Active Contour
Jia Hui Ho, Wen Zheng Lung, Chiao Luan Seah, Chueh Loo Poh, Kenneth Sheah, Denny Tjiauw Tjoen Lie and Khye Soon Andy Yew
Textural Feature Analysis for Ultrasound Breast Tumor Images
Qiuxia Chen and Qi Liu
Ultrasound Image Enhancement Using Correlation Techniques
Bo Peng and Xianfeng Yang
Comparative Study on Boundary Structural Irregularity Using Local FD and Curvature Analysis for Melanoma Detection
Bo Qin, Li Ma and Weidong Xu
Despeckling Medical Ultrasound Images Based on Blind Deconvolution and Maximum-Likelihood Estimation
Tao Hou, Yuanyuan Wang and Yi Guo
Absolute Imaging of Magnetic Induction Tomography Based on Perturbation in Tank Phantom
Ruigang Liu, Ye Li, Feng Fu, Fusheng You, Xuetao Shi and Xiuzhen Dong
Study on Feature Extraction for Ultrasonic Differentiation of Liver Space-Occupying Lesions
Xin-Yu Zhang, Xian-Fei Diao, Tian-Fu Wang and Si-ping Chen
Detection of Pulmonary Nodules among Monochrome LCDs with Different Resolutions - An Observer Performance Study
Jiandong Yin, Qiyong Guo and Xianzheng Sha
Simulation Research on Evaluation of EIT Image Reconstructed by Different Algorithms
Juan Deng, Hong Sha, Yan Wang, Shu Zhao and Chaoshi Ren
The Varifocal Scanning Micro-Zooming Technique: A New Method for Measuring the Neurite Length in Three Dimensional Spaces
Wei Zhang, Xianju Zheng, Jiye Li, Jin Peng and Wei Zhang
The Intellectual Detection and Classification Based on Neural Network for Freshness of Pork
Peiyuan Guo, Tianhua Chen, Guannan Xu and Xing Liu
Biomedical Robotics and Mechanics
Simulation Analysis on the Bionic Micro Robot Operating in the Vascular Environment
Sun Chen, Shuang Qian, Jia-yi Huang and Bai Chen
Modeling and Analyzing the Screw-In Propulsion Mechanism for a Bio-Inspired Micro-Robot
Bai Chen, Surong Jiang, Yaodong Liu and Sun Chen
Thermal Contact Simulation of Drill Bit and Bone during Drilling
Yuan-Kun Tu, Wei-Hua Lu, Li-Wen Chen, Chun-Hui Chiang, Yung-Chuan Chen and Hsun-Heng Tsai
Multilayer Needle Insertion Modeling for Robotic Percutaneous Therapy
Alexandre Carra and Juan Carlos Avila-Vilchis
Lipreading Recognition Based on SVM and DTAK
Jun He and Hua Zhang
The Simulation of Bone Loss Due to Weightlessness and Bone Recovery Using Finite Element Method
Shi Cheng, Jing Bai, Yu Shang and Liang Peng
The Study of Driver's Brain Activities under Alcohol Based on ERP Method
Ningning Zhang, Hong Wang, Anshi Tong, Guangbin Sun and Hailong Huang
Influence of Geometric Parameters on the Flow Drag of a Streamlined Body of Revolution
Weishan Chen, Dan Xia, Junkao Liu and Ranran Wang
Head Movement Based Assist System for Physically Challenged
S. Manogna, Sree Vaishnavi and B. Geethanjali
Simulation of Bileaf Curved Surface Mechanical Heart Valve: A Steady Flow Analysis
J. Xu, Jie Yang, C. Tong, Ji Yang, N. Huang and Y. L. Liu
Finite Element Analysis of Cervical Spine Plate Using Double Cage Fusion
Bingzhi Chen, Wei Zhao, Yuedong Wang and Suming Xie
Design of Omnidirectional Motion System in Rehabilitation Robot
Hui Yu, Hongche Guo and Cheng Cao
Biometric and Bio-Measurement
Analysis of Bladder Tumor Recurrence Data with the Terminal Event and Cure Fraction
Cuiliu Xiao, Yang Bing and Xiaobing Zhao
Blood Biochemical Responses of Juvenile Chinese Sturgeon (Acipenser sinensis) to Anesthetic Tricaine Methanesulfonate
Guangpeng Feng, Ping Zhuang, Longzhen Zhang, Jianyi Liu, Guangpeng Feng and Ping Zhuang
Interval-Censored Data Analysis of Gaps between Recurrent Events with Cure Fraction
Bing Yang, Cuiliu Xiao and Xiaobing Zhao
An Application of Second Derivative of Gaussian Filters in Fingerprint Image Enhancement
Somsak Choomchuay and Keokanlaya Sihalath
Biomechanical Analysis of Anterior Cruciate Ligament Elongations
Yanxin Zhang
The Resistivity of the Live Human Skull - The Effect of Variation in Volume of Immersion Fluid
Chi Tang, Fusheng You, Dakuan Gao, Guang Cheng, Feng Fu and Xiuzhen Dong
Regional Cold Stress Leads to an Upforward Shift in the Whole Elastance Curve of Arterial Wall
Jia-Jung Wang, Steven Chang and Chun-Peng Liu
Recent Microwave Nondestructive Measurement in Biomedical Engineering
Xuehui Zhang and Zhining Yu
Ultrastructure of Egg Envelope in the Sheatfish (Silurus soldatovi)
Wei Liu, Xiumei Zhang and Peirong Zhan
Purification and Identification of Soluble Catechol-O-Methyltransferase from Rat Liver
Lina Yang, Jianhui Yan and Yulin Deng
Toxic Effects of CDNB on MDA in Liver of Freshwater Fish, Brocarded Carp
Hongyan Shen, Lei Yang, Jingliang Yang, Jing Bai and Wenhuan Wang
Study on Cognition of Clothing Color Based on Saturation
Xiao-Feng Jiang, Shan-Shan Wang and Guo-Lian Liu
Bio-Signal Processing and Analysis
Fluorophore Analyses of Vulnerable Atherosclerotic Plaque and Its Early Detection
Yang Shen, Hairong Zheng, Han Cui, Lei Jin, Lintao Cai and Y. T. Zhang
Prediction of Acute Hypotension Episodes in Patients Taking Pressor Medication Using Modeling of Arterial Blood Pressure Waveforms
Fayyaz A. Afsar
Protect Digital Medical Images Based on Matrix Norm Quantization of Digital Watermarking Algorithm
Xin Liu, Xiaoqi Lv and Qiang Luo
A Method of Hand Gesture Recognition Based on Multiple Sensors
Wei Fan, Xiang Chen, Wen-hui Wang, Xu Zhang, Ji-hai Yang, Vuokko Lantz and Kong-qiao Wang
An Entropy-Based Method of Background and Noise Removal for Analysis of Near-Infrared Spectra
Dan Peng, Yaqiang He, Kaina Dong and Xia Li
Study of Epileptiform Discharges in Hippocampal Slices Using Multi-Channel Recording System
Xin-Wei Gong, Fan Yang, Jian-Sheng Liu, Qin-Chi Lu, Hai-Qing Gong, Pei-Ji Liang and Pu-Ming Zhang
The System Research of Integrated EEG Analysis and Feature Extracting for Weak Signal
Lan Li, Lanfeng Yan, Lingli Tong, Wei Wang, Baowei Liu, Yun Deng and Yuerong Wang
Modifying the Spatially-Constrained ICA for Efficient Removal of Artifacts from EEG Data
Muhammad Tahir Akhtar, Christopher J. James and Wataru Mitsuhashi
A 4-Layer Supervising Unit for Extra-Corporal Circulation
Benedikt Baumgartner, Alejandro Mendoza, Ulrich Schreiber, Stefan Eichhorn, Markus Krane, Robert Bauernschmitt and Alois Knoll
Research on Brain-Computer Interface Technology Based on Steady State Visual Evoked Potentials
Yan Bian, Li Zhao, Hongwei Li, Genghuang Yang, Hui Shen and Qingguo Meng
An Improved Wiener Filtering Algorithm Based on Dynamic Noise Power Spectrum Estimation
Zhao Lv, Xiaopei Wu and Mi Li
Synchronization of Motorcortical Neurons after Spinal Cord Injury
Yan Huo, Chaolin Ma, Hang Zhang, Ping Li and Jiping He
Application of Wavelet Packet Energy Spectrum to Extract the Feature of the Pulse Signal
Dianguo Cao, Changchun Liu and Peng Wang
Study of Pulse Rate Variability Signals Using Bispectrum Analysis
Qingguang Zhang, Jing Yang, Liping Li, Bin Li and Changchun Liu
Discrimination of Myocardial Infraction Using Orthogonal ECG and Fuzzy Weighted Method
Dingfei Ge, Lihui Sun and Xiaojun Wen
Motor-Cortical Functional Connectivity Analysis Based on ECoG Signals of Finger Flexion
He-Yuan Qiao, Zhao Zhuo, Shi-Min Cai and Huan-Qing Feng
Analysis of EEG in Melancholia Based on Wavelet Entropy and Complexity
Sheng Zhang and Shini Qiao
The Effects of Estrogen on Cytoplasmic Ca²+ Concentration of Masticatory Muscles Myoblast in Acid Condition
Xijun Wang, Hongmei Guo, Yanmin Wang and Xinzhu Yi
Assessment of Cerebral Oxygenation Oscillations in Subjects with Cerebral Infarction Using near Infrared Spectroscopy
Zengyong Li, Changhou Lu, Wang Yan, Jianping Li and Yonghui Wang
On the Performance of Wavelets in Reducing Motion Artifacts from Photoplethysmographic Signals
M. Raghuram, K. Venu Madhav, E. Hari Krishna and K. Ashoka Reddy
Time-Frequency Analysis of Transient Evoked Otoacoustic Emissions of Subjects with Auditory Neuropathy
Cheng Peng, Qin Gong, Bo Liu and Xinxing Fu
A Study of Quantification Method for Heart Murmur Grading: A Murmur Energy Ratio Method
Meilan Xie, Xingming Guo, Yong Yang, Shouzhong Xiao and Zifu Xiao
Simulation Analysis on the MUAPs Classification Using a Combined Detection Method
Qiang Li and Ji-Hai Yang
Arrhythmia Recognition Based on EMD and Support Vector Machines
Yu-Jing Wang, Li-Xin Song and Shou-Qiang Kang
The Influence of Delayed Coupling and Noise on Ca2+ Oscillatory Signal
Lin Ji and Jia Zhang
A Compact High-Accuracy Rail-to-Rail CMOS Operational Amplifier
X. Y. Wang, L. Yu and L. Wang
Removal of Pulse Waveform Baseline Drift Using Cubic Spline Interpolation
Lin Yang, Song Zhang, Xiaoyang Li and Yimin Yang
A New Method of Sorting of Heart Sound Signal Based on Wavelet Transform and Parameter Model Method
Tian-hua Chen, Pei-yuan Guo, Su-xia Xing and Yu Zheng
Optimized GPU Framework for Ultrasound Color Flow Imaging
Zhengjuan Fan, Dan Shi and Dong C. Liu
Electroencephalograph Bicoherence for Assessing the Analgesia of Acupuncture
Jijun Tong, Yaming Wang, Yingying Lv and Huade Chen
Intratidal Analysis of Lung Mechanics in Ins- and Expiration
K. Möller, Z. Zhao, U. Albus, J. Guttmann, J. Haberstroh and C. A. Stahl
Study on Effect of External Pressure on Skin Blood Flow at Lower Limb Using Wavelet Analysis
Yehu Lu, Xiaoqun Dai and Hong Lin
The Analysis on Vehicle Color Evoked EEG Based on ERP Method
Hong Wang and Ningning Zhang
Monitoring Respiratory Activity Using PPG Signals by Order Reduced-Modified Covariance AR Technique
K. Venu Madhav, M. Raghuram, E. Hari Krishna and K. Ashoka Reddy
MP-Based Method on Detecting and Eliminating the Synchronous ECG Artifacts in the EEG Signals
Yan-Bo Zhou, Shi-Min Cai, Tao Zhou and Pei-Ling Zhou
A Shockable Rhythm Detection Algorithm Using Slope Variability
Cong Liu, Hailang Song, Xiaomei Wu and Zuxiang Fang
Primary Study on 24h HRV and Myocardial Infarction
Xia Li, Shuang Gao, Haiying Quan, Zhicheng Liu and Fangjie Li
Topological Variations of Large-Scale Brain Functional Networks Based on Mutual Information
Jian Zhang, Shi-Min Cai, Zhong-Qian Fu and Pei-Ling Zhou
Effects of Captopril on Specific Harmonic Indexes of the Peripheral Pressure Pulse Waveform
Sheng-Hung Wang, Wei-Kung Wang, Tse-Lin Hsu, Ming-Yie Jan and Yuh-Ying Lin Wang
A Novel Feature Extraction Method for Signal Quality Assessment of Arterial Blood Pressure for Monitoring Cerebral Autoregulation
Pandeng Zhang, Jia Liu, Xinyu Wu, Xiaochang Liu and Qingchun Gao
Motor Imagery EEG Classification Based on Dynamic ICA Mixing Matrix
Xiaojing Guo and Xiaopei Wu
Nonlinear Analysis of Auscultation Signals in Traditional Chinese Medicine Using Wavelet Transform and Approximate Entropy
Jianjun Yan, Yong Shen, Chunming Xia, Xiaojing Shen, Yiqin Wang, Fufeng Li, Rui Guo, Chunfeng Chen, Qingwei Shen, Zhongyan Gu, Lingyun Chen and Bin Yan
Primary Pharmocological Therapy May Improve Left Ventricular Diastolic Function in Patients with Acute Myocardial Infarction
Chun-Peng Liu, Jia-Jung Wang, Wei-Chih Hu and Guang-Yuan Mar
Comparing Study of Nonlinear Model for Epileptic Preictal Prediction
Baowei Liu, Lanfeng Yan, Lan Li and Wei Wang
A Probabilistic Decoding Approach to a Neural Prosthesis for Speech
Brett Matthews, Jonathan Kim, Jonathan S. Brumberg and Mark Clements
Imagined Speech Classification with EEG Signals for Silent Communication: A Preliminary Investigation into Synthetic Telepathy
Katharine Brigham and B. V. K. Vijaya Kumar
Multiscale Detection in ECG Multifractal Structure
Xiaodong Yang, Tongfeng Sun, Shanshan Ma and Yong Zhou
A Multi-Component Stochastic Resonance Algorithm That Can Be Used to Detect Multiple Weak Chromatographic Peaks Simultaneously
Haishan Deng, Erxin Shang, Yuping Tang, Bingren Xiang, Jin-ao Duan and Shaofei Xie
Tolerance of Transplanted Xenogeneic Tumour Cell Graft by Fas-Mediated Immunosuppression
Xue-peng Bai, Shi-ying Zheng, Dong Jiang and Hong Li
P-Glycoprotein Is Not Involved in Pathway of Fas-Induced Apoptosis
Chun-hua Ling, Shi-ying Zheng, Dong Jiang and Jin-feng Ge
Preliminary Study on Processing Local Field Potential with Smoothed Pseudo Wigner-Ville Distribution for Epileptic Seizure Detection
Linchang Yang, Hongwei Hao, Changqing Jiang and Luming Li
Cardiomyocyte Apoptosis Were Inhibited by Anti-Fas Ribozyme
Xiao-Gang Zhu, Shi-ying Zheng, Dong Jiang and Jin-feng Ge
Resolving Superimposed Action Potentials for EMG Signal Decomposition
Xiaomei Ren, Site Mo, Huang Hua and Deng Lihua
The Reliability Analysis and Design of ECG Signal Acquisition Circuit Based on Pspice
Lina Zhang and Xinhua Jiang
The Study of Spatial Selective Attention Effects by Event-Related Potentials
Meng Wang, Ling Li and Jinxiang Zhang
Variability Analysis on the Parameters of Pulse Wave
Lisheng Xu, Ying Wang, Cong Feng, Yupeng Yao and Yue Zhao
Modernization of Traditional Chinese Medicine Diagnosis Based on Modern Information Technologies
Rui Guo, Yiqin Wang, Fufeng Li, Haixia Yan, Zhaoxia Xu, Guoping Liu and Jianjun Yan
Mutual Information Based Recognition of Pulse Signal in TCM
Jianjun Yan, Chiheng Zhou, Chunming Xia, Yong Shen, Yiqin Wang, Fufeng Li, Haixia Yan and Rui Guo
Transfer Syntax Extension of the Compressed EECP Waveforms Based on DICOM Standard
Ding Hu, Shuqun Xie, Mingbo Huang, Kuijian Wang and Zhensheng Zheng
ECG Signal Processing Using Dyadic Wavelet for Mental Stress Assessment
G. Ranganathan, V. Bindhu and R. Rangarajan
Method of Improved Scatterer Size Estimation without Attenuation Known a Priori
Zongfang Wu and Dong C. Liu
Non-Air Conducted Speech Enhancement Based on Iterative Spectral Subtraction Method
Sheng Li, JianQi Wang, XiJing Jing and Sheng Li
Time-Frequency Analysis of Vascular Dementia EEG Signals Using Generalized S-Transform
Hengsong Sheng, Jin Xu and Chongxun Zheng
NOR1 Enhanced CB1954 Induced Cell Cytotoxicity in HepG2 is Dependent on Grb2 Mediated MAPK Pathway
Rong Gui, Jing Liu, Dengqing Li, Hua Tang, Zhenqian Feng and Xinmin Nie
Automatic Sleep Stage Scoring Using Hilbert-Huang Transform with BP Neural Network
Yuelei Liu, Lanfeng Yan, Bo Zeng and Wei Wang
Baseline Wander Removal of ECG Signals Using Empirical Mode Decomposition and Adaptive Filter
Zhidong Zhao and Juan Liu
Analysis of Total Lung Compliance in Spontaneously Breathing Patients with the Adaptive Time Slice Method
Zhanqi Zhao, Knut Möller, Marcus Eger and Thomas Handzsuj
Effects of Fas ligand on Ischemia/Reperfusion Injury of Cardiomyocytes
Dong Jiang, Jin-Feng Ge, Shi-Ying Zheng and Jun Zhao
Health Monitoring Systems and Wearable System
Automatic Detection and Localization of Myocardial Infarction Using Back Propagation Neural Networks
Muhammad Arif, Ijaz A. Malagore and Fayyaz A. Afsar
LifeStream: Real-Time Bio-Signal Remote Monitoring System
L. Vale, M. Brito, J. Henriques, P. Carvalho, A. Pena and F. Santiago
Pervasive Cardiac Monitoring System for Remote Continuous Heart Care
Hai-ying Zhou and Kun-mean Hou
Miniaturization Design of the Antenna for Wireless Capsule Endoscope
Dechun Zhao, Xiaorong Hou, Xing Wang and Chenglin Peng
Recognizing Human Activities Based on Multi-Sensors Fusion
Rong Liu and Ming Liu
Research of Portable Community-Oriented Health Monitoring
Genghuang Yang, Shuyan Ren, Yan Bian, Li Zhao and Shigang Cui
Representation of Vital Signs in Minimal Parameter Set
Junping Zhao, Lei Wang, Zhanyong Mei and Yanwei Guo
Design and Implementation of a Wireless Sensor Network for Health Monitoring
Fangling Pu, Chao Li, Tingting Gao, Jiao Pan and Jiaping Li
Wavenumbers Selection for FTIR/ATR Spectroscopy Analysis of Hemoglobin in Human Whole Blood
Hao Yin, Tao Pan, Jun Xie, Jiemei Chen, Huazhou Chen, Xiangcai Wei, Peiling Tian and Baixian Wang
Design and Implementation of Client Software in the Remote Monitoring System
Qinwu Zhou, Junhong Chen, Tao Liu and Hongyan Fu
Research of Personalized Medical Testing Technology for Healthy Smart Home
Lijuan Lai, Yun Peng, Jing Zhou and Xiaoming Wu
The Expert System of Cow Disease Diagnosis Basing on the Uncertainty Evidence Illation
Yu Zhang, Jian-hua Xiao, Fu-xiang Fan and Hong-bin Wang
A New Algorithm for Detection Motion Rate Based on Energy in Frequency Domain Using UWB Signals
Azadeh Sharafi, Mehran Baboli and Mohammad Eshghi
Joint Optimization of Savitzky-Golay Smoothing Modes and PLS Factors Was Applied to Near Infrared Spectral Analysis of Serum Cholesterol
Tao Pan, Jun Xie, Jiemei Chen, Huazhou Chen, Ruituo Qu, Jiabao Li, Jie Wang and Fengxi Fan
Pollution Character of BaP in Interdial Zone Sediment, Tanggu, Tianjin
Xianbin Liu and Guofeng Li
A Simultaneous Monitoring System for Non-Invasive Blood Pressure and Blood Oxygen Saturation
Shumei Gao and Yilin Song
A Zigbee Based Mesh Network for ECG Monitoring System
Ken Cai and Xiaoying Liang
Effects of Chronic Exposure of 2,4-Dinitrochlorobenzene on Antioxidant Enzymes Activity in Liver of Brocarded Carp
Hongyan Shen, Guoxia Zhang, Xiang Gao and Min Li
Pressure Mapping as a Complement in 3D Pain Drawings in the Back-Pain Assessment Process: A Proposed Method
Fotios Spyridonis and Gheorghita Ghinea
Latest Technology in Cancer Detection and Treatment
A Novel Protocol for Making of Monoclonal Antibody against AFP
Ren-Feng Li, Xiang-Qi Tian, Xue-Bin Li, Zhi-Gang Guo, Zi-Liang Wang, Jin-Qing Jiang, Kun Zhao, Yu-Shu Zheng and San-Hu Wang
Resonance Scattering Spectral Detection of Ultratrace CEA Using Immunonanogold-VC-HAuCl4 Catalytic Reaction
Aihui Liang, Caina Jiang, Yi Zhang and Zhiliang Jiang
Breast Cancer Diagnosis from Biopsy Images Using a Fully Automatic Method
Lijuan Liu and Mingrong Deng
Optimization of Multileaf Collimator Leaf Sequences Based on Multiple Algorithms
Jia Jing, Ruifen Cao, Xi Pei, Yican Wu, Guoli Li, Yican Wu, Jia Jing, Hui Lin, Jia Jing, Ruifen Cao, Xi Pei and Yican Wu
Medical Image Retrieval Based on Extraction of Region of Interest
Shao-zhen Ye and Xian-dong Yang
Effects of Electric Pulses on Cancer Cells: Apoptosis Induction and Decrease of Mitochondrial Transmembrane Potential
Deyou Xiao, Liling Tang, Fangyi Jiang, Jianfei Wang, Xiao Luo, Chenguo Yao and Yan Mi
A Combining Technique Consisted of Nano-TiO2 Photodynamic, Immunity and Electroporation Methods for Photokilling LoVo Cancer Cells, and Inhibiting the Growth of LoVo Tumor
Zhiyu Jiang, Juan Xu, Yi Sun, Yan Jiang, Wenliang Miao and Hao Wang
Value of the Texture Feature for Solitary Pulmonary Nodules and Mass Lesions Based on PET/CT
Changmei Wang, Yihui Guan, Chuantao Zuo, Fengchun Hua, Limin Chen, Wenqiang Zhang, Yan Pan, Yongsheng Yuan and Yuan Zhou
Effects of Hydroxyapatite Nanoparticles on Apoptosis of Prostate Cancer
Ling Zhang, Baofeng Guo, Li Yang, Zuowen Liang, Xinwei Wang and Xuejian Zhao
The Application Research of Optical Flow Method in Target Volume Motion Image Registration
Chong-Guo Li, Pei Wang, Jin-Yi. Lang and Da-Ke Wu
Methods and Biology Effects of NMR/CT/ECG Technology
Geant4-Based Monte Carlo Simulator for Fan-and Cone-Beam X-ray CT
Jing Zou, Zhanli Hu, Jianbao Gui, Junyan Rong, Yanming Li and Hairong Zheng
The Study of Reconstruction Image Quality Resulting from Geometric Error in Micro-CT System
Dongxing Xi, Jianbao Gui, Jing Zou, Junyan Rong, Zhanli Hu, Xin Liu and Hairong Zheng
Nonlinear Dynamics Approach in Patients with Temporal Lobe Epilepsy in Han Subjects of Southwestern China
Heng Wan and Ohye Chihiro
Study of Uncertainties in the Inversion Algorithms for Transverse Relaxation Distribution
Shan-shan Chen, Ran Li, Jie Yu, Hong-zhi Wang and Xue-long Zhang
Optimized the Pulse Sequence of Diffusion Weighted Spectroscopy in Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Huailing Zhang and Song Gao
Study of Nephrotoxins-Treated Samples by NMR Coupled with Pattern Recognition Method
Xiaoyu Zhang and Jian Li
Detecting ECG Validity Based on Wavelet
Jie Tian, Jie Zhao, Qun Li, Fang-zhou Xu, Yan-na Zhao and Yue Wang
Effects of Dielectric Values of Human Body on Radiation Characteristics of Ingestible Wireless Device Following 1200 MHz
Lisheng Xu, Yupeng Yao, Ying Wang, Cong Feng, Yan Kang and Max Q.-H. Meng
Numerical Simulation of Blood Flow in Internal Carotid Artery Aneurysms Based on CTA
Bai-nan Xu, Fu-yu Wang, Lei Liu and Xiao-jun Zhang
Parietal Activity in Labile and Stabilized Memory of Boolean Rules
Xiuzhen Wang, Shengfu Lu, Ning Zhong, Weiquan Gu and Hongxia Wang
Other Topics Related to Biomedical Engineering
Simulation of Elbow and Forearm Motion In Vitro Using an Active Controlled Testing System
Lin-lin Zhang, Jian Zhou, Bo Zhang and Cheng-tao Wang
Synonymous Codon Usage Bias in the UL47 Gene of Duck Enteritis Virus
Dandan Luo, Anchun Cheng, Mingshu Wang, Aimei Shen, Chang Hua and Jun Xiang
Acaricidal Activities of Wikstroemia chamaedaphne Extracts against Tetranychus urticae and Tetranychus cinnabarinus (Acari: Tetranychidae)
You-Nian Wang, Chun-Ya Bu, Yong-Sheng Jin, Jian-Jun Ren, Hui-li Guo, Lei Zhao, Juan Du, Yu-Bo Liu, Li-Lin Zhao, Jun Cheng and Guang-Lu Shi
A Mathematical Model for Anti-HBV Infection Combination Therapy with Peginterferon Alfa-2a and Lamivudine
Guo Zhang, Hong Zhao and Qizhi Xie
Preparation of Dextran-PAB Carrier for Affinity Ultrafiltration
Song-Qing Hu, Sha-Sha Guo, Hai-Liu Wei, Ping Chen, Yi Hou, Xi-Mei Zhang and Lin Li
A Simplified Method to Determine Methylated Cytosines in a Target Gene
Vaishnavi V., Aarthi R., Smitha S. and Jaffar Ali B. M.
Optimization of Conditions for the Biotransformation of 5Cyanovaleramide from Adiponitrile by Rhodococcus ruber CGMCC 3090
Xiao-Dan Li, Min Wang, Yu Zheng, Jian-mei Luo and Hua Sun
Cross-Talk Calibrating Based on Correlation Analysis in High-Throughput Genome Sequencing
Bing-gang Ye, Xiao-ming Wu, Jing-xiang Li, Yan Zhou and De-peng Wang
Properties of Glutamate Decarboxylase of Aspergillus oryzae and Its Application for Biotransformation of Glutamate into γ-Aminobutyric Acid
Weiguo Lu, Liwei Sun, Xiuqing Zhang and Junshe Sun
Activity of Antioxidant System Is Associated with Different Damages on Rice Seeds and Seedlings after Low Dose Heavy Ion Exposure
Ye-Qing Sun, Jin-Ming Shi, Meng Zhang, Ye-Qing Sun and Wen-Jian Li
Isolation and Antioxidant Activity of Acidic Polysaccharide with Water-Solubility from Prunella vulgaris Linn
Shuangli Xiong, Dabin Hou and Ni Huang
The Catalytic Mechanism Based on a Four-State Model of F1-ATPase
Weixia Wu, Yong Zhan, Yingrong Han and Yafei Chen
Stiffness Measurement of Burkitt's Lymphoma Cells with Atomic Force Microscopy
Mi Li, Lianqing Liu, Ning Xi, Yuechao Wang, Zaili Dong, Xiubin Xiao and Weijing Zhang
The Acaricidal Mechanism of Stellera chamaejasme Extracts against Tetranychus vienneusis
You-Nian Wang, Chun-Ya Bu, Yong-Sheng Jin, Jian-jun Ren, Hui-li Guo, Lei Zhao, Juan Du, Li-Lin Zhao, Yu-Bo Liu, Jun Cheng and Guang-Lu Shi
A Svm-Based Algorithm for Automatic Species Classification of a Marine Diatom Genus Coscinodiscus Ehrenberg
Jinfei Luo, Qiaoqi Luo, Yahui Gao, Changping Chen, Junrong Liang and Chenhui Yang
Evaluation of Erythropoietin Efficacy on Diabetic Rats Based on Microscopic Hyperspectral Imaging Technique
Chunni Dai, Qingli Li, Jingao Liu, Yiting Wang and Chunni Dai
Association between Intelligence and COMT Genotypes in Chinese Healthy Children
Liping Lu and Jiannong Shi
The Simulation of Linear Accelerator Using BEAMnrc with DOSXYCnrc
Ying-hua Shi, Ling-hong Zhou, Xin Zhen, Wen-ting Lu and Shu-xu Zhang
Residue Analysis of Forchlorfenuron in Fruit and Vegetable by RP-HPLC
Hua Zhang, Xin Yang, Ai Jun Dong, Ying Ma, Zhen Yu Wang, Jing Wang, Lin Yang and Ying Chun Zhang
Preparation and Structure Analysis of Chondroitin Sulfate from Pig Laryngeal Cartilage
Anlin Li and Shuangli Xiong
The Dynamical Properties of a Complex Ivlev-Type Predator-Prey System with Impulsive Effect
Zepeng Sun, Zuoliang Xiong and Zhiping Shu
Study on Fermentation Technical Conditions of Pyrofomes demidoffii Mycelia
Xin-Sheng He, Jue Su, Jianguo Zhang, Wen-Kun Zhu and Qi Li
Soybean Peptide Preparation by Enzymatic Hydrolysis with and without Ultrasound
Aijun Hu, Cong Wu, Jie Zheng, Xiaohua Hu, Qiongxi Chen, Xue Liu and Rong Liu
Detecting Neural Decision Patterns Using SVM-Based EEG Classification
Padma Polash Paul, Howard Leung, D. A. Peterson, T. J. Sejnowski and Howard Poizner
Antioxidant Responses of Transplastomic Tobacco Plants with Chloroplast ω-3 Desaturase Gene under Low Temperature Stress
Changhong Guo, Yan Gao, Weiwei Li and Diansi Yu
Biological Oxidation Resistance of L-Ascorbic Acid Cellulose Ester
Ning Liu, Gui-zhen Fang, Shujuan Chen, Zhan-guo Lu, Shuang Su, Tao Liu, Rongjun Su, Ning Liu and Gui-zhen Fang
Cellular Biological Influences of Down-Regulated MicroRNA143 on Human Bronchial Epithelial Cells
Ge Yu Liang, Xi Kai Wang, Yan Qiu Zhang, Li Hong Yin and Yue Pu Pu
Wireless Sensor Networks for Water Quality Monitoring: A Case of Zambia
Nchimunya Chaamwe
Modeling Twinkling Artifact in Sonography
Hamid Behnam, Arash Hajjam and Hamed Rakhshan
Cellular Canceration Induced by Mobile Phone Radiation
Lei Yang, MingLian Wang, DongMei Hao and Yi Zeng
An Measurement and Analysis of Public Space Indoor Air Quality
Shuang Liang, Jing Chen, Yali Wang, Xiang Zhao and Jing Chen
Research on the Nutrition Ways for High Level Middle-Distance Runner
Xiangqian Ma and Xinghai Zhang
Preliminary Study on the Mutagenic Effects of Space Flight on Pepper Seeds
Dehui Wang, Ying Yu, Changhong Guo and Yahua Guo
Preparation and Release Dynamic of Ibuprofen Polymeric Prodrug with Glucose Pendant
Cheng-Yao Wu, Jing Quan, Jian-Gang Xie, Li-Min Zhu and Christopher J. Branford-White
Optimized Biodegradation of Pulping Effluent by Microbial Combination with Statistical Experimental Design
Honglei Chen, Yuancai Chen, Huaiyu Zhan and Shiyu Fu
Survival of Lactobacillus acidophilus Encapsulated as Freeze-Dried Culture under Extreme Conditions
Chang-lu Wang, Da-wei Liu, Yu-rong Wang, Feng-juan Li, Mian-hua Chen and Yan-yan Ma
Adsorption of Diesel Oil in Seawater by Biodegradable Adsorbing Material
Jincheng Li, Xilai Zheng, Wenxiang Xia, Lili Chen, Liping Ren and Haitao Lin
Detection and Identification of Enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli O157:H7 Using Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer
Jian Feng, Yan-hong Bai, Yun-long Wang and Jian-zhou Jing
The Improved Matter Element Extension Evaluating Model and Application
Xiu-ling Sun and Bao-quan Wang
Optimization of Inulinase Fermentation Conditions of Aspergillus Niger X-6 Using Respose Surface Methodology
Denglin Luo, Haili Yuan, Xiaoyu Zeng and Jianxue Liu
Regularity for Change of Urease and Catalase in Wastewater Treatment with Activated Sludge Process
Jing Fang, Ouyang Ju, Juanping Qiu and Kunbai Chen
Biotransformation of Group B Soybean Saponins
Jing Tian, Sen Zhao, Bin Zhai and Longquan Xu
Effects of the Sample's Porous Structure on the Process of Vacuum Freeze Drying
Haifeng Zhang, Jiaming Zhang and Liqun He
Investigation of Heavy Metals Containing Acidic Waste Waters from Coal Mine
S. A. A. Sajadi
Simultaneous Determination of 70 Pesticide Residues in Coffees by Gas Chromatography–mass Spectrometry
Xin Yang, Jing Wang, Hua Zhang, Dechang Xu, Jianwei Qiu, ZhenYu Wang and WeiQiang Cao
Online Brain Image Database System for Diagnosis of Subtle Brain Injury
Lin Li, Dheeraj Chahal, James Z. Wang, Mark A. Eckert and Carl Lozar
Study on Complex Enzyme Based on Extraction of Total Flavonoids from Bamboo Leaves
Jian-Wei Zhang, Hui Zhao and Yan-Qiu Meng
Association between Creativity and COMT Genotype
Liping Lu and Jiannong shi
Acoustic Rhinometry and Acoustic Pharyngometry in the Modeling of Upper Airway Based on CT Scan
Chi Yu, Gang Wang, Chuanqi Fu and Yingxi Liu
Preparation, Antifungal and Antioxidant Properties of a Novel Chitosan Derivative
Rongchun Li, Pingan Jiang and Zhanyong Guo
Heuristic Optimization Algorithm for Automated Control Design of Bioleaching of Chalcopyrite
Wei Li, Aili Yang and Lei Liu
The Volume Cutting of Three-Dimensional Image Based on B+ Tree
Dejiang Zhang, Xiaomei Lin and Yonglei Jia
The Analyse of Temperature Change Inside the Inplants of Autologous Hematopoietic Stem Cells Under Microwaves Iradiation
Yurong Qin, Ni Chen and Pingbo He
Exposure Level to Cosmic Radiation of Aircrew for Every Year from 1997 to 2007
Ying-Jin Feng, Wei-Ru Chen and Hua Yi
Subcellular Localization of GFP-Tetherin Fusion Protein in COS-1 by Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope
Yishu Yang, Xiaoyan Lin, Xiaona Sun, Xiaoli Wang, Senren Wu, Xiangqian Xiao, Zelin Li and Yi Zeng
The Mechanical Properties of Carbon Fiber/Polylatide/Chitosan Composites
Wenfeng Xu
Sequence Characterization and Molecular Detection of the 3'-Terminal Region of Bean Yellow Mosaic Virus Infecting Canna
ZuoDong Qin, QianZhuo Mao, AiPing Ding, LeiLei Jin, WenJun Peng, ZhiYou Du, SuSu ShenTu and JiShuang Chen
A Discrete Tuberculosis Model with Two Different Infectious Compartments
Hui Cao and Yicang Zhou
Detection of Chinese Vowels in Noise and Its Auditory Simulation Model
Chang Liu
Cloning, Expression and Immunocompetence Analysis of Gene Encoding the Glutamate Dehydrogenase of Streptococcus suis Serotype 2
Wei-Jun Yang, Zhi-Biao Yang, Xue-Hui Cai, Yong-Qing Hao, Sheng-Bo Zheng, Dao-Liang Lan, Jiang-Ping Gu, Rui Xing, Cong-Li Yuan, Li Cui and Xiu-Guo Hua
Modifying Agent Concentrations of Ceramic in H2S Removal Biotrickling Filter
Jie Ge, Cheng-zhong Zhang and Shanshan Li
Numerical Simulation of the Horizontal Rotating Bioreactor
Yanfang Zhang and Huaiqing Chen
Study on Water Consumption Rule and Impact Factor on Potted Cultural Pear
Fuhou Cheng, Jiying Zhang, Yanli Zhao, Hongyong Sun and Jizhuang Du
Research on the Self-Organization of the Ecosystem of Cyber-Society
Xiaolan Guan, Zhenji Zhang and Honglu Liu
In Vivo Antioxidant Activity of Black Glutinous Corncob Pigment
Zhong Zhang, Jian-Jie Wang, Ye Hua, Zhi-Mou Gao, Song-Shan Qiu, Ling Zhang and Cui-Cui Jiang
Isolation of Enterobacter sp. S080 and Its Decolorization of Textile Wastewater Containing Reactive Black 5
Chen Gang, Chen Ye, Liu Lu and Chen Liang
Cytological Characteristics of Hybrids between Wheat-Thinopyrum elongatum 7E Addition Lines and Wheat-Gametocidal Chromosome Addition Lines 2C
Guohui Xu, Jing Chen, Wenwen Cong, Wenyue Su, Chunying Liu and Changhong Guo
Optimization of Liquid Culture Conditions of Protease from Mucor by Box-Behnken Design
Na Zhang, Qing Qi Guo and Xin Huai Zhao
The Acute Toxicity Test of Phaseolus vulgaris Saponin
Xiaomei Li and Na Zhang
Dose-Response Function of an Amorphous Silicon Electronic Portal Imaging Device
Wenting Lu, Linghong Zhou, Jun Yang and Xin Zhen
Development of Acupuncture Manipulator and Its Application in the Animal Shock Model
Haowei Zhang and Zhenhong Wang
The Smarandachely Strong Adjacent Vertex Total Coloring of Join Graph
Zhiwen Wang and Zhongfu Zhang
The Study on Classification for Marine Mammal Based on Time-Frequency Perception
ZhiGang Xie and Yao Zhou
AhZEP1, a cDNA Encoding C2H2-Type Zinc Finger Protein, Induced by Salt Stress in Peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.)
Lijuan Pan, Qingli Yang, Xiaoyuan Chi, Mingna Chen, Yanan He and Shanlin Yu
Prevent Mammary Cancer Cell Adhesion in Microvasculature in vivo by Mild Hypothermia
Yonggang Lv, Xiaoying Hao, Li Yang and Manping Lin
A Concept on Dual Control of Mechanical Ventilation Based on the Extension Strategy
Hui Zhu and Knut Möller
Molecular Cloning and Characterization of the UL10 Gene from Duck Enteritis Virus
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A Delayed Discrete Model and Control for Malaria Transmission
Chunqing Wu and Zhongyi Jiang
Effects of Water-Borne Copper on Isozymes of Gill in Eriocheir sinensis
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Study on the Mechanism of Resisting Exercise Fatigue of Epimedium Flavones
Xiangqian Ma and Xiaoyu Zhang
Genetic Diversity and Relationships of Three Razor Clam Species (Sinonovacula constricta, Solen strictus and Solen grandis) Revealed by RAPD and ISSR Markers
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Weighted Wiener Method in the Denoising of Diffusion Tensor Images
Sanli Yi, Zhencheng Chen, Hongli Ling, Wen Li and Pei Jiang
Pharmacokinetics of Metronidazole Colon-Targeted Capsules in Dogs
Hui Li, Xiaoxiang Zheng and Shaomin Zhang
3D Hemodynamic Numerical Simulation of an Intracranial Aneurysm Model before and after Embolism Treatment
Hongyu Yu, Haiyun Li, Haiyan Zhang, Xinjian Yang and Ying Zhang
Molecular Cloning of the cDNA of LPL on Goose and the Phylogenetic Relationship in the Lipase Superfamily
Hengyong Xu, Yapan Song, Chunchun Han, Yan Wang, Liang Li, Feng Xu, Qing Zhu and Jiwen Wang
The Chemical Properties of Water in Fraxinus Mandshurica at Eastern Mountainous Region in Heilongjiang Province
Ying Xin, Yu-Sen Zhao, Fan-Suo Zeng and Chun-Na Wang
The Adjacent Vertex Distinguishing Total Chromatic Number of Graphs
Zhiwen Wang and Enqiang Zhu
The Periodic Solutions of Impulsive Competition System on Tumor-Normal Cell Interaction
Jia-wei Dou and Wei-wei Zheng
Study on the Influence of Cadmium on the Growth of Two Aquatic Plants and the Accumulative Capacity of the Plants Towards Cadmium
Su-ying Wu, Shu-min Qiu and Xue-jun Ye
Analysis of Secondary Structural Features of Goose LXRa Gene
Chunchun Han, Jiwen Wang, Xiaoyu Huang, Liang Li, Hengyong Xu and Feng Xu
Hypoglycemic and Hypolipidemic Activity of Total Saponins in Cinnamon
Jian Li, Shujuan Chen, Ning Liu, Yan Huang and Xin Liu
Construction and Expression of Human Coagulation Factor IX in the Pichia Pastoris
Yonggang Dai, Zhenyu Wang, Chenyu Wu, Cailian Cheng, Wenxin Tang, Xi Li, Jun Zhou and Tongcun Zhang
The Characteristics of Natural Organic Matter by High Voltage Pulse Discharge Plasma
Fengming Song and Yifei Guo
QSAR Study of Angiotensin I-Converting Enzyme Inhibitory Dipeptides Based on PRIN Descriptors by Support Vector Machine
Jiajian Yin and Shiping Du
Harvest Maturity, Storage Temperature and Storage Time Affect Antioxidant and Antiproliferation Activities of Jujube Fruit
Yun-Feng Hu, Han-Yuan Cui, Xiao-Yan Jiang, Wei-Wei Liu, Ke Zhang, Jing Cui and Yun-Feng Li
Study on the Screening for Chloronitrobenzene -Degrading Bacteria and Degradation of Chloronitrobenzene
Yu-bin Ji, Xing-jie Zhu, Wen-lan Li, Chang-ru Xu and Jin-yu Zhou
Study on Microwave-Assisted Extract and Antioxidant Activity of Ginger Flavonoids
Ling-ling Liu, Xin-pei Hu, Lun-jiao Lou, Bo Zhang and Jian-qi Nie
The Design of Electronic Heart Sound Stethoscope Based on Bluetooth
Yang Tang, Guitao Cao, Hao Li and Kanjie Zhu
Stability and Permanence of a Delayed Stage-Structured Predator-Prey System
Ling Zou, Zuoliang Xiong and Lifeng Wu
Optimum Condition for 2, 6-DNT – Microbe Degrading Using Uniform Design
Yubin Ji, Changru Xu, Wenlan Li, Xingjie Zhu and Jinyu Zhou
The Effect of Indigestible Dextrin on the Glycemia Lipid in Diabetic Mice
Ze-sheng Zhang and Jie Zhu
Preparation and Biological Activity of PEGylated DesB30 Human Insulin
JianKun Gao and Kai Fan
Nitrobenzene Induces DNA Damage in Tobacco
Changhong Guo, Yuwei Cao, Rui Li, Liang Si, Jun Ma and Zening Yuan
Extraction of Ginsenosides from Ginseng in Supercritical CO2 by Means of Different Enhanced Techniques
Denglin Luo, Haili Yuan and Jianxue Liu
Genetic Variation in Six Oratosquilla oratoria Populations Revealed by Random Amplified Polymorphic DNA (RAPD) Markers
Haiying Liu, Guie Wang, Xiangying Meng and Xiuli Wang
Optimization of the Growth Culture Medium with Traditional Chinese Herbs and Conditions of Bacillus Licheniformis SH003
Wenbin Dong, Dawei Zhang, Jie Zhang, Huidong Li and Yuanchang Jin
Structural Characterization of the DNA Adducts Induced by 1,3-Bis-(2-Chloroethyl)-1-Nitrosourea Using Electrospray Ionization Tandem Mass Spectrometry
Bao-Qing Bai, Li-Jiao Zhao and Ru-Gang Zhong
Multidimensional Calibration of near Infrared Spectra for Component Concentration Measurement in Milk at Different Temperatures
Dan Peng, Kaina Dong, Xia Li and Kexin Xu
Water Quality Assessment of Bailianjing River in Shanghai Expo Park
Qiong Yan, Zhibo Lu, Yue Wang, Ning Liu and Jian Yang
Integrating Multisource Information into Decision-Making by Strategic Environmental Assessment
Qinhua Fang and Luoping Zhang
Design and Implementation of a BCI System Based on Steady-State Visual Evoked Potentials
Lei Zhang, Xiao-jing Guo and Xiao-pei Wu
A New Method to Judge the Accurate Position of the Pupil and Measure the Eye Rotational Angle
Qing-wen Lv, Xiao-hong Mo and Yuan-yuan Gao
Study on the Association of Apolipoprotein E Gene Polymorphisms and Flight Loads with Blood Lipid Levels in Civil Aircrew Members
WeiRu Chen, Hua Yi, Tao Zhang and YingJin Feng
Preparation of Cellulose Acetate Fibers Loaded with Naproxen Ester Prodrug through Wet-Spinning
X. M. Wu, D. G. Yu, L. M. Zhu and C. J. Branford-White
Interaction between Heat Shock Protein 72 and CD44v6 in Human Colonic adenocarcinoma
Xiaoping Wang, Huanping Lin, Qiaoxia Wang, Jiqing Bai, Xiaoping Ying, Lansheng Guo, Yanhong Zhao and Yan Fang
UASB Treatment of Monosodium Glutamate Wastewater
Yong Gao
Temperature Field FDTD Simulation of Self-Focusing and Electronic Phased Focusing in Human Body Tissues
J. G. Yin, P. Zhang, W. J. Sun, X. J. Zhang, X. Q. Jian and Z. H. H. Li
Predictors of College Students' Attitudes toward Seeking Professional Psychological Help
Zhi-hong Hao
Study on the Biological Characteristic and Antioxidant Activity of Anthocyanin in Plant: A Review
Zhong Zhang and Jian-Jie Wang
Optimizing of Silver-Catalyzed Bioleaching of Low-Grade Copper Ores from Yongping, China
Muqing Qiu and Chengcai Huang
A New Report on Acaricidal Activities of Wikstroemia chamedaphne Extracts against Tetranychus viennensis (Acari: Tetranychidae)
You-Nian Wang, Chun-Ya Bu, Yong-Sheng Jin, Jian-jun Ren, Hui-li Guo, Lei Zhao, Juan Du, Yu-Bo Liu, Jun Cheng and Guang-Lu Shi
Stress Analysis on Bioprosthetic Heart Valve Leaflets with Non-Linear Material
Quan Yuan, Yanqiu Zhu, Hua Cong and Haiyan Zhu
Effect of Silver on Bioleaching of Low-Grade Copper Ores from Yongping, China
Xuefang Huang and Muqing Qiu
Adsorption Behavior of Methylene Blue Dye on Rice Husk
Yun-nen Chen, Jin-xia Nie and Ming Chen
Effects of Aroclor 1248 on the Survival and Oxidative Stress in Boleophthalmus pectinirostris
Shan-ying He and Kun-bai Chen
Purification of Waste Air Containing Phenol Vapors in Biotrickling Filter
Ailing Ren, Dandan Zhang, Miaomiao Zhang, Bin Guo and SuLing Cui
Molecular and Phenotypic Characterization of Transgenic Tobacco Expressing the Arabidopsis IRT1 Gene
Liya Li, Qiuyi Cai, Kai Jia, Meng Zhang and Changhong Guo
The Generation of Digitally Reconstructed Radiographs with Six Parameters
Xin Li, Ling-hong Zhou, Xin Zhen and Wen-ting Lu
Three-Dimensional Reconstruction and Numerical Simulation of Blood Flow in Human Thoracic Aortic
JunFeng Yin, Yafei Xiang and QuanYu Dou
Umap: Use Unique Sequence for Alignment of Short Sequence Reads and SNP Detection
Zhi-Yuan Lu, Jian-Ming Xie and Xiao Sun
Antifeedant Activities of the Methanol Extracts of Stellera chamejasme against Plutella xylostella
You-Nian Wang, Jun Cheng, Yong-Sheng Jin, Jian-jun Ren, Hui-li Guo, Lei Zhao, Juan Du, Yu-Bo Liu, Li-Lin Zhao, Chun-Ya Bu and Guang-Lu Shi
Fluorescence Quenching-Based Sequencing-by-Synthesis on a Microarray
Li Gao, Hua Lu, Hong Zhao and Zuhong Lu
Acaricidal Activities of Root Extracts of Tateges erecta against Tetranychus viennensis
You-Nian Wang, Jun Cheng, Yong-Sheng Jin, Jian-jun Ren, Hui-li Guo, Lei Zhao, Juan Du, Yu-Bo Liu, Chun-Ya Bu and Guang-Lu Shi
Preparation, Characterization and Fluorescent Immunoassay Application of Rubpy-Doped Silica Nanoparticles
Dongguang Yin, Binhu Liu, Li Zhang, Chunjuan Xie and Le Zhang
Antibacterial Activity of ZnO Films in Rice
Xihong Li, Yuxia Huo, Yunhong Jiang and Yulong Ding
Radiolabelled Monoclonal Antibody Distribution in Human Tumor during Radioimmunotherapy (RIT)
Yonggang Lv, Li Yang, Bingmei M. Fu and Nai-Kong V. Cheung
Establishing a Feature Pattern of Blood Stasis Syndrome with Myocardial Ischemia by Least Angle Regression
Shu-zhen Guo, Jian-xin Chen, Wen-yu Xu, Yong Wang, Lei Liu, Wen-jing Chuo, Hui-hui Zhao, Jing Han, Xin-lou Chai, Yong-xin Yu and Wei Wang
Experiment Simulation of Tumor Target Breathing Movement Inversely Tracking System
Lei Tong, Rui Wu and Chao-min Chen
Optimization of Nutrition Condition for Biodegradation of Diesel Oil Using Response Surface Methodology
Jincheng Li, Wenxiang Xia, Chenguang Tang, Zhenxia Wang, Xingchuan Xiao, Hui Zhong and Jiuzhou Zhao
Effect of Thermal Power Plant Dusts to the Growth of Some Body Normal Strains
Fa-qin Dong, Qun-wei Dai, Jian-jun Deng and Ya-li Zeng
XML Schemas Representation of DICOM Data Model
Hongli Lin, Zhencheng Chen and Weisheng Wang
Indoor Air Pollution Effects on Human Beings and Healthy Building Design Measures
Xiang Zhao, Xue Bai, Enshen Long and Yuanhui Tang
Synthesis of Novel Ursolic Acid Derivatives
Yan-Qiu Meng, Yan Xia, Zhao-Kai Yan, Yun-Yun Li and Yan-Ling Song
Numerical Simulation of Bone Remodelling in the Human Mandible Surrounding of a Dental Implant
Zhiqiang Lian and Hong Guan
Study on the Kinetics in the Adsorption- Biodegradation Anaerobic Sequencing Batch Reactor
Xiu-ping Yue and Le Liu
A Mathematic Model to Correct Myopic Astigmatism
Han Ye
An Unusual Pectate Lyase with Noticeable Effects on the Chinese Medicinal Herb Extract: Cloning and Characterization
Jing Xiao, Fu-Ping Lu, Yu Li and Jun-Xun Li
Dosimetric Verification of Collapsed Cone Convolution Algorithm in Heterogeneous Media
Yu-min Guan, Ling-hong Zhou, Xin Zhen, Wen-ting Lu and Shu-xu Zhang
Study of Regional Differences of China's Water and Sanitation Services Supply---Based on the Observation of Provincial Data
Xianghong Zhou and Kanjing Huang
Evaluation of Potential Antioxidative Activities of Jiangcan (Bombyx batryticatus) Extracts
Liangen Shi and Jie Jin
The Effects of Oat β-Glucan on the Hypoglycemic of Type 2 Diabetic Mice
Ruiling Shen and Fengli Cai
Fate of Dissolved Organic Matter (DOM) during Groundwater Recharge Using Reclaimed Wastewater
Wei Liu, Xiang Liu and Jia Xin
Determination of Genomic Sequence of Lily Symptomless Virus
Weiguo Chai, Chong Wang, Lijuan Han, Shaoning Chen, Yuchuang Zhang and Jishuang Chen
Ultrasound Image Segmentation Based on the Anisotropic Diffusion Filtering
Yu Deng and Hua Huang
Complex System Entropy Cluster Based Research on Treating Allergic Rhinitis by Traditional Chinese Medicine
Chenghe Shi, Yan Yan, Xiujuan Wang, Yuhao Zhao and Renquan Liu
Evaluation of Technical and Environmental Efficiency of Chemical Input in Agricultural Production in China
Huashu Wang and Zhijun Hu
On the Integration of Different Physiological Model Systems
J. Kretschmer, A. Wahl and K. Möller
Effects of 6-BA on Antioxidant Enzyme Activity in Wheat Seedlings under Cadmium Stress Condition
Mei-Ping Zhang, Gu Li, Re Na, Juan Wu, Wen-Hua Tian, Yu-Zheng Jiang and Guo-Xiang Chen
Studies on Characteristics of Mycelium from Biopharmaceutical Industry
Bin Guo, Bao-hua Zhou, Bo-wen Liu, Ai-ling Ren, Su-ling Cui and Lin Guo
Purification of Essential Linoleic Acid from Pinus armandi franch Seed Oil by Silver-Silica Gel Chromatography Column
Jianxia Guo, Changlu Wang, Zhijian Wu, Mianhua Chen, Fengjuan Li and Yurong Wang
Realization of the Optimal Risky Value Algorithm Based on the Brain Surgery Planning System
Xiaomei Lin, Ying Shen and Qing Wang
Chemical Pollutants and Its Effects on Health
Adsorption of Phosphate and Arsenate on Polynuclear Aluminum-Oxalate Precipitate: Spectroscopic and Adsorption Investigations
Jing Liu and Wenjie Li
The Interaction between Uranium and Bovine Serum Albumin
Mingxue Liu, Xiaofeng Pang, Mingxue Liu, Faqin Dong, Wei Zhang and Jia Tang
Study of Green Solvents 1-Butyl-3-Methy-Limidazolium Ionic Liquids' Structure and Properties
Da-peng Li, Xiao-ling Hu, Ya-mei Zhao, Ping Guan and Jin-yang Yu
Profile Assessment of Students Non-Occupationally Exposed to PAHs in Pearl River Delta
Ruifang Fan, Zhiqiang Yu, Guoying Sheng and Jiamo Fu
The Pilot Study of Phthalates and Monoesters in Human Chorion Tissues
Yahui Zhao, Xiaoyi Wang, Xingtao Lin, Jingqiang Zhao, Huiming Ke, Hairong Ren, Qun Lu, Huan Shen, Hongjing Han, Xiaohui Cai, Cheng Shi and Hong Kang
Studies on the Physiological Response of Brassica chinensis L. Seeds in Germination to Environmental Pollutant LAS Toxicity by FTIR-ATR Spectroscopy
Yan-hong Bai, Ning Gong, Xiao-nong Zhao and Gong-ming Yang
Effects of Aluminum Exposure on Calcium Homeostasis in Chicken Brain: Preliminary Study of Aluminum Accumulation on Nervous System in Chickens
Li-chao Zhang, Xin-wei Li, Hong-qiang Liu and Yan-fei Li
Source Apportionment of PAHs by FA/MLR in Surface Sediments of Jiaozhou Bay, China
Yinhai Lang and Zhengmei Cao
Studies on Quantitative Structure-Activity-Relationship Inhibitory Effects of Benzoic Acid Derivatives on Tyrosinase
Rong Lu, Hai-xia Ma, Wei-ping Liu and Wen-xin Li
Vertical Profiles of Acid-Volatile Sulfide and Toxicity of Heavy Metals in a Municipal Polluted River in PRD, China
Feng Li, Yong-you Hu, Shu-kun Liang, Yan-mao Wen, Wei-wei Song and Ming-wei Song
Enhanced Photocatalytic Degradation of Rutile TiO2 by Analysis of the Surface Potential and Fluorescence
Liyang Ma, Faqin Dong and Bian Liang
Distribution of Trace Metals of Soil in High Lung Cancer Incidence Area of Yunnan, China
Lin-lin Zhang, Fu-sheng wei and Guo-ping wu
Study on Kinetic Equation of Degrading Dibenzothiophene by Pseudomonas stutzeri UP-1
Yingfei Hou, Ying Kong, Ning Guo and Chunhu Li
Effect of Acetone on the Growth and Photosynthetic Pigments of Nitrogen-Fixing Cyanobacteria
Peizhong Zheng, Qidong Wan and Jianying Shen
Ammonium Polyphosphate-An Overview with Respect to Its Properties, Environmental and Toxicological Aspects
Gousheng Liu
Neurotoxicity Evaluation of Chlorpyrifos Exposure with Caenorhabditis elegans
Jing Juan Ju, Qin Li Ruan, Yun Hui Li, Ran Liu, Li Hong Yin and Yue Pu Pu
A Metabonomic Investigation of Zebrafish Exposed to Bisphenol A
Zheng-hua Duan, Lin Zhu, Na Zhao, Wen-jun Bu, Siew-Hong Lam, Zhi-yuan Gong and Choon-nam Ong
Impact of Estradiol Benzoate and Progesterone on the Activity of Carbonic Anhydrase of Erythrocytes in Ducks (Anatis domesticae Caro)
Y. Y. Wu, X. Z. Zhao, P. P. Li and Y. Y. Wu
Effect of Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals in Water Environment on Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis
Yunhe Zhou, Xiaodong Cheng, Leilei Wang, Guopu Wang and Yong Huang
Cadmium, Zinc and Nickel Bioavailabilities to Celery (Apium graveolens) Grown in Contaminated Soils from the Arid Oasis, Northwest China
Zhaowei Wang, Zhongren Nan, Zhuanjun Zhao, Shengli Wang and Yiming Yang
Pesticide Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices in China
Daqi Xu
Recovery of Dimethylbenzene/ Butylacetate from Spent Solvent Oil by Batch Distillation: Experiment and Simulation
Changhai Li and Yuejin Li
Study on the Stability of Poly(Vinyl Alcohol)/Poly(Vinyl Acetate) Electrothermal Membrane
Chengcen Liu, Tao Dou, Feng Qiu, Jiangao Yang and Kai Shi
Oxidative Stress-Mediated Pro-Inflammatory Responses in Lung Epithelial Cells Exposed to Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes
Min Han, Shefang Ye, Wen Wen and Qiqing Zhang
Effects of Aluminum Exposure on Growth and Morphological Structure of Cerebrum in Chickens
Chong-Wei Hu, Yan-Fei Li, Jing Li, Hao Sun and Li Gao
Ecosystem Restoration
Germination, Growth and Rhizosphere Effect of Setaria viridis Grown in Iron Mine Tailings
Yongli Xu, Junying Zhang, Fuping Li and Yongli Xu
Study on Soil Water Content Distributions in the Caragana-Grass Compound System
Yongjun De, Huijun An, Qiuju Guo, Liansheng Guo, Dongmei Ye and Desheng Xu
Effects of Pb and Zn Stresses on Protective Enzyme Activities of Pb Accumulator Plant Pseudostellaria maximowicziana(Franch.et Savat.) Pax
Jie Wu, Junwei Wei, Xuemei Zhu, Lijin Lin, Yuanxiang Yang and Jirong Shao
Effects of Thinning on Community Characteristics of Larix principis-rupprechtii Plantations in Hebei, China
Jing-jin Yu, Li-hua Chen, Cheng-li Xu, Jian-cai Gu and Jing Zhang
Application of Multiple Ecological Indicators in Ecosystem Health Assessment: A Case Study of Tianjin Binhai New Area Intertidal Wetlands
Qingxin Li, Hongyuan Li, Jianfeng Feng and Lin Zhu
Study on Tendency of Urban Coordinated Development Based on RBF Neural Network
Xiang-Mei Li, Jing-Xuan Zhou and Ren-Bin Xiao
Dynamics of Species Diversity and Achievement of Restoration Vegetation in Xinfeng Typical National Demonstration Zone, SE China
Zhi-yong Xia, Dai-hua Qi and Lin Huang
The Community Features and Factors Influencing Surface Runoff of Restoration Vegetation in Xinfeng National Demonstration Zone, SE China
Dai-hua Qi, Zhi-yong Xia and Lin Huang
Root Adaptability of Clonal Plant Iris japonica and Its Role in Understory Vegetation Restoration in Chongqing, SW China
Yong-jian Wang, Zhang-cheng Zhong and Jian-ping Tao
Biological Properties and Enzymatic Activities of Saline Soil Irrigated with Treated Papermaking Effluent
Yan Yu, Zhimei Liu, Ying Miao, Ye Yuan, Chunmeng Liu and Zhaohua Lu
Eco-Friendly Catalyst for the Direct Synthesis of Dimethyl Carbonate from Carbon Dioxide
Weiming Wang and Qi Jiang
Effects of Modifiers on Soil Enzyme Activity at Different Growth Stages of Rice Plants under Zinc and Chromium Stresses
Haibin Yang, Qingsong Zhang, Lijin Jin, Weiding Yuan, Xuemei Zhu and Jirong Shao
Analysis of Land-Use Changes in Loess Hilly Region Based on PSR Model: A Case Study in Shanghuang Study Area in GuYuan City
Shilong Hao and Nanxiang Chen
Plant Growth and Microbial Community Change in Iron Mine Tailings during Vegetation Restoration
Junying Zhang, Yongli Xu, Fuping Li and Yongli Xu
Effects of Nutrients on Algae Blooms with In-Situ Incubation in Three Lakes of Wuhan in China
Lingshan Ni, Wenbing Zhou, Duanwei Zhu and David P. Hamilton
Study on Hippophae rhamnoides Linn. Roots in Improving the Shear Characteristics of Soil
Yong-liang Zhang, Jing Liu, Lin-he Wang, Xi-jun Yao, Xin Zhang and Li Yao
Research on the Biomass Indicators in Traffic EIA
Xing Kuang, Ming-zhou Bai and Cheng-yong Yang
An Optimization Model of Dam Adaptive Management Based on Genetic Algorithms
Duan Chen, Qiuwen Chen and Jin Chen
Dynamics and Driving Factors of Agricultural Landscape in Jianghan Plain
Jingjing Li, Hongzhi Wang, Yong Zhou and Rendong Li
Restoration Effect of Young Plantations on Magnesite Mine Spoil in Northeast China
Dan Yang, Dehui Zeng, Rong Mao, Lujun Li and Dan Yang
The Design and Verification on Indicator System of Forest Ecosystem and Forestry Industry Coupling
Yingli Huang and Zhe Ning
Primary Practice of Green Mine Construction in Limestone Mine
Ming Zhu, Fang-wei He, Rui Tang, Tie-liang Liu and Lian-hai Wang
Investigation of Local Plants along Dagu Sewage River for Phytoremediation of Sediments
Jingmei Sun, Rong Li, Qinghua Hong, Donggang Han and Peng Sun
Influence of Pollution Concentration on Bioremediation of Petroleum-Contaminated Soil
Chuan Li, Yun Bai and Zhaojie Jiao
Analysis on Recycled Use of Old Cement Pavement Materials
Lei Zhou, Shaopeng Wu, Meizhu Chen and Qunshan Ye
Micro-Ecosystem and Its Influence to the Bioremediation Feasibility of Oil Contaminated Soils
Jianli Jia, Juan Peng, Ying Liu, Dong Li, Cuimei Tang, Min Wang and Xubo Wang
The Impact of Spartina alterniflora on the Soil Microbial Assemblages in Jiangsu Coast
Ai-hui Chen, Hong-shan Li, Hui-xing Liang, Zhao-xia Li and Cheng Ding
Forest Landscape 3-D Visualization from China's National Forest Inventory Spatial Database
Xiaokui Xie, Zhenggang Liu, Dongkai Su, Limin Dai, Xinchuang Wang and Guang Qi
Comparative Studies on the Effect of Eisenia foetida and Allolobaphora caliginosa on Bioavailability of Zn and Pb in Three Soils
Jiemin Cheng, Yuen Zhu, Ming H. Wong and Yuen Zhu
Value Evaluation on Soil Conservation Function of Ecosystems in the Southern Mountain Region of Jinan
lihong Wang, jianlan Zhao and Hui Zhang
Ecological Restoration in Xiamen Sea
Xiongzhi Xue and Meiyan Dong
Ecological and Socio-Economic Benefits of Investment in an Environmental Restoration and Agricultural Management Program in China
Gang Liu, Puling Liu and Qiong Zhang
Friction Properties of Interface between Soil-Roots and Soil-Soil of Artemisia sphaerocephala and Sabina valgaris
Cheng-long Wang, Jing Liu, Hui-wen Xing, Xi-jun Yao, Lin-he Wang and Guo-quan Niu
Nitrogen Fertilizer Application under Double Cropping Systems of Wheat-Maize Impacting on the Nitrate Contents of Ground Water in North China
Dafu Wu, Hongwei Chen, Yanbing Wu and S. J. Chapman
Bioremediation of Atrazine Contaminated Soil by Arthrobacter SP. Strain AD4
Xia Liu, Xihong Li, Baoli Cai and Songwen Wang
Analysis of Dessication Trend at Zhalong Wetland in Heilongjiang, China
Yuhong Zhang, Liying Su, Shuqing Zhang and Wanhui Yu
Over-Expression and Purification of Recombinant Methylparathion Degrading Enzyme by Lactose Induction
Yongze Yuan, Xueting Yang, Junzhong Yang, Jianhua Zhang, Shangying Xu, Kehan Xu, Lixia Zeng and Deli Liu
Evaluation of the Function of Reforestation on Soil Loss Control in the Dabie Mountains, China
Bo Zhang, Jiayao Zhuang, Jinchi Zhang and Rongjuan Wang
Study on the Effect of Improving the Eco-Environment of Coal Gangue Dump through Afforestation
Binbin Hao and Chunhong Wang
Primary Study on Compensation Mechanism for Wetland Loss in Shanghai
Zhiyi Lei and Ying Wu
Stability of Root-Soil-Complexes in Riverbanks with Different Vegetation Covers in Three Gorges Reservoir Region
Shao Jun Xu, Bo Zeng, Xiao Lei Su and Shu Tong Lei
Study on Environmental-Geological Problem and Ecosystem Re-Establishment Countermeasures about Quarry and Damaged Mountain in Peri-Urban
Y. G. Xue, D. B. Teng, S. C. Li and M. X. Su
The Dynamics of Forest Landscape Pattern in Lushuihe on Changbai Mountain
Zhenggang Liu, Xiaokui Xie, Dongkai Su, Limin Dai, Xinchuang Wang and Guang Qi
The Relationships among Chlorophyll Fluorescence Parameters and Chloroplast Antioxidant Enzymes in Puccinellia tenuiflora Seedlings under Na2CO3 Stress
Jun Zhang, Gang Chen, Kun Du and Guorong Sun
Evaluation of the Potential Ecological Risk of Heavy Metal Pollution in Soil and Bioaccumulation Characteristics of Dominant Plants in Siding Pb-Zn Mineland
Jincheng Lee, Fen Wang, Zhifen Xu, Jie Liu, Dandan Xu and Renzhan Yin
Environmental Toxicology
Effects of Toluene Diisocyanate on Cytokine in Mice Blood Serum
Yu-bin Ji, Lin-jing Shen and Lei Yu
Acute Toxicity of Atrazine to Green Algae, Heterotrophic Flagellate and Ciliates
Fengchao Li, Xianjiang Kang, Weirong Cao and Fuqiang Wang
Physiological and Photosynthetic Characters of Polygonum Species in Response to Aluminum Stress
Qiang Liu, Yian Xiao, Genhe He, Wenhai Hu and Wanwan Long
Ozone-Induced Changes in Antioxidant Systems of Ginkgo Biloba in Relation to the Developmental Stage of the Leaves
Kun Yan, Xingyuan He, Wei Chen, Tao Lu and Kun Yan
Cadmium Accumulation and Distribution in Tagetes erecta
Qian Feng, Xiuyan Zhou, Peidong Tai and Peijun Li
Toxicity Evaluation of Quantum Dots to Microorganisms: A Toxicity Assessment of CdTe/ZnS Core/Shell Quantum Dots with Escherichia coli
Hengyi Xu, Feng Xu, Jianwen Zhang, Hua Wei, Zoraida P. Aguilar, Huaipeng Su, John D. Dixon and Y. Andrew Wang
DNA Damage Induced by Gaseous Formaldehyde on Marrow Cells of Mice Tested by RAPD Assay
Na-na Gao, Wen-wen Cheng, Yu-jie Deng and Shu-mao Ding
Evaluation on Joint Acute Toxicity of Bata-Cypermethrin and Chlorpyrifos to Freshwater Protozoan Community
Haijuan Xu, Guoguang Liu, Lixia Wang and Liqing Zheng
Toxicity of Lead on Different Rice Genotypes
Jianguo Liu, Jianwei Shen, Dinglong Li and Jiakuan Xu
Effects of Rac-Metalaxyl and R-Metalaxyl on Juvenile Zebrafish (Danio rerio)
Kun Yao, Guoguang Liu, Kun Yao and Lin Zhu
The Effect of Mono-(2-Ethylhexyl) Phthalate on Human Granulosa Cells
Xiaohui Cai, Huan Shen, Qun Lu, Hongjing Han, Cheng Shi and Yanbing Wang
The Glutathione and Metallothionein Contents Variation in Earthworm Exposed by AHTN
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Optimization of the Operational Parameters for Oestrone Quantification in Sewage and River Water Matrices Using Response Surface Method
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Avoidance Response of Young Rock Carp (Procypris rabaudi Tchang) to Gas Supersaturation as an Environmental Toxicity
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Food and Drug Safety Control
Molecularly Imprinted Polymer Microspheres Prepared by Precipitation Polymerization for the Binding and Recognition of Roxithromycin
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Microwave Assisted Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Larch for L-Lactic Acid Production
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Acute Toxicity and Mutagenicity of Extract from Eriobotrta japonica
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Simulated Impacts of Fish Consumption on the IQ Points of Infants
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Survey on the Metal in Commercially Available Soybean in Jinzhou
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Hazardous Materials Management
Mobility of Metals Remaining in the Soils Treated by Edta Washing or/and Chemical Stabilization
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Cooperative Processing of Electroplating Wastewater with Pickling Waste Liquor to Synthesize Ferrite by Microwave Hydrothermal Process
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Recovery of Metals from Waste Printed Circuit Board by Electrostatic Separator
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Experimental Study on the Remediation of Oil Contaminated Soil Using Ultrasound
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Concentrations and Profiles of Polychlorinated Dioxins and Furans in a Discarded Electronic Waste Open Burning Site
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Phyllosilicates for Soil Stabilization of Mercury in the Study of Fixed
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Preparation of a Composite Plate Using Nonmetallic Materials Powder from the Waste Printed Circuit Boards
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Multi-Method Measurement on Mercury Concentration in Plants
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Preparation of Calcium Sulfate Whisker Using Waste Residue of Phosphogypsum by Hydrothermal Method
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Removal of Tin from Alkaline Zinc Solution by Zinc Powder Cementation
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Solidification/Stabilization Effect of Ferrous Sulfate and Calcium Hydroxide/Calcium Oxide on High Concentration Chromium Contaminated Soil
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Research on Fractal Mechanism of the Crushed Particle of Waste Printed Circuit Board
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Enhanced Scrubbing Aerosol of Cooking Fumes with Bio-Slurry
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Dust Explosion Characteristic about Potassium Clavulanate Mixture Powders
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A New Idea of Suppressing Coal Spontaneous Combustion in Goaf Using Environment-Friendly Ionic Liquids
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Land Pollution and Its Effects on Health
Transformation of Nitrate Nitrogen by Three Strains of Bacteria Isolated from Facility Culturing Soils
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Influential Factors on Spectral Induced Polarization of Chrome-Contaminated Soil
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Effect of Long-Term Fertilization on Accumulation of Cadmium in Soil-Crop System
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Effect of pH and Temperature on Absorption-Desorption of Cu²+ in Soil Nearby a Copper Tailings Yard
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Heavy Metals in Sediments and Plants of the Yellow River Wetland Nature Reserve of Zhengzhou, China
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Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) in Soils Sampled from an Oilfield: Analytical Method by GC-MS, Distribution, Profile, Sources and Impacts
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Determination of Trace Elements in Kaempferia galangal L. and Soil by ICP-AES
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Heavy Metal Stress to P. Tomentosa in Coal Mining Area and Its Spectral Feature
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Study of Cadmium Adsorption and Desorption by Simulant Acid Rain on Different Silicate Clay Minerals in Soil
Xiaping Zhu
Distribution and Forms of Copper in Copper Tailings as Influenced by Lanthanum and Lolium perenne
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Heavy Metal Pollution in Landfill Environment: A Malaysian Case Study
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Geoaccumulation Index and Enrichment Factor to Assess Heavy Metal Contamination in Estuarine Intertidal Sediments and Their Adjacent Arable Soils in Dalian, Northeastern China
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Study on the Law of Mining Damage with the Combination of Underground Mining and Open-Pit Mining
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Developmental Strategy and Environmental Effects of Suburban Agriculture
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Ecological Risk Assessment of Heavy Metal in Urban Area Soil
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Characteristics of Heavy Metal Pollution in the Soil around Lead-Zinc Mining Area
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Evaluation of Soil Heavy Metals and Organic Pollutants Contamination in Dakang Town, Jiangyou City
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Effect of NaCl Stress on Seed Germination and Seedling Growth in Wheat
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Geostatistical Analyses of the Spatial Variation of Soil Cadmium in Rice Producing Area in the Luxian County, China
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Effects of Biosurfactant on the Remediation of Contaminated Soils
Huilong Xia and Zhijun Yan
Level and Chemical Forms of Lead in Soil of Sewage Irrigation Area in Guangdong Province, South China
Guanxing Huang
Heavy Metal Accumulation in Plants: A Case Study of Ipomoea reptans and Helianthus annuus
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In Situ Chemical Stabilization of Arsenic-Contaminated Soils Using Ferrous Sulfate
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Spatial Variability Analysis of Soil Heavy Metals Pollution under the Influence of Road Traffic
Bo Liu, Shao-hua Wu, Sheng-lu Zhou, Jing Wang and Mingxing Xu
Evaluation of the Phytoremediation Potential of Sugarcane for Metal-Contaminated Soils
Zhijun Yan and Huilong Xia
Immobilized Atrazine Degrading Bacteria by Different Material
Ying Zhang, Chunyan Li, Zhuo Diao, Shuyan Ma and Yao Ma
Spatial Variability of Soil Heavy Metals Content under the Influence of Urban Expansion
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Isolation and Identification of Two Degrading Strains in Atrazine Contaminated Soil
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Bioavailability of Heavy Metals and Their Health Risk to Inhabitants through the Consumption of Vegetables around a Lead-Zinc Mining Plant in Nanjing, China
Xin Hu
Removal of Copper from a Contaminated Soil by Washing with TCAS Reagent
Da Zhao, Tieheng Sun, Xiaojun Hu, Xiaomin Hu, Xueying Song, Da Zhao, Tieheng Sun, Xiaojun Hu and Xueying Song
Application of Molecular Makers in Genetic Diversity Analysis of the Radish Germplasm with Different Characteristics of Cd Accumulation
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Relationship and Enrichment of Heavy Metals in Soil of Sewage Irrigation Area in Guangdong Province, China
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Assessing Heavy Metal Pollution of Agriculture Land in Weicheng Town and the Impact Study of Sichuan-Sanxi Highway
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Effect of Soil Salinity on Tree Growth in Yellow River Delta Region
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Effect of Nitrogen Fertilizer on Fluorine Species and Soil pH in Fluorine-Contaminate Soil
Wen Chen
Speciation Analysis of Heavy Metals of Core Huoshaohei Sediments
Fu-hua Xuan and Shu-ying Zang
Research on the Symptoms and the Critical Value of Nickel Toxicity of Maize
Mi-ping Zhou, Jin-hua Liu, Ya-qing Wang, Jing-min Yang and Xiao-bin Yu
Electro-Biodegradation of the Oil-Contaminated Soil through Periodic Electrode Switching
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Effects of Zinc and Chromium Stresses on Heavy Metal Accumulation of Rice Roots at Different Growth Stages of Rice Plants
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Eco-Physiological Responses of Rice (Oryza sativa L.) Roots to Zinc, Chromium Stress
Qingsong Zhang, Lijin Lin, Xuemei Zhu, Qihua Liu, Yuanxiang Yang, Weiding Yuan and Jirong Shao
Combined Bioremediation of Atrazine Contaminated Soil by Two Atrazine Degrading Strains and Grass
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Effects of Dimethomorph on Some Enzymatic Activities in Soil
Yan-bing Wu, Fan-bin Kong, Da-fu Wu, Zhen-min Yan, Zhi-cheng Chen and Tian-fu Deng
Optimal Conditions for Biodegradation of Indeno (1,2,3-cd) Pyrene in Soil Slurry Reactors
Haiying Chen, Aizhong Ding, Junfeng Dou, Lirong Cheng, Fuqiang Fan, Yongchao Du and Xiaona Liu
Determination of Organophosphorus Pesticide in Soil by Accelerated Solvent Extraction-Gas Chromagraphy/Mass Spectrometry
Jun-song Zhang, Fan-da Pan and Heng Cheng
Study on Wood Extractives Molecules Moulding Bamboo Biomass against Land Pollution
Zhong-feng Zhang, Xian-yan Zhou, Feng-juan Wu, Wan-xi Peng and Yu-cheng Sha
Distribution and Speciation Analysis of Cd Element in Qingdao Surface Soils
Yi Qian, Wei Zhang and Yan-yang Chu
Effects of Gas Flow Velocity on Electrical Conductivity of Three-Phase Fluidized-Bed
Hongli Li and Dengxin Li
Risk Assessment of Contaminated Environments
Considering Data Uncertainty in Species Sensitivity Distribution for Ecological Risk Assessment of Chemicals
Yaobin Meng, Liangxia Shi, Jiajin Wang and Peijun Shi
Health Risk Assessment of Atmospheric Environment in Hazardous Wastes Landfill Disposal
Wen-jia Ji, Qi Wang, Qi-fei Huang and Ze-chun Huang
Species Sensitive Distribution for Aquatic Biota Exposed to DDT
Boyu Chen and Jinsong Zhao
Effects of Municipal Reclaimed Wastewater Irrigation on Soil Biochemical Properties
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Evaluation on Potential Ecological Risk of Heavy Metal Pollution in Sediment of Urban Sewage River
Yanan Li, Zhiqiang Liu, Xinhua Zhao, Huazhi Li and Hongxia Li
Ecological Risk Assessment of Pesticide Residues' Chronic Impacts in Taihu Lake
Changsheng Qu, Jun Bi, Lei Huang, Fengying Li and Jie Yang
Health Risk Assessment for Residents Exposed to Airborne Carcinogens in a City in Shanxi, China
Gao Fang, Li Wei and Ding Zhong-hua
Synthesis and Identification of Artificial Antigen for Bensulfuron-Methyl
Xiao-wei Yu, Chen-xi Wei, Ying Xia, Ya-ran Zhang and Jun-lin Yuan
Determination of Optimal Sampling Transects for Heavy Metal Contaminated Dagu River Sediments
Jing-Mei Sun, Rong Li, Jian-Jun Huang, Yi Zheng and Jian-Shan Cao
Risk Analysis for Vulnerabilities near Chemical Site: A Case Study in Nanjing Chemical Industrial Park
Yan-jun Sun, Yu Qian and Yu-chao Zhang
Estimating Background Concentration of Zinc in Paddy Soils with Various Methods and Identifying Areas with High Anthropogenic Zinc Input
Dengfeng Wang, Chao Gao, Furong Chen, Shijun Jia, Yongning Chen and Taolin Zhang
A New Method to Evaluate Risk Alleviation of PAHs Contaminated Sites
Zhenyi Zhang, Chihiro Inoue and Guanghe Li
Evaluation of Thallium Contamination from an Open-Mined Yunfu Thallium-Bearing Pyrite Deposit, China
Juan Liu, Jin Wang, Jianying Qi, Chunlin Wang, Juan Liu, Yongheng Chen, Ping Zhang, Xiangping Li and Juan Liu
Research on Connotation and Index of Sustainable Development in Small Town
Qinghua Zhang and Chongming Li
Enantioselective Degradation and Chiral Stability of Profenophos in Soils
Zhaoyang Li, Ye Zhang, Xiangnan Luo, Fengning Cheng, Jie Guo and Weixiao Wang
Environmental Assessment of Organochlorine Pesticides in Sediments from Quanzhou Bay, Southeast China
Jizhou Li, Xuyin Yuan and Qiuke Su
Comment on Determine Methods for the Soil Elements Background
Dengfeng Wang, Heng Li and Aijing Yin
Research on Prediction Model and Image Characterization of Accident Environmental Events in the Atmosphere
Yuan Liang and JianRong Shi
Fuzzy Ranking Methodology for Risk Assessment of Potential Pollution Accidents in Chemical Plants
Zhongqiang Ma, Lamine Sylla, Deqi Xiong and Xingbiao Zhang
Distribution and Sequencing of Class 1 Integrons Carrying qac Gene Cassettes in Environment Sample
Xuejun Duan and Weijin Gong
Research on Forewarning Method of Enteromorpha Prolifera Disaster Based on RS and GIS
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Contamination and Ecological Risk Assessment of Heavy Metal in Atmospheric Deposition in Baoshan District, Shanghai
Yuanyuan Chen, Jun Wang, Shiyuan Xu, Zhenlou Chen and Xiaojing Sun
Comprehensive Assessment Model and Its Application on Sustainable Urbanization
Qinghua Zhang and Chongming li
Safety Early-Warning Model for Coal Mines Based on Artificial Neural Network
Qi Zeng and Xu Wang
Assessment of City Ecological Security Based on Projection Pursuit Model
Guang-Zhou Chen, Xiao-Chun Xu, Jia-Quan Wang, Shu-Heng Hu and Guo-Lian Li
Region Ecological Environment Evaluation Based on GIS and RS
Hongli Song, Xiaonan Zhang, Junfu Li and Yingbin Guan
The Environmental Characteristics Analysis in the Production Process of the Particleboard
Xin-li Wei and Shi-long Xiang
Environmental Pollution and Marine Aquaculture Ecosystem Health Assessment
Huiwen Cai, Sheng Zhao, Changwen Wu, Aiyi Zhu, Jing Yu and Xueqing Zhang
Research on Forecasting Mechanism and Index System for Trans-Boundary Sudden Water Pollution Accidents
Er-ping Li, Hong You, Song Hou, Yu-jie Feng and Hong-guang Ao
Study on Health Risk for TiO2 Photocatalytic Degradation of Phenol-Polluted Raw Water
Jianguo Cui and Xiaoyan Xu
Probabilistic Risk Assessment for Coastal Engineering Planning: A Case Study of Xiamen Bay, P. R. China
Luoping Zhang, Weiwei Wang, Paolo F. Ricci and Weiqi Chen
Solid Waste Management
Effect of Temperature on Bioleaching Heavy Metals from Sewage Sludge
Hua Lin, Ming Huang, Haitao Huang, Hua Lin, Ming Huang, Haitao Huang, Hua Lin and Ming Huang
Environmental Impacts of Milk Packaging Made from Polythene Using Life Cycle Assessment
Ming-hui Xie, Li Li, Ze-chun Huang, Xue-mei Zhu, Da-hai Yan and Ti-chang Sun
Research on the Life Cycle Analysis of the Reverse Supply Chain of the Lead Acid Batteries
Yacan Wang, Jing Yu, Xinfei Zhao, Tao Lu, Jie Du and Xiaoyan Huang
Influence of C/N Ratio on Nitrogen Changing during Composting
Qingwei Li, Bingnan Lv and Hong Wang
Preparation of Furfural from Bagasse Catalyzed by Ionic Liquid to Reduce Industrial Pollutants
QuanYi Wang, Hang Song, XinYing Li and Shun Yao
A Viable Approach for Utilization of the Agro-Industrial Waste in Biodiesel Industry: Using Deoiled Jatropha curcas Seed Meal to Produce Protease by Aspergillus niger under Solid-State Fermentation
Yuangen Wu, Shuyi Qiu, Yi Yue, Shenshan Zhan, Jie Wu, Yafei Du, Yunlan Guo and Chao Wang
Chemical Speciation of Heavy Metals in Stainless Steel Plant Dust
Guojun Ma, Wei Fan, Hui Tang, Wei Wang and Weihou Su
Preparation of Ceramsite from Oil Shale Slag and Its Use in Removing Cu²+ in Effluent
Li Guo and Xian-Guo Wang
Mesophilic Anaerobic Digestion of Mechanically Sorted Organic Fraction of Municipal Solid Waste
Dong Li, Zhenhong Yuan, Yongming Sun and Dong Li
Recycling Construction and Demolition Waste as Sustainable Environmental Management in Post-Earthquake Reconstruction
Xiao-shuang Shi, Qing-yuan Wang, Ci-chang Qiu and Xiao-ling Zhao
Production of High Purity Copper from Bio-Leaching Solutions of Waste Printed Circuit Boards
Chenglong Zhang, Jingwei Wang, Jianfeng Bai and Wenxiong Mao
A Novel Flowsheet for the Separation and Recycling of Vermiculite Concentrate
Jing-feng He, Ya-qun He, Chen-long Duan, Yue-min Zhao and Shuai Wang
A Comparative Study: Adsorption Properties and Mechanism of Different Character Residual Sludge for Heavy Metal
Yu Fei Li and Ying Wei Wang
Reutilization of Waste Chicken Bone as Nutrients Source
Gensheng Zhang, Xiaoxia Yue, Aiyue Fan and Guang Liu
Study of a Short-Term Biological Pretreatment of MSW with Low Aeration
Ting Liu, Zhulei Chen, Jun Zhang, Hui Xiong and Xiaoyi Cheng
Phosphorus Adsorption Characteristics of Alum and Iron Sludge from Drinking-Water Treatment Works
Jingxi Tie, Dong Chen, Xiaowei Li, Xiaoguang Zhu, Yilin Liu and Youliang Liu
Phosphatase Activity Correlation with pH in Landfill and Optimization of the Method for Determining
Liping Zhou, Fei Tong, Zhongping Qiu, Qian Wang, Lizhong Yang and Meng Feng
Investigation of Sewage Sludge Stabilization in Vermifilters with Ceramic Pellets of Different Diameter
Jian Yang, Limin Zhao, Meiyan Xing, Danghao Yi and Dehan Deng
Organic Contamination and Biodegradability of Landfill Leachate
Shengli Zhang, Lei Jiang, Dan Liu and Bin Li
Amelioration of Acidic Soil Using the Calcined Product of Dry and Semi-Dry Desulfurization Residue with K-Feldspar: Plant and Soil Responses and Heavy Metal Assessment
Chai Ni, Shi Lin and Li Jing
Study on the Treatment of Color by Fly Ash
Jie Li and Aihua Cheng
Use Copper Slag to Prepare Copper Powder and Its Size Distribution Characterization
Weiping Liu
Effect of Ultrasonic Treatment on Characteristics of Waste Activated Sludge
Qing-Liang Zhao, Kai Hu, Li-juan Miao and Kun Wang
Pyrolysis of Waste Tire and Its Model
Yaxin Su and Bingtao Zhao
Comparative Study on the Influence of Polyethylene to the Growth and Yield of Soybean
Jing He and Xuegang Luo
Research on Mineralogy Properties of Fly Ash
Hua-luan Li, Peifa Gao, Zhang Bo, Lin Wang, Xiaohua Hu, Ying Duan and Zhenlong Wang
Preparation and Characterization of Insoluble Dietary Fiber from Jujube Residue and Its Physicochemical Characters
Wei Zong and Wen-liang Yuan
Hydrothermal Depolymerization of Waste PET
Jinyang Chen, Zhi Li, Guiyang Liu and Pei Ni
Construction and Demolition Waste Management in Hong Kong: Practices and Challenges
Hongxia Wang, Hongping Yuan and Gui Ye
Research and Application of Sludge Conditioning Technology
Wei Wei, Rongli Yu, Yashu Yuan, Jun Pan and Rongli Yu
Content and Chemical Speciations of Cu, Zn, Pb, Cr, Ni and Mn in Sewage Sludge from Guangzhou, China
Jingyong Liu, Shuiyu Sun, Wuming Xie and Tao Chen
Estimating the Generation of Construction and Demolition Waste by Using System Dynamics: A Proposed Model
Gui Ye, Hongping Yuan and Hongxia Wang
Analysis on Influential Factors of Extended Application of Rural Biogas Technology
Yong Sun and Wenzhe Li
Disposal Methods for Municipal Solid Wastes and Its Development Trend
Leilei Mi, Nairui Liu and Bo Zhou
Properties of Heavy Metals Transmission to Bed Ash in the Sludge Incineration
Tao Chen, Shuiyu Sun, Jingyong Liu, Wencan Dai and Minting Chen
Research on Biodiesel and Ethanol Production from Food Waste
Wei Su, Hongzhi Ma, Ming Gao, Wenyu Zhang and Qunhui Wang
The Leaching Gold and Silver from E-Waste by LSSS Method
Jing-Ying Li and Lu Huang
Ecologically Safe Method for Feather Biodegradation by a Novel Isolated Bacillus thuringiensis NJY1
Da-Wei Yao, Zheng Wang, Yan-Hua Tao, Shi-Bing Guo and De-Ji Yang
Particle Size Distribution and Speciation Analysis of Heavy Metals in Municipal Solid Waste Incineration Fly Ash in Chongqing, China
Qingju Hao, Changsheng Jiang, Junke Zhang and Qiwen Tang
Preparation and Properties of Sewage Sludge Ceramic Pellets
Min Yue, Qinyan Yue, Yuanfeng Qi, Shuxin Han, Yaqin Zhao and Baoyu Gao
Application of Hog Fuel for the Bioremediation of Oil Contaminated Soils
Xinyuan Song and Jianbing Li
Experiment of Dehydration Capability of Municipal Sludge
Cuihong Zhou, Qingdong Chu, Sichen Tang and Chenghu Zhang
A Simplified Leak Current Model for Electrical Landfill Leakage Detection
S. P. Guan, C. X. Nai and L. Dong
Effects of Catalysts on Pyrolysis and Liquefaction of Tannery Sludge
Gui-ju Li, Ru-yu Zhao, Li-xiang Zhu and Zi-xi Wang
Mobility of Trace Elements in Coal of Thermal Power Plants in Huainan, China
Jing Zhang, Long-peng Cui, Min Li, Lei Lv and Jing-jin Yu
Study of Enhancing Anaerobic Digestion of Sludge through Adding Microzyme
Su-wei He, Ying-he Jiang and Yan Liang
Characteristics of Microbial Community in Degradation Agriculture Solidwastes
Huang Jian, Chang-li LIu, Shuai GAo, Wen-yang ZHou and Jian-wu DOng
Adsorption of Pb (II), Cu(II) and Cr(VI) from Synthetic Solution Using Pyrolusite- Intermingled Sewage Sludge Adsorbent
Yijin Yang, Hongyan Chen, Xiandong Tan, Xin Xin and Shengyu Liu
Preparation of Activated Carbon from Jujube Kernel by Microwave-Induced Method
Zong Wei and Shi Yong
Determination of Bioactive Components in 300°C Pyrolyzate of Extract from Oil-Tea Cake by Pyrolysis- GC/MS
Qi-Mei Liu, Wan-Xi Peng, Dang-Quan Zhang and Lin-Lin Guo
Producing Iron Nuggets with Steel Making Wastes
Wei Wang, Zhengliang Xue, Guojun Ma, Hong Xiao, Xiuying Guo and Lingzhi Xing
Effects of Yeast on Bacterial Community in Kitchen Waste Anaerobic Fermentation System
Chunji Jin, Zhenhuan Zhao, Yangguo Zhao and Mengchun Gao
Recycling of Electrode Materials from Spent Lithium-Ion Batteries
Xu Zhou, Wen-zhi He, Guang-ming Li, Xiao-jun Zhang, Shu-guang Zhu, Ju-wen Huang and Shu-guang Zhu
Mesoporous Activated Carbons Derived from Bamboo Solid Wastes: Preparation, Characterization and Applications
Kun Huang, Wei Lu, Jia Guo, Ye Luo and Qi-zhe Ye
Study on the Use of Waste Incineration Fly Ash for Sediment Solidification
Han-qiao Liu, Fei-ying Dong, Guo-xia Wei and Shu-guang Zhang
Effect of Sulphate Acid Calalyzed Ethanol Cooking on Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Wheat Straw
Peng Luo and Zhong Liu
Conversion of Wheat Straw to Ethanol by Simultaneous Saccharification and Fermentation
Peng Luo and Zhong Liu
Effect of Thermal Treatment Temperature on Characteristics of Hospital Solid Waste Incinerator Fly Ash
Han-qiao Liu, Guo-xia Wei, Fei-ying Dong and Shu-guang Zhang
Production of Particleboard from Wheat Straw
Peng Luo and Chuanmin Yang
Study on the Protein Extraction from Excess Sludge by Papain Hydrolysis
Ping Li, Deng Xin Li and Mei Zhen Zhou
Study on the Physicochemical Properties of Desulfurization Ash from Two Different Coal Fired Power Plants
Wei Xiang, Baoping Han, Dong Zhou and Guohong Tong
Ground Water Pollution Control
Granular Activated Carbon Adsorption Treatment for Removal of Trichloroethylene from Groundwater
Liu-ya Huang, Zhi-dong Yang, Bing-jing Li, Juan Hu, Wei Zhang and Wei-chi Ying
Groundwater Pollution Risk Assessment Using the DRASTIC Model at San Menxia Basin, Henan Province
Xiaohui Lu and Deshan Zhao
Influence of Agricultural Activity and Aquifer Intrinsic Vulnerability on Groundwater Quality in the Dagu River Watershed (Qingdao, China)
Youyuan Chen, Shiying Yang, Shaojie Dong, Yanmei Li, Baoquan Sun and Zuojiu Shao
Sorption and Desorption Behaviors of Chlorobenzene on the Sediment of Songhua River
Hai-bin Yu, Ye-yao Wang and Cun-yi Song
A Critical Salt Concentration of Illite Clay for Particle Release in Aquifer Media
Guo-qing Lin, Xi-lai Zheng, Xiao-yu Miao and Ji-Dong Ding
MTBE Attenuation in a Chalk Aquifer
L. Cheng, A. Ding, D. N. Lerner and S. F. Thornton
Changes of Hydraulic Conductivity in Coastal Aquifers with the Existence of Illites
Guo-qing Lin, Ji-Dong Ding, Xi-lai Zheng and Xiao-yu Miao
Effect of Environmental Factors on the Removal of Uranyl by Elemental Iron
Zhengji Yi, Bin Lian and Yingqun Yang
Numerical Simulation of Contaminant Transport in Porous Soil
Lulu Li, Wen Zhao, Yilin Wang, Fanbo Meng, Hongyan Ao and Chang Wang
2D Mass Transport Simulation for Evaluation of Groundwater Contamination around an Oxidation Pond in Eastern China
Lei Meng, Qiyan Feng, Lai Zhou and Chuanrui Li
Removal of Carbon Tetrachloride from Contaminated Groundwater Environment by Adsorption Method
Jie Lu and Jiafen Pan
Expanded Graphite Applied in the Reactive Nano-Fe/Ni Composite as a Support for Reduction of Nitrate in Waters
Jun-jie Yue, Zhao-hui Jin, Tie-long Li and Xing-long Jin
Preliminary Study of Biological Activated Carbon Treatment for Removing MTBE from Groundwater
Bing-jing Li, Juan Hu, Liu-ya Huang, Yan Lv, Wei Zhang, Wei-chi Ying and Mark R Shallow Groundwater Vulnerability Assessment in the Upper and Middle Reaches of the Huai River
Dong Zhang, Xing-yu Huang and Yun-tao Liu
Quick Assessment of Contamination Threat to Groundwater after NAPL Spill
Yulan Liu, Lirong Cheng, Aizhong Ding and Jiuliang Xu
Determination of Trace Oxytetracycline in Wasterwater by Phase-Separation Floatation with Ultraviolet Detection
Yan-min Hou, Yong-hua Cheng and Yong-sheng Yan
Numerical Studies on the Control of Saltwater Intrusion at the Estuary Area of the Sand River, China
Litang Hu and Ya Xu
The Hydrogeochemical Modeling for Total Hardness in Aquifer of Urban Area
Donghui Cheng, Mingzhu Liu, Honghan Chen, Jiangtao He, Guoping He and Jian Lin
Growth Inhibition of Algae from Landscape Water by Submerged Macrophytes
Songyan Qin, Jinxi Zhou, Tieying Yang, Yaqi Duan, Peng Huang and Wei Shang
Characterization of Phosphorus Removal in the Rivers Inputting into Lake Taihu
Ying Hu, Shihe Wang, Chao Wang and Helong Jiang
Influence on Shallow Ground Water by Heavy Metal in Polluted River
Zhi ping Li, Xiao gang Chen, Zhao li Shen and Zuo xin Zhong
Effect of Property Changes of Iron Nanoparticles on Final Product Distribution in an Autotrophic Denitrification System from Groundwater
Yi An, Tielong Li, Zhaohui Jin, Meiying Dong and Qianqian Li
Review of High Arsenic Groundwater in China
Zhiping Li, D. Van Halem and J. Q. J. C. Verberk
The Pollutant Mechanism of Water Supply in Henan Oilfield
Yong Fu
Estimation Method of Denitrification Rate Constant in Aquifer
Donghui Cheng, Mingzhu Liu, Honghan Chen, Jiangtao He, Guoping He and Jian Lin
Delineation of Groundwater and Soil Contamination Using EM Survey at an Industrial Abandoned Site
Shaohong Zhang
The Study about the Degradation of Nitrobenzene by Domesticated Activated Sludge and the Initial Validation of Toxicology before and after the Degradation
Yu-bin Ji, Jin-yu Zhou, Wen-lan Li, Chang-ru Xu and Xing-jie Zhu
The Analysis on Hydrochemistry Environment Evolvement of Pore Groundwater in Shallow Aquifer in LuoYang City
Xian-Guo Wang, Li Guo and Tao Peng
Adsorption Characteristics of Ammonia-Nitrogen onto Different Lithology
Hua Tian, Wenke Wang, Xiaoming Sun and Lin Deng
Photodegradation of Acetaminophen in Secondary Effluent of Sewage Treatment Plant under Simulated Sunlight Irradiation
Yanxiang Liu, Yiling Tong and Junxia Liu
The Study of Aqueous Colloid in High Arsenic Groundwater: Insights in the Hetao Basin by Ultrafiltrating
Bo Zhang and Hua-ming Guo
Elementary Discussion on Sea Water Intrusion
Qingyong Liu and Ruiyong Song
Study on Nitrate Rate from Groundwater with Shortcut Nitrification–denitrification A/O Membrane Bioreactor
Sitan Wang, Weiwei Fu and Xuying Guo
The Algicidal Characteristics of One Ochrobactrum Strain on Microcystis aeruginosa
Xueliang Yuan and Ruimin Mu
Research on the Effect and Kinetics Mechanism of Biological Iron-Removal from Groundwater
Li-e Yu and Chuan He
Start-Up of Biological Fiber Activated Carbon in Advanced Treatment of Drinking Water
He Wang, Zhonglin Chen, Jimin Shen, Feifei Xiang, Yu Liu, Xu Zhai and Yue Liu
Study on Preparation and Flocculation Properties of Inorganic Polymer Flocculant Polyferric Silicate Sulfate (PFSS)
Wenyi Zhang, Lirong Yao, Jianfeng Ma and Dinglong Li
Distribution and Enrichment of High Arsenic Groundwater and Water Improvement for Prevention Endemic Diseases in Yinchuan Plain of China
Funcun Zhang, Shuangbao Han, Hui Zhang, Xiaofeng Jia, Yushan Wang and Fenghua Shi
Hydrobiology and Water Pollution
The Deleterious Effect of Aldehydes Produced by Marine Microalgae on the Reproduction of Calanus sinicus
Jie Li, Guowei Zhang, Yanjuan Liang and Le Zhang
Experimental Research on Purification Capability of Different Media to the Water of Yitong River
Zhang Fang, Chang-lai Xiao, Zhe Ma and Shuang Huang
Study on Adsorption of Chitosan and interaction with C12EO5 on Silica
Bingtao Liu, Remco Fokkink and Arie de Keizer
Measurement and Analysis on Biofilm Bacteria of the Pipe Wall in Water Distribution System
Yi-mei Tian, Yan-wei Liu and Hui-na Liu
Migration Mechanism of Petroleum Hydrocarbon Pollutants in Groundwater System: A Case Study from Groundwater System in Jinan Refinery
Shan Wang, Zhenmin Ma, Weiwei Yu, Liang Zhang and Lingling Li
Purification Efficiency of Different Aquatic Plants on Polluted Inflow River of Taihu Lake
Ruibin Zhang, Xin Qian, Xingcheng Yuan and Yanyan Dou
Application of Modified Streeter-Phelps Model and COD Changing Model to Xiangxi River in Three Gorges Reservoir Area
Hui Peng, Wei Yao and Ping Huang
Improved Grey Model Base on Exponential Smoothing for River Water Pollution Prediction
Zheng-wen Xie and Kai-yu Su
Calculation of Sediment Sedimentation Rate of Radial Sand Ridge in Jiangsu Coast
De-an Wu and Zheng-long Zhang
Simulation of Flow Field in Pre-Dams and Phosphorus Elimination during Rainstorm
Bin Li, Xiwu Lu, Ping Ning and Bin Li
Mechanism Study and Application of Miniature Wetland in Agricultural Non-Point Source Pollution Control
Chun-qing Guo, Ying-jie Zhu and Rong-jie Fang
Relationships between Sedimentary Microbial Communities and Nutrient Factors in Luoma Lake
Linduo Zhao, Liang Zhu and Gang Liu
Phosphorus Pollution Characters Based on Forms in the Wuliangsuhai and Daihai Lake in the Inner Mongolia Plateau, China
Changwei Lü, Jiang He and Bing Wang
Study on Form Distribution and Correlation of Heavy Metals in the Sediment of Urban Water
Ying Xu and Jing-ling Lu
Dynamic Response of the Suspended Sediment Change in the Tidal Channel of Jiangsu Sea Area
Guo-dong Hu, De-an Wu and Yi-xin Yan
The Process of Diffusion and Transportation of COD around the Radial Sand Ridges in the Huanghai Sea
Yu-xin Zhu, Guang-yu Zhang and Ying Wang
Investigation of Arsenic Accumulation and Senescence by Measuring Possible Indicators of Arsenic Stress in Pteris vittata
Masayoshi Hatayama, Chihiro Inoue and Kozo Shinoda
Methods of Monitoring Water Quality
Use of Microbial Community Characteristics in Assessment of Water Quality in Baiyangdian Lake
Fengchao Li and Yumimg Mei
Determination of Trace Bromate in Drinking Water with Ion Chromatography
Rui Chen, Xue-qi Fu and Ying-lin Shi
Optimization of Dispersive Liquid-Liquid Microextraction (DLLME) Based on the Solidification of Floating Organic Drop (SFO) Coupled with Ultrasonic-Assisted Extraction (UAE) for the Extraction Recovery of Deca-Bromodiphenyl Ether (BDE-209) from Surficial Sediments
Ting Wang, Yan Hu and Yu Li
Monitoring and Evaluating Aquatic Environment in Mining Subsidence Supported by 3D GIS
Yanbin Wu and Ming Huang
Research on the Evaluation Methods of Surface Water Quality Based on Spatial Data
Yujia Liu and Zhiming Liu
Appraisal of Beijing Wetlands Water Purification Value
Juan Long, Ming Tang, Wen-ji Zhao, Lin Zhu, Zhao-ning Gong, Wei-guo Jiang, Pen Hou, Jian-rui Zheng and Yao-ming Su
Based on the "Three Chart" Method of Groundwater Vulnerability Assessment
Hua Lv and Yanqiu Wang
Hydrochemical Variation and Its Influencing Factors in Typical Karst Subterranean River in SW China
Zhijun Wang, Pingheng Yang, Qiufang He, Daoxian Yuan, Wenhao Yuan, Yinglun Kuang and Daoxian Yuan
Study on the Polarized Reflection Characteristics of Washing-Powder Solutions
Shaoping Li, Zhongqiu Sun and Yunsheng Zhao
Determination of Substituted Benzenes in Water by Salting-Out Phase Separation Microextraction Coupled to High Performance Liquid Chromatography
Jian-ke Zhou, Kun Long and Jing Peng
Study on Determination of Trace Fe(II) in Environmental Samples by Thin Layer Resin Phase Spectrophotometry
Hang Gao, Changhao Li and Songtian Li
Determination of Three Phenolic Compounds in Water Using Salting-Out Phase Separation Microextraction Combined Liquid Chromatography
Jian-ke Zhou, Jing Peng and Kun Long
Development of a New Flow-Injection Chemiluminescence Method for the Determination of Sulfide
Yingchun Yang, Yuanyuan Feng, Zhixiang Ye, Honglin Yin and Huaijin Yang
A Novel Microbial Sensor Immobilized Arxula adeninivorans for Biochemical Oxygen Demand Measure in High Salt Condition
Hu Lei and Li Yi
Simultaneous Analysis of Multiple Classes of Antibiotics in Water and Soil Samples via Solid Phase Extraction and Liquid Chromatography-Tandem Mass Spectrometry
Wei Hu, Changsheng Guo, Lili Ma and Yuqiu Wang
Monitoring and Analysis on Benzene and Benzene Compounds in Indoor Air by Gas Chromatography
Meisheng Liang and Haitao Zheng
Extraction of Phenol, o-Chlorophenol, o-Nitrophenol from Water by Using Liquid-Solid Extraction System Based on Tween 80-Sodium Citrate-H2O
Jian Zhang, Ming Yang, Jianfen Li, Ru Li and Kaicheng Zhang
Determination of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Surface Water by Isotope Dilution Method with Large Volume Injection
Yongtao Zhang, Li Zhang and Guiqin Zhang
Analysis of Nonylphenol in Aquatic Environment Using Stir Bar Sorptive Extraction Thermal Desorption Gas Chromatography
YanQun Liu
Determination of the Arsenic Content in Surface Water by Silver Diethyldithiocarbamate Spectrophotometry
Meisheng Liang and Yongkai Lai
Determining Chlorine Decay Constants in Isfahan Water Transportation Pipeline
Hamid Reza Tashauoei, Mahdi haji Khiadani and Farham Karakani
Determination of Chemical Oxygen Demand for Saline Wastewater
Xiangjuan Ma and Yang Gao
Study on the Dynamic Spatio-Temporal Change Monitoring of the Tai Lake Chlorophyll-a Concentration Based on TM/ETM+ Images
Jin-bao Liu and Zheng-wei He
Detection Analysis of Pathogenic Organisms in Municipal Sewage with PCR-Based 16S rDNA Technique
Xiaohong Xu, Chundu Wu and Degang Ning
Modeling and Measuring of Water Pollution
Environmental Factors Influencing Seasonal Variation of Microcystin-RR Concentrations in Baoyang River, a Shallow City River in Changxing of China
Hangjun Zhang, Xiuying Jia and Ciming Hu
Kinetics and Reaction Mechanism for Formaldehyde Wastewater Using UV-Fenton Oxidation
Jiantao Liang, Xiangxuan Liu, Zeyang Zhang and Yunchao Wang
Eutrophication Prediction Model of Bohai Bay Based on Optimized Support Vector Machine
Xianquan Xiang, Dekui Yuan and Jianhua Tao
Application of SWAT Model to Zhangweinan Canal Sub-Watershed
Baolin Su, Xitian Cai, Yongliang Sun and Zongxue Xu
Longitudinal Dispersion of Pollutants in Flow through Natural Vegetation
Erqing Hui, Guangjing Cao, Chunbo Jiang and Zhenduo Zhu
Transportation of the Oil Slick in the Low-Temperature River
Pei-shi Qi, Zhi-guo Shao, Yun-zhi Liu, Zheng Qi and Li-jun Li
Application of Artificial Neural Network in Urban Landscape Water Quality Evaluation
Yi-mei Tian, Li-hua Jia and Bin-wei Wang
Simulation of Land Reclamation's Effect on the Water Exchange in Tianjin Coastal Area
Xiaobao Li, Dekui Yuan, Jian Sun and Jian Hua Tao
Estimation and Allocation Water Environmental Capacity of Dadu River of Luding Segment
Yingjun Wang, Jie Xia, Minghao Fan and Yan Chen
The Effects of TN:TP Ratios on the Phytoplankton and Colonial Cyanobacteria in Eutrophic Shallow Lakes
Jin Lv and Hongjuan Wu
Nitrate and Nitrite Pollution in the Jiantan River in the Three Gorges Reservoir Area
Xiangchao Liu and Bo Zu
Application Analysis of One-Dimensional Sedimentation Model
Yabing Guo, Yuxian Hu and Binzheng Li
Application of AnnAGNPS in Upper & Middle Watershed of Guilin Taohuajiang River in Karst Area
Jincheng Lee, Yajing Lee, Junya Wang, Zhifen Xu and Li Han
Study on Maintenance of Water Quality in a Fishpond through Water Diversion
Huhu Zhao, Haiping Zhang and Ling Chen
Simulating the Effectiveness of Water Diversion Project in Chaohu City, Anhui Province
Yue Jiang, Haiping Zhang and Ling Chen
A Water Quality Evaluation Method of Projection Pursuit Regression Based on Ant Colony Algorithm in Nanning Urban River
Chong Fang, Liang Wei, Weijun Huang and Feipeng Xiao
Nonlinear Sorption and Transport of Perchloroethylene in Low Organic Content Sandy Aquifer
Changwen Ma and Yanqing Wu
Application and Test of GIS Based FUSLE Model in a Pine Forest Sub-Catchment in the Dabie Mountains, China
Jinchi Zhang, Jiayao Zhuang, Bo Zhang, Jing Yang and Jie Lin
Modelling Bio-Enhanced TCE DNAPL Elimination in a Soil Column
Xiaomin Mao and Haizhu Hu
Numerical Experimental Set-Up of Oil Containment by Rigid Floating Boom in Wave
Xing Feng, Wanqing Wu and Bin Zhang
The Influence Mechanism of Ash-Flushing Water from Power Plant on Groundwater Environment
Yaqiao Sun and Lei Duan
Inversion-Optimization Method for Determination of Longitudinal Dispersion Coefficient in River
Xiao-dong Liu, Hong-qin Xue, Qi Yao, Li-ping Xiang and Zeng-fang Xie
Study of Mathematical Model in Electrodialysis of Desalination
Guolin Jing, Lijie Xing and Shulin Li
Relating Watershed Characteristics to Non-Point Source Pollution in Miyun Reservoir Watershed Using Principal Components Analysis (PCA)
Yang Ou, Xiaoyan Wang and Mingtao Li
Model of Initiation Angle under Hydraulic Refracturing Subtitle as Needed
Wanchun Zhao and Tingting Wang
Application of SWAT in Non-Point Source Pollution of Upper Xiliaohe Basin, China
Lu Hao, Shuanghe Shen, Jingmin Gao and Jing-ai Wang
Research on Polarized Remote Sensing of Monitoring of Water Pollution
Zhongqiu Sun, Yunsheng Zhao and Shaoping Li
Determination of 8 Kinds of Acid Herbicide Residues in Water by Derived-GC/MS Method
Hai-ying Zuo and Li Zhang
Theoretical Substantiation of the Ion of Cobalt (II) Adsorption on the Inorganic Sorbents
I. V. Artamonova, I. G. Gorichev, E. O. Zabenkina, S. V. Artamonov and A. Y. Kurmisheva
Measuring the Effect of Chromate Pollution on Duckweed Half-Fronds by Chlorophyll Fluorescence
Qingdai Liu, Fang Wang, Yu Zhao, Xiaochen Guo, Hongjie An and Zhizhou Zhang
Developing Water Pollution Accident Emergency Warning System for Chu River Downstream Basin
Lin-zi Li, Yu Qian and Yu-chao Zhang
An Optimistic Calibration Numerical Method for Water Quality Model Parameters with COD
Mingchang Li, Bin Zhou, Shuxiu Liang and Zhaochen Sun
Numerical Simulation of the Trajectory and Fate of Spilled Oil at Sea
Xiong Deqi, Zhang Xingbiao, Sylla Lamine and Guoxiang Liao
The Effect of Temperature and Internal Recycle Ratio on the Mass Flow in A²/O System
Xiao-yang Dong, Shan Wu, Jing-hui Zhang and Jun Zhou
Study on GWLF-BATHTUB Model Linkage to Watershed Management
Chunli Shi, Jian Sha, Xue Li, Yin He, Xupeng Wang and Yuqiu Wang
Gangue Leachate Chemistry in Long Term Experiment
Yao Xiong and Zhaohui Luo
Biosorption of Organic Pollutants by Activated Sludge: Equilibrium and Kinetic Modeling
Lin Wei and Tianqiu Hong
Design of a MEMS-Based Total Phosphorus Sensor with a Microdigestion System
Jianhua Tong, Chao Bian, Yang Li, Yin Bai and Shanhong Xia
Preliminary Exploration on Water Pollution from Non-Point Source in XiangXi River
Linxu Song and Ping Liu
Modeling the Fate and Transport of Halohydrocarbons Contaminants in Groundwater Aquifers of a Northern City
Mingzhu Liu, Yonggen Zhang and Liqin Hu
Improved AHP and Grey Relational Analysis Model on Optimizing Waterworks Sludge Treatment Process
Hua Pei, Zhang Qin and Zhang Jin
Spatial and Temporal Heterogeneity Study of Agricultural Non-Point Source Pollutant Loading of Zhangxi Watershed
B. J. Huang, H. Z. Yang, S. P. Wang and L. Yang
A Mathematical Model for Continuous Steady-State Treatment of Chromium Containing Wastewater in Foam Column
Dejin Wang and Jin Yu
Study on Vertical Distribution Characteristics of Sediment Concentration in Jiangsu Radial Sand Bars
De-an Wu, Rui Xie and Hai Zhou
New Wastewater Treatment Technologies
Retrench Energy Study of Dairy Wastewater Treatment by Using Hydrolyzeacidification-MBR System
Hong Yao, Wen-guang Shan, Ming-Dong Sun and Chen-guang Hao
The Application of MBR for the Treatment of Municipal Wastewaters at Short SRT
Liang Duan, Yonghui Song, Siqing Xia, Jixiang Li and Slawomir W. Hermanowicz
Biological Flocculant MBF-28 Used for Gas Oil Wastewater Treatment
Xin Xin, Xin He, Xueqiao Zhang, Ke Cui, Lirong Xia and Ruilin Pei
Study of Organic Matter and Aluminum Removal in Aqueous Using Chitosan-Inorganic Coagulant
Cheng Gang and XiangQian Wang
Screening and Application of High Effective Functional Bacteria for Subsequent Treating Leachate Biological Treatment Effluent
Zhi-gang Xie
Studies on Biosorption Equilibrium and Kinetics of Pb(II) by a Novel Extracellular Biopolymer Produced by Pseudomonas Fluorescence C-9
Jun Zhang, Hong-bo Zhang, Tian-hai Wang, Yao-qing Wang, Rong-nian Wang and Tai-zhi Zhang
Preparation of Chelating Flocculant Grafted with Diethylene Triamine and Its Performance for the Removal of Lead
Jian Liu, Bo Bai and Yuliang Li
The Technology Optimum and Reaction Dynamics of the Simulative Explosive Industrial Wastewater Degradation in Supercritical (Sub-Critical) Water
Yanhua Ma, Xian Zhu, Ling Tian, Lei Yang, Xiaolei Liu and Yijing Shen
Waste Heat-Activated Persulfate Degradation of Dye Wastewater
Ping Wang, Shiying Yang, Liang Shan, Xin Yang, Wenyi Zhang, Xueting Shao and Rui Niu
Anaerobic and Microaerobic Operation for the EGSB Reactor Treating Actual Coking Wastewater
Chunjuan Dong, Zhaoyu Geng, Yanxia Wang and Zengzhang Wang
Study on Treatment Efficiency of Pharmaceutical Wastewater by Combined Iron-Carbon Micro-Electrolysis-Biological Process
Hong-xiang Chai, Song-hua Duan, Jian Zhou, Yi Liu and Zhi-gang Li
Quick Startup and Performance Characteristic Research of the Micro-Aerobic EGSB Reactor Treating Actual Coking Wastewater at 25-30°C
Zhaoyu Geng, Chunjuan Dong, Suyun Chen and Zengzhang Wang
Effect of Aerating Frequency on Stabilizing Process of Aerobic Bioreactor Landfill
Zhongping Qiu, Fei Tong, Yuanyue Liu, Canquan Mao, Junqiang Zhou and Xiaojing Gu
Study on the Treatment and Resource Reuse of Lipoic Acid Wastewater
Ruixia Wei, Cailing Yang and Jinlong Chen
Study on Electro-Oxidation of Phenol by Rare Earth Gd Doping SnO2/Sb Coating Anode
Jing Wang, Xin Luo, Chunfeng Sun, Haohui Zhou and Fachao Wu
A Pilot Plant Study Using a Contact Oxidation Filtration Separation Integrated Bioreactor to Treat Municipal Wastewater
Zhen-hua Li and Kai Yang
Preparation and Performance of a Novel Inorganic Polymer Flocculant-Polysilicic Acid Ferrir and Zinc Sulfate Containing Boron
Zhuan-nian Liu, Qian-qian Cai, Xiao-gang Han and Hua Tian
Vermifiltration as a Final-Stage Process for Rural Sewage Purification in China
Meiyan Xing, Fen Yu, Jing Liu and Jian Yang
The Optimization Parameters and Performance of Biological Aerated Filter with Sludge-Glass Ceramic Particles as Biofilter for Dairy Wastewater Treatment
Yan Dong, Yan Lou, Ji-hong Zhao and Yong-de Liu
Study on Ammonia-Nitrogen Removal in Wastewater Using Electrochemical Method
Dahu Ding, Chuanping Feng, Xu Guo and Miao Li
Study of Photocalytic Oxidation Degradation Organic Phosphorus Pesticide in Aqueous with Nometer TiO2
Cheng Gang and HuiZong Li
Intermediate Experiment on the Recycling of Coke Plant Effluent through Washing Water Closed Circuit System in Coal Preparation Plant
Chang-feng Cai and Jian-ping Xu
Biosorption Characteristics of Pseudomonas Fluorescens PFC02 Biomass and Its Use for Cobalt and Cadmium Removal
Hai-cheng Liu, Tao Zhu, Yan-feng Zhang, Peng-xiang Xu, Le Du, Duan-li Guo and Kui Zhang
Degradation of Azo Dye Acid Orange 7 by UV-Activated Common Peroxides in Seawater System
Liang Shan, Shiying Yang, Youyuan Chen, Ping Wang, Rui Niu, Xueting Shao, Wenyi Zhang and Xin Yang
Removal of Chlorpyrifos from Contaminated Water Using Molecularly Imprinted Polymeric Microspheres
Jun Liu, Ming Yang, Lu Feng Huai and Yun Tao Chen
UV Enhanced Chlorination of Sewage against "Tailing" Phenomenon
Yong-mei Liang, Chao-bin Liu, Zheng-bo Ma, Jun He, Ya-Liang Zhou, Jin-Chan Chen and Wei Liu
Selective Removal of Naphthalene from Non-Ionic and Anionic Surfactants Using Activated Carbon
Daniel C. W. Tsang and Boey H. Zhang
The Dechlorination of 2,4-Dichlorophenol by Zero-Valent Iron
Wanhui Zhang, Guoguang Liu, Wenying Lv and Zhongyang Li
Catalytic Ozonation for the Degradation of P-Chlorobenzoic Acid in Aqueous Solution by Ni Supported Activated Carbon
Xukai Li, Ruihuan Huang, Qiuyun Zhang, Wenqing Yang and Laisheng Li
Enhancement of Electricity Generation and Sulfide Removal in Microbial Fuel Cells with Lead Dioxide Catalyzed Cathode
Baogang Zhang and Jinren Ni
Mixotrophic Denitrification and Desulfurization for Treatment of Nitrate, Nitrite, Sulfide and Organic Carbon-Contaminated Wastewater
Wei Li, Xiao Liang, Qingliang Zhao, Jianguo Lin and Ping Liu
Gamma Radiation Induced Effects on Coking Wastewater Treatment
Feng Guo
Nitrogen Removal Potential and Biofilm Characteristics in the Anaerobic Ammonium Oxidation ('ANAMMOX') Biofilter Reactor
Zhiyong Tian, Ping Zeng, Yonghui Song, Dong Li and Jie Zhang
Research on Nitrogen and Phosphorous Removal and Membrane Fouling Characteristics of Two-Stage Sequencing Batch MBR
Xin-yan Yuan, Heng-gen Shen, Lei Sun, Lin Wang and Shi-feng Li
Nitrate Removal in Horizontal Subsurface Constructed Wetland with Cattail Litter Addition
Gang Liu, Yue Wen and Qi Zhou
Effects of Contaminants on Oxygen Transfer in Microbubble Aeration
Chun Liu, Lei Zhang, Jing-Liang Yang, Jian-Bo Guo and Zai-Xing Li
Removal of Phosphate from Aqueous Solution With Fe-Mn Oxide Formed in Situ by KMnO4-Fe(II) Process
Ke Liu, Jun Ma and Qingdong Qin
Study on the Synthesis Mechanism of Cuprous Oxide/Rectorite Nanocomposites by Polyol Method
Jin-Yi Chen, Wan-Yi Li, Ting-Ting Hai, Nian Li and Wei Li
Studies of Electro-Assisted Photodegradation of Methylene Blue in a Zero Gap Cell with Nafion Membrane
Jin-Yi Chen, Nian Li, Wan-Yi Li, Jing Li and Ying-Shan Duan
Recovery of Aniline from Wastewater by Solvent Extraction Enhanced with Salting-Out Effect
Changhai Li and Changhai Li
Effect of Anodic Biofilm Growth on the Performance of the Microbial Fuel Cell (MFC)
Bin Hou, Yong-You Hu, Jian Sun and Yun-Qing Cao
Preparation of Ru-Doped TiO2 Nanotubes Electrode and Its Application in Methyl Orange Photoelectrocatalytic Degradation
Liming Wang and Binghua Yao
Characterization of an Novel Extracellular Biopolymer by Scanning Electron Microscopy and FT-IR Spectroscopy and Its Use for Nickel Removal
Yan-li Mao, Ya-li He, Duan-li Guo, Zhong-fang Pei, Ming-hua Gao and Wei Wen
Ruthenium Supported on Active Carbon-Ceramic Sphere as Catalysts for Catalytic Wet Air Oxidation (CWAO) of Resin Effluent
WeiMin Liu, YiQiang Hu and ShanTung Tu
Optimization on Cleaning in Line of Hollow Fiber Membrane Module
Hui Jia, Rui-feng Bai and Jie Wang
Landfill Leachate Treatment by SBR Process with Ozonation and Adsorption
Fengguo Cui, Shidong Yang, Lanhe Zhang, Yuling Li and Yujie Ren
Photocatalytic Degradation of Azo Dye Active Brilliant Red X3B by Composite Materials of TiO2 and 13X Molecular Sieves
Hong Tao, Jing Liu, Fei Chang, Jieying Luo, Yuran Zhang and Subramaniyan Ramasundaram
Treatment of Low Concentration Cadmium-Containing Wastewater by Modified Starch
Yanlin Zhang, Peihong Liu and Qiuyun Zhang
Investigation on High Efficient Catalyst for Catalytic Wet Oxidation Technology
Ying-chun He, Li-xiang Zhu, Gang-xing Lei and Gui-ju Li
Application of N-F-Codoped TiO2 for the Photocatalytic Reduction of Cr(VI) under Visible Light Irradiation
Qi Wang, Zhaohui Wang, Yi Zhang, Yanqing Cong, Jincai Zhao and Peide Sun
Catalytic Supercritical Water Oxidation Wastewater from Fabric Dyeing Plant Using CuSO4/FeSO4 as Catalyst
Wei-Jin Gong, Xue-Jun Duan and Qi-Shi Chen
Study on Scale Inhibition Performance by Calcined Hydrotalcite
Xiaoli Tian, Nairui Liu and Yu Sha
Preparation of Immobilized Fenton Reagent with H2O2 Generated by Solar Light-Illuminated Cuprous Oxide/Chitosan Nanocomposites at Neutral pH Value
Jin-Yi Chen, Nian Li, Wan-Yi Li, Jing Li and Yun Chen
Experimental Verification of a Mathematical Model of Emulsion Liquid Membrane
Huifang Fan, Hui Xie, Fei Ma and Jie Yu
Preparation and Characterization of Ce-Doped TiO2-Multi Walled Carbon Nanotubes Composites
Yi Zhou, Caixia Lv, Mingming Dang, Hong Li and Dehui Shi
Experimental Study on Using Precipitation Flotation Process to Treat Electroplating Wastewater
Wencan Dai, Shuiyu Sun and Tao Chen
Adsorption of Ammonium to Biologically Aerated Filter Backwashed Sludge
Hongbo Hu, Hongjun Han and Yao Jie
Degradation of Phenol in Water with Suspended TiO2 by Pulsed Streamer Discharge
Kefeng Shang, Fangzheng Wang and Jie Li
Effects of Zn²+ and Eu³+ Co-Doping on Photocatalytic Activity of TiO2
Yi Zhou, Mingming Dang, Caixia Lv, Hong Li and Dehui Shi
Optimization of Reclaim Nitrogen and Phosphorus from Source-Separated Urine with Orthogonal Array Design
Yong Wei, Liang-fei Dong and Bing-zhi Dong
Cd²+-Adsorption Properties in Wastewater of Composite Modified Maifan Stone
Denggao Guan, Chuanmin Sun, Yao Sun, Jinghui Lin, Shanhua Chen and Jianping Long
Effects of Organic Carbon and Nitrite on Simultaneous Organic Carbon, Sulfide, Nitrate and Nitrite Removal
Wei Li, Xiao Liang, Qiangliang Zhao, Jianguo Lin and Deqiang Yin
Reduction of Cr(VI) by Nanoscale Zero Valent Iron (nZVI): The Reaction Kinetics
Xiaoqin Li, Lei Lei, Chen Yang and Wei-xian Zhang
Degradation of Polyacrylamide by Using a Novel Heterogeneous Catalyst in Fenton-Like System
Shuxiang Lü, Yang Hu and Yuanlai Qiu
Annealing Effects on Properties of Pure and Iron Doped Nano-TiO2 Films Prepared by Reactive Magnetron Sputtering
Wenjie Zhang, Ruyuan Li, Ying Li, Shenglong Zhu and Fuhui Wang
Numerical Simulation of Supercritical Water Oxidation with a Transpiring Wall Reactor
Fengming Zhang, Shouyan Chen, Zhiqiang Wang, Chunyuan Ma, Guifang Chen and Jiaming Zhang
Methyl Orange Degradation on TiO2-FeZSM-5 Composite Photocatalyst
Wenjie Zhang, Bo Yang, Kuanling Wang, Lupeng Liu and Hongbo He
Quick Startup of EGSB Reactor Seeded with Anaerobic Digestion Sludge for the Treatment of Actual Domestic Sewage under Ambient Temperature
Chunjuan Dong, Qingwei Li, Zhaoyu Geng, Haihui Wang and Zengzhang Wang
Preparation and Properties of Rice Husk Ash-Titania Compound Adsorbent
De-jin Wang and Yong Zhou
Treatment of Dye Wastewater by Bentonite Adsorption and Catalysis
Yuqi Sun, Jianfeng Ma and Dinglong Li
Study on the Adsorption Behavior of Co(II), Pb(II) on Modified Sodium Trititanate Whisker and Its Application to Wastewater
Chang-xun Tian, Yuan-hong Wang, Ming-hua Gao, Duan-li Guo, Ie Du, Peng-xiang Xu and Jun-shuai Shi
Electricity Generation Comparison of Two-Chamber Microbial Fuel Cells with Different Membranes
Xiaoying Kong, Yongming Sun, Lianhua Li, Ying Li, Zhenhong Yuan and Xiaoying Kong
Control of Carbon and Nitrogen Ratio for Nitrogen Removal of Aerobic Denitrifier in a Batch Reactor
Hongyu Wang, Kai Yang, Bin Lv and Xiaojun Yang
Effect of Flow Velocity on Filler Dosed Enhanced Primary Treatment of Municipal Sewage
Haiping Guo, Lihua Cheng, Xuejun Bi and Changqing Liu
Biosorption of Strontium Ions in Aqueous Solution by Beer Yeast
Wei Zhang, Faqin Dong and Qunwei Dai
Microorganisms in Rivers in the Application of Bioremediation
Yi Zou, Haibo Li, Yi Zou and Haibo Li
Experimental Research on the Treatment of Municipal Wastewater by Unequal Spaced Opposite Floded Plate Anaerobic Reactor
Tiehong Song, Xiangkui Han and Zhenhua Huang
The Combined Subsurface Infiltration Treatment for Dispersive Domestic Sewage
Yi Zou, Haibo Li, Tieheng Sun, Yi Zou, Haibo Li, Xiaomin Hu and Tieheng Sun
Study on Hydrodynamic Characteristics of the Split-Feed Anaerobic Baffled Reactor
Li Ma, Chun-du Wu, Qing-jie Xie, Guo-feng Zhu and Chun-du Wu
New Water Purification Technologies
Purification of Pollutants by Ecological Floating-Bed Process for Heavily Polluted River
Xiaoyi Xu, Guyuan Luo, Jianfeng Zheng and Lianghua Han
Flocculation Behavior in Hexagonal-Hole Grid System Dealing with High Turbidity Water
Hui Wang, Xing Li, Qin Wang and Jie Liu
The Research of the Flofilter Technology with Micro-Flocculation and GAC Sand to Treat Eutrophic Water
Yonglei Wang, Kefeng Zhang, Mengmeng Yin, Ruibao Jia and Honglan Li
Catalytic Reduction of Nitrate by Pd/SnO2 Catalyst Using Formic Acid as Reducing Agent
Yibao Wu, Yongyou Hu, Jianhua Cheng and Yanni Guo
Study on Control of Membrane Fouling by Different Forms of Coagulation Pretreatment
Liang Wang, Yueqi Zhu, Hongwei Zhang, Zhaohui Zhang and Lin Yang
Enhanced Photocatalytic Degradation of Humic Acid in Fe2O3 Aqueous Suspension by Increasing Ca²+ Strength under a Blue Light Irradiation
Guangyue Ding, Caixia Li, Caimei Fan and Yanping Sun
Inactivation of Viruses in Water by Biogenic Silver: Innovative and Environmentally Friendly Disinfection Technique - Withdrawn
Bart De Gusseme, Liesje Sintubin, Tom Hennebel, Nico Boon, Willy Verstraete, Leen Baert and Mieke Uyttendaele
Photocatalytic Ozonation of Dimethyl Phthalate over TiO2 Prepared by a Hydrothermal Method
Yuan Jing, Laisheng Li and Qiuyun Zhang
Research on Removal of Estradiol in Water by Nanofiltration Membrane
Aihua Cheng, Lei Wang and XuDong Wang
Photoelectrocatalytic Degradation of Methyl Orange in TiO2 Suspension-Ti Electrode System
Wenjie Zhang, Yang Yu and Xiaoxi Wang
Synthesis and Photocatalytic Application of Hierarchical Macroporous TiO2 with Mesocellular Foam Structure Using Eggshell Membrane as Template
Chao Chen, Mingce Long, Weimin Cai and Baoxue Zhou
Isolation, Identification and Degradation Characterization of 1,2-Dichlorobenzene Degrading Strain
Huihui Liu, Chunsheng Yang, Cheng Ding, Zhaoxia Li and Huixing Liang
Defluorination in High Fluoride-Bearing Water with Electric Field and Limestone
Fen Xu, Jianfei Yuan, Shugang Guo and Zhaohui Luo
Fluoride Removal for High Fluoride Drinking Water by Adsorption on Modified Artificial Zeolite
Yong-xian Ma, Huan-zhen Zhang, Yu-peng Fan, Fei Li and Cheng Liu
Bamboo Leaf: A Green and Economical Adsorbent for Uranium(VI) Removal
Peng Ren, Shanglian Hu, Ying Cao, Ke Chen and Jianbo Tan
Effect of Loaded Pellets in High Voltage Pulse Discharge
Linan Zhu, Ye Gao, Yongjun Wang, Zhijun Ren and Jun Ma
Preparation and Performance of Polysilicate Aluminum Ferric-Chitosan
Jun Wu, Jun Wu, Yong-liang Xue, Gang Yang, Bai-ye Sun and Lin Zhang
Preparation and Photocatalytic Activity of Magnetically Separated Nitrogen-Doped TiO2 Under Visible Light
Hanyu Chen, Guizhi Jiao and Xujie Lu
Purification of Drinking-Water Supplies
Evaluation of PAC Effect in Integrated PAC/UF System for Surface Water Treatment
Jing-yi Hu, Ran Shang and Hui-ping Deng
Micro-Nutrients Effects on Algae Colony: Growth Rate and Biomass Response to Various Micro-Nutrients and Competitive Inhibitions among Multi-Microelements
Zhihong Wang, Shiguang Chen and Xin Cao
Fluoride Adsorption onto a Ce-La Binary Hydroxide Adsorbent as Recovery of Ceria Glass Polishing Wastes
Ping Zhang, Tong Ouyang, Shanshan Chen, Ruoshang Li and Limin Lai
Effect of Ammonia and pH Combinations on the Formation of Ozonation and Chlorination By-Products in Bromide-Containing Water
Huan Wang, Dongmei Liu, Fuyi Cui, Qi Zhu and Tongmian Liu
Analysis of the Impacts of Flocculation Modes and Coagulant Dose on Dissolved Air Flotation
Yuheng Wang, Xiuyan Zhou, Shengguang Zhou and Qishan Wang
The Experiment Research on the Sedimentation Properties of the Aggregates Flocs
Wei Chen, Mingming Xu, Yu Wang and Yuehua Fan
Disinfection for Removal of Zooplankton with Chlorine Dioxide
Tao Lin, Shanshan Fan and Wei Chen
The Study on Whole Performance of Direct Heated Solar Desalination System
He Tian, Juyuan Jiang and Mingxian Cui
Magnetic Hydrogels for Removal of Humic Acid from Aqueous Environment
Pinhua Rao and Irene M. C. Lo
The Enhancement of Cd(II) Adsorption by Immobilsation of Tannic Acid onto Powdered Activated Carbon
Xiaowei Liu, Zhonglin Chen, Miaomiao Ye and Jun Xu
Advanced Phosphate Removal by Adsorption onto Activated Alum Porcelain in Simulation Water
Nian-ping Chi, Bing-zhi Dong and Yi Liao
Research on the Treatment for Ozone-Flocculation Filter from Yellow River
Honglan Li, Yonglei Wang and Kefeng Zhang
Compare Study of a New Type Adsorbent and 2 Traditional Adsorbents on Their Efficiency for As (V) Adsorption
Lei Zheng, Ai-zhong Ding and Wen-cheng Ding
Adsorption of Tetracycline by Activated Carbon Fiber
Guoting Li, Haihua Li, Yunxia Li, Jing Chen, Meiya Zhu and Xiwang Zhang
Study on Relationship between Characteristics of DOC and Removal Performance by BAC Filter
Zhaohui Zhang, Liang Wang and Lin Shao
Use Human Breast Cancer Cells to Examine Change of Estrogenicity in Drinking Water Treatment Process
Guangming Zhang, Lang Lang and Yu Li
Chrome Removal from the Water Sample by Macromolecule Heavy Metal Flocculant CSAX
Shening Wang, Qing Chang, Caili Gao and Shening Wang
Removal of DBPs and Control of Bacteria Regrowth in Drinking Water Distribution System
Shihu Shu, Suiqing Liu, Shihu Shu, Dong Zhang, Ning Lu and Hongbo Liu
Oxidization of Polymer Si-Fe Coagulant
Fu Ying
Adsorption Capacity Comparison among Three Filter Media for Phosphorus
Junling Wang, Yajun Zhang, Cuimin Feng, Huizhen Wang and Lihua Wang
Research on the Distribution of Bacterium in Secondary Water-Supply Systems
Qing Wu, Yi Zheng, Caiyun Zhao and Yue Zhang
Study on Active Carbon as Emergency Treatment of Songhua River Polluted by Nitrobenzene
Guangzhi Wang, Weiguang Li, Likun Huang and Yunan Gao
Adsorption of Arsenic (III) onto Two Iron-Coated Zeolites
Xinxin Meng and Yongzhang Pan
Simultaneous Biological Removal of Iron, Manganese and Ammonium Nitrogen in Simulated Groundwater Using Biological Aerated Filter
Yulan Tang, Juanjuan He, Xingguan Ma, Kun You, Rongxin Zhang, Weibing Wu, Jinxiang Fu and Haipeng Zhao
Other Topics Related to Water Pollution
Comparison of Heavy Metal Distribution and Bioavailability in Surficial Sediments Collected in the Songhua River, Northeast of China
Lei Gao, Wenjin Zhao and Na Li
Modeling the Effects of Inflow and Outflow Volume on Turbidity Variation in Liuxihe Reservoir
Sheng Wang, Xin Qian and Boping Han
Adsorption and Desorption Behaviors of Nitrobenzene and Aniline by Wetland Soil
Changchun Song and Yanyu Song
Fabrication of TiO2 Hollow Spheres Using Yeast as Bio-Templates and Their Photocatalytic Performance for the Degradation of CBW Wastewater
Ying Chen, Cuifang Wang, Bo Bai and Li Yang
Algae Growth under Combined Conditions of Disturbance, Temperature and Light
Yu-ling Huang
Hydrothermal Conversion of Carbohydrates into Lactic Acid with Alkaline Catalysts
Cuixiang Ma, Fangming Jin, Jianglin Cao and Bing Wu
Synthesis and Performance Research of Biodegradable Modified Polyaspartic Acid
Yuhua Gao, Zhenfa Liu, Lihui Zhang and Yanji Wang
Investigation of Organochlorine Pesticides in Marine Organisms from Xinghua Bay, China
Hui Ping Huang, Shi Hua Qi, Ping Zhang, Xiang Tian Tu and Hongyin Han
Efficiency and Mechanism of Degradation of 2Methylisoborneol(2-Mib) by O3/H2O2 in Water
Xueyan Li, Yong Huang and Dongtian Wang
Study on Sea Ice Exploitation as the Utilization of Freshwater Resources in Bohai Rim
Yebin Lin, Yingjun Xu, Wei Gu, Danyang Bu, Jun Tao and Zhizheng Wu
Pollution Characteristics and Evaluation of Surface Sediment of Nanhu Lake
Ming-rong Wei, Ying-he Jiang, Ming-rong Wei, Cai-chun Wei and Li-wei Xu
Monitoring and Risk Analysis of Heavy Metals in Sediment and Fish from South Taihu Lake
Binghong Cheng, Yanling Qiu, Li Li, Zhiliang Zhu, Jianfu Zhao, Xiaohong Yang, Jiang Chen and Yuxin Yao
A Raman Spectroscopy Database of Water Pollutants and the Data Compression
Chen Chen, Fei Peng, Dahai Xu and Qinghua Cheng
A Study on the Estimation Method of Wetland Purification Capacity to Surface Runoff
H. Y. Duan, Y. C. Wang, W. J. Zhao, H. B. Man and X. E. Wang
Study on Concentrations and Sources of PAHs in the Surface Sediments from Pearl River
Juan Du and Hong-hai Wu
Optimization Experiment of Coagulation Mixing Energy Consumption Allocation Program
Lei Zhu, Jianjun Li and Han Hu
Identification of a High Phosphate-Accumulating Organisms and Study of Its Poly-Phosphate Characteristics
Junzhong Yang, Liling Yuan, Shangying Xu, Derui Zhu, Yan Ni, Yongze Yuan, Deli Liu and Jiangke Yang
Ultrasonic Regeneration of Granular Activated Carbon Used in Water Treatment
Jiongyuan Lu and Sanfan Wang
Investigations into the Effects of Microcystin-LR on the Growth and Antioxidant Enzymes in Chinese Cabbage and Rape
Yanfeng Xue, Youqin Li, Zhiqi Shi, Neng Yi and Huiming Li
Study on Environmental-Friendly Dyeing Processes of Fast-Growing Plantation Veneers
Hong Deng and Yuan Liu
Research on the Synergistic Scale Inhibition Performance of Itaconic Acid Homopolymer and High-Voltage Electrostatic Field
HaiHua Li, ZhenFa Liu, XiuLi Wu and XiaoJing Hu
Killing of Escherichia coli by Exogenous Hydroxyl Radicals
Hua-gang He, Chun-du Wu, Ke-hui Hou, Chun-du Wu, Shan-ying Zhu, Cheng-wu Yi and Jinyu Chu
Research on Preparation and Performance of Environmentally Friendly Scale Inhibition and Dispersion Agent
MeiFang Yan, ZhenFa Liu, XiuLi Wu and XiaoJing Hu
The Early-Warning Management of China's Main River Basins
Hong Wang and Qiuling Chen
Chemical Origin of Phosphine in Nature
Jinju Geng, Rui Zhang and Xiaorong Wang
Back Propagation Neural Network (BPNN) Simulation Model and Influence of Operational Parameters on Hydrogen Bio-Production through Integrative Biological Reactor (IBR) Treating Wastewater
Yue Shi, Guo-sheng Gai, Xiu-tao Zhao, Jun-jun Zhu and Peng Zhang
Study on the Feasibility of Co-Digestion of Turf Cutting Litter and Sewage Sludge under Thermophilic Anaerobic Condition
Jing-Liang Xie, Xiao-li Hu and Xue-Xi Tang
Agri-Environmetal Instruments for Nonpoint Pollution: Theory and Practice
Liange Zhao and Shukai Cai
Polyhydroxyalkanoates Production by Activated Sludge: Effects of Activated Sludge Organisms, PH and Initial Sludge Polyhydroxyalkanoates Content
Yamin Jiang, Xiaoming Hou and Yuanlong Zhang
Isolation of Dye Decolorization Bacteria and the Study on the Conditions of Dyes Decolorization
Huixing Liang, Aihui Chen, Xin Chen, Zhaoxia Li and Cheng Ding
Analysis about Mechanism of Pollution in Shallow Weedy Lakes in Arid Area
Xiaohong Shi and Changyou Li
Water Transfer Scale Calculation Method Based on Eco-Environment Water Security of Accepting Water Region
Qing-qing Qi, Bing Shen, Jian-xin Xu and Ze-zhong Zhang
Experimental Study on Aerobic Co-Metabolism Biodegradation of Xanthate
Heng-zhen Yan, Wen-qi Gong, Guang-jun Mei and Shao-hua Chen
The Numerical Computation of Grit Chamber with Rotational Flow
Xiaoling Wang and Shasha Zhou
Artemia salina as a Bioassay Organism for Testing Water Quality in Hangzhou Section of Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal
Yin Lu, Xiaolu Xu, Tian Li, Zhuyong Chen, Qiongyao Huang, Yuji Huang and Xu Wu
N-Doped Trititanate Nanotubes: Preparation, Characterization and Visible-Light Sensitivity
Haijin Liu, Guoguang Liu, Minli Zhang, Zehua Hou and Zhanwei He
Analysis of the Distribution Feature of Wuliangsuhai Lake Nutritious Elements: Nitrogen and Phosphorus and Its Geochemistry Environment
Weiping Li and Changyou Li
CO2 Emission on the Process of Sewage Treatment during "11th Five-Year Plan" Period
Ying Zhou, Hongqiang Jiang and Kunyu Niu
Integrated Technology System to Control Non-Point Pollution in the Three-Gorge Reservoir Areas, China
Enjun Ding and Deti Xie
Identification and Algae-Lytic Characteristics of a Pigment-Generating Bacterium Isolated from Lake TaiHu
Fei Yang, Xiaoqing Li, Geyu Liang, Xiang Zhou, Jun Yuan, Lihong Yin and Yuepu Pu
Water Quality Analysis and Pollution Control Measures of Urban River in Tianjin
Ying He, Songyan Qin and Yijun Ji
Sorption Isotherm of Rhamnolipids onto Sediment: Effect of Different Rhamnolipidic Type and Sediment Properties
Yan-Ping Guo, Yong-You Hu, Hui Lin, Jia-Ning Dai and Xiao-Yu Zhang
The Effect on Rubbish Degradation and Leachate Production and Water Quality by Fillers Adding
Jun Yin, Xiaoyan Wu and Baojun Jiang
Health Risk Assessment of Heavy Metals in Medical Fly Ash and Cinder from Incineration
Xianlin Meng, Ying Liu and Xiaoying Lv
Column Experiment Results on Metal Ion Migration at the Xiangtan Manganese Mine Wasteland in Central South China
Xiangwen Deng, Zhonghui Zhao, Wenhua Xiang, Dalun Tian, Wenxing Kang, Wende Yan and Changhui Peng
The Computation of Theoretical Depth Datum in the Changjiang Estuary and Its Adjacent Sea Areas
De-an Wu, Yi-win Yan and Zheng-long Zhang
Environmental Geological Issues Caused by Urban Groundwater Development and Their Countermeasures in Baoding City of China
Fucun Zhang, Fenghua Shi, Xufeng Li, Xiaofeng Jia, Yonghui An and Xiuju Yao
Growth Characteristics and Dephosphorization Effect of Mixed Bacteria
Chun Hu, Wen-qi Gong, Teng Huang, Zhen-kai Xin, Yu-biao Li and Guang-ming Bao
Effects of Selective Withdrawal on Temperature of Water Released of Glen Canyon Dam
Shaoxiong Zhang and Xueping Gao
Treatment, Disposal and Discharge of Wastewater
Adsorption Characteristics of Methylene Blue on Bentonite of Gansu Pingliang
Yi Wang, Ting Zhang, Huixia Feng and Jianhui Qiu
Degradation of Phenol in the Micro-Polluted Water Using SiO2-TiO2/PAN Photocatalytic Purifier
Feng Zhang, Chuanping Feng, Yunxiao Jin, Wenqi Li, Guiling Hao and Ding Ma
Culture and Application of Aerobic Denittrifying Granular Sludge on the Start-Up of SBR-SND
Ping Li, Fang Ma, Xiaoxin Zhang and Xiaoqi Zhang
Study on Purifying Capacity of Wetland Soil to Phenol
Xuedong Wang and Luo Hua
Study on Sustainable Utilization Coupled Management Model for Water Resources in an Arid Irrigation District (China)
Weifeng Yue and Chesheng Zhan
Research of Purifying Terephthalic Acid and Recycling PET
Chaonan Liu, Chunmei Gao, Weihong Xia and Ping Cao
Preparation of Nanocrystalline Cu2O and Its Catalytic Degradation of Methylene Blue
Hong-wei Sun, De-qing Chu, Li Liu and Li-min Wang
Treatment of Acid Mine Drainage (AMD) by Sulfate-Reducing Bacteri
Ting-Sheng Qiu, Chang-Ming Zhong, Yan-Ping Peng and Ping Wang
Treatment of Lignite-Derived Water Produced from Hot Press Upgrading by a Combined A²/O-UBAF Process
Chunhui Zhang, Xuwen He, Shuquan Zhu, Hao Wang and Xiaochan Wang
Preparation of Doping Nano-TiO2 by Impregnation Method and Study on Its Photocatalytic Performance for Organic Pollutants
Hong-bin Yang, Sheng-ke Yang, Xiu-yan Jing and Wen ke Wang
Preparation and Photo-Catalytic Activity of Supported TiO2 Composites
Ru qin Gao and Ling feng Zhu
Raw Oyster Shells as Carrier for Nitrifying Biofilm in Aerated Biofilter
Min Lu, Tong Ouyang, Zhilong Ye and Yaoxing Liu
Effect of C/N Ratio on Nitrogen Removal in a Novel Sequencing Batch Biofilm Reactor
Dahu Ding, Chuanping Feng and Yunxiao Jin
Numerical Simulation of Gas-Liquid Flow in Plug Flow Aeration Tanks
Yuxian Hu, Weiyao Zhu and Yabing Guo
Study on Treatment Technology of Waste Emulsion in Copper Processing
Xindong Li, Wanfu Huang and Zheng Chen
Study on Zn(II) Removal Efficiency by Phosphoric Acid Modified Rice Husk
Yingchao Zhang, Chunhui Fan, Xue Han, Ru Zheng and Ying Zhang
Treatment of Au(II), Ag(I), Cu(II), Ni(II) from Electroplating Wastewater by Laminaria japonica: Biosorption, Desorption and Recycling
Li Lin, Yuan He, Chunyu Tian, Xian Wang and Liyi Wang
Removal of Zinc from Aqueous Solution by Adsorption onto Low-Cost Materials
Jin-xia Nie, Yun-nen Chen, Da-chao Zhang and Ming Chen
Study on the Decontamination Function of Two Kinds of Aquatic Plants Towards Pb²+
Su-ying Wu, Xue-jun Ye and Shu-min Qiu
Full-Scale Anoxic-Aerobic SBR System for Simultaneous Nitrogen and Phosphorus Removal from Municipal Wastewater
Chao Li, Min Ji, Xin Li, Yanqing Song, Yifan Zhang and Wei Li
The Influences of Tween60 and Rhamnolipid on the Bioremediation of n-Hexadecane
Yu-Ying Li
An Introduction to Vacuum Pipeline Network Collection and Resource Recovery of Feces and Sewage of Livestock and Poultry
Min Li, Jing-Xuan Zhou and Fei Gao
Study on the Pretreatment of Molasses Alcohol Wastewater by the Micro-Aerobic Hydrolysis and Acidification Process
Honghu Zeng, Yunyue Shen and Lanjing Lu
Degradation of Atrazine on Ti/SnO2-Sb2O5/PbO2 Anode for Wastewater Treatment
Bin Xue, Bing Wang, Jian-ya Wang and Jian Sun
Adsorption Properties of Modified Zeolite for Ammonia Removal
Jinlong Zuo
Pilot Study on the Performance and Microbial Structure of a Subsurface Wastewater Infiltration System
Xin Wang, Haibo Li, Tieheng Sun and Jing Pan
Effect of Nanomaterial on Improvement of Water Quality
Xuehui Wu, Li Li, Qiaohua Kou, Anxun Liu and Zongwen Liao
Preparation of Doped Nano-TiO2 by Sol-Gel Method and the study on Its Photocatalytic Performance
Hong-bin Yang, Wen ke Wang, Xiu-yan Jing and Sheng-ke Yang
Effects of Salinity and Humic Acid on Di-n-Butyl Phthalate Adsorption by Granular Activated Carbon
Zhan-Qiang Fang and Hua-Jian Huang
Study on Phosphorus Removal Using Water Hyacinth to Treat Sewage in Shanghai Rural Area
Zu-xin Xu, Yue-xia Gao, Sheng Wang and Lie-qi Ai
A New Method of Synthesizing Thiol-Functionalized Silica and Its Fixation of Hg(II) in Water
Jixin Su, Shenping Zhang, Mingbo Zhang, Feifei Dong and Wen Qu
Influence of Rhamnolipid on the Treatment of Diesel Oil Contaminated Wastewater
Bing Li
Study on Rainwater Utilization of Building District in Water Shortage City of Northern China
Xilin Li, Laigui Wang, Xinhua Zhou and Tegang Deng
Adsorption and Coprecipitation of As(V) from Aqueous Solutions by Aluminum Hydroxide
Meina Liang, Yanlin Zhao, Yinian Zhu, Huili Liu and Fenfen Cai
Biological Treatment of Ammonium-Rich Wastewater with the Partial Nitrification and Anaerobic Ammonium Oxidation
Qinglin Xie, Xiaoxia Li, Shaoyuan Bai and Yanhong Li
Study on Pretreatment of P-Tertt-Butylphenol Formaldehyde Resin Synthesized Wastewater
Yun Wu and Hongwei Zhang
Optimization of Acidibility and Acidifying Degree in Anaerobic Digestion
Yonghong Sun, Liping Huang, Lei Xue and Jun Mu
Studies on the Phosphorus Sorption Capacity of Substrates Used in Constructed Wetlands
Jincheng Lee, Junya Wang, Zhifen Xu, Deshen Liu, Qin Zhang and Wenwen Li
Water Quality Health Assessment of Offshore Area in North Branch of the Yangtze River Estuary, China
Benlin Dai and Zulin Hua
Performance Study of Enhancing Pretreatment Process for Pre-Denitrification Aerated Filter
Hong Jun Han, Yu Fei Li, Chun Yan Xu, Hong Bo Hu and Bing Wang
Study on Adsorption of HA on TiO2 Film from Aqueous Solution
Yanli Jiang, Lijuan Yang, Hua Lin, Huiling Liu, Zhaohua Jiang and Yanli Jiang
Research on Removal of Azo Dye Wastewater by Bioelectrochemical Technology
Yuhua Zhao, Ruijiao Dong, Xiaoyi Cang, Yangyang Li and Lei Xing
Comparing of Flotation and Sedimentation Process for Treating Trihalomethanes
Xiaoming Sun, Qishan Wang, Yanfang Liu and Wenshu Zhu
Stratification Structure of Extracellular Polymeric Substances with Implications to Anaerobic Digest Sludge Dewaterability
Bin Zhang, Min Wu, Rui Zhu and Chuanyin Wei
Degradation Pathway of Three Chloronitrobenzenes Isomers by Ozone in the Aqueous
Jimin Shen, Zhonglin Chen, Xiaowei Liu and Nanqi Ren
Absorption Process of Expanded Graphite
Qi Lai, Min Zou, Minjie Li, Ya Xiong, Minyong Shu, Xueping Luo and Shifu Zhu
Conventional Treatment of Nitrogen in Landfill Leachate
Rongxin Zhang, Jinxiang Fu, Xingguan Ma, Yunlan Tan, Jun Li and Kun You
Electrocatalytic Oxidation of Phenol in the Presence of NaCl
Erling Ni and Lingfeng Qiu
Preparation of Loading TiO2/Hollow Pearls Photocatalyst and Its Photocatalytic Activity
Hang Gao, Pengwei Huo and Songtian Li
Chemical Embedding Immobilization Technique of Micrococcus sp. Used in Contaminated Surface Water Remediation
Ru Li, Xi Chen, Xin-yang Xu and Xuan Gong
A Survey on Instrumentation, Control and Automation of WWTPs in Taihu Lake Basin, China
Shuai Ma, Siyu Zeng and Jining Chen
Study on Treating Stench Wastewater Containing Dodecyl Mercaptan by Electrolyzing Sodium Hydroxide Solution
Guo Aihong and Xu Yunyun
Photo Catalytic Activity of Rare Earth La(Y)/Rutile TiO2
Bian Liang, Mianxin Song, Liyang Ma, Tianliang Zhou and Qingqing Dai
Adsorption Removal of Phosphorus from Aqueous Solution by Steel Slag Columns
Hua Zhang, Xuehong Zhang, Shaoyuan Bai, Yinian Zhu and Yuzhou Gong
Biodegradation of Indeno (1,2,3-cd) Pyrene by a Pure Bacterial Culture of Pandoraea sp.
Yongchao Du, Junfeng Dou, Lirong Cheng, Aizhong Ding, Fuqiang Fan and Haiying Chen
Application of a Novel Cationic Polyacrylamide as Flocculant in Treatment of Papermaking Wastewater
Yufeng Wang, Baoying Shi and Huiren Hu
Kinetic and Equilibrium Studies of Cr(VI) from Wastewater with Modified Fly Ashes
Ru-shan Ren, Fa-en Shi, Yun-nen Chen and Da-hua Jiang
A Study on the Treatment of Wastewater from Reproduced Papermaking Using Microbial Flocculants by Mycelia Pellet
Jun-yue Lin and Jian-zhong Zeng
Adsorption of Chromium (VI) from Industrial Wastewater with Solphonated Lignite
Songjiang Ma, Meiling Fu, Fangwen Li, Haiwu Jia and Xiangjiang Wu
Microbial Community Structures in Two Membrane Bioreactors: Sequential and Continuous Modes
Jixiang Li, Shuying He, Xiaojia Wang, Siqing Xia and Liang Duan
Treatment of Phenol-Containing Wastewater with Specially-Made Activated Carbon
Meng Zhang, Lianqing Yin, Ruozheng Li and Jilin Teng
Influence of Surfactant–Tween80 on Degradation of Benzo(a)Pyrene and Its Accumulated Metabolites by Bacillus-07
Shuyan Zang and Panpan Li
Photochemical Synthesis of ZnS Nanosheet and Its Use in Photodegradation of Organic Pollutants
Qingsong Wu and Fengqiang Sun
Study on the Structure Parameters of Chamber Underground Infiltration System
Xiao-yan Wang and Cheng-duan Wang
Feasibility of Acidogenesis Reactor with Shell Carrier for Domestic Wastewater Treatment
Yubo Cui, Changjian Liu and Lijun Wang
Preparation of Microbial Flocculant MF-1 and Its Flocculation on Midcourse Wastewater in Papermaking Factory
Songtian Li, Yongjun Han, Binbin Liu and Hang Gao
The Effect and Mechanism of Cement-Soil Using for Sewage Purification
Jun-kang Lan and Bao-jian Liu
Risk Assessment on Perfluorooctanoate(PFOA) and Perfluorooctanesulfonate(PFOS) in Water Environment of China
Wen Wang, Huiting Liu, Yufang Shao, Yibing Ying, Qinting Jiang and Jiajin Zhu
Enhanced Phosphorus Removal from Municipal Wastewater by Coagulation with Alum and Iron Salts
Shaoyuan Bai, Yinian Zhu, Xuehong Zhang, Hua Zhang and Yuzhou Gong
Study on Multi-Port Disposal of Thermal Wastewater in Co-Flowing
Lei Shao, Ying Wang and Xiaode Zhou
Application of Microbial Transglutaminase (MTG) in the Recovery of Protein from Wastewater of Soybean Whey
Yongqiang Ma, Chunran Han and Ke Li
Combustion Characteristic of Turmeric Industry Waste by Using Thermogravimetric Analyzer
Li Ling and Luo-Xue Gang
A Study on Water Quality of Fen River System in Shanxi Province
Guo Yuan, Jianwu Wang, Jihua Zhou and Desheng Li
Removal of Phosphate from Wastewater Using Steel Slag Modified by High Temperature Activation
Ye Li, Yue Liu and Guang Du
An Experimental Study on Choosing Coagulant and Determining Optimum Coagulation Conditions for Treating Wastewater from Regenerate Paper Industries
Youqin Zou, Wentao Zhang and Wenbin Zhou
A Novel Modified PbO2 Electrode for Chlorphenol Oxidation in Water
Ying Wang, Xue Li, Yuansheng Pei and Jinxian Huo
Treatment of Wastewater from Shrimp Agriculture Using Fish-Vegetable Co-Existing System
Wen Luo, Xianyu Deng, Shoubao Yang and Weipng Qian
Study on Preparation and Coagulation Properties of Polyferric Sulfate and Polyacrylamide Composite Flocculants
Jiang Ling, Zhu Tianduowa and Xu Bin
Study on the Photocatalytic Oxidation of Malachite Green in UV/Fenton/Citric Acid System
Songtian Li, Wei Ma, Jingjiao Xue and Changhao Li
High-Rate Treatment of Polyester Fabric Alkali-Peeling Process Wastewater
Qi-Yong Yang, Ming Tang, Tao Yang and Wei-ping Zhang
Adsorption of Dye by the Natural Zeolite
Bo Wu, Muqing Qiu, Xianwei Yang and Qiaoyun Jiang
Effect of Low Dissolve Oxygen on Nitrogen Removal in A²/O Process
Lingfeng Zhu, Ruqin Gao, Le Zhang and Lili Liu
Experimental Study on Adsorption Removal of Sulfate with Synthesized Zeolite Made from Fly Ash
Haicheng Liu, Fengcui Li and Gaihong Zhang
Quick Removal of Chromium (VI) Ions from Aqueous Solution by Chitosan and Ferrous Ions
Jing-song Wang, Rui-ting Peng, Zheng-lei Bao, Jin-hui Yang, Si-guang Chen and Qing Liu
Flow Field Analysis and Structural Optimization of a Three-Phase Hydrocyclone Based on CFD Method
Minghu Jiang, Yujie Zhang, Lixin Zhao and Fengzhu Guan
Study on Bio-Contact Oxidation Techniques in Rives Remediation
Lingfeng Zhu, Ruqi Gao, Zhaoyao Zhang and Jing Chen
Denitrifying Phosphorus Removal in A2/O Process
Lingfeng Zhu, Ruqin Gao, Runtao Zhang and Jing Chen
Research on Aerobic Granular Sludge Disposal Municipal Sewage
Lingfeng Zhu, Ruqin Gao, Runtao Zhang and Lili Liu
The Characteristics of Aerobic Granules Cultivated with the Effluent from an Anaerobic Baffled Reactor for Berberine Wastewater Treatment
Feng-hua Liu, Yong-hui Song, Ping Zeng and Cun-yi Song
Enhancing Biodegradability of Dye Wastewater in the Packed-Bed Reactor with the Novel Photocatalyst
Wei Li, He Xing and Lei Liu
The Spectra of Pyrite and Its Cinder on Removing Thallium from Simulated Tl-Containing Wastewater
Chunlin Wang, Jianying Qi, Jin Wang, Juan Liu, Chunlin Wang, Ping Zhang, Yongheng Chen, Xiangping Li, Jianyang Pan, Chunlin Wang and Jianying Qi
Decentralized Wastewater Management and Its Application in an Urban Area of Beijing, China
Dong Qing Zhang and Soon Keat Tan
Effects of Operational Parameters on the Decolorization of
Muqing Qiu, Qiaoyun Jiang, Shoubao Yang, Danli Yu and Kai Feng
Microwave-Assisted COD Removal from Landfill Leachate by Hydrogen Peroxide, Peroxymonosulfate and Persulfate
Wenyi Zhang, Shiying Yang, Rui Niu, Xueting Shao, Liang Shan, Xin Yang and Ping Wang
Experimental Research on Separation Performance of Micro-Pore Filtering Hydrocyclones
Lixin Zhao, Minghu Jiang, Lei Xu and Huaiyu Cao
Study on Preparation and Photocatalytic Activity of Al2O3 Composite Magnetic Materials
Xiu-yan Jing, Wen ke Wang, Hong-bin Yang and Sheng-ke Yang
The Effect of Short-Term Shock Load on the Performance of SAFs with Different Media
Bibo Hu, Chun Yang and Andrew Wheatley
Effect of Expansion Ratio on Biofilm Performance in an Aerobic Fluidized Bed
Dandan Zhou, Shuangshi Dong, Jingren Zhang and Xiaotao Bi
Treatment of Low C/N Ratio Monosodium Glutamate Wastewater in Suspended Carrier Biofilm Process
Wei Wang, Hong-jun Han and Jie Yao
Design for the Paper Making Wastewater Treatment Plant by Improved Biolak Process
Penghui Shi and Lingxian Luo
Performance Study of De-Oiling Spiral Tube Separators
Dongqi Niu, Lixin Zhao and Zhengrong Hua
Research on TiO2/UV-Fenton Catalytic Oxidation of Azocarmine G Dye Wastewater
Jianhua Jin and Yun Li
Simulation to Investigate the Essential Reasons of Typhoon Induced Siltation in Changjiang River Estuary and the Impact to Water Source Area
Jie Gu, Bing Han, Jing Huang, Wenting Li and Wei Chen
Fractional Isolation and Purification of Lignin from Pulping Black Liquor
Liu Zhao and Xuegang Luo
Study on the Treatment of High Concentration Reactive Dye Wastewater
Xianqiu Zhang, Yong Zhang, Mingxia Du and Zhiliang Wang
Study on Caffeine Wastewater Treatment by Combined Process of Micro-Electrolysis and SBR
Yong-lei An, Lan-ying Zhang, Lei Zhang, Na Liu, Yong-kai An and Ying Song
Population Dynamics within a Microbial Consortium during Diesel Wastewater Treatment
Yu-Ying Li
The Research of UV/Ozone Coupling Disinfecting Technology
Gang Li, Yansheng Li, Ying Wang and Yingzhan Wang
Study on Treatment Efficiency of Domestic Sewerage by Fly Ash by Adsorption Experiment
Hongqin Xue, Zhaoqian Jing and Yan Wang
Adsorption Mechanism of Perfluorooctane Sulfonate on Granular Activated Carbon in Wastewater
Yan Qu, Chaojie Zhang, Qi Zhou, Qiuju Li, Huaichen Wang, Haiyan Ni and Wenjing Liu
Influence of Iron Content on Activated Sludge Performance in Membrane Bioreactor
Shi-feng JI, Chun-mei Gao, Hong Yang, Ming Chu and Chun-feng Wang
Response of Variability in Water Discharges from Changjiang River on PDO in Past 50 Years
Rui Zhang and Yaping Wang
Treatment of Coal Gasification Wastewater by Full Scale Activated Sludge Process with Fixed Media
Hong-jun Han, Hui-qiang Li, Mao-an Du and Wei Wang
Adsorption and Coagulation Tertiary Treatment of Pulp & Paper Mills Wastewater
Xilei Duan, Tingzhi Liu, Weijiang Duan and Huiren Hu
Response of Flue-Cured Tobacco Plants to Different Concentration of Lead or Cadmium
X. Y. Xi, M. Y. Liu, Y. Huang, Y. Chen, Y. Zhang and Y. Y. Chen
Degradation of 2,4,6-Trichlorophenol by Hydrogen Peroxide Catalyzed by Nano-Iron
Chao Tai, Qingqing Wang, Li Wu, Tongqian Zhao and Tianjian Zhou
Analysis on Channel Cubage of the North Branch of the Yangtze River Estuary with BP Artificial Neural Network
Jie Gu, Wei Chen, Jing Huang, Bing Han and Wenting Li
Synthesis and Characterization of Nano-TiO2 Immobilized on Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes: Enhanced Visible Light Photocatalytic Activity
Jian-hua Cheng, Yong-you Hu and Yi-bao Wu
Technologies for the Removal of Humic Acid from Water: A Short Review of Recent Developments
Xiao-Wen Tan, Xiao-Lv Zhou, Rong Hua and Yan-Yan Zhang
Research on Kinetics and Thermodynamic Adsorption Cr(VI) from Wastewater by Sawdust
Ming Chen, Ling Zhao, Yonghong Zhao, Yunlen Chen and Jinxia Nie
Research on Combined Packing Treating Domestic Wastewater in Bio-Contact Oxidation Technology
Lingfeng Zhu, Ruqin Gao, Zhaorao Zhang and Le Zhang
The Treatment and Reusing Technology of Printing and Dyeing Wastewater
Xuenong Yi and Yansen Zhang
Phosphates Recovery through Hydroxyapatite Crystallization from Wastewater Using Converter Slag as a Seed Crystal
Jin-ming Duan, Yin-lan Cao and Bi-yan He
Adsorption of Congo Red from Solution by Rice Husk in Batch Mode
Pan Han, Chen Song, Jiyun Song, Yinli Li and Runping Han
Application of Anaerobic Membrane Bioreactor to the Treatment of Low-Strength Municipal Wastewater
Zhiwei Wang, Shaofan Ye, Zhichao Wu and Shujuan Tang
Sodium Trititanate Whisker Separation/Pre-Concentration Trace Cadmium in Water Samples
Yan-li Mao, Feng-ming Song, Jun-cao Shi, Jin-song Zhang, Fang Xia, Quan-hui Hao and Taizhi Zhang
Treatment of Tanning Wastewater with Flyash-Based Coagulant
Zhihui Sui, Xin Zhao and Xihuai Qiang
Comparison of Photochemical Oxidation of Diethyl Phthalate by UV/H2O2 and UV/TiO2/Glass Films in Aqueous Solution
De-Qiang Chen and Dai-Ming Zhang
Adsorption of Cr (VI) from Aqueous Solution with nano β-FeOOH
Chunhua Xu, Dandan Cheng, Qinyan Yue, Zhilei Yin, Baoyu Gao and Xian Zhao
The Experimental Study on SBR Treating Landfill Leachate
Zhi-yu Yuan and Fang Wang
Decomposition of Thiocyanate in Wastewater by Electron Beam Radiolysis
Wei Zhu, Huiping Huang, Husheng Hu, Mingde Yang and Yulong Wu
Study on Biodegradation of Alkyl Xanthate Collectors
Shaohua Chen, Wenqi Gong and Guangjun Mei
Treatment of 1,2-Dichlorobenzene in Pilot-Scale Constructed Wetlands
Qian Yu, Chunsheng Yang and Cheng Ding
Effectiveness of Constructed Wetland Plants in Filtering Pollutants
Yu-ling Huang, De-fu Liu and Hsiang-te Kung
Assessing the Performance Effects of Dairy Farm Wastewater by Subsurface Constructed Wetland
Xu Yang, Yong Sun and Wen-Zhe Li
Studies on Effect and Corresponding Technical Characteristics of Excess Sludge Reduction in Pressurized Biological Contact Oxidation Process
Yong Zhang, Xianqiu Zhang, Zhiliang Wang and Guoping Li
Aqueous Photodegradation of Chlorobenzene Induced by Nitrate
Guoguang Liu, Wenjie Jing, Minli Zhang, Guoguang Liu, Xiangdan Zhang and Kun Yao
Optimization of Coagulation Process for Treatment of Water-Based Printing Ink Wastewater
Xiangjuan Ma and Huilong Xia
Controlling Factors of Shortcut Nitrification in Sequencing Batch Reactor
Tao Yuan, Baoping Han, Ping Lu, Xueqiang Zhu and Baoping Han
Glycin Modification of Spherical Cellulose for Chromium Ions Removal from Wastewater
Qisong Liu, Hang Song, Jiang Li and Shun Yao
Oxidative Degradation of Bisphenol A (BPA) by UV/H2O2 Process
Jing Pan and Yongqiang Chen
Biodegradation of Higher Concentration Phenol by Pseudomonas aeruginosa HS-D38
Yongliang Zheng, Jianping Gan, Jun Xiang, Yuanping Fang, Deli Liu and Jianping Fang
Effect of Low-Temperature for the Treatment of Municipal Wastewater in a Full-Scale BAF
Hongjun Han, Hongbo Hu, Chunyan Xu and Yufei Li
Roles of Plant Metabolism for Organic Matter Removal Using Water Hyacinth to Treat Sewage
Yue-xia Gao, Zu-xin Xu, Sheng Wang and Lie-qi Ai
Preparation of Fe3O4/TiO2 and Its Photocatalytic Performance
Xiu-yan Jing, Sheng-ke Yang, Hong-bin Yang and Wen ke Wang
Parameters Estimate of the Sedimentation Mathematics Model from the Simple Tests
Yabing Guo, Yuxian Hu and J. S. Stephen
The Treatment of Heterotrophic Nitrification-Aerobic Denitrifying Bacterial Strains Loaded by Bacterial Cellulose to Domestic Sewage: Treatment of Immobilized Bacteria to Domestic Sewage
Da-yu Yu, Wen-chao Liu, Bo Gao and Meng-yu Yang
Enhanced Carbon Adsorption Process for Advanced Treatment of Biotreated Coking Plant Wastewater
Wenxin Jiang, Guangyu Zhang and Weichi Ying
Experiment Study on Sewage Treatment in Qinghai-Tibet Railway
Jiongyuan Lu and Sanfan Wang
Starch Wastewater Treatment with Effective Microorganisms Bacteria
Guizhong Zhou, Jia Li, Huiju Fan, Jing Sun and Xiaoqing Zhao
Kinetics and Thermodynamics of Methylene Blue Adsorption by Cereal Chaff
Congli Gao, Jiangyan Ma, Xiaotian He, Yuanfeng Wang and Runping Han
Experimental of Flocculation-Sedimentation Aids in Drainage Treatment from Copper Election Process
Haixiang Hu, Ganlin Liu, Na Zhao, Bo Yu and Haixiang Hu
Effect of Temperature on the Sewage Treatment by Iron-Enhanced Activated Sludge
Lihua Cheng, Xuejun Bi, Changqing Liu and Guowei Zhang
Hydrochemical Characteristics of Groundwater in the Heihe River Basin
Qiu Yang, Hong-lang Xiao, Liang-ju Zhao, Wen-jie Liu, Cai-zhi Li and Yong-gang Yang
Experiment Study on Ultrasonic Collaborating to Control E. coli's Photoreactivation by Ultraviolet Disinfection in Wastewater Treatment Plant
Kui Zhang and Shuicheng Tan
A Pilot Study on Domestic Wastewater Treatment with A/O MBR Systems
Zhiqiang Liu, Xiaomei Zhang, Qingqing Li, Zhenai Sun and Liu Chao
Status and Source Analysis of Aluminum Pollution in Xi'an Section of the Weihe River
Dongqi Wang and Yanling He
Pretreatment of Straw Pulp and Papermaking Middle Stage Wastewater by Iron-Carbon Microelectrolysis
Lihua Cheng, Xuejun Bi and Changqing Liu
Research on the Vulnerability Assessment Model of Urban Water Supply Systems
Ren-qiang Lu, Zhi-guang Niu and Hong-wei Zhang
Study on Treatment of Alkaline Wastewater Discharged from Aluminum Factory by Ultrafiltration-Electrodialysis Integrated Technology
Xindong Li, Wanfu Huang and Ming Chen
The Removal of PAHs and PAEs in the Process of Orbal Oxidation Ditch
Junjian Liu and Xiaochang Wang
Impact of DO Concentration on Shortcut Nitrification
Jinxiang Fu, Yulan Tang, Xingguan Ma, Jun Li, Qiang Liu, Yuhua Zhao and Jinying Han
Research on Degradation Characteristics of Nitrogen-Containing Wastewater by High-Efficient Strains of Anaerobic Nitrogen
Zong-Zheng Yang, Wan-Jia Sun, Xin Liu and Jin-Zhao Pang
Effect of Using CaCl2 and MgSO4 Compound Reagent Treating Coal-Washing Wastewater and Its Mechanism
Yafeng Li, Ying Hao and Lin Chen
Study on Effective Microorganisms Bacteria for Acrylonitrile Wastewater Treatment
Guizhong Zhou and Jing Sun
Effects of Free Ammonia on Partial Nitrification under Different Conditions
Bin Lv, Kai Yang and Hong-yu Wang
Kinetics and Thermodynamics of Lead(II) and Copper(II) Adsorption onto Oil Shale Fly Ash
Jingru Bai, Qing Wang, Yingjun Yang and Xiaohui Guan
Treatment Efficiencies of Slow Sand Filtration for Landscape Water
Cui Li, Yifan Wu, Liangbo Zhang and Wen Liu
Best Management Practices for Farm Land Wastewater in Poyang Watershed
Ai-ping Tang, Rong Wang, Jin-bao Wan, Feng Liu, Xin-yi Lan and Yuan Liu
Seasonal Variation and Correlation of Escherichia coli and Salmonellae in a Full-Scale Constructed Wetland for Wastewater Treatment in China
Zhiwen song, Qun Sun, Miao yu, Yang zhou, Xiaorong kong and Yong Zhao
Cross Effects of Organic Loading Rates and Substrate COD/N/P Ratios on Aerobic Granulation
Hai Tang and Gui-zhong Liu
Research on the Adsorption of Cesium on Potassium Zinc Hexacyanoferrate
Changping Zhang
Screening a Novel Bioflocculant-Producing Strain B-28 and Its Use for Wastewater Treatment
Xin Xin, Ke Cui, Xin He, Lirong Xia, Ruilin Pei, Zhixiang Ye and Yijin Yang
Effect of Different Organic Loads on Humus Soil SBR Process
Yongjie Yu, Min Wu, Rui Zhu, Chuanyin Wei and Bin Zhang
Characteristics of Acid Mine Drainage and Its Pollution Control
Haixia Wang
Removing Phosphorus from Phosphorus-Containing Industrial Wastewater Using Modified Marble Powder as Chemical Precipitant
Jun Wu, Xiao Tang, Gang Yang, Bai-ye Sun and Qin Yang
Pollutants Removal from Municipal Wastewater Using Vertical Multilevel Soil Infiltration System
Shengjiong Yang, Chuanping Feng, Lizhu Hou and Chunbo Hao
Partitioning of 13 Kinds of Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals in a Sewage Treatment Plant
Xiao-Ling Shao and Jun Ma
Modification Waste Feathers and Its Treatment Chrome(III) in Tanning Waste Water
Wenxin Li, Jijun Xu, Lijuan Cao and Rong Lu
Electrocoagulation Treatment of Chemithermomechanical Pulp (CTMP) Chemical Pretreatment Effluent
Li-rong Lei, Li-ming Ma and You-ming Li
Study on Gatifloxacin Adsorption by Sludge Activated Carbon
Hong Yao, Yan Shen, Xin Yuan and Yan Mei Zhou
A Simulated Experimental Research on Treating Rural Domestic Sewage through a Stabilization Pond Process
Xue Han, Chao Chen, Yingchao Zhang, Qingyuan Zhang, Chuanju Li, Yang Liu and Ying Zhang
Experimental Study on Simultaneous Nitrification and Denitrification in Municipal Wastewater
Hong-jun Han, Bing Wang, Yu-fei Li and Hong-bo Hu
The Properties of Adsorption of Crystal Violet onto BTEA-Bentonite
Jian-min Ren and Si-wei Wu
Study on the Mechanism of Microorganism Purged Wastewater in Sequence Constructed Wetland Process
Xiao-yan Tian and Xiao-yan Wu
Treat River Sewage by Constructed Rapid Infiltration System
Jianqiang Zhang and Wenlai Xu
Application of Zero-Valent Iron Technology in Paper Mill Effluent Treatment
Li-rong Lei, You-ming Li and Yan-da Yuan
Influence of Different Sizes of the PAC on TMP and Effluence in IMBR
Xingguang Ma, Zhixiao Ma, Yulan Tang, Kun You, Rongxin Zhang, Jinxiang Fu, Xiangxin Xue and He Yang
Enhancement Efficacy of Ultraviolet and Ultrasonic on Wastewater Disinfection
Yifei Guo and Fengming Song
Production of a Novel Bioflocculant by Culture of Penicillium purpurogenum HHE-P7 Using Confectionery Wastewater
Xiaowu Huang and Yongyou Hu
The Adsorption Characteristics of Bisphenol A onto Activated Sludge
Yu-qian He, Jie Wang, Bin Sun and Nan Luo
Treatment of the Papermaking Midcourse Wastewater Using Bio-Dopp
Xiuqiong Guan, Weitao Xu and Jian Zhou
Water Resources and Quality Assessment
A Nemerow Index and Vague Sets Integrated Water Quality Comprehensive Assessment Model
Ming Zhu, Yong Li, Jia Li and Li Yang
Dissolved Inorganic Nitrogen Changes in Upper Reaches of Daling River in China
Huixiu Wu, Cuiling Jiang and Zhong Du
Dissolved Oxygen Characteristics of Spring Algal Bloom in Xiangxi Bay of Three Gorges Reservoir
Huajun Luo, Defu Liu, Daobin Ji and Yingping Huang
Characterization of Urban Stormwater Runoff in Tianjin
Yongchao Li, Tielong Li, Zhaohui Jin and DaXi Liu
Assessment of Deep Percolation in Citrus Orchard
Fachao Zhou, Jinzhong Yang and Tapas Biswas
Mechanism and Factors of Transportation and Changing of Fluorine in Water & Soils in Yangshapao Reservoir
Xiujuan Liang, Zhang Fang, Bo Feng, Chao Du, Ran Xiao and Xiaoling Xu
Health Risk Assessment on Rural Water Quality in Mingshan County, China
Fu-quan Ni, Guo-dong Liu, Yu Deng and Cheng-wei Fu
Rural Drinking Water Quality Health Risk in Rain City District of Ya'an, China
Fu-quan Ni, Guo-dong Liu, Yu Deng and Cheng-wei Fu
Investigation of N and P Non-Point Source Pollution Status of Vegetable Fields in the Suburb of Fuzhou City
Dong-feng Huang, Xiao-xuan Qiu, Wei-hua Li and Ping Fan
Groundwater Quality Assessment and Its Influences on the Surface Water in Quanzhou Coastal Area
Jieqiong Zheng, Litang Hu, Yanguo Teng and Jinsheng Wang
Set Pair Analysis for Rural Drinking Water Quality
Fuquan Ni, Guo-dong Liu, Yang-yang Gao, Li-ping Xu and Cheng-wei Fu
Impact and Forecast of Ice layer on Fluorine Distribution in Yangshapao Lake
Changlai Xiao, Xiujuan Liang, Zhang Fang, Chao Du, Jinfeng Liu and Xiaoling Xu
Index System and Method for Assessing Water Environment Security of Luan River - Tianjin Water Diversion Project
Chen Zhang, Wanhong Liu, Zhaoshen Su and Liyi Wang
Study on the Groundwater Resources Distribution in the Old Industrial Base of Northeast China with GIS
Ju Wang, Wei Sun, Yushu Shan, Shengnan Zhang, Mengyao Yang, Jie Hou and Chunsheng Fang
Genesis and Control Measures of Blue Algae in Xinlicheng Reservoir
Yongqing Li, Changlai Xiao, Chao Du and Yongqing Li
Antipollution Assessment of Un-Confined Groundwater in the Plain Area of Jilin Province Based on GIS
Bo Feng, Chang-lai Xiao, Li Ma, Xiao Xiao and Hong Zhu
Analysis of Bottom Water Pollution in Cage-Cultured Region of Western Meizhou Harbour
Haiyuan Qiu
Groundwater Quality Safety Evaluation Based on Health Risk Assessment
Lei Duan and Wang Wenke
Impact of Various Forms of Phosphorus on Biological Growth in Water
Junling Wang, Yajun Zhang, Ping Xu, Huizhen Wang and Fang Han
Discriminant Analysis Method Application in Water Quality Assessment: Take Yinma River as Example
Xin Xin, Wen-xi Lu and Lei Gong
The Use of Multivariate Statistical Techniques for Hydrogeochemical Study in Suzhou, China
Xiaohai Zhou, Xiaohong Ruan, Zarong Pan, Xiaoming Zhu and Han Sun
Preliminary Observations on Accessibility of Water in Rural Areas of Jinghuiqu Irrigation District, China
Ling Fu, Han-hai Liu and Li Li
Assessing Ecological Security of Water Resource: Methodology and a Case Study of Jinan City in China
Saiming Yang and Yuetong Xu
Distribution of Heavy Metals in Groundwater of Sewage Irrigation Area in Guangdong Province, China
Guanxing Huang, Jichao Sun, Jingtao Liu, Jihong Jing, Yuxi Zhang, Xi Chen and Jincui Wang
Optimization Design and Application of Water Quality Evaluation Model based on BP Neural Network
Qun Miao, Lin Zhao, Aili Gao, Chao Liu and Sheng Miao
Study on Rainfall and Roof Rainwater Quality Changes Oriented to Stormwater Recycling
Wei-ping Wang, Pei-pei Zhang and Xin-qiang Ye
Dynamics Characteristic Parameter Extraction and Application Research of Water Resources Based on Chaos Theory in Henan Plain
Nanxiang Chen, Lianhai Cao and Jihong Qu
Water Pollution and Sustainable Utilization of the Jing Hang Grand Canal in China
Jing Yang, Jinchi Zhang, Bo Zhang, Jiayao Zhuang, Jie Lin, Donghai Zhang and Feng Mao
Variation Significance of Reclaimed Water Qualities and Irrigation Suitability in Beijing, China
Jinfeng Deng
Safety Assessment on Drinking Water Based on Database System in Endemic Area in West of Jilin Province
Zhao-yang Li, Zhan-mei Yang and Jian-min Bian
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Seasonal and Vertical Variability of Acid-Volatile Sulfide in the Sediments of Taohua River, China
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Removal of Androgens and Estrogens from Water by Reactive Materials
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Discrimination and Prevention-Control of Lake and Reservoir Eutrophication Based on Trophic State Index
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Cluster Analysis and Comprehensive Assessment on Zhengzhou Groundwater Environment Based on Information Entropy
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Sources and Influence Approaches Analysis of Cumulative Ecological Impacts in an Offshore Area of Dalian, China
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Water Quality Assessment and Spatial-Temporal Distribution of Nitrogen in the Tianzhuang Reservoir
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Quality of Bottled Drinking Water: Case Study in Vientiane, Laos and Thailand
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Influences to Effluent Quality by Sludge Reduction with Ozonation
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Comparison of Different Pretreatments for Analysis of Organic Components by GC in Landfill Leachate
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Acute Toxicity Effects of Naphthlene, Phenanthene and Pyrene on Spraus macrocephalus, Embryos
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Hydrochemical Simulation and Using the Hydrochemical Kinetics to Calculate the Parameters in Longkeng
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Present Status of Organochlorine Pesticides Contamination in Water from Honghu Lake, China
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Distribution and Origin of Cr and Ni in the Shallow Groundwater along Kuihe River, China
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Water Resource Protection and Sustainable Use
Numerical Simulation of Groundwater Flow for Sustainable Utilization in Jixi City, China
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Analysis of Effect of South-to-North Water Transfer Project on Groundwater Exploitation in North China
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Water Environment Protection with Rapid Economy Development in Tianjin of China
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Analysis of Industrial Water Conservation Potential
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Volume of the Reclaimed Water as the Supplement of the Landscape Lake
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A Revenue Incentive Model of Initial Allocation for Water Rights
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A Study on Eco-Hydrology Regionalization and Its Application
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Comparative Analysis of Several Lhasa River Basin Flood Forecast Models in Yarlung Zangbo River
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Evaluation of Groundwater Environment Carrying Capacity Based on Catastrophe Theory
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Adsorption Filtration Technology Using Reclaimed Iron Sludge Coated Sand Filter Media for Municipal Wastewater Reuse
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Study on Microbial Community Structure of Immersed Biofilter in Urban River
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Water Resource Protection by Riparian Buffer Zones
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The Model of Phase Space Reconstruction and Neural Network about the Natural Disaster Losing Forecasting
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Water Resources Sustainable Utilization of Lake Nansihu Based on East Route Project of South-to-North Water Diversion of China
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ComGIS-Based Risk Evaluation and Warning System for Water Sources in Lower Reaches of the Yangtze River
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Wet Nitrogen Deposition in the Three Gorges Reservoir Area, China
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Evaluation the Forest Products and Water Retention at a County Level: A Case Study in Benxi County of China
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Characters and Rational Exploitation of Underground Water Resources in Red Beds Area of Northeast of Sichuan
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Research on Water Resource Problems of Capital Economic Circle Based on Circular Economy
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Flood Control Compensation Benefit Calculation of Large Reservoir
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Simulating the Effects of Water Reuse on Alleviating Water Shortage
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Estimation of Domestic Water Consumption in China and the United States Using Nighttime Satellite Imagery
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Incentive Mechanism of Water Rights Management in China
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Laddered Water Pricing Model Based on CES Utility Function
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Urban Centralized Drinking Water Source Protection Zoning Study
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Cost Analysis of Reclaimed Water Treatment: A Case Study in Beijing
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Analysis of Geothermal Water Sustainability for District Heating in Xianyang City
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Life Cycle Assessment of Municipal Sewage Treatment Process: A Case Study from Harbin, China
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Evaluation of Effectiveness and Environmental Fate of Methoprene for West Nile Virus Management
James Li
Protecting Water Resources from Large-Scale Animal Production
Terence J. Centner
Simulating the Impact of Land-Use Change on Regional Infiltration in the Western of Jilin Province
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A New Method for Regional Water Environmental Capacity Estimation Based on Natural-Social Water Cycle Analysis
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Water Purification of High-Salinity River by Floating Bed Grown Aquatic Plants
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Study on the Characteristics of the Agricultural Non-Point Source Pollution (NPSP) in Ashi River
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Key Issues in Sustainable Use of Agricultural Water Resources in the Upper Reaches of Minjiang
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Make Both Ends Meet to Guarantee the Sustainable Use of Water Resources in Beijing
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Research on the Countermeasure of Massive Reduction of Yellow River Irrigation on the Extra Drought Year in Yinchuan Plain, China
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Wetland Information Extraction Based on Remote Sensing Technology
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Bioconcentration of Nutrients and Heavy Metals in Eichornia crassipes in Zhejiang, China
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Strategy of Water Resources Protection for Guishui River, China
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Poultry Wastewater Land-Spreading Management Based on Eco-Agricultural Park: A Case Analysis of Huaning, Sichuan
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Study on Water Resources Utilization Efficiency of Prefecture-Level Cities in China
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The Variation Rule of the Rainwater Quality in Simulation Cellar of Different Materials
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Study on the Effects of Ecological Engineering for Ecological Restoration on Bacterial Community Structure by Molecular Biological Method in a Eutrophic Lake
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Study on Energy Saving Technique of Bamboo Bleaching Rapidly Based on Water Resource Protection
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Adsorption of Manganese(II) on Cellulose Fiber and Effect of Different States of Manganese(II) on Decomposition of Hydrogen Peroxide
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Research on Regional Water Consumption and Water Pollutants Emissions with REPI Model – A Case Study in Shandong Province, China
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Assessment System for Water Conservation Society Based on Water Footprint
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Experimental Study on Combing Chlorine and Potassium Permanganate to Inactivate Bacteria
Xiao-yan Tian, Xiang-kui Han and Zhen-hua Huang
Air Pollution Monitoring and Modeling
Seasonal Simulation of Ozone by Air Quality Model-CMAQ in the Great Lakes
Shuangchen Ma
Local/Urban-Scale PM10 Concentration Estimation from TM Imagery
Weiwei Song, Dongsheng Guan, Feng Li and Xiuyu Zhang
SO2 Emission and Acid Rain Change in Chongqing
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The Temporal Variation of PM10 Pollution Indexes: Fractal and Multifractal Aspects
Kai Shi, Chun-Qiong Liu, Yin Su and Yong Liang
The Impact of Building Configuration and Wall Heating on Pollutant Dispersion in Urban Street Canyon
Wei Hu and Qin Zhong
Dust Cake Deposition Simulating on Fibrous Media Surface
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Spatio-Temporal Variations of the Distribution of Urban Inhalable Particulate Matter and Its Impact on Respiratory Diseases
Wen-hui Zhao, Hui-li Gong, Wen-ji Zhao and Tao Tang
Numerical Simulation of PM10 Distribution from Main Pollution Sources in Shanghai Expo Area
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Study on Wellsite Toxic Gas Leakage and Dispersion of High Temperature High Pressure Gas Wells with High Sulfur Content
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Characteristics of Heavy Metals in Wet Deposition at Mt. Tai, China
Xiao-huan Liu, Yan Wang, Wen-xing Wang and Ming-hu Sun
Numerical Simulation of Distribution Regularities of Dust Concentration in Fully Mechanized Top-Coal Caving Face
Wei Niu and Zhong'an Jiang
CFD Simulation of High Temperature Air Combustion of Coal Gas at Different Air Straddle Angle
Yaxin Su and Bingtao Zhao
New Methods for Real-Time Measurement of Environmental Airborne Particles
Xiaoai Guo, Hans Grimm, Markus Pesch, Lothar Keck, Juergen Spielvogel, Friedhelm
Research and Forecast of the Influence on the Regional Air Environment for Secondary Fiber Paper-Making Industries
Mingyou Liu, Youming Li, Xianxian Zhang, Yi Hou and Jianglei Wang
A Test Rig for Performance Evaluation of Air Disinfecting Devices for Reducing Biocontamination
Guoqing Cao
Environmental Factors Analysis of Indoor Radon Pollution of the Residence in Uranium Ore District
Zhiyong Wang, Changrong Liu and Zehua Liu
Numerical Study of Particle Distribution in the Wake of Particle-Laden Airflows past a Group of Four Rectangular Buildings Using Discrete Vortex Method
Yuandong Huang, Wei Gao, Jin Dai and Shutian Yang
New Method: Indoor 220Rn (Thoron) Measurement by Rad7 Based on Micro-Solenoid Valve
Jin Wang, Juan Liu, Chunlin Wang, Jin Wang, Peter Feistenauer, Oliver Meisenberg, Jochen Tschiersch, Lei Bi, Jin Wang, Yongheng Chen and Jin Wang
Numerical Simulation of Unsteady Flow around an Environmental Square Cylinder
Chongfang Song, Lei Dong and Lin Peng
A Personal Environment Monitoring System for Pulmonary Disease Management
Yongji Fu and Bryan Hallberg
Spatial and Temporal Variations in Urban IPM Pollution and Analysis of Influencing Factors in Beijing
Wenji Zhao, Wenhui Zhao and Shu Tao
Simulation and Design Optimization on Harmful Environment Controlling for Aluminum Electrolysis
Jingxian Liu, Jihong Mao, Xiuli Lin and Xi Sun
Volatile Organic Compounds Concentration in Northern Cold Area University in Harbin, China
Xiao-dong Zhu, Jun Shen and Yu Liu
A Three-Dimensional Macrocosmic Mass Transfer Model for Gas Absorption Enhanced by Adsorptive Solid Particles
Su-min Lu, You-guang Ma, Shu-hua Shen and Chun-ying Zhu
Numerical Modeling of Micro-Particle Transportation in Transverse Wind Environment
Guoneng Li
Agricultural Burning Detection Using Remote Sensing: A Case Study in Zhejiang Province, China
Zili Zhang, Haiyan Yu, Zunying Hu, Bin Zhou and Mingchun Han
Analysis on the Cross Pollution between Two Openings of the Long Tunnels on Lhasa-Rikaze Line
Jie Deng, Nanyang Yu and Bei Liu
Effectively Modeling Environmental Pollution by Using the GIS Database
Zhou Huang, Jiayuan Lin and Yu Fang
Air Pollution Prevention and Control
Evaluation Study on New Sorbents for Mercury in Coal-Fired Flue Gas
Jiang Wu, Yanyan Zhang, Weiguo Pan, Ping He, Jianxing Ren, Lei Pan, Yun Jin, Zhongzhu Qiu, Fangqin Li and Ruitang Guo
Simulation of Large-Scale Bag Filter
Yifei Wang, Lin Liu and Henggen Shen
Development of a New Hole Packer Used for Both Gas Drainage and Coal Seam Water Infusion
Zhi-an Huang, En-ming Zhang, Ying-hua Zhang and Yu-kun Gao
The Research on an Environment-Friendly Air Conditioning System
Xinghui Zhang and Zhiyan Hou
Study on Desulphur of Smoke Dust Using Sodalime
Tiecheng Peng
Purification of Low Concentration Toluene Waste Gas by an Enlarged Cross-Flow Bio-Trickling Filter
Shujing Peng, Jian Li, Jia Liu, Chunjing Liu, Chao Li and Yuquan Jin
Comparison of the NH3 Removal Characteristics by Trickle-Bed Air Biofilter Packed with Four Inorganic Packing Materials
Jiao Zhang
Performance Evaluation of a Bagasse-Based Biofilter Treating Toluene Vapour
Yonghui Liu, Xiaoan Cao and Dan Wu
Pilot Study on Removal of Benzene by Using High Efficient Biotrickling Filter
Lanhe Zhang, Yanping Jia, Haifeng Zhang and Tao Yang
Research on Flue Gas Mercury Removal on a Lab-Scale and a Pilot-Scale Reactor
Yanyan Zhang, Jiang Wu, Ping He, Weiguo Pan, Jianxing Ren, Fangqin Li, Lei Pan, Peng Wang, Jiehe Chen, Ruitang Guo, Jianhua Hu and Xin Li
Characteristics Study of the Swirl Air Curtain Exhaust Hood
Peng-fei Wang, Tao Feng and Rong-hua Liu
Study on Abatement of Toluene by Alterable Frequency Dielectric Barrier Discharge
Jian Li, Wenjun Liang, Hongping Fang, Feng Zheng, Yuquan Jin and Jingxin Li
Carbon Emission Reduction using Pinch Analysis
Xiao-ping Jia, Cai-Hong Liu and Yu Qian
An Incentive Mechanism for Dynamic Cooperation in International Pollution Control
Xiaoyan Zou
The Influence Mechanism of Rapid Hydration Drying on Medium Temperature Sulfur Fixation Performance of Alkali Industrial Waste
Gaiju Zhao, Yongchun Shi, Chunlin Ni, Chunmei Lu, Fengjiao Yin, Jing Wu and Cheng Sheng
Influence of Phenol-Polluted Air on the Structure and Microbial Populations of Aerobic Granuels
Ping Zeng, Liguo Zhao, Jijun Du and Yong-hui Song
The Cultivation of Mixed Microalgae and CO2 Fixation in a Photo-Bioreactor
Jijun Du, Qing Wang, Ping Zeng and Fan Zhang
Simulation of Flow Field in an SCR Converter
Youhong Xiao, Wenping Zhang and Peilin Zhou
Toluene Removal Using Non-Thermal Plasma Technology Coupled with Nano- Ba0.8Sr0.2Zr0.1Ti0.9O3
Tao Zhu, Dongyao Xu, Xinqian Shu, Xuwen He and Xiao Li
Numerical Simulation Study on Gas Flow Distribution of a Moving Bed of Limestone Particles
Dong-jie Yan, Xue-min Huang and Ya Yu
Influence of Warm Mix Asphalt Additive on Temperature Susceptibility of Asphalt Binders
Zhifei Liu, Jin Wen and Shaopeng Wu
A Calculated Methodology of Regional Contributions Based on MM5-CAMx in Typical City: A 2006 Case Study of SO2 and Sulfate
Li Li, Shuiyuan Cheng and Hongling Fu
Preparation and Desulfurization Behavior of Zinc Oxide Based Sorbent for Moderate Temperature
Shangguan Ju, Yousheng Zhao, Huiling Fan, Litong Liang, Fang Shen and Maoqian Miao
Experimental Study on the Dynamic Resistance of the Electric-Bag Complex Dust Collector
Zongbing Liu, Ying Liu, Ning Mao, Deqiang Chang, Jingxian Liu and Xi Sun
Study the Effect Combustion Condition Effect on Heavy Metals Emission
Linbo Qin, Jun Han, Guanghui Wang and Hongbing Chang
Convergence of Fine Particles under Standing-Wave Condition
Fengxian Fan, Houtao Chen, Zhulin Yuan and Xianglin Shen
The Validity Analysis of the Government Policy for Air Pollution Control in a City Competition Setting in China
Bing Feng, Xuejun Chen and Yanlin Zhao
Chemical Composition and Possible Sources of Elements in Dustfall in Pingdingshan City
Zhangxian Liu, Yan Zhang and Lianshan Li
Influence of Outlet Velocity of Air Curtain on Effectiveness of Dust-Isolating
Rong-hua Liu, Shi-liang Shi, Xi-bin Li and Peng-fei Wang
Numerical Simulation of Urea Aqueous Solution Injection Process in a Selective Catalytic Reduction System
Xinna Tian, Youhong Xiao and Wenping Zhang
Research of Nanoparticles Aerosol Diffusion through Ceramic Porous Medium
Wei Zhang, Caiting Li, Xianxun Wei, Hongliang Gao, Hai Liu, Xin Shu, Haihua Qin, Zhihong Cai, Guangming Zeng and Wei Wei
Study on the Effect of SO2 in Flue Gas on PPS Filter Media Used in the Baghouse
Deqiang Chang, Jingxian Liu, Ning Mao, Xi Sun, Yuling Zhuang and Baozhi Chen
The Application of Adsorption to Remove Aromatic Hydrocarbons from Flue Gas
Hongcang Zhou, Huaxia Cai, Hongbin Xue, Jiangang Lu, Yuanyuan Song and Cuicui Zhang
The Influence of Calcium Hypochlorite on Performance and Dynamics Characteristics of Simultaneous Desulfurization and Denitrification of Urea Aqueous Solutions
Gaiju Zhao, Yongchun Shi, Hongming Zhao, Fengjiao Yin, Jing Wu and Cheng Sheng
Characterization of Surface Finishing Effect on Filtration Performance of a Regenerable Filter Media by a Simplified Model
Ning Mao, Jingxian Liu, Deqiang Chang and Xi Sun
Study and Application of Iron-Based Deodorant Prepared by Pyrite Slag for Removing Odour from Pharmaceutical Wastewater Treatment Plant
Wenxia Zhao, Bin Guo, Ailing Ren and Zhao Du
Biofiltetration of Nitrogen Oxides by Immobilized Nitrifying Bacteria Cells
Zaishan Wei and Hejingying Niu
Experimental Study on Degradation of Filter Media in a Coal-Fired Power Plant
Jingxian Liu, Ning Mao, Deqiang Chang, Xi Sun and Jianzun Shen
Analysis of Characteristics of Urban Atmospheric Pollution in Jinan City
Fang Luo
Catalytic Oxidation of NO on Activated Semi-Cokes: Effects of the Operation Parameters
Jian Gao, Chunhu Li, Lijuan Feng, Yingfei Hou and Yingmin Yu
New Development of Fe/TiO2 Catalyst for Selective Reduction of NOx by Ammonia.
Xing Yi, Wang Li and Cheng Bei
Rapid Start-Up of a High Performance Bio-Trickling Filter Removal of H2S
Chunjing Liu, Jian Li, Jia Liu, Shujing Peng and Chao Li
Performance Test of a New Wet ESP with Flexible Collection Electrodes
Jingcai Chang, Yong Dong, Jun YAN, Bing Li and Chunyuan Ma
Research on the FGD of Medium to Small Boilers Using Double Circulation and Multi-Stage Water Film Tower
Lijiang Tian and Liping Wang
Application of Wet Electrostatic Precipitators in Coal-Fired Power Plant for Acid Mists Control
Jun Yan, Yong Dong, Jingcai Chang, Chunyuan Ma and Lin Li
Seasonal Variation of Visibility and the Relationship with Mass Concentration and Total Carbon of PM10 in Shijiazhuang, China
Zanhong Wang and Zhipo Hao
Reaction Kinetic Characteristics of a Multi - Metal Adsorbent for HCl Removal at High Temperatures
Youqing Wu, Shiyong Wu, Wencai Peng, Bo Pan and Jinsheng Gao
First Principle Study of the Adsorption of Mercury on the Carbon Surface
Ping He, XiuMin Jiang, Jiang Wu and Naichao Chen
Research of Compressed Air Foam Jet Dedusting Technology Used on the Roadheader
Zhi-an Huang, Ying-hua Zhang, Ling-ning Yan, Yu-kun Gao and Xi-yu Pi
Experimental Study on Ozone Generation and Ozone Oxidation to Removal Multi-Pollutant of Flue Gas
Linsheng Wei, Zhaoji Hu, Yafang Zhang and Qinfen Wu
Removal of Isobutyl Acetate in Flowed Air Stream with DBD Plasmas
Zhaolian Ye, Aijun Gu, Renxi Zhang and Huiqi Hou
Natural Ventilation of Removing Air Pollutants in Long Railway Tunnels with Diesel Traction on Lhasa-Rikaza Line of China
Jie Deng, Nanyang Yu, Haiheng Zhao and Bei Liu
Prospect of CNG Vehicle Development in Shanghai, China
Hao Chen, Yali Yang and Lihua Chen
Study on Harmful Emissions of Diesel Engine with Non-Thermal Plasma Assisted Catalyst Technology
Pan Wang, Yi-xi Cai, Xiao-hua Li, Jun Wang and Lin Zhang
Influences of Pulse Cleaning of Cartridge-Type Filter for Ultrafine Powder Collection on Whole Purifying System Stability
Cuiping Yan, Haiyan Chen, Mingxing Zhang and Longyuan Lin
Application of Five Stages Electrostatic Precipitation Technology in Renovation of Dust-Collector for Power Station Boiler
Jian He, Guosheng Xu, Xiaode Zhou and Libo Xu
Impact of NOx on Baghouse Filter used for Coal-Boiler Smoke
Jingxian Liu, Haiyan Zhang, Ning Mao, Deqiang Chang and Xi Sun
Assessment of Odour Impacts of the Proposed Municipal Solid Waste Incinerating Plant
Wei Li, Yalou Li, Dan Liu and Lei Liu
Influencing Factors of BTEX Volatilization
Wei-sheng Chen, Ling Tong, Xi-lai Zheng and Mei Li
Absorption of NO2 into Na2SO3 in a Stirred Tank Reactor
Rui-tang Guo, Wei-guo Pan, Jian-xing Ren and Jiang Wu
Equilibrium Analyses of H2S Conversion during Hot Gas Desulfurization
Zhanlong Song and Mingyao Zhang
Dissolution Characteristics of Limestone with Organic Acid
Sheng-yu Liu, Wei Qiu, Bing Qu and Yuan-yuan Xu
Thermodynamic Analysis of Adsorption of H2S on Modified Activated Carbon
Bingnan Ren and Bingnan Ren
Collection Efficiency of Fibrous Filter on Dust Load
Hai-ming Fu, Yan-ming Kang and Heng-gen Shen
Preparation of a Novel Bio-Antibacterial PET Nonwoven Fabrics and Antibacterial Activity Evaluation
Jing-quan Yang, Li-mei Hao, Shuang Wang, Li-li Hou and Jin-hui Wu
Volumetric Mass Transfer Coefficient of Low Concentration S2 Absorption in Aqueous Ammonia in Packaged Tower
Zhong-Zhu Qiu, Lei Zhang, Wen-Wen Guo, Huan Li, Chao-Run Zheng, Shao-Lin Gong
Analysis on Air Pollution Risk Assessment of Volatiles from Mangliaia aromatica by GC/MS
Xu Zhang, Zhong-feng Zhang and Ri-qing Zhang
Research on Regional Total Amount Control Planning Model of New Economic Development Zone
Weihua Zeng, Yan Wang, Weifang Shi and Hengchen Liu
Reduction of Formaldehyde Emission of Wood–Based Panels
Jianying Xu, Tao Jin, Yingyan Guo, Min Zeng and Xia Zheng
Numerical Simulation on Resistance of the Combined Regenerative Oxidation Bed
Yongqi Liu, Zhenxing Zhang and Zhenqiang Gao
Adsorption Characteristics of Mercuric Chloride on Sulfur Modification Powdered Activated Carbon
Guangzhi Wang, Chung-Shin Yuan, Likun Huang, Sheng-Han Xue, Wei-Jin Chen and Yao-Ren Ye
Carbon Dioxide Capture, Transport and Storage
He-nan Li, Fang-qin Li, Jian-xing Ren and Zhi-wu Hao
Studies on Mass Transfer Process of CO2 Absorption in Aqueous Ammonia in Packaged Column
Zhong-Zhu Qiu, Huan Li, Shao-Lin Gong, Lei Zhang, Chao-Run Zheng, Wen-Wen Guo, Wei-Guo Pan and Peng Li
Research on the Key Measurements in Optimizing Cement Production Process
Jianjun Wu, Di Wu and Fuqun Shao
Air Quality Measurement and Management
The Highly Sensitive Detection of NO Using FAMOS by a Fully-Diode-Laser-Based UV System
Jie Shao, Hui Wang, Weidong Zhou, Baojing Peng and Chaofu Ying
Characteristic of Saturated Hydrocarbons in Total Suspended Particulate from an Underground Garage
Changyan Qiu, Hongling Yin, Qing Ling, Yingchun Yang, Zhixiang Ye and Wei Yuan
Using TOPSIS Method with Interval Number to Assess Air Quality for 16th Asian Olympic Games
Zhongliang Yue, Chuan Yue and Zhi Li
The Application of Unascertained Measure Model in Evaluation of Urban Environmental Quality
Furen Zhang, Panpan Deng, Huamin Zhang and Furen Zhang
Investigation of Indoor Air Quality in the Underground Shopping Mall
Jia Yang, Xiangsheng Wu, K. T. Chan and Xiaofeng Yang
Effects of Air Pollution on Public Health
Spatial and Temporal Effect on Heavy Metal Pollution of Atmospheric Dust in Fire Coal of City Power Plant
Xiuhong Peng, Chengshi Qing, Yongqin Ye, Yuanwen Deng, Shijun Ni, Bo Xu, Hai Yang, Shishi Chen, Feng Cheng, Dong Yu and Jiangsu Zhang
Economic Assessment on Health Loss of Particulate Air Pollution in Dalian of China
Peng Wang and Hailin Mu
Experimental Research of Aerosol Distribution in the Floor Heating Room without Ventilation
Zhenyu Du and Ying Li
Experimental Research of Aerosol Distribution in the Floor Heating Room When Natural Ventilated
Zhenyu Du and Ying Li
Diagnoses on Fugitive Dust and Health Damage Based on the Employed Persons
Haoming Peng and Weili Gu
A Study on the Pollution Level and the Characteristics of Trace Elements of Inhalable Particulate Matter in Jiaozuo City
Jidong Zheng and Bin Hu
Correlation between Indoor Air Distribution and Pollutants in Natural Ventilation
Zhijian Liu, Angui Li, Li Tao and Xin Jiao
Characteristics of an Urban Heat Island of Different Underlying Surfaces and the Assessment of a Human Comfort Index for Zhengzhou
Jinggang Zheng, Guoxi Wu and You Li
Indoor Radon Concentration and Its Health Risks in Selected Locations in Iraqi Kurdistan Using CR-39 NTDS
Asaad H. Ismail and Mohamad S. Jaafar
Study on the Combined Toxicity of Diesel Exhaust Particles and Allergic Pollen
Chunhua Wang, Lijun Liang, Aixia Liu, Meiling Sun, Jingshu Zhang and Yuqiu Wang
Impact of Air Pollution on Daily Respiratory Hospitalization in Lanzhou, China
Zhenquan Wang, Jun Yan, Shigong Wang and Zenan Hu
The Health Risk Assessment of Coal City - A Case Study of Qitaihe City
Xianlin Meng, Manman Jiang and Zhining Qi
Toxic and Harmful Gases of Coking Production: Health Risks for the Population Living in the Neighborhood
Xianlin Meng, Zhining Qi and Manman Jiang
Chronic Hematologic Toxicity with Inhalation Exposure to Low Concentration of Benzene in BALB/C Mice
Juan Zhang, Ge Yu Liang, Kai Hong Fan, Li Hong Yin and Yue Pu Pu
Global Climate Change and Air Pollution
Experimental Study on CO2 Absorption and Regenation of Aqueous Solutions of Potassium Glycinate
Weifeng Zhang, Qiuhua Wang, Mengxiang Fang and Zhongyang Luo
Effects of Elevated O3 and CO2 on Biomass and Antioxidant System in Needles of Armand Pine
Kun Yan, Xingyuan He, Wei Chen, Sheng Xu and Kun Yan
The Impact of Elevated CO2 Changes Carbon and Nitrogen Cycle for Different Wetland Plant Species in Shallow Lake Wetlands in the East China
Jingyu Huang, Wei Zhu and Swe Hlaing Htar
Effects of N Fertilizer Application Rates on N2O Emissions from a Vegetable Field in Wuhan, China - A Lysimeter Study
Weihong Qiu, Jinshan Liu and Chengxiao Hu
The Study on Supercritical Multi-Phase Fluid in Carbon Dioxide Sequestration
Yunzhen Li and Tao Huang
Effects of Reactive Oxygen Species Metabolic System on Soybean (Glycine max.) under Exogenous Salicylic Acid to Ozone Stress
Tianhong Zhao, JunLi Wang, JiaWei Sun and Yan Wang
Asian Dust Transport in China: A Palaeoclimate and Modeling Study
Marion Ferrat, Jefferson L.M.A. Gomes, Dominik J. Weiss, Xuefeng Cui and Baerbel Langmann
Case of Climate Warming, Running Uranium Exhaust Port Impact on the Surrounding Ecological Environment
YaoHui Zhou, Jiang Liu, XiaoWen Zhang and SuiBo Xie
The Contrast on Remainder between CO2 Produced by Cellulose Ethyl Alcohol and by Gasoline - for Example Tianjin China
Yuhong Xie, Yuanyuan Ding and Xin Feng
Variation of Soil Respiration from Different Land Uses in Subtropical Agricultural Soils, Central China
Shan Lin, Ronggui Hu, Minglei Feng, Jinsong Zhao and Ryusuke Hatano
Effects of Black Carbon on East Asian Spring Climate
Jian Wu, Jia Liu, Chaoping Chen and Jun Guo
A Study on the Development Path of China's Low-Carbon Economy under the Global Climate Change
H. Y. Duan, D. F. Wang, J. Zhang, H. Q. Liu and X. E. Wang
Investigation into Thermodynamic and Kinetic Analysis of Ca-Based Oxygen Carrier in Chemical Looping Combustion
Hongjing Tian, Jing Chang and Qingjie Guo
Possibility for CO2 Sequestration Using Sea Water
Wenlong Wang, Mingqiang Hu and Chunyuan Ma
Improvement of Regional Climate by the Protection Forest Shelterbelt on the Old Yellow River Course in North Jiangsu Province, China
Jiayao Zhuang, Jinchi Zhang, Jing Yang, Bo Zhang and Yanrong Yang
Second Law-Based Thermodynamic Analysis of a Heat Pump System Utilizing Sewage Source
Xiaoming Li and Yanjun Li
Nitrous Oxide Flux from Long-Term Fertilized Black Soils in a Snowfall Process
Lianfeng Wang, Zuoqiang Han, Xin Sun, Xilin Zhang, Lianfeng Wang and Yanjiang Cai
CO2 Emission on the Process of Desulphurization Projects during "11th Five-Year Plan" Period
Ying Zhou, Kunyu Niu and Hongqiang Jiang
Global Climate Changes and Human Health
Estimates of Nitrous Oxide Emission Fluxes from Different Land Uses/Covers in China
Ying Li and Wenzhi Cao
A Study of GIS Based Risk Assessment of Meteorological Disasters in Tibet
Lha Jia and Tiangui Xiao
Cerebral Stroke and Its Predicting Model in Urumchi
Xin-ying Dou and Ting-ting Fang
Estimation of Solar Radiation from Measured Temperatures at Different Time Scales in Chongqing
Mao-Fen Li, Hong-Bin Liu, Peng-Tao Guo and Wei Wu
Information Economy, Technology Change and Energy Efficiency – A Dynamic Analysis on China's Energy-Intensive Industries
Zhuoya You, Wei Jiang, Lili Tan and Shuai Liu
Analysis of Drought Characteristics in Zhanjiang
Lingli Fan and Pinwen Guo
A Comparison Study on the Social Impact and Environmental Significance of Various Coupled Disasters in Eastern China
Gang Li, Chunhui Zhang, Fan Zhang and Zhuolun Li
A Novel Hemoplasma Species Confirmed in Swine Reveals the Possibility of Interspecies Transmission of Mycoplasma wenyonii
Congli Yuan, Ningyu Zhu, Zhibiao Yang, Shengbo Zheng, Li Cui, Jianguo Zhu, Xiuguo Hua, XiaoWei Yang, Ming Wen and JiaFu Wang
Effect of Land Use Change on Soil Respiration from Freshwater Marshes in Northeast of China
Changsheng Jiang, Qingju Hao, Junke Zhang and Qiwen Tang
Study on Urban Development and Climate Change of Lanzhou City from 1978 to 2000
Gang Li, Zhuolun Li, Cuiyun Wang and Xuemin Li
Effect of Meteorological Conditions on Occurrence of Intestinal Epidemic in Lanzhou, China
Yu-xia Ma, Shi-gong Wang and Ke-zheng Shang
Forest Biomass Dynamics in Typical Changbai Mountain Forest Area, Northeast of China
Xinchuang Wang, Limin Dai, Guang Qi, Yang Wang and Qingwei Wang
Urban/Indoor Air Pollution and Control
Indoor Air Quality Assessment in an Art Gallery with an HVAC System
Wei Cai, Danjun Wang, Xiaodong Wen and Xubo Yu
The Research of Computational Formula of Indoor Formaldehyde Instantaneous Concentration Influenced by Air Exchange Rate
Bin Li, Guangming Zhao and Jing Li
Experimental Study and Characterization of Diesel PM Pollution of Urban Bus
Kongjian Qin, Qingchun Lu, Minggao Ouyang, Jidong Gao, Xiaojun Jing and Junhua Gao
Study on Preparation of Zeolite/Ag+ Composite Particles Material and Its Air Purification Property
Hao Ding, Ning Liang, Bai Kun Wang and Hong Zhou
The Determination of Recommended Concentration of Outdoor PM10 in the Calculation of Filter Selection
Yuesheng Fan, Pengfei Si, Angui Li and Boweng Li
The Effectiveness of Eight English Ivy Cultivars in Removing the Indoor Air Pollutant Formaldehyde and Their Responses to Formaldehyde Stress
Xue An, Xia Li, Hui-Tang Pan, Qi-Xiang Zhang and Jia Wang
Indoor Air Pollution Caused by Interior Architecture Decoration and Reason of Not Absolutely Forbidden
Guang Ma and Li Gong
Particle Concentrations and Sizes in an Air-Conditioned Office with Normal Efficiency Air Filtration of University
Yuesheng Fan, Pengfei Si, Angui Li, Bao Bai and Xiangwei Zhao
Sand-Dust Aerosol's Impact on Urban Environment in Xinjiang
Weidong Gao, Yujiang Yuan, Zhihui Liu and Weishou Wei
The Sources and Health Impacts of Indoor Air Pollution
Ying Han, Neng Zhu, Nan Lu, Jing Chen, Yan Ding and Ying Han
Adsorption of Indoor Formaldehyde by a New Room-Temperature Catalytic Oxidation Composite
Yi Xing, Cheng Bei and Gaoxiang Ying
Evaluation of Exhaled Infectious Agents Transmission between Occupants under Different Ventilation Systems Indoors
Qibin He, Naiping Gao, Tong Zhu and Jiazheng Wu
Volatile Organic Compounds Concentrations in New Apartment Buildings in Harbin, China
Yu Liu, Jun Shen and Xiao-dong Zhu
The Indoor Environment of Passive Solar Heating in High Altitude Localities
Huizhi Zhong, Bo Lei and Ya Feng
Investigation of Indoor Formaldehyde in Residential Apartments in Beijing
Hairong Ren, Xiaoyi Wang, Jingqiang Zhao, Huiming Ke and Xingtao Lin
A Research on Change Law of Concentration of PM10 in an Air-Conditioning Room
Yuesheng Fan, Pengfei Si, Angui Li, Rui Gong and Bowen Li
Formaldehyde Removal from Air by Adsorption -Photooxidation Technology
Yang Yu, Gang Xue and Mei-hua Zhou
Study on Determination and Composition of Volatile Organic Compounds of Larix Gmelini Particles
Shijing Sun, Jun Shen and Zhiming Liu
The API Spatial and Temporal Change Analysis of Key Environmental Protection Cities in China Based on EOF
Bai-qiao Liu and Shan-yun Liao
Study of Air Conditioning System with Purifier in a Gymnasium
Hui Xie, Xiaoai Gan and Fei Ma
Developing Indoor Air Quality through Healthcare and Sustainable Parametric Method
Jialiang Wang, Jing Li, Xi Chen and Zheng Lv
The Indoor Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) Pollution Control Methods — A Case Study
Lei Yuan and NanYang Yu
Thermal Effects on Pollutant Dispersion in a Street Canyon
Jing Liu, Fei Ma, Ge Zhang and Dexing Sun
Removal of Indoor Pollutants by Nano TiO2/β-Cyclodextrin Coated Paper under UV Irradiation
Zehua Liu, An Yan and Ranran Miao
Sources of Air Pollution
Indoor Air Pollution Status of Dwellings in Nanjing City, China
Yabing Sun and Jingwei Feng
Impact of Hot-Pressing Parameters and Climate Temperature on VOC Emission from Particleboard
Jingxian Wang, Jun Shen, Zhanhua Huang and Lianying Cao
Application of Rough Sets Theory to Sources Analysis of Atmospheric Particulates
Chunsheng Fang, Fending Chen, Qiang Wei, Shouchao Wang and Ju Wang
Study on Characteristics of TSP and Its Bounded Pollutants in the Vicinity of Shuangliu International Airport, China
Hongling Yin, Jing Tian, Zhixiang Ye, Yingchun Yang, Wenlong Tang and Xin Xin
Theoretical Studies of the Emission Rule of SO2 and NOx in Iron Ore Sintering
Jian Pan, Deqing Zhu, Xianlin Zhou and Yanhong Luo
The Isotopic Composition of Nonmethane Hydrocarbons in the Pollution Sources
Lin Peng, Hui-min Zhang, Li-ping Chang and Zhao-fang Ren
Effect of Carburetor Main Metering Orifice on Exhaust of the Engine Fueling Methanol and Gasoline
Hongjuan Ren, Qihua Ma, Yongxiang Tian and Ying Wang
On the Distribution Characteristics of Air Pollutants in Supermarket
Weili Gu, Jinhui Yang and Haoming Peng
Mercury Release from Coal Combustion By-Products (CCBS) in Guangzhou Pearl River Power Plant
Lin Shi, Qing Liu and Xian-ju Wang
Study on the Purification Conditions of Silica Dust
Huixia Feng, Nali Chen, Heming Luo, Jianqiang Zhang, Xiaoming Li and Yixin Zhang
Other Related Topics
Effect of Social Economic Targets on Work Safety and Grey Incidence Analysis
Zhe Ma, Haomin Tian, Liu-an Kong and Zhanfeng Hang
The Phased Evaluation and Information Visualization of City Building Fire Hazards
Lirong Wu, Lirong Wu, Dawei Lv and Weimin Cheng
Impact of Sand Excavation in the Pearl River System on Hydrology and Environment
Longxi Han and Hong Ji
Ultrasonic-Extraction and Separation of Petroleum Hydrocarbons (PHs) and Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) from Heavy Oil-Polluted Soil Based on Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry (GC/MS) Analysis
Xianyuan Du, Jianlin Liu, Yu Li, Yanghong Lang and Xingchun Li
Protective Effects of Garlic Barbarum Extract Liquid on Lead Acetate Induced Genetic Damage in Mice
Ruiming Bi
Nonlinear Regression Model for Prediction of Dispersive Liquid-Liquid Microextraction-Solidification of Floating Organic Drop (DLLME-SFO) of DecaBDE from River Sediments Based on Undecanol
Chen Zhang, Jianlin Liu, Yan Hu, Yu Li and Yinghong Jian
Study on the NOx Control to Better the Environmental Quality of Urban Air
Jianxing Ren, Fangqin Li, Yongwen Yang, Qingrong Liu, Jiang Wu and Weijun Gao
An Integrated Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis for the Sustainability of Industrial Eco-Systems
Fang Wang and Xiao-Ping Jia
Delaunay Triangulation Method for Analysis of Near-Infrared Spectra of Plant Samples
Yankun Li
Based on Fuzzy Grey Correlation Method in the Relation Analysis between Safety Investment and Benefit
Haomin Tian, Liu-an Kong and Zhanfeng Huang
Experimental Analysis of Heavy Metals Behavior during Melting Process of Fly Ashes from MSWI under Different Atmospheres
Xue-tao Wang, Bin Xu, Dan-Na Zhao and Bao-sheng Jin
Stability of BPA in Near Critical Water
Zhiyan Pan, Yingping Liu, Meixian Wang and Yuyuan Fang
Po Bleaching of Magnesium-Based Sulfite Pulp
Chunxia Chen and Yugui Qiu
A Model on the Relation between the Rainfall in Poyang Lake Basin and Its Water Level
Youqin Zou, Wenbin Zhou and Maosheng Zhong
Green Consumption Attitudes of the Tourists Lodging in the Resort Hotel
Chia-Chia Lin and Dong-Her Shih
The Dispersion of Extra-Polysaccharide and Protein of Activated Sludge in Sodium Pyrophosphate Solution
Bo Jiang, Hai-yan Pei and Wen-rong Hu
Coating Utilized to Reduce Cohesive Force between High Resistivity Dust and Polar Plate
Yongliang Zhang, Sijing Cai and Haiyan Chen
Study of a New Kind of Green Environmental Protection Material for Fire Preventing in Coal Mines
Yong-liang Xu, De-ming Wang, Xiao-xing Zhong and Xu-yao Qi
Studing on the Scaling Mechanism and Prevention Measures of ASP Flooding
Guolin Jing, Shulin Li and Lijie Xing
The Performance Test and Analysis of Heat Recovery Type Heat Pipe Indirect Evaporative Cooling Air-Conditioning Unit
Xiang Huang, Sheng Wu, Li-juan Fan, Chao Wang and Jun-mei Wu
A Study of the Autofluorescence Spectrum of the Tissues in Various Places of Rats during the Period of Medium-Intensity Aerobic Exercise
Wenjun Ren, Binnan Zhang, Zhenghong Xu, Zhenxi Zhang and Zheng Li
Chaotic Performance Analysis and Day Water Level Prediction of Baiyangdian
Xiuyan Wang, Wuqun Cheng and Jianmei Yin
Researches on the Evaporative Cooling Air Conditioning Standard of Utilizing Renewable Energy Dry Air Cooling
Chao Wang, Xiang Huang and Zhi-Xiang Wu
Maturity Evaluation of Spent Mushroom Compost
Yaning Luan, Xiangyang Sun, Suyan Li, Yong Qiao and Linna Suo
A Multilevel Analysis of Determinants of Pro-Environmental Behavior (PEB) in China: A Case from Tianjin
Qian Liu
Numerical Simulation of Soot of a Coal-Fired Utility Boiler
Fang-qin Li, Jian-xing Ren, Henan Li and Zhiwu Hao
Study on the Mechanisms of Transportation and Accumulation of n-Hexadecane by Microorganism
Hongqi Wang, Fei Hua and Yanjun Chen
The Comprehensive Evaluation Based on the Time Index for the Armored Vehicle Microenvironment
Heping Wang, Rongli Li, Hai Xue, Bing Yi, Heping Wang and Hongxia Pan
First Report of Cucumber White Spot Disease Caused by Pseudomonas viridiflava in China
Changyuan Liu, Kuihua Zhao, Chunhao Liang, Hui Wang, Tianshu Guan, Ping Wang and Qiong Wang
Study on the Oxidative Activity of Corn Glutathione
Liping Xu, Xin Wang and Chunran Han
Spectrophotometric Determination of Gold Contained by Adsorption with Mercapto-Group Resin and Extraction with Isoamyl-Alcohol
Jin-hui Yang, Jin-song Wang, Shu-kui Zhou, Bai-lin Ren and Qin-wen Deng
Particulate Matter Emissions from a Coal-Fired Power Plant
Ping Lu, Jiang Wu and Wei-Ping Pan
Experimental Study on the Impact of Multi-Factor on the Emission of TVOC and Formaldehyde from Indoor Materials in Model Test Room
Zhiwei Wang, Jingjing Cao and Long Chen
Sensitivity Analysis of AERMOD in Modeling Local Air Quality under Different Model Options
Bin Zou, Yongnian Zeng, Huimin Liu, Honghui Zhang, Yonghong Qiu and Benjamin F. Zhan
Oxygen Concentrating and Application for Railway Tunnel Construction in High Altitude Area and It's Physiological Effects on the Construction Workers
Ying Shu Liu, Tian Yi Wu, Shou Quan Ding, Wen Hai Liu, Qing Wen Hou, Jun Xiao Feng, Kai Le, Hui Zhang and Yong Ling Li
Influence of Hedge Pruning Returning on Soil CO2 Flux in Subtropical China
Qiong Mo, Zhong-Lu Guo, Chong-Fa Cai and Guo-Biao Zhang
Experimental Study on Mechanical Properties of Cement-Treated Red Clay in Guilin
Bao-chen Liu, Bing-hui Zhang, Rong Zeng and Chun-mei Mu
Dynamic Dilution Olfactometer Based on Triangle Odor Bag Method
Weiling Liu, Yan Xu, Changjian Li, Kehua Zou and Jingling Bao
Study of Numerical Simulation and Experimental of Gas Flow Distribution of Electric Composite Filter Bag in 300MW Power Unit in Coal-Fired Power Plant
Xiaoqing Dang and Hongsheng Hu
Dynamic Risk Evaluation of Geological Catastrophe of Tailing Reservoir Based on Catastrophe Theory
Ling Zhao and Minkang Tang
Effects of Alcohol Destiny on the Waste of Soy Protein Concentrate
Bingyu Sun and Yanguo Shi
Enhanced Bioremediation of Heavy Oil Contaminated Soil by Bacterial Consortium Amended with Biosurfactant
Yanhong Lang, Xingchun Li and Yaping Fu
Environmental Pollution of Offshore Airport and Semi-Offshore Airport
Bing Zhao, Nuo Wang, Lijie Wu and Chunxia Yang
Evaluation Method of Two-Lane Highway Green Landscape
Li Yuan and He-wei Yuan
Measurement of Residual Solvents in Thiamine Hydrochloride by Static Headspace Gas Chromatography
Wenhua Song, Minling Gao, Jing Guo and Ting Sun
Distribution and Health Risk Assessment of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) in Industrial Site Soils: A Case Study in Benxi, China
Fengmei Li, Shuhai Guo, Bo Wu, Lingyan Zhang, Fengmei Li and Tingting Li
Modeling of Atrazine Adsorption onto Surficial Sediments in the System of Cadmium and Malathion Co-Existed
Zhizeng Wang, Qian Gao, Yan Hu and Yu Li
cDNA, Genomic Sequence Cloning and Sequences Analysis of the fau Gene from the Giant Panda (Ailuropoda melanoleuca)
Guang-fu Wu, Yi-ling Hou, Wan-ru Hou, Yan Song and Tian Zhang
Numerical and Experimental Validation of Full-Depth Asphalt Slab Using Capturing Solar Energy
Shaopeng Wu, Hong Wang, Mingyu Chen and Yuan Zhang
Energy Risk Assessment Based on PCA-LZNMAP Model
Yaqun He, Hua Wei, Jingfeng He, Weiran Zuo, Shuzhen Wang, Xin Ge, Baofeng Wen and Shan Wu
The Effect of Mechanical Agitation on the Stripping of Bio-Film from Ceramic Particles
Bo Jiang, Haiyan Pei and Wenrong Hu
Extraction of Heavy Metals from Sewage Sludge with Phosphoric Acid
Hua Zhang, ZhiLiang Zhu, YanLing Qiu, RongHua Zhang and JianFu Zhao
The Carbonization Characteristics Studies of Corn Stalk in a Fixed Bed Reactor
Zhanping You, Shijun You, Xianli Li, Yong Luo and Yonggang Jiao
Research on Ecological Function and Value of Zu Shan Virgin Forest Park
Hang Yu, Shuifen Zhan, Shuitao Peng and Deming Dong
Enzyme Characteristics of Phytase from Spicaria Harting 2613-4
Na Zhang, Qing Qi Guo and Xin Huai Zhao
Decomposition Analysis on Dematerialization for the Further Development of Circular Economy
Lei Wang and Hui-ming Li
Enzymatic Esterification of Ammonium Lactate with Ethanol in Organic Solvent: Kinetic Study
Yingying Wang, Yanjun Jiang, Liya Zhou and Jing Gao
A System Dynamics Model for the Environment Management of Eco-Industrial Park
Qingling Qu, Xin Qian and Jin Wang
Emergy-Based Urban Ecosystem Health Evaluation: Evidence from Suzhou, China
Jing Zhou, Yuan Wang, Pei-Kun Guo and Yi-Chen Wang
A Study on Sound Absorption Behavior of Compound Aluminum Foam
Xiaohong Zhang, Haibin Li and Songling Wang
Raman Spectra of Sudan Red Dyes and the Fluorescence Background Removal
Chen Chen, Fei Peng, Qinghua Cheng and Dahai Xu
Heavy Metal Pollution and the Magnetic Characteristics of the River Sediments in Bi River Basin of Yunnan Province, China
Yuan-mei Jiao, Hong-bin Zhou, Li-fang Sun, Zheng-tao Shi and Qing-zhong Ming
Characteristic Elements of Litchi in Zengcheng City Guangdong Province
X. F. Zhao, X. Y. Chang, S. M. Fu and H. Liu
Prediction of NOx Concentration from Coal Combustion Using LS-SVR
Ligang Zheng, Hailin Jia, Shuijun Yu and Minggao Yu
Investigation on Indoor Air Quality in University Libraries in Xi'an
Zhiwei Wang, Long Chen and Gaijing Zhang
A Survey and Analysis on Farmer's Awareness and Performance for Promoting Environmental Management in Rural China: A Case Study from Panjiazhuang Village
Peng-mei Li, Hui-ming Li and Xiao-li Zuo
A Comprehensive Analysis of the Pressure of China’s Consumption on Resources and Environment
Wenjing Liu and Huiming Li
Preliminary Study on the Factors on Callus Induction of Phalaenopsis
Shuguo Fan, Qibin Zhang, Lu Qiu, Guoshu Li, Haiyan Yang and Ming Jiang
Towards an Integrated GIS Framework for Managing Environmental Data
Zhiming Gui, Zhou Huang and Xuetong Xie
Study of the Relationship between the Landslide and Precipitation in Zhejiang, Fujian and Guangdong Provence
QuanLiang Chen, Quanliang Chen, Guangming Xiong, Ming Zhang and Junfeng Hu
Study on the Water Resource Allocation of South-to-North Water Transfer Based on Hybrid Genetic Algorithm
Hong-yan Li
The Ecological Impact Assessment of Sea Reclamation Projects Based on Ecological Footprint Analysis: Xiamen Case Study
Weiqi Chen, Haitao Meng, Xuan Wang and Luoping Zhang
Geochemistry Characters of Soil Heavy Metals in Zhuzhou City Based on Statistical Analysis
Guodong Ai, Xiaoming Fu, Tagen Dai and Chaozhuang Xi
Peroxidative Damage Induced by Moderate White Noise Involved in Tau Hyperphosphorylation of Hippocampus in Mice
Liang Cheng, Min Xie, Shaohui Wang, Qicai Chen and Xiaomei Liao
The Environmental Kuznets Curve with Environmental Spillovers
Qiong He and Zheng Wang
Measurement and Analysis of Electromagnetic Radiation of 110KV High-Voltage Lines in One Urban Location in Chongqing P.R. China
Qi-zhong Qin, Yu Chen, Ting-ting Fu, Li Ding, Jian-chao Li and Ling-li Han
Research of Indoor Air Quality on an Air-Conditioning Classroom
Lin Qiu, Cai Wang, Lifeng Wei and Kui Guo
The Conditions of China's Environmental Liability Insurance System
Guoqiang Ren and Jinyan Shang
The Spatial-Temporal Changes of Land Use/Land Cover in the Upper Reaches of Min River from 1986 to 2000
YongHua Zhao and XiaoFeng Wang
Effects of Elevated CO2 on Soil Microbial Activity and Bacterial Diversity in Pinus koraiensis Seedlings Fields in Changbai Mountain
Xia Jia
Analysis of Awareness of Vaccination for Guardians of Left-Behind Children in Rural Handan
Yanqiu Chang
The Dynamic Study in Astrocytes and Cytokines in a Rat Model of Vascular Dementia by Xiongma Dropping Pill
Ying Zhao, Lin Liu, Dan Li and Hou-jun Teng
Study on Thermal Efficiency of Gas-Fired Vacuum Hot Water Boiler with Installing Flue Gas Condensing Waste-Heat Exchanger
Zhixin Pan, Jianhui Niu, Chunping Lu, Zhihong Zhang and Junjun Zhu

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