Plenary Speakers
Collin M. Stultz
Massachusetts Institute of Technology,
Title :
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Steven Brenner
UC Berkeley,
Title : Findings from the third Critical Assessment of Genome Interpretation, CAGI 2013, a community experiment to evaluate phenotype prediction.
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Michael Q. Zhang
University of Texas at Dallas,
Title : Modeling Dynamics of Cell-fate
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Edwin Wang
National Research Council Canada/McGill University,
Title : Molecular Networks for Interpretation and Prediction in Biology
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Feng Liu
Princeton University,
Title : Testing threshold-dependent model for cell fate controlling during Drosophila embryogenesis
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Calvin Yu-Chian Chen
China Medical University,
Title : When Modern Computational Systems Biology Meets Ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine
Abstract : More>>
Bin Zhang
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai,
Title : Gene Networks and Drivers of Inflammation in Complex Human Diseases
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