Edwin Wang
National Research Council Canada/McGill University
Title : Molecular Networks for Interpretation and Prediction in Biology
Abstract :

It is challenging in interpreting omic data (i.e., deep sequencing, array, and large-scale genetic screenings) to get insights and generate testable hypotheses. Further, it is even harder to use these data to make predictions. We have proposed and applied molecular networks to reach these goals. I will illustrate these points using a few examples: RNA-seq data analysis of wheat embryogenesis, gene co-expression networks and metabolic networks of wheat embryogenesis, predicting network genes for improving yields of crops, understanding of crop trait-driving events in a network context to predict plant trait-driving genes by combining SNP data, and finally identifying functional network modules for crop traits.

Biography :

Edwin Wang is a Senior Investigator in systems biology and bioinformatics at National Research Council Canada and a Professor at McGill University Center for Bioinformatics. He obtained his PhD in Molecular Genetics from University of British Columbia in 2002, and has a undergraduate training in Computer Science. He is working on biological networks of cancer, plant and microRNA. He is also developing algorithms for cancer biomarker identification, cancer genomic data interpretation, and personalized treatment of cancer patients. He is the member of review panels of US National Institute of Health and Canadian Institute of Health Research. He is also the member of the AACR (American Association of Cancer Research)-Cancer Systems Biology Think Tank. He has edited the book, Cancer Systems Biology (2010), which is the first book in the field. He is also Editors for a few international journals such as Nature's Scientific Reports, and BMC Systems Biology, and a Guest Editor for PLoS Computational Biology.

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