• Prof.Ann T. Lemley
  • Prof.Ann T. Lemley
  • Cornell University, USA
  • Biography: Ann T. Lemley is a Professor in the College of Human Ecology at Cornell University and is also a founding member of the campus wide Graduate Field of Environmental Toxicology at Cornell. Her faculty appointment is a combination of Research and Outreach. Her research goal is to study the chemical remediation of contaminants in the environment, particularly water and soil systems, in order to assess and decrease risks through removal or treatment. Projects have focused on pesticides, pharmaceuticals, and other organic contaminants. She and her group study advanced oxidation treatment methods, using the Fenton and metal oxide methods and elucidating degradation kinetics, degradation products, and mechanisms. She is the author of over 65 refereed papers and is on the Editorial Board of several journals. She is the former chair (2000) of the Agrochemical Division of the American Chemical Society and was named a Fellow of the Division in 2007. She is currently a member of its Executive Committee. Her Outreach Program is conducted through Cornell Cooperative Extension and other outlets and focuses on environmental issues such as drinking water quality, protection of water, household chemicals, pesticides in the home, and household hazardous waste. She was recognized by the USDA with an IMPACT 2000 award for her Rural Water Quality Education Program. She is the author of an extensive library of educational facts sheets and other materials, many of which can be found on her Water Quality Website, http://waterquality.cce.cornell.edu/. Her faculty website can be accessed at http://www.human.cornell.edu/bio.cfm?netid=atl2.
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