• Dr. Feng Liu
  • Dr. Feng Liu
  • Princeton University, USA
  • Biography: Dr. Feng Liu is a Research Scientist in the Physics Department of Princeton University. He received his Ph.D. in Biophysics and Computational Biology from University of Illinois at Urbana and Champaign, MS in Nuclear Engineer from Beijing University, and BS in physics from Shandong University. His expertise lies in biophotonics, quantitative imaging process, and computational biology. His Ph.D. work was focused on protein folding, protein aggregation, protein engineering, spectroscopy, and molecular dynamics simulations. The proteins designed by him could fold with extremely fast speed (reaching the folding limit) and were served as benchmark proteins for molecular dynamics simulations. One of his papers in reporting such fast folding process was selected as the “2009 highlighted article” by the editor of Journal of Chemical Physics. His paper reporting the force field bias in the molecular dynamics simulation has been cited almost 200 times since its publication in 2008. Currently he focuses on the cell program during Dorsophila embryogenesis fly embryos using quantitative two-photon microscopy, genetics and mathematical modeling. His work on quantitatively testing threshold model in cell fate determination was recently published in PNAS and highlighted by Nature Reviews Genetics. As a young investigator, Dr. Feng Liu has published a series of papers in prestigious journals such as PNAS, JMB, and Biophysical Journal.
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