• Prof. Musa Hakan Asyali
  • Prof. Musa Hakan Asyali
  • Antalya International University, Turkey
  • Biography: Prof. Dr. Musa Hakan Asyali is a scientist from Turkey. He is a Vice-Rector and the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering at the Antalya International University. He has obtained his PhD degree in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles. Prof. Dr. Asyali has published around 35 scientific papers in the international journals, but has been cited over 350 times due to the revolutionary findings in his papers. He also holds a patent on“Estimation of signal thresholds for microarray data using mixture modeling.”In 2008, he has published a book "Image Processing with MATLAB: Applications in Medicine and Biology” as one of the co-authors. He is working as a reviewer for about 10 scientific journals. Also, he is a member of an editorial board of two journals: Current Bioinformatics and Turkish Journal of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences. Prof. Dr. Asyali’s research areas of interest include: mathematical modellingof physiological systems, biomedical signal and image processing and bioinformatics.
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