Jian Shen (Chair)
Virginia Institute of Marine Science, School of Marine Science, Gloucester Point VA 23062, USA

Prof. Shen received his BS in Mathematics from Shanghai Normal University and his MA and Ph.D in Marine Science from the College of William and Mary.  He has more than 20 years of experiences with the development and application of numerical models to solve environmental problems. His research has been directed at improving our ability to quantify and predict ecosystems and water quality in estuaries and coastal seas. He combines theoretical analysis and numerical model simulations to study estuarine dynamics, transport processes, and water quality. Dr. Shen has been engaged in many environmental model developments, studies, and trainings to support state and local governments for estuarine restoration in the Chesapeake Bay region, North Carolina and West Virginia.   He has been actively involved in interdisciplinary projects for estuarine restoration. He has incorporated data assimilation techniques in water quality modeling, which improves model prediction capabilities, and used models for tracking pollutant sources. Dr. Jian Shen has numerous peer-reviewed publications. The research topics cover a number of fields including: estuarine transport timescale, estuarine dynamics and front, larval dispersion, eutrophication processes, transport of toxic materials, storm surge in estuaries and coastal seas, data assimilation and inverse parameter estimation, and modeling watershed processes. Prior to joining the faculty at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science, The College of William and Mary, he was a senior environmental engineer at Tetra Tech, inc., an environmental consultant company for USEPA. He was the technical lead in the development of Mining Data Analysis System (MDAS) and Loading Simulation Program C++ (LSPC), and EFDC Toolkit for USEPA. These tools have been widely used by USEPA for pollutant control and aquatic restoration. He has been a technical lead and principle investigator for many USEPA projects and conducted both watershed and 3D modeling trainings for USEPA.

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