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Algorithms, Models, Software Tools and Approaches in Bioinformatics

Scavenging Effects of Echinacea purpurea Extract and Active Ingredient Against Peroxynitrite

Yun-Jing Luo, Jing-Lin Pan, Yan-Shu Pan and Ru Gang Zhong

Spatial Cluster Analysis Based on Evolutionary DNA Computing Technique

Xiyu Liu and Hong Liu

Evidence for Positive Selection in Ser/Thr Protein Kinases (STKs) Genes of Trichodesmium erythraeum

Chengwei Liang and Xiaowen Zhang

Feature Selection for Tandem Mass Spectrum Quality Assessment via Sparse Logistical Regression

Jiarui Ding and Fang-Xiang Wu

MUI: A New Functional Similarity Measure for Gene Products Based on Gene Ontology

Qiang Hu and Zheng-Guo Zhang

An Information Theoretic Viewpoint on Haplotype Reconstruction from SNP Fragments

Huimin Chen and Zhiyu Zhao

Automatic Testing with Diagnostic Resolution for Biomedical Apparatus

Jinhe Wang and Nan Zhang

Reconstruction of Probability Phylogenetic Trees with Substitution Models

J. F. Weng, I. Mareels and D. A. Thomas

Optimization of MISCORE-Based Motif Identification Systems

Nung Kion Lee and Dianhui Wang

KiWi: A Scalable Subspace Clustering Algorithm for Gene Expression Analysis

Obi L. Griffith, Byron J. Gao, Mikhail Bilenky, Yuliya Prychyna, Martin Ester and Steven J. M. Jones

An MM-Based Optimization Algorithm for Sparse Linear Modeling on Microarray Data Analysis

Xiaohui Chen and Raphael Gottardo

Selecting Biomarkers for Ovarian Cancer Detection Using SVD and Monte Carlo Methods

Haifeng Lai, Bin Han, Lei Zhu, Yan Chen, Lihua Li and Rebecca Sutphen

Assessing Iterative Normal Modes on Representing Protein Conformational Transitions

Cheng Peng and Liqing Zhang

Global Differential Gene Expression in Cancers and its Implications for Building Robust Diagnostic Classifiers

Chen Yao, Min Zhang, Jinfeng Zou, Chenguang Wang, Dong Wang, Jing Wang, Jing Zhu and Zheng Guo

Novel and Homology Microrna Prediction by Using a Bayesian Network Based Program in Strongylocentrotus purpuratus Genome

Zhenlin Wei, Xiaolin Liu and Yaqing Chang

New Fast Algorithm on DNA Sequence Alignment

Jing Fan and Ruili Jiao

EPBC: Enhanced Possibilistic Biclustering with Application to Gene Expression Analysis

Mohamed A. Mahfouz and Mohamed A. Ismail

DPBC: Distance Based Possibilistic Biclustering with Application to Gene Expression Analysis

Mohamed A. Mahfouz and Mohamed A. Ismail

Modelling the Dynamics of Anti-HBV Infection Therapy with Chinese Herbs

Yongan Ye and Lequan Min

Discovering New Drug in Ancient Herbal Compound Database by Unsupervised Pattern Discovery Algorithm

Jianxin Chen, Shihuan Tang and Hongjun Yang

Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationship of Sesquiterpene Lactones with Anti-Ulcerogenic Activity

Huajun Luo, Junzhi Wang, Yuan Zhou and Kun Zou

A New Particle Swarm Optimization Based Unscented Particle Filtering

Chunhe Song, Hai Zhao, Wei Jing and Guilan Luo

Mixed Using Artificial Fish - Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm for Hyperspace Basing on Local Searching

Wei Gao, Hai Zhao, Chunhe Song and Jiuqiang Xu

Study on the Dynamical Behavior of Mass Attitudes

Jinghu Yu and Jinli Pei

Mutation Patterns in Human Menin

Shaomin Yan and Guang Wu

The Transient Characters of the Directed Motion of Protein Motors

Weixia Wu, Yong Zhan, Yingrong Han, Yafei Chen, Hui Zhou and Ao Zhang

Computational Identification of PpsR and FnrL Regulatory Elements in Four Purple Bacteria

Chengwei Liang, Wei Wei and Qin Song

The Identification of Human Cryptic Exons Based on SVM

Gang Su, Ying-Fei Sun and Jun Li

An Improved Position Weight Matrix Method Based on an Entropy Measure for the Recognition of Prokaryotic Promoters

Qinqin Wu, Jiajun Wang and Hong Yan

Antibody Concentration Based Method for Network Security Situation Awareness

Feixian Sun and Feng Xu

Research on Symbiotic System of Manufacturing Enterprises and TPL Based on Symbiotic Theory

Chouyong Chen, Lei Liu and Baoliang Hu

Functional Module Analysis of Alzheimer Disease Related Genes and MicroRNAs Based on Gene Ontology Annotation

Jie Zhang, Li Li, Xia Li, Haiyun Wang and Xia Li

DNA Computing for Traveling Salesman Problem

Xikui Liu and Li Yan

Three-Dimensional Simulation of Pathogen Particles Spread Around Buildings

Xue-Yi You, Peng Zhang and Wei Liu

Research on Characteristic Extraction of Human Gait

Shan Yang and Lingjiang Kong

Detection of T-Wave Alternans Based on the Maximum of T Waves

Qun Li, Jie Zhao, Jie Tian, Yan-Na Zhao, Ji-Kui Wang, Jian-Gong Xu and Fang-Zhou Xu

Integration of Medical Information Systems Based on Virtual Database and Web Services

Yinyao Zhu, Peipei Jia, Huilong Duan and Xudong Lu

SPSAS: A Segment-Based Protein Sequence Analyzing System

Kan Liu, Fan Chen, Ping Liu and Hao Xie

Compressed Pattern Matching in DNA Sequences Using Multithreaded Technology

Piyuan Lin, Shaopeng Liu, Lixia Zhang and Peijie Huang

Gene Expression Analysis Using Clustering

Kumar Dhiraj, Santanu Kumar Rath and Abhishek Pandey

When and Where Does the Reentry Start in Long-QT Syndrome? -A Computer Simulation Study

Yinbin Jin, Hong Zhang, Lin Yang and Zhao Yang

Developing Coarse-Grained Force Fields for PNIPAM Single Chain from the Atomistic Model

Zilu Wang and Xuehao He

New Results on Cell Metabolic Networks

Qinghua Zhou, Yan Li and Momiao Xiong

An Agent-Based Modeling Approach at Molecular Scale for Biochemical Networks: Simulating from Stochastic Molecular Events

Jun-Qing Niu, Kuan Zhang and Haoran Zheng

Several Dynamic Models of Large-Scale Insect Cell Infection at Low Multiplicity of Infection

Ruangang Pan, Lei Deng and Xiufen Zou

Study on the Temporal and Spatial Change Evolutions of Thermal Environment in Harbin

Wenliang Li and Lijuan Zhang

A New Trunk Subdivision Model in BIA - The system design and preliminary experiment

Juan Deng, Chaoshi Ren, Shu Zhao, Yan Wang and Hong Sha

Optimization of Multiple Control Parameters of Mathematical Model of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Based on Genetic Algorithm

Lin Xu, Yanru Zhang, Xiaoming Wu and Hengxin Yuan

Net Analyte Signal Calculation in Near-Infrared Spectra Calibration

Weiling Liu, Libing Liu and Qilian Yu

A Computer Simulation for Insulin Injection of Diabetic Patient

Ruiqiang Hu and Chengwei Li

A Practical Exponential-Time Algorithm on Sorting by Short Block-Moves

Qingsong Xie, Jinjie Xiao, Peiqiang Liu, Haiyan Zhu, Hui Fan and Daming Zhu

Modelling on State Transfer of DNA Automaton

Yihong Qiu, Xiaoli Guo, Zhende Huang and Yisheng Zhu

Integrated Model for Regulation and Utilization of Regional Ground and Surface Water in the Shiyang Basin, Northwestern China

Jin Quan, Zengchuan Dong and Jian-Liang Ma

Discrete Particle Swarm Optimization with Chaotic Initialization

Qiang Lu, Qing-He Xu and Xue-Na Qiu

Kinetic Analysis of Aminoethylisothiourea on Diphenolase of Mushroom Tyrosinase

Shu-Bai Li, Hai-Tao Zhang, Yong Xue, Hua-Li Nie, Li-Min Zhu, Xiao-Fei Zhang and C. Branford-White

Reversal of Premature Site-Dependent Ventricular Vulnerability in Simulated Ischemic Tissue

Hong Zhang, Yinbin Jin, Lin Yang and Zhen-Xi Zhang

The Second Analytical Model for the Power Dissipation Within the cell Membrane in Suspensions Exposed to DC Electric Fields

Yurong Qin, Zhiyong Zhang, Song Shi, Ni Chen and Pingbo He

The Application of Apriori-Gen Algorithm in the Association Study in Type 2 Diabetes

Weidong Mao and Jinghe Mao

A Novel Algorithm for Estimating Arterial Pressure-Dependent Compliance

Xin Sun, Changchun Liu, Lei Yang and Yaohua Zhang

Two Lower Bounds for Self-Assemblies at Temperature 1

Jan Manuch, Ladislav Stacho and Christine Stoll

Testing the Relative Content of Berberine of Cortex Phellodendri Chinensis In Vivo by Multispectral Imaging Method

Jing Zhao, Qichang Pang, Ji Ma, Wanxiang Zhang and Qingxia Meng

Relationship between Vascular Elasticity and Human Pulse Waveform Based on FFT Analysis of Pulse Waveform with Different Age

Huifeng Yang, Qi Zhou and Jun Xiao

A Novel Approach for Face Recognition Based on Weightiness Image Partition

Guanghui He, Yuanyan Yang, Bin Fang and Taiping Zhang

A Wavelet -Fuzzy Approach for Diagnosis the Constitutional Jaundice

Shaker K. Ali, Beiji Zou and Long-Xiang Peng

A Measure of Semantic Similarity between GO Terms Based on Semantic Contributions of Their Ancestors

Aie Lian and Jifeng Huang

3D Protein Structure Similarity Comparison Using a Angular-Invariant Feature Registration Method

Ying Zhou, Jun Jiang and Hairong Zheng

Indigenous Microbial Diversity in Conglomerate Oil Reservoirs Analyzed by PCR-DGGE

Yuehui She, Fan Zhang, Fuchang Shu, Liping Zhao and Longjiang Yu

Parameter Estimation for Nonlinear Biological System Model Based on Global Sensitivity Analysis

Jianfang Jia

An Efficient Hardware-Based Approach for Molecular Folding Calculations via System-on-Chip

Wen-Tsai Sung

Common Features Identification of Differently Expressed Genes Related to Endemic Osteoarthritis Disease

Xiaoming Wu, Jianqiang Du, Bo Wang, Lili Liu, Shuang Wang and Xiong Guo

Prediction of Linear B-Cell Epitopes Using AAT Scale

Lian Wang, Juan Liu, Shanfeng Zhu and Yangyang Gao

A Novel Model for Individual Dosing Regimens Against PKPD Correlation

Yingzhu Feng, Bochu Wang, Shuangkou Chen and Pengyu Shao

Numerical Simulations of Inspiratory Airflow in Human Nasal Cavity and Statistic Study of Its Characteristic Dimension

Jun Zhang, Yingfeng Su and Qiwen Xue

Component Vector method and Its Application in Detecting Similarities between Sequences

Guang-You Duan, Shan Gao, Ning Zhang, Zhuo Yang and Tao Zhang

Hierarchical Clustering of Gene Expression Data with Divergence Measure

Weixiang Liu, Tianfu Wang, Siping Chen and Aifa Tang

Algorithms for DNA Sequencing by Hybridization: A Review

Hongwei Xie, Qianqian Yuan and Ling Liao

Decision Tree Based Predictive Models for Breast Cancer Survivability on Imbalanced Data

Ya-Qin Liu, Cheng Wang and Lu Zhang

Discovering Syndromes in Coronary Heart Disease by Cluster Algorithm Based on Random Neural Network

Jie Wang, Yanwei Xing, Janxin Chen and Yonghong Gao

A Biofeedback-Based Breathing Induction System

Seung-Hun Park, Dae-Geun Jang, Dae-Heung Son, Weimo Zhu and Min-Soo Hahn

Evolutionary Algorithm Based Radial Basis Function Neural Network for Function Approximation

R. J. Kuo, Tung-Lai Hu and Zhen-Yao Chen

Subcellular Locations Prediction of Proteins Based on Chaos Game Representation

Nana Li, Xiaohui Niu, Feng Shi and Xuehai Hu

Protein-Protein Relationship Measurement Based on MELK Data for Polymyositis

Fang-Zhen Li, Xiao-Hong Shen, Zhi Gong and Nian Cai

A Software for Designing Oligonucleotides for PCR-Based Long DNA Synthesis

Samuel Khor, Marcus Bode, Hongye Ye, Mo-Huang Li and Jackie Y. Ying

DNA and RNA Structures, Function and Sequence Analysis

Interspecific Relationships and Origins of Taxus and Cephalotaxus

Da Cheng Hao

Z Curve Analysis on Repeat Long Regions of Mareks Disease Virus 1

Chuanzhen Jiao and Jiuzhou Song

Structure of Stearoyl ACP Desaturase of Pistacia Chinensis and Other Plants Was Predicted by Bioinformatics Methods

Ming-Wang Shi, Hong-Wei Song and Jiang-Tao Zhang

Semi-Parametric Polynomial Inverse Regression for Dimension Reduction and Its Application in Microarray Data

Guofen Zhang and Yan Zhang

Analysis of Seven Polyacrylamide(PAM)-Degrading Bacterias Using PCR-DGGE Method

Yuehui She, Fan Zhang, Zhengliang Wang, Liping Zhao and Longjiang Yu

Isolation, Identification, and Antimicrobial Activity of a Denitrifying Bacterium from Marine Sediments

Bufei Fu, Yi Zhang, Jun Mu, Youbao Zhao and Xiuhua Zhu

Performance of an Enhanced Membrane Bioreactor (EMBR) by Adding Aerobic Denitrification Strains in Treating High NH 4 + -N Wastewater

Jifeng Guo and Yanjun Lu

Secondary Effluent Treatment by Pilot-Scale Constructed Wetland and the Character of Its Microbial Communities

Jifeng Guo and Yanjun Lu

The Research on exoL of Succinoglycan Biosynthesis Gene in Bioflocculant Producing Bacterium F2

Bing Yu, Jixian Yang, Peishi Qi and Fang Ma

An ALE-Index Based Algorithm Facilitated Prediction of Success for Polymerase Chain Reactions

Zhizhou Zhang, Liangyu Meng, Xiaoqing Yu and Chun Li

Phylogenetic Analysis of Four Vibrio Strains of Pathogenic Bacteria Based on Hemolysin Genes and 16S rRNA Genes

Xiuli Wang, Ye Yuan, Hongyue Wang, Qunlan Zhou, Jian Zhu, Yaqing Chang, Yudong Cui and Xuemei Qiu

Graphical Representation of DNA Sequence with Degeneracy Tends to Zero

Xikui Liu and Yan Li

Prokaryote Gene Data Classifier Design Based on SVM

Xiao-Xia Li, Bo Sun, Xue-Mei Han and Ji-Hong Zhang

Cloning and Molecular Characterization of a SKP1 Gene from Brassica napus

Heng Yin, Xiaoming Zhao and Yuguang Du

Bayesian Testing for Multiple Motif in Biological Sequences Based on Moment Estimate

Qian Liu, Sanyang Liu and Lifang Liu

The cDNA Segment Cloning and Bioinformatics Analysis of SREBP-2 Gene in Goose

Chun-Chun Han, Ji-Wen Wang, Liang Li and Wei Wang

Analysis of SSR Marker of Wheat Mutants of Genetic Transformation Mediated by Ion Beam

Tie-Gu Wang, Xue-Bin Li, Ming-Wang Shi, Weidong Wang, Shi-Lin Chen, Xing-Qi Ou and Ming-Jiu Liu

Geometrical Comparing the Avian Influenza Virus in Different Hosts

Yan-Ling Yang

Isolation and Identification of Leaf Blight Pathogen from Camellia oleifera

Gouying Zhou, Guangtao Song, Junang Liu and He Li

cDNA Cloning, Sequence Analysis and Homology Modeling of S 20 -RNase in Chinese White Pear (Pyrus bretschneideri Rehd.)

Deyi Yuan, Lin Zhang, Xiaofeng Tan and Yan Shen

Isolation and Characterization of a Cinnamoyl-CoA Reductase cDNA from Camellia oleifera

Xiaofeng Tan, Hongpeng Chen and Wei Li

Isolation and Identification of a Bioactive Bacterium from Marine Sediments

Youbao Zhao, Yi Zhang, Jun Mu, Bufei Fu and Xiuhua Zhu

Identification and Sequence Analysis of Four S-RNase Genes in Plumcot (Prunus simonii Carr.)

Jing-Hua Duan, Fang-Dong Li and Hong-Yan Du

Cloning, Expression Analysis and Sequence Characterization of a Monoterpene Synthase Gene, PaLis, from Apricot (Prunus armeniaca)

Qi-Rui Wang and Wei Fan

Cloning and Characterization of Duck (Anas platyrhynchos) MyoD1 Gene and Comparison with Other Vertebrates

Liang Li, Jing Jia, Jian-Min Si, Kai-Liang Huang and Ji-Wen Wang

Distinct Turn-Over Patterns of Common Repeats Correlate with Genome Size Differences Among Cattle, Dog and Human

George E. Liu

Isolation and Functional Analysis of LOX Gene from Seeds of Wild Soybean

Ming-Wang Shi, Qing-Lian Wang, Tian-Fu Deng, Xing-Qi Ou, Xue-Bin Li, Qiu-Yun Liu, Xue-Yong Li and Jian-Feng Lang

RNA Secondary Structure and Sequence Variability of the 3' End of Strawberry Mild Yellow Edge Virus Genome

Lili Li and Hong-Yi Yang

Phylogenetic Analysis of Members of the Order Laminariales Based on rbcL Genes and 5.8S rRNA Genes

Zeyu Zhang, Ruipeng Wang, Xiangying Meng, Xiuli Wang and Xiaoli Li

Evolution of the Major Histocompatibility Complex Genes in Fish

Xuemei Qiu, Feng Zhang, Xiangying Meng, Yibing Zhou and Xiuli Wang

Cloning and Sequence Characterization of SFBB (S-Locus F-Box Brothers)-Gamma Genes in Chinese Sand Pear (Pyrus pyrifolia Nakai.)

Xiaofeng Tan, Lin Zhang, Hongxu Long, Jiao Hu and Gongxiu He

Similarity/Dissimilarity Analysis of DNA Sequences Based on a 3D Graphical Representation

Hailan Huang and Long Shi

Relationships Among Three House Dust Mites Based on Molecular Data

Yubao Cui, Ying Zhou, Cuixiang Gao, Jianglong Peng and Yingzi Lin

An Effective Combined-Enhancer for the PCR Amplification of GC-Rich Longer DNA Sequences

Fang Liu, Wenze Zhu and Zhizhou Zhang

Analysis rDNA ITS Sequence of Two High Quality Strains of Agaricus bisporus

Junang Liu, Lin Li, Gouying Zhou and Hui Wang

Cloning, Bioinformatics Analysis and Functional Identification of a Novel Small Heat Shock Protein Gene from Camellia oleifera Seed

Hongpeng Chen, Xiaofeng Tan and Fangming Hu

Cloning and Bioinformatics Analysis of Genomic DNA Sequences of Gastrodia Tuber

Jun Tao, Yan Wang, Li Wen, Zhicheng Wang and Bi-Jun Tan

Identification and Functional Analysis of Carotenoid Biosynthetic Genes in the Extremely Radioresistant Bacterium Deinococcus radiodurans Genomes

Qiao Yang, Xiaoling Zhang, Wenjun Zhang, Lei Zhang, Jun Dai, Chengxiang Fang and Binghua Jiao

Computational Prediction of Conserved microRNAs from Solanum tuberosum

Wen-Zheng Yang, Jian-Guang Zhang and Ji-Shuang Chen

Gene Regulation, Expression, Identification and Network

Influence of B Ring Structure on Cell Cycle Inhibitory Activities of Flavonols in a Human Oesophageal Adenocarcinoma Cell Line (OE33)

Qiang Zhang and Xinhuai Zhao

A Supervised SVD Approach to Ovarian Cancer Chemotherapy Response Prediction with Across Factor Normalization

Yan Chen, Bin Han, Lei Zhu, Weiwei Wang, Lihua Li and Jonathan M. Lancaster

Gene Network Study Revealed Molecular Links Among Genes for Alcohol Metabolism and Breast Cancer Susceptibility

Liangyu Meng, Pengpeng Li, Yun Wang, Changlu Wang, Zhiwei Wang and Zhizhou Zhang

The Expression of Bovine Enterokinase Catalytic Subunit in Methylotropic Yeast Pichia pastoris

Z. J. Fang and H. Huang

Preliminary Study on the Expression of BGT Gene in Transgenic Birch

Fansuo Zeng, Hongcui Zhao, Ying Xin, Yaguang Zhan and Fenghui Qi

Experimental Study of Chitosan Mediated In Vivo igf-1 Gene Transfection for The Treatment of Cartilage Defect (Local Administration of Chitosan/igf-1 Complex Treat Cartilage Defect)

Ronglan Zhao, Bei Sun, Rui Zhang, Weili Xiong, Jingyu Zhang, Dongchun Liang and Gang Guo

Construction of Gene Regulatory Networks Based on Genetic Algorithm of Greedy Equivalence Search Mechanism

Bo Qiang and Zheng-Zhi Wang

Selection of Feature Genes and Construction of Regulatory Network on Colon Carcinoma

Bo Qiang, Zheng-Zhi Wang and Guang Yun Wang

A New Structure Learning Method for Constructing Gene Networks

Zhihua Du, Yiwei Wang and Zhen Ji

CTFMining: A Method to Predict Candidate Disease Genes Based on the Combined Network Topological Features Mining

Lina Chen, Yan Zhao, Liangcai Zhang, Yukui Shang, Qian Wang, Wan Li, Hong Wang and Xia Li

A Gene Technology Inspired Paradigm for User Authentication

Feixian Sun and Shihui Cheng

Scale-Specific Similarity Measure for Analysis of Gene Expression Time Series

Li Ying

A Residue-Based Cluster Validity Index for Gene Expression Data Biclustering

Chieh-Yuan Tsai and Chuang-Cheng Chiu

Unravelling Gene Networks from Steady-State Experimental Perturbation Data

Luwen Zhang, Wu Zhang, Mei Xiao, Jiang Xie and Zikai Wu

The Experimental Study of Lung Carcinoma Vaccine Modified by Human B7-1 and IFN- g Genes

Shi-Ying Zheng, Dong Jiang, Jun Zhao, Jin-Feng Ge and Hong Li

The Proliferative Inhibition and Apoptotic Mechanism of Saikosaponin D in Human Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer A549 Cells

Dong Jiang, Ru-Song Yang, Shi-Ying Zheng, Jin-Feng Ge and Jun Zhao

An Improved Fourier Method for DNA Sequence Classification

Baoshan Ma, Yisheng Zhu and Yuzhen Chen

Operon Prediction by Decision Tree Classifier Based on VPRSM

Shuqin Wang, Shuqin Wang, Fangxun Sun, Yingsi Wu, Wei Du, Chunguang Zhou and Yanchun Liang

HMMF: An Hidden Markov Model Based Approach for Motif Finding

Chunmei Liu, Yinglei Song, Moses Garuba and Legand Burge

Cloning and Expression of ESAT-6 Gene of Mycobacterium bovis in Escherichia coli

Xiu-Yun Jiang, Chun-Fang Wang, Chun-Feng Wang, Fan-Li Zeng, Yu-Qing Hu and Zhao-Yang He

Effects of Hyperbaric Oxygen with Free Radical Antagonists on the Expression of Extracellular Matrix and Matrix Metalloproteinase -2 in Rat Liver Treated by CCl 4

P. S. Chen, A. F. Zhang, X. M. Zhang, D. F. Liu and X. B. Li

Relationship between Proliferating Cell Nuclear Antigen Gene Expression Amount and Growth Rate of Skeletonema costatum

Shan-Ying He, Kun-Bai Chen and Tie-Zhu Mi

Effect of Exogenous Cholesterol on Cholesterol Accumulation and mRNA Expression of SREBP-2 and HMGR in Goose Primary Hepatocytes

Chun-Chun Han, Ji-Wen Wang, Liang Li, Zhong-Xian Zhang and Li Wang

Withdrawal from Chronic Ginsenoside Rb1 Treatment Alters GABA A Receptor mRNA Levels of Cultured Rat Hippocampal Neurons

Yijun Tang, Zi-Li You, Wenzheng Zhang and Jiajia He

Physiological Identification of Salt Tolerance in Transgenic Tobacco Expressing Genes Related to Plant Trehalose Metabolism

Bei Guo

Inference of Large-Scale Gene Regulatory Networks Using GA-Based Bayesian Network and Biological Knowledge

Pegah Tavakolkhah and Mohammad Rahmati

Artificial Neural Network Prediction for Cancer Survival Time by Gene Expression Data

Yen-Chen Chen, Wen-Wen Yang and Hung-Wen Chiu

Cloning, Characterization and Application of the Promoter Region of the Alkaline Protease Gene in Bacillus alcalophillus PB92

Kun Chen, Yong Jiang, Nan Wang, Xuegang Luo, Fuping Lu and Tongcun Zhang

Transformation and Construction of RNAi Expression Vector of Plant Trehalase Gene

Bei Guo and Xiang-Ning Jiang

Separable Parameter Estimation Method for Nonlinear Biological Systems

Fang-Xiang Wu and Lei Mu

Strong Association Rules Mining Without Using Frequent Items for Microarray Analysis

Miao Wang, Xuequn Shang, Qian Zhao and Zhanhuai Li

The Enhancement of Drug Sensitivity of Human AFP-Producing Gastric Carcinoma Cell Line FU97 to Arsenic Trioxide Using AFP as Targeting siRNA

Yanfei Jia, Yan Zheng, Xiao-Li Ma, Zhan-Tao Su and Yunshan Wang

Modeling of ATM Accumulation and ATM-Mediated Oscillation of p53

Zhi-Guang Guo, Tong-Jun Zhao, Chang-Qing Yuan, Hui Liu, Yue Yang, Kun Yu, Ling-Bo Zeng and Yong Zhan

BiSAn: A Software for Efficient Computation of Transcription Factor Binding Motifs for High Throughput Gene Expression Analysis

Mohsin Amir Faiz Khan, Chandrasekhar Babu Gorle, Ping Wang, Xiaohui Liu and Su-Ling Li

Microvessel Damage May Play an Important Role in Tumoricidal Effect for Murine A549 Lung Cancer Cells with Lung Cancer In Vivo

Hong Li, Dong Jiang, Shi-Ying Zheng, Jun Zhao and Jin-Feng Ge

Streptomyces ST66 Amylomaltase Gene Cloning and Expression and Production of Cycloamylose

Shuixing Wang, Chen Zhen, Lianying Liu and Lingwei Wu

Application of a New Similarity Measure in Clustering Gene Expression Data

Gangguo Li and Zheng-Zhi Wang

Expression of Fas Ligand Contributes to Formation of Immune Escape in Esophageal Carcinoma

Shi-Ying Zheng, Jing-Feng Ge, Hong Li and Jun Zhao

Genomic Investigation of the Role of Antibiotics As Signal Molecules in Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Lixin Shen, Dan Zhang, Ying Shi, Haihua Liang and Kangmin Duan

Effect of Overfeeding on the Transcriptional Expression of aP2 Gene in Landes Goose Liver

Shengyan Su, Xuebin Li, Qifa Li and Zhuang Xie

Expression of Bovine Prochymosin Gene in Lactococcus Lactis

Daqing Sun, Xingguang Qu, Xiyan Han, Yuhan Bi, Guanghui Zhang, Bin Li, Lanxia Qin and Yujun Jiang

Transcriptional Regulation of Human Gene Coexpression Network

Ivan Krivosheev, Lei Du and Xia Li

Generation of the Antibody Selectively Against a Novel Thyroid Hormone Receptor Beta Isoform

Ying Liu, Bei Sun, Yan Ma, Liling Hu, Xueqin Zhao, Dongchun Liang, Aijun Zuo, Gang Guo and Jingyu Zhang

Influence of Gene Dose on In Vitro Culture Responses of Purple Coneflower (Echinacea purpurea L.)

Dahanayake Nilanthi, Xiao-Lu Chen, Fu-Cheng Zhao, Yue-Sheng Yang and Hong Wu

Protein Structure, Function and Sequence Analysis

Using Singular Value Decomposition and Discrete Fourier Transform to Characterize Protein Structure and Build Fast Fold Recognition

Jian-Yu Shi and Yan-Ning Zhang

Expression of EV71-VP1 Protein and Preparation of Its Polyclonal Antibody

Yan Wu, Jingjing Gao, Sulan Yu and Shengjun Wang

A Bioinformatics Analysis for the Plasma Albumin of Lampetra Japonica and the Evolution of Albuminoid Gene Family

Xinpu Yuan, Chunhui Zhao, Wei Zou, Dabing Zhang, Changyang Jiang, Tao Li and Qingwei Li

Comparative Analysis of Two-Component Signal Transduction Systems in Six Synechococcus Strains - Two-Component Signal Transduction Systems in Synechococcus

Xiaowen Zhang, Naihao Ye, Chengwei Liang, Xiangyu Guan and Song Qin

The Wettability and Topography of Self-Assembled Protein Monolayer Linked by Alkanethiols

Zhengjian Lv, Jianhua Wang and Guoping Chen

Predicting Co-Complexed Protein Pairs Based on Communication Model Using Diverse Biological Data

Kuan Zhang, Haoran Zheng, Xiao-Fei Yang, Si-Yuan Han, Hui-Chao Hou, Tie-Cheng Leng and Ning Ding

Using Logistic Regression Method to Predict Protein Function from Protein-Protein Interaction Data

Qingshan Ni, Zheng-Zhi Wang, Qingjuan Han, Gangguo Li, Xiaomin Wang and Guangyun Wang

Two Receptor Based Pharmacophore Models for HIV-1 Integrase DKA Inhibitors

Xiao-Yi Zhang, Cun Xin Wang and Kun Zeng

Application of Engineered Carrot Antifreeze Protein in the Cryopreservation of Rice Cells by Adsorbing into Ice surface to Inhibit Recrystallization

Dangquan Zhang, Shun-Yang Deng, Shao-Gang Fan, Zheng-Jun Gu, Qing-Yun Huang, Qi-Mei Liu and Qing-Zhi Ma

A Death-Survival Switch in Cell: Cross Talk between Akt and p53

Chang-Qing Yuan, Yong Zhan, Tong-Jun Zhao, Hui Liu, Yuhong Zhang and Mei-Nan Ni

Study on the Resistance and the Binding Mode of HIV-1 Integrase to NSC158393

Ming Liu, Ping Li, Xiao-Jing Cong, Jian Jun Tan, Wei-Zu Chen and Cun Xin Wang

Analysis of the Interactions between the N-Terminal Peptide of gp41 and T20 Using Molecular Dynamics and Free Energy Calculations

Jian Jun Tan, Ming Li, Zhang Xiao Yi, Wei Zu Chen and Cun Xin Wang

Molecular Dynamics Simulation of HIV-1 gp41 and the N554D/S649A Double Mutation for Drug Resistance to Enfuvirtide

Jian Jun Tan, Ting Guang Sun, Wei Zu Chen and Cun Xin Wang

Predicting Protein-Protein Interactions Using Correlation Coefficient and Principle Component Analysis

Putthiporn Thanathamathee and Chidchanok Lursinsap

Using a Fuzzy Support Vector Machine Classifier to Predict Interactions of Membrane Protein

Pei-Ying Zhao and Yong-Sheng Ding

Prediction of Protein-Protein Interactions Using Symmetrical Encoding Scheme

Qingshan Ni, Zheng-Zhi Wang, Qingjuan Han, Guangyun Wang, Yingjie Zhao and Gangguo Li

SMD Simulations of Shear Loading Induced Dissociation of P-Selectin/PSGL-1 Complex

Peng Ren, Shouqin L, Yingyong Kang, Bo Huo and Mian Long

Determination of BSA by Its Enhancement Effect on Second Order Scattering of Chrome Azurol S

Mei Yan, Yuanna Zhu, Shenguang Ge, Ping Dai, Jinghua Yu and Chen Chen

A Two-Dimensional Electrophoresis Protocol to Interrogate Protein Discrepancies in Mesocarp and Putamen During Prunus persica Fruit Development

Yi-Ming Wang, Guanglu Shi, Younian Wang, Bao-Guang Hua, Yue-Ping Liu and Hao Hu

Prediction of Protein Quaternary Structural Type with Functional Domain and Pseudo Amino Acid Composition

Xuan Xiao and Pu Wang

Chaos Game Representation for Discriminating Thermophilic from Mesophilic Protein Sequences

Xuehai Hu, Jing-Bo Xia, Xiaohui Niu, Xuan Ma, Chao-Hong Song and Feng Shi

Enzyme Function Classification Using Protein Sequence Features and Random Forest

Chetan Kumar, Gang Li and Alok Choudhary

Protein Sequences Analysis Based on Smoothed PST

Yong Liu, Tuanjun Yan and Rui Zhang

Wavelet Transform Based Protein Decoy Discrimination

Minxin Chen, Bingchuan Liu, Wenying Yan and Bairong Shen

Effect of N-Terminal and C-Terminal Deletion of Cry1Ie of Bacillus thuringiensis on Its Expression and Purification

Huicong Shen, Chunlu Zhang, Shuyuan Guo, Jie Zhang and Fuping Song

Protein Secondary Structure Prediction Based on Statistical Dictionaries

Wei Yang, Kuan-Quan Wang and Wang-Meng Zuo

Using Nonlinear Energy Operator Index As Pseudo Amino Acid Compositions for Predicting Protein Subcellular Location

Xiaoli Guo, Xiaoming Chen, Yihong Qiu, Zhende Huang and Yisheng Zhu

A Support Vector Machine-Based Method for Predicting Chemokine Receptors Types

Zhenran Jiang, Zhu Li, Mingxiao Li and Dandan Li

StrandPairsViewer: A Toolkit for Visualization and Analysis of Amino Acids Pairs in Protein Sheet Structures

Ning Zhang, Shan Gao, Guang-You Duan, Zhuo Yang and Tao Zhang

Prediction of Protein Secondary Structure Using the Hierarchical Competitive Covering Networks Based on Quotient Space

Junjun Mao, Rong Cheng, Tao Wu and Xueyou Zhang

Cloning and Expression Analysis of Wild Boar Osteopontin Gene

Dong-Jie Zhang and Di Liu

Purification and Some Properties of Superoxide Dismutase from Aloe saponaria (Ait) Haw.

Yun-Ming Tang, Liang-Ting Tang and Rong-Min Xu

cDNA Cloning and Bioinformatic Analysis of Self-Incompatible S 34 -Allele from Chinese Pears

Yanling Zeng, Xiaofeng Tan, Dangquan Zhang, Xiaoyi Hu, Hongpeng Chen, Deyi Yuan and Lin Zhang

Expression and Functional Characterization of Chitinase Gene, CHI58 Related to Biocontrol in Chaetomium cupreum

Yanjun Wang, Qian Yang and Jinzhu Song

Improved Prediction Method of Protein Contact Based on RBF Neural Network

Pengfei Sun, Jianpei Zhang and Pengfei Sun

Network Parameters of Protein Structure and the Folding Rate

Haiyan Li and Jihua Wang

Enzyme Design by Chemical Modification of Papain Lysine

Yong Xue, Shu-Bai Li, Hai-Tao Zhang, Hua-Li Nie, Li-Min Zhu and C. Branford-White

DNA Length and Cationic Cofactor Dependent Strand Transfer Activity of HIV-1 Integrase

Hong-Qiu He, Cun Xin Wang and Wei-Zu Chen

Bioinformatics Analysis of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Associated Amino Acid Mutations

Xiaochun Wang, Jiajun Liu, Yuanyuan Zhang, Feng Liu and Bairong Shen

Transcriptional Profile of CYP3As and Functional Expression of CYP3A29 from Piglets

Min Yao, Zhaoying Liu, Menghong Dai, Lingli Huang, Dongmei Chen, Yulian Wang, Yanfei Tao, Xu Wang, Zhenli Liu and Zonghui Yuan

DomSVR: Domain Boundary Prediction with Support Vector Regression and Evolutionary Information

Peng Chen, Chunmei Liu, Legand Burge, Mohammad Mahmood, William Southerland and Clay Gloster

Mining Frequent Dense Subgraphs based on Extending Vertices from Unbalanced PPI Networks

Miao Wang, Xuequn Shang, Di Xie and Zhanhuai Li

Volumetric Visualization and Analysis of Molecular Interaction Field

Li Wang, Huagen Wan, Qunsheng Peng, Xin Chen, Tao Wu and Junhui Wang

Comparing the Effects of Different Force Fields on Computed Structural Character of H1 Peptide

Zanxia Cao and Jihua Wang

A Graph Theoretic Algorithm for Removing Redundant Protein Sequences

Pengfei Liu, Zhenbing Zeng, Ziliang Qian, Kaiyan Feng and Yudong Cai

Information Loss and Noise Inclusion Risk in Mimotope Based Epitope Mapping

Jian Huang, Minghua Xia, Hao Lin and Fengbiao Guo

A Study of Cross-Linkage of Formaldehyde with Human Serum Albumin

Bo Li, Lili Li, Dingyu Hu, Bo Peng, Qin Li, Shengyuan Xiao, Yujuan Li and Yulin Deng

Data Acquisition, Normalization, Analysis and Visualization

Extended Iterative Nonlinear Regression Normalization for cDNA Gene Expression Data

Jianping Lu and Yue Wang

The Analysis of the Plywood Formaldehyde-Emission Loose

Qing-Zhi Ma, Yi-Qiang Wu, Wan-Xi Peng, Wen-Li Peng, Kai-Fu Li and Xiao-Jia Hou

An Efficient Subsequences Mining Algorithm

Hongyan Pan

A Non-Random Gait through the Human Genome

Moli Huang, Huangqiong Zhu, Bairong Shen and Ge Gao

Switch Bridge Architecture of NoC for Wireless ECG Data Acquisition

Jia Liu, Caixia Lv, Zheying Li and Shuo Li

A Bayesian Radial Basis Function Model to Link Retinal Structure and Visual Function in Glaucoma

Haogang Zhu, David P. Crabb and David F. Garway-Heath

Band Selection for Biomedical Hyperspectral Data Studies Using Genetic Algorithms

Chunni Dai, Qingli Li and Jingao Liu

A Clustering Algorithm for Gene Expression Data Based on Graph Theory

Xiaoming Du, Zheng Zhao and Zhongbo Jiang

A New Strategy to Prepare Competitive Template in Quantitative Competitive PCR

Bei Sun, Aijun Zuo, Jingcai Ma, Xiaona Cao, Dongchun Liang, Gang Guo and Jingyu Zhang

Automatic Data Processing to Relative Quantitative Analysis of 1H MR Spectroscopy of Brain

Weibei Dou, Shuai Wang, Jean-Marc Constans and Shaowu Li

Liver Focus Detections Based on Visual Attention Model

Li Ma, Wenfeng Wang, Shaofang Zou and Juan Zhang

Bioinformatic Analysis of a Suppression Subtractive cDNA Library from the Male Gametophytes of Laminaria japonica Aresch.

Long-Ling Ouyang, Guang-Qin Lu, Zhen Yu and Zhi-Gang Zhou

Early Breast Cancer Detection with Hemi-Elliptical Configuration by UWB Imaging

Xia Xiao and Takamaro Kikkawa

Research on Calculation of Oil Residues Produced and Discharged by Vessels Sailing in Jiangsu Coastal Areas

Zhengrong Sha and Yong Peng

A Real Data Simulation Study of Computerized Adaptive Testing of Chinese Soldier Personality Questionnaire

Yebing Yang, Danmin Miao, Jianquan Tian, Xufeng Liu and Xia Zhu

Fetal Signal Reconstruction Based on Independent Components Analysis

Yapeng Lee and Shiqin Jiang

Biomaterials and Biomedical Optics

The Influence of Amino and Hydroxyl of Chitosan on Hydroxyl Radical Scavenging Activity

Fang Dong, Qinzhao Xue, Jingli Liu, Zhanyong Guo, Hongmao Zhong and Huili Sun

Improving the Stability of Cellulase by Immobilization on Chitosan-Coated Magnetic Nanoparticles Modified -Ketoglutaric Acid

Yu-Ting Zhou, Sai-Nan Su, Ming-Min Song, Hua-Li Nie, Li-Min Zhu and C. Branford-White

The Properties of a Compound Nerve Scaffold Based on Acellular-Matrix and Poly (lactide- Co-Glycolide)

Xiaozhen Dai, Shaoxi Cai, Zhiling Xu, Bin Liu, Kaiwang Ma and Xiaokun Li

Resveratrol Induces Human Hepatoma Cancer Cells HepG2 Apoptosis via Mitochondria Pathways

Xiu-Juan Zhang, Shi Wei, An Peng and Yubin Ji

Expression and Affinity Purification of Small Molecule Functional Peptide of Hirudin in E. coli

Songbin Ben, Bin Liu, Xiujun Deng, Lei Bai and Changlan Chen

Surface Modification of Electrospun Nylon Nanofiber Based Dye Affinity Membrane and Its Application to Papain Adsorption

Hai-Tao Zhang, Jie Han, Yong Xue, Hua-Li Nie, Li-Min Zhu and C. Branford-White

Biomimetic Fibrous Extracellular Matrix for Cartilage Tissue Engineering

Yun Qi, Kang-De Yao and Yuan-Lu Cui

Effects of Tetrandrine-Loading Poly(L-Lactic Acid) Film on the Behavior of Chondrocytes In Vitro

Yuan-Lu Cui, Shan-Shan Ding and Xiao-Dong Lan

A Study on the Fabrication of Porous Scaffold Cross-Linked with Genipin

Jun-Sheng Tian, Yuan-Lu Cui and Kang-De Yao

Characterization of Icarrin and Icariin-2-Hydroxypropyl- -Cyclodextrin Inclusion Complex- Loading Poly (L-Lactic Acid) Scaffolds

Ye Zhang, Yuan-Lu Cui, Ai-Di Qi and Kang-De Yao

Papain Immobilization on Chitosan-Coated Nylon Membrane: Preparation and Its Application in Cystatin Separation

Hua-Li Nie, Sai-Nan Su, Hai-Tao Zhang, Yong Xue, Shu-Bai Li, Yu-Ting Zhou, Tian-Xiang Chen, Li-Min Zhu and C. Branford-White

Isotherm, Kinetic and Thermodynamic Analysis of Bromelain Adsorption on Reactive Blue 4 Immobilized Composite Membranes

Sai-Nan Su, Yu-Ting Zhou, Hua-Li Nie, Li-Min Zhu and C. Branford-White

ATPS-Modified Polyurethane with Blood Compatibility

Rui Weng, Lian-Meng Zhang, Chong-Hui Wang and Shui-Ping Wang

Synthesis and Properties of Fluoralkylpolysiloxane Modified Polyurethane

Rui Weng, Lian-Meng Zhang, Chong-Hui Wang and Shui-Ping Wang

Chitosan Polyelectrolyte Nanoparticles As Protein Delivery Systems

Xing Nan, Feng Tian, Shengjun Liu, Hong Liu, Changjun Liu, Jian Yang and Chunnian He

Monte Carlo Simulation of Light Propagation in Human Tissue Models

Z. Wang, L. Wang, Y. T. Zhang and X. D. Chen

Synthesis and Characterization of NH 4 V(Gly) 3 (PO 4 ) 2 .H 2 O

Bo Wei, Huiqun Cao, Jianmin Sun and Yujuan Lv

Preparation and Evaluation of Chitosan-Coated Alginate/Gelatin Sustained Releasing Microspheres Containing Berberine Hydrochloride In Vitro

Qiang-Song Wang, Yuan-Lu Cui, Ye Zhang, Yan-Bin Zhang and Xiu-Mei Gao

Preparation and Characterization of Ultrafine Eudragit L100 fibers via Electrospinning

Xia-Xia Shen, Deng-Guang Yu, Li-Min Zhu and C. Branford-White

Preparation and Characterization of Medicated PAN/PVP Composite Fibers for Better Drug Release Profiles

Demg-Guang Yu, Xia-Xia Shen, Li-Min Zhu, C. Branford-White, S. W. Annie Bligh and Y. C. Yang

Identification and Characterization of stx2 Converting Bacteriophage from Shiga-Toxin-Producing Escherichia coli O157 Strains of Animal Origin

Yaxian Yan, Huiying Zhang, Luming Xia, Liangke Shu and Jianhe Sun

The Moisture Absorption and Retention Abilities of Quaternized Carboxymethyl Chitosan

Fengping Miao, Zhanyong Guo, Yuetao Yi and Shaoli Yang

Purification of Alginate for Tissue Engineering

Yusha Qi, Lu Lu, Changren Zhou and Binghong Luo

Biological Effect of Titaniums Surface Roughness on Periodontal Ligament Cells

Zhen Gao and Xiaoting Luo

Microwave-Assisted Synthesis of a Brush-Like Copolymer of Poly(D,L-Lactide) Grafted onto Chitosan

Binghong Luo, Cui-Hong Zhong, Zhu-Guo He and Changren Zhou

Drug Release Properties of Poly (D, L-Lactic Acid) PDLLA Modified Genipin Cross-Linked Chitosan/Gelatin Scaffold

Jun-Sheng Tian, Yuan-Lu Cui and Kang-De Yao

Simulation on Optical Stimulated Luminescence Based on Two Competition Trap Model

C. W. Hsieh, C. W. Li, T. L. Jong and K. B. Chen

Research and Application of Microbial Flocculants in Sewage Treatment and Sludge Dewatering

Rongli Yu, Lina Sun and Tieheng Sun

CaCO 3 -Templated Microcapsules to Carry Heparin via Layer-by-Layer Self-Assembly

Xinrong Liu, Baoqing Zhu, Yingya Shao and Xinlin Yang

Preparation and Characterization of Bacterial Cellulose Tube

Shiru Jia, Weihua Tang, Hongjiang Yang, Yuanyuan Jia and Huixia Zhu

Performance Improvement for Biomedical Material -Bacterial Cellulose

Yuanyuan Jia, Weihua Tang, Fei Li and Shiru Jia

Properties of the Fast Setting Calcium Phosphate Cement Scaffold

Hua Liu and Changren Zhou

Preparation of Calcium Phosphate-Based Bone Repair Materials

Hua Liu and Jing Wang

The Moisture Absorption and Retention Abilities of Hyaluronan, Chitosan, Starch and Their Quaternary Derivatives

Shaoli Yang, Zhanyong Guo, Qinzhao Xue, Fengping Miao, Yan Wang and Song Qin

Preparation of Papain-Carried Wood Cellulose Fiber in Ionic Liquid by Wet Spinning

Xue-Lian Li, Li-Min Zhu and C. Branford-White

Biocompatible Polymeric Hydrogels with Tunable Adhesion to Both Hydrophobic and Hydrophilic Surfaces

Muxian Shen, Jun Xu, Xiaoping Dong, Li Li and Xuhong Guo

Synthesis and Characterization of A Novel Natural Macromolecule Antibacterial Material

Jianhua Sun, Nannan Zheng, Rongji Dai, Weiwei Meng and Yulin Deng

Preparation and Characterization of PLA Ultrasound Contrast Agents by Combining an Ultrasound Method and a Shirasu Porous Glass (SPG) Membrane Emulsification Technique

Zhenqing Hou, Chenghong Lin, Qiqing Zhang, Xiaolong Tang and Yuqian Wang

Novel Affinity Membrane Chromatography Technology: Purification of Pepsin Using Immobilized Reactive Dye Ligands

Tian-Xiang Chen, Shu-Bai Li, Hua-Li Nie, Li-Min Zhu and C. Branford-White

Study on the Blending Solution Behavior and Membrane Properties of Sodium Alginate and Chitosan

Xin Meng, Feng Tian, Jian Yang and Fan Li

Investigation of Resistivitys Abnormity and Moduli of Elasticity Softening in NiTi Shape Memory Alloy

F. M. Chen, G. X. Zhao, L. S. Zhang, J. Y. Guo, H. X. Yang and Z. M. Li

Bioelectrical and Neural Engineering

Optimal Transform of Multichannel Evoked Neural Signals Using a Video Compression Algorithm

Chen Han Chung, Liang-Gee Chen, Yu-Chieh Kao and Fu-Shan Jaw

Anesthesia Control Based on Intelligent Controllers

N. Eshghi, M. Aliyari and M. Teshnehlab

Activity-Dependent Synaptic Plasticity and the Patterning of Hemisegmental Spinal Cord Network Activity

Yan Jia and David Parker

Research on the Neural Dipole Localization Using a Method Combining SVM with Nonlinear Dimensionality Reduction

Jianwei Li, Youhua Wang, Guilong Zong and Qing Wu

Antioxidants Alleviated Withdrawal Syndrome in Heroin Administrated Mice

Xuan Yuan, Zhenhua Wang, Qiusheng Zheng, Bao Ju and Bo Xu

Microstructured Topography Enhanced the Responsiveness of Voltage-Gated Calcium Channels in H945RB.3 Human Neural Progenitor Cells

Ze-Zhi Wu, William S. Kisaalita, Lina Wang and Yiping Zhao

Thyroid Disease Diagnosis Based on Genetic Algorithms Using PNN and SVM

Fatemeh Saiti, Afsaneh Alavi Naini, Mahdi Aliyari Shoorehdeli and Mohammad Teshnehlab

A Four-Channel Microelectronic System for Neural Signal Regeneration

Shu-Shan Xie, Zhigong Wang, Xiaoying L, Wen-Yuan Li and Hai-Xian Pan

Design and Experiment of Motor Function Mapping of Rats Spinal Cords

Xiaoyan Shen, Zhigong Wang, Xiaoying L, Zhenlin Jiang, Wenyuan Li, Xintai Zhao and Zonghao Huang

Spike Sorting Using a Cognitive Method Based on Fuzzy Concepts

Jun Zhuang, Zhi-Zhong Wang and Pei-Ji Liang

Improved Algorithm of Pulse Wave Threshold Denoising Based on Lifting Wavelet Transform

Chendi Wang and Feng Wang

Quantitative Measure of Population Adaptation of Retina Ganglion Cells' Light Response

Wen-Zhong Liu, Ying-Ying Zhang and Pei-Ji Liang

Classification of Alcoholics and Non-Alcoholics via EEG Using SVM and Neural Networks

Mohammad Reza Nazari Kousarrizi, Abdolreza Asadi Ghanbari, Ali Gharaviri, Mohammad Teshnehlab and Mahdi Aliyari

Improved Adaptive Neural Fuzzy Filter And Its Application in Noise Cancellation

Glayol Nazari Golpayegani and AmirHomayoun Jafari

Based on the Time-Frequency Analysis to Distinguish Different Epileptiform EEG Signals

Hua Guo, Xia Yang, Fei Liu, Xiaoqin Liu, Shengjun Dai, Lei Lei and Yuqing Wang

Preliminary Analysis on Electrophysiological Signals of Canine Cerebral Cortex and Corticospinal Tracts

Xiao Han, Guang-Ming L, Hui-Qun Wu, Da-Feng Ji, Zheng-Lin Jiang, Wei-Xing Shen, Le-Min Tang and Xiao-Song Gu

Computer Simulation of Multichannel CIS Strategy for Cochlear Implant

Linjing Wang, Linghong Zhou, Yuejing Xu and Zhongju Xiao

The Neurophysiologic Difference between Shy and Nonshy Undergraduates in Early Face Processing: An ERP Study

Lei Han, Juan Ma, Ting Jiao, Fengqiang Gao and Yongyu Guo

Biomedical Devices, Sensors, and Artificial Organs

Novel Optical Nanobiosensor Based on Localized Surface Plasmon Resonance Assembled with Gold Colloid Nanoparticles

Ling Zhang, Zhong Cao, Xun Li, Ming Tu, Meng-Xue Zeng, Xi-Xi Huang, Su-Li Guo, Mei-Li Chi, Chuan-Qi Chen, Gui-Fu Ma, Yu Cao and Ning Gu

The Characteristics of Ultrasound Speed and Attenuation in Progressive Trypsin Digested Articular Cartilage

Feng Sun, Zhiyong Wu, Xiaoning Shao, Yuexiang Wang, Lihai Zhang and Haijun Niu

Measurement of the Biotin Concentration Using QCM Biosensors

Yaw-Jen Chang, Chia-Chen Liao and Cheng-Hao Chang

Design of an RF-Wireless Power Supply Module for In-Vivo Neural Channel Bridging SOC

Guiyang Li, Xiaoying L, Haitao Zhao and Zhigong Wang

Design of a Permanent Magnet with Hexagonal Cavity for Small Animal Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Zhi-Wen Liu, Wei Zhao and Ping-Chou Xia

Development of an Instantaneous Blood Pressure Measuring System at the Wrist Based on the Volume-Compensation Method

Shumei Gao, Yilin Song, Shinobu Tanaka and Ken-Ichi Yamakoshi

Blending Sulfonated Polyethersulfone to Improve the Blood Compatibility of Polyethersulfone Membrane

Haitao Wang

Uniform Microsphere Formation by Liquid Choppers Utilizing PZT Actuator: Theoretical and Simulation Study

Ki-Young Song, W. J. Zhang and Madan M. Gupta

Recent Progress in Challenges of Wireless Biomedical Sensor Network

Lili Zhang and Xiaoming Wu

Long Term Sensibility of the Ni-Co Protein Chip

Yaw-Jen Chang, Yeon-Pun Chang, Cheng-Hao Chang and Chih-Yu Hu

Sustained-Release Floating Drug Delivery Systems Prepared Using Three-Dimensional Printing

Xiao-Fei Zhang, Deng-Guang Yu, Li-Min Zhu, C. Branford-White, S. Dowden and Xiang-Liang Yang

Communication Protocols with Testing Prototype for the Detection of Parametric Faults

Jinhe Wang

A Novel Method Evaluating Vascular Resistance Based on Fourier Analysis for Pulse Waveform

Huifeng Yang, Qi Zhou and Jun Xiao

Dynamic Monitoring of PEG-Mediated Cell Fusion by RTCES System

Huihua Deng, Airong Guo, Mengdie Qian, Xuan Liu, Dingxin Zhou, Zuming Tang and Zuhong Lu

CMOS Microelectrode Array for Signal Recording and Stimulating of Neurons Assemble

Hai-Xian Pan, Xiaoying L and Zhigong Wang

Finite Element Analysis of LTI Carbon Hip Joint Head

Lan Chen, Xiuli Du, Yutao Zheng, Yiwang Bao, Mingzhao Chen, Ming Hu and Dan Yu

A Controller Design for an Axial Flow Blood Pump Based on Back-EMF without Delay

Gao Bin, Song Miao and Chang Yu

A Novel Method of Measuring the Depth of Manual Chest Compressions During CPR

Guang Zhang, Jiewen Zheng and Taihu Wu

Hemodynamic Performance of a Miniature Axial Blood Pump Caused by Motors

Yu Chang, Ningning Chen and Bin Gao

The System of Portable Fat Detector With Dual-Wavelength Near-Infrared Light

Weijun Song, Song Zhang, Yimin Yang and Lin Yang

A New Device to Study Fatigue Performance and Mathematical Model to Analyze Relationship between Textile Parameters and Fatigue of Textile Scaffold for Stent-Graft

Hui-Jing Zhao, Lu Wang, Yu-Ling Li, Xiao-Yan Liu and Martin W. King

An Automatic Instrument for Brachial and Ankle Systolic Pressure Measurement Using Photoplethysmography

Xin Sun, Changchun Liu, Yaohua Zhang and Lei Yang

Design and Implementation of an Improved BCI System Based on Alpha Rhythm

Bing Wei, Xiaopei Wu and Daoxin Zhang

A Wearable Device for Physical Activity Monitoring With Built-in Heart Rate Variability

Anh Dinh, Daniel Teng, Li Chen, Seok-Bum Ko, Yang Shi, Carl McCrosky, Jenny Basran and Vanina Del Bello-Hass

SoC Model Analysis for ECG Data Acquisition with Wireless Sensor Network

Zheying Li, Jia Liu, Shuying Wang and Shuo Li

A Fast Method to Detect Helicobacter pylori in Oral Bacteria Plaque Samples through Chromaticity Analyzed

Yang Zhang, Yixin Tan, Minqi Chen, Pengliang Li and Han Qin

Method to Design Low-Power Embedded Processor for Wireless Endoscope

Xinfeng Xu and Hei Yong

Drug Management: How to Provide Drug on Assigned Time?

Sadaf Moharreri and Saman Parvaneh

A New Biochip Applied to Examine the Ankylosing Spondylitis

Lei Luo, Wei Hou and Jun Yu

Electrospun Biodegradable Nanofiber Mats for Controlled Release of Herbal Medicine

Jie Han, Hai-Tao Zhang, Li-Min Zhu and C. Branford-White

A Bladder Power Pump Driven by External Electromagnet and Simulated Experimental System

Xiao Li and Ting Guan

Study of Simulated Phosphene Size Based on Tactile Perception with Three Distributions

Shu Ling, Cong Dai, Jin Fan, Ying Zhao, Pan-Pan Chen, Qiu-Shi Ren and Xinyu Chai

Application of Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA) Macro-Encapsulated Islets in Islet Transplantation

Zhi Qi, Meirigeng Qi, Naoaki Sakata, Chizuru Yamamoto, Goichi Yanai, Etsuko Ikenoue, Qian Wu, Akihito Hiura and Shoichiro Sumi

Optical Detection of a Competitive Inhibitor of Immobilized Plant-Esterase

Changjun Hou, Limin Yang and Danqun Huo

A Novel Method for Gas Classification by Means of an Array of Carbon Nanotubes Gas Sensors

Zikai Zhao, Guohua Hui, Min Pan and Yuquan Chen

Experimental Study of Gas Discharge Using Aligned Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotube Electrode

Jing Li and Guohua Hui

Novel 3DP Drug Delivery Devices with Complex Structures for Linear Drug Release Profiles

Deng-Guang Yu, Li-Min Zhu, C. Branford-White, E. D. Welbeck, Xiao-Yan Li and Xiang-Liang Yang

Improved Fly-back Charging Circuit for External Defibrillator

Weijiao Li, Xu Wang, Xiaomei Wu and Zuxiang Fang

Machine Vision for Automated Inspection of Surgical Instruments

Shuyi Wang, Xunchao Yin, Bin Ge, Yanhua Gao, Haiming Xie and Lu Han

Magnetic Field Distribution and Application of a Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation for Drug Addicts

Yu Chang, Miao Song, Bin Gao, Ningning Chen, Ling Li and Hongxing Wang

The Analysis and Simulation of Microstrip Spiral Antenna for Microwave Hyperthermia

Yong-Xing Du, Ling Qin and Xiao-Li Xi

Four Cylinder Halbach Array for Magnetic Navigation System

Xiaoying Tang, Wei Zhao and Ping-Chou Xia

Noninvasive Tissue Blood Oxygenation Measurement Based on Near Infrared Spectroscopy (NIRS)

Ning Cao and Tianxin Gao

Design and Fabrication of Micromixer With Piezoceramic Buzzer

Yaw-Jen Chang, Yeon-Pun Chang and Ching-Wei Huang

Clinical Engineering and Health Monitoring

A New Cuff Unit for Measuring Instantaneous Blood Pressure at the Finger Artery by Local Pressurization

Yilin Song, Shumei Gao, Akira Ikarashi and Ken-Ichi Yamakoshi

A Body Sensor Networks Development Platform for Pervasive Healthcare

B. Wang, L. Wang, S. J. Lin, D. Wu, B. Y. Huang, Y. T. Zhang, Q. Yin and W. Chen

Estimation of Body Composition in Dialysis Patients Using Segmental Bioimpedance

Fansan Zhu, Mary Carter, Stephan Thijssen, Peter Kotanko and Nathan W. Levin

Enhanced Perception for Visually Impaired People

K. M?ller, F. Toth, L. Wang, J. M?ller, K. O. Arras, M. Bach, S. Schumann and J. Guttmann

Predictor Profile to Assess Recurrence Phenomenon of Suicidal Incidents Among Region Based Target Population

V. Vatsalya, R. Karch, S. Srivastava, K. Chandras and Roop Sunil Reddy

Full Body Wearable Instrumented Motion Analysis System

Yu Zheng Chong

Design of Automatic Fall Detector for Elderly Based on Triaxial Accelerometer

Jiewen Zheng, Guang Zhang and Taihu Wu

Research on Anti-Interference for RF Communication in Wireless Capsule Endoscope

Dechun Zhao and Xiaorong Hou

Design and Analysis of Parallel Woven Structure-Based Flexible Resistive Pressure Sensor

Long-Fei Li and Yong-Sheng Ding

Quasi-Static Field Modeling and Validation for Intra-Body Communication

Yue Ming Gao, Sio Hang Pun, Min Du, Mang I. Vai and Peng Un Mak

Design and Realization of Distributed Wireless Telemedicine Monitor Center Based on Virtual Instruments

Tan Xin, Xing-Ming Guo and Min Chen

A Prototype of Wearable Respiration Biofeedback Platform and Its Preliminary Evaluation on Cardiovascular Variability

Zhengbo Zhang, Weidong Wang, Buqing Wang, Hao Wu, Hongyun Liu and Yukai Zhang

HRV and DBP in Monitoring the Short-Term Effect of Wood-Based Materials on Human Physiologic System

Haipeng Yu, Yixing Liu and Jun Wu

Mobile and Bluetooth Technologies for Telecare and Emergency Announcement

Ching-Sung Wang, Teng-Wei Wang, Jung-Huang Lee, Chien-Wei Liu, Shiann-Fong Huang and Ke-Horng Chen

Chemical Composition and Healthy Care Properties of Cinnamomum camphora by GC/MS

Kai-Fu Li, Wen-Li Peng and Xiao-Jia Hou

Accurate Location Tracking Based on Active RFID for Health and Safety Monitoring

Chu-Sung Cheng, Herbert H. Chang, Yu-Ting Chen, T. H. Lin, P. C. Chen, C. M. Huang, Hanna S. Yuan and Woei C. Chu

Design of User Interface in Portable Health Monitoring System

Weifeng Liu, Zhiling Dai, Xinfen Hu and Xiaoying Tang

Establishment of Rheological Model of the Essential Oil of Cinnamomum camphora Wood -Emission

Wen-Li Peng and Kai-Fu Li

Quantitative Assessment Research of Water Resources System Vulnerability of Shanxi Province

Cuisong Yu and Zhenchun Hao

A System Architecture for a Telematic Support System in Emergency Medical Services

Michael Protogerakis, Arno Gramatke and Klaus Henning

Application of Evoked Potential in Acute Stroke in Rats

Shao Yang

A Model for the Transmission of Dengue

Hui Wan and Jingan Cui

A Gait Rehabilitation and Training System based on Task Specific Repetitive Approach

Muhammad Kamrul Hasan, Seung-Hun Park, Sang-Jin Seo, Dae-Heung Sohn, Sun-Hee Hwang and Gon Khang

Research of the Soft Judgment and Driving Decision-Making in the Process of Limb Rehabilitation Training

Wei Liang, Li-Ping Lu, Hong-Fei Wei and Feng Zhou

The Effect of Mental States on Blood Pressure and Electrocardiogram

Hari Singh, Rajesh Singla and R. Jha

A Space Mapping Deformation Technology for Dental Surface Restoration

Shuxian Zheng, Jia Li and Qingfeng Sun

An Integrated Rehabilitation of Urban Water Environment in Guilin City, China

Yuansheng Pei, Changjing Lin and Zhaohui Tian

Stasis-Dispelling and Vessels-Freeing Capsule Improves Hemorheology in Mice with Cerebral Ischemia

Jiantao Lv, Lihua Zang, Jiantao Lv, Minghua Wang, Deru Yu, Guiping Xu, Ning Zou and Xuexi Tang

Medical Digital Assistant: A Grassroot Solution for Chinese Rural Healthcare

Jiehui Jiang, Zhuangzhi Yan and Prabhu Kandachar

Design Multiparameter Anaesthesia Depth Monitor

Wei Wang, Fangyong Guan, Na Hu, Xianglin Jiang and Zhui Xu

A 3-D Acceleration-Based Control Algorithm for Interactive Gaming Using a Head-Worn Wireless Device

Tiexiang Wen, Lei Wang, Jia Gu and Bangyu Huang

Low Power Dual-Core Holter System Based on MSP430 and ARM7

Yawei Tang, Kai Jiang, Xiuquan Fu and Dingli Li

The Multiplicity of Intelligent Agent Based Healthcare Sensor Decision Network

Zhifeng Dai, Baolin Sun and Qifei Zhang

The Effects of Long-term Winter Swimming on Lipid and Hemorheology of Senile Males

Qinghong Xia, Rihui Zhang and Zhiliang Fu

Therapeutic Effect of Vascular Dermatosis with Intense Pulse Light PhotoDerm

Li-Jun Qiu, Li-Wei Xu, Ying-Yi Li and Ji-Qing Yang

Clinic Study of Correlation Between Myeloperoxidase and Acute Coronary Syndrome

Yanwei Xing, Jie Wang, Jianxin Chen and Yonghong Gao

Biomedical Robotics and Mechanics

An Investigation Into Self Locking Condition of a Cam Structure Medical Micro-Valve

MeiLei Lv and MeiJun Hu

Roles of Microtubule Bias and Joining in the Self-Organization of Microtubule Driven by Dynein C - A Modeling Study

Q. Chen, D. Y. Li and K. Oiwa

The Effects of Parameters on the Stability of Passive Dynamic Walking

Xiuhua Ni, Weishan Chen and Junkao Liu

A Novel Robotic Assistant for Reducing Hand-Held Surgical Tool Tremor in Surgical Navigation

Wenqiang Zhang and Yan Pan

3D FE Model Reconstruction and Numerical Simulation of Airflow in Human Upper Airway for the Healthy Person and Patient with OSAHS

Chi Yu, Gang Wang, Yingxi Liu and Xiuzhen Sun

Workspace Analysis of the Needle Driven Robot

Qinjun Du

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