Special Session
Theoretical and Experimental Biology in One: A symposium in honor of Professor Kuo-Chen Chou's 50th anniversary and Professor Richard Giege's 40th anniversary of their scientific careers
The session chair: Professor Sheng-Xiang Lin of Laval University, Quebec, Canada.
Prof. Guang Wu of Guangxi Academy of Sciences, Guangxi,China
Title: A Short Review on Computational Mutation
Prof. Yudong Cai of Shanghai University,China
Prof. Pufeng Du of Tianjin University,China
Title: Fast generating pseudo-amino acid compositions for large-scale protein datasets
Prof. Hong-Bin Shen of Shanghai Jiaotong University,China
Dr. Calvin Yu-Chian Chen of Taiwan China Medical University,Chinese Taibei
Prof. Qi-Shi Du of Guangxi Academy of Sciences,China
Title: Designing inhibitors of M2 proton channel against H1N1 swine influenza virus
Prof. Xuan Xiao of Jing-De-Zhen Ceramic Institute,China
Title: Using the concept of Chou's pseudo amino acid composition to predict protein attributes via cellular automata
Prof. Shu-Qing Wang of Tianjin Medical University,China
Title: Novel inhibitor desigen for treating H5N1 virus and diabetes based on fragment database
Prof. G.P. Zhou of Harvard Medical School,USA
Prof. Shaowu Zhang of Northwestern Polytechnical University,China
Dr. Jing-Fang Wang of Shanghai Jiaotong University,China
Title: Computational studies toward understanding protein structure motion
Dr. Lei Cai of Shanghai Jiaotong University,China
Dr. Weiwu Yan of Shanghai Jiaotong University,China

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